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Bug 1441308 - Split out document pieces of WebRenderLayerManager r=jrmuizel Per our discussion, this patch splits out the state management bits of WebRenderLayerManager, allowing for them to be maintained per-document. Differential Revision:

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#include "mozilla/webrender/WebRenderAPI.h"

#include "mozilla/layers/IpcResourceUpdateQueue.h"
#include "mozilla/layers/WebRenderCommandBuilder.h"

namespace mozilla {

namespace layers {

class RenderRootStateManager
  typedef nsTHashtable<nsRefPtrHashKey<WebRenderUserData>> WebRenderUserDataRefTable;

  void AddRef();
  void Release();

  explicit RenderRootStateManager(WebRenderLayerManager* aLayerManager);

  void Destroy();
  bool IsDestroyed() { return mDestroyed; }
  wr::IpcResourceUpdateQueue& AsyncResourceUpdates();
  WebRenderBridgeChild* WrBridge() const;
  WebRenderCommandBuilder& CommandBuilder();
  WebRenderUserDataRefTable* GetWebRenderUserDataTable();
  WebRenderLayerManager* LayerManager()
    return mLayerManager;

  void AddImageKeyForDiscard(wr::ImageKey key);
  void AddBlobImageKeyForDiscard(wr::BlobImageKey key);
  void DiscardImagesInTransaction(wr::IpcResourceUpdateQueue& aResources);
  void DiscardLocalImages();

  void ClearCachedResources();

  // Methods to manage the compositor animation ids. Active animations are still
  // going, and when they end we discard them and remove them from the active
  // list.
  void AddActiveCompositorAnimationId(uint64_t aId);
  void AddCompositorAnimationsIdForDiscard(uint64_t aId);
  void DiscardCompositorAnimations();

  void RegisterAsyncAnimation(const wr::ImageKey& aKey, SharedSurfacesAnimation* aAnimation);
  void DeregisterAsyncAnimation(const wr::ImageKey& aKey);
  void ClearAsyncAnimations();
  void WrReleasedImages(const nsTArray<wr::ExternalImageKeyPair>& aPairs);

  void AddWebRenderParentCommand(const WebRenderParentCommand& aCmd);
  void UpdateResources(wr::IpcResourceUpdateQueue& aResources);
  void AddPipelineIdForAsyncCompositable(const wr::PipelineId& aPipelineId,
                                         const CompositableHandle& aHandlee);
  void AddPipelineIdForCompositable(const wr::PipelineId& aPipelineId,
                                    const CompositableHandle& aHandlee);
  void RemovePipelineIdForCompositable(const wr::PipelineId& aPipelineId);
  /// Release TextureClient that is bounded to ImageKey.
  /// It is used for recycling TextureClient.
  void ReleaseTextureOfImage(const wr::ImageKey& aKey);
  wr::FontInstanceKey GetFontKeyForScaledFont(gfx::ScaledFont* aScaledFont,
                                              wr::IpcResourceUpdateQueue* aResources = nullptr);
  wr::FontKey GetFontKeyForUnscaledFont(gfx::UnscaledFont* aUnscaledFont,
                                        wr::IpcResourceUpdateQueue* aResources = nullptr);

  void FlushAsyncResourceUpdates();
  WebRenderLayerManager* mLayerManager;
  Maybe<wr::IpcResourceUpdateQueue> mAsyncResourceUpdates;
  nsTArray<wr::ImageKey> mImageKeysToDelete;
  nsTArray<wr::BlobImageKey> mBlobImageKeysToDelete;
  std::unordered_map<uint64_t, RefPtr<SharedSurfacesAnimation>> mAsyncAnimations;

  // Set of compositor animation ids for which there are active animations (as
  // of the last transaction) on the compositor side.
  std::unordered_set<uint64_t> mActiveCompositorAnimationIds;
  // Compositor animation ids for animations that are done now and that we want
  // the compositor to discard information for.
  nsTArray<uint64_t> mDiscardedCompositorAnimationsIds;

  bool mDestroyed;

  friend class WebRenderLayerManager;

} // namespace layers
} // namespace mozilla