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Bug 1479424 - Fix VRManager NotifyVSync not called when compositor is paused on Android; r=kip,rbarker MozReview-Commit-ID: JY8xyCSKIgv

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#include "nsTArray.h"
#include "nsIScreen.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "mozilla/RefPtr.h"

#include "mozilla/gfx/2D.h"
#include "mozilla/EnumeratedArray.h"

#include "gfxVR.h"
#include "VRDisplayHost.h"

#if defined(XP_MACOSX)
class MacIOSurface;
namespace mozilla {
namespace gfx {
class VRThread;

namespace impl {

class VRDisplayExternal : public VRDisplayHost
  void ZeroSensor() override;
  static int sPushIndex;

  VRHMDSensorState GetSensorState() override;
  void StartPresentation() override;
  void StopPresentation() override;
  void StartVRNavigation() override;
  void StopVRNavigation(const TimeDuration& aTimeout) override;

  bool SubmitFrame(const layers::SurfaceDescriptor& aTexture,
                   uint64_t aFrameId,
                   const gfx::Rect& aLeftEyeRect,
                   const gfx::Rect& aRightEyeRect) override;

  explicit VRDisplayExternal(const VRDisplayState& aDisplayState);
  void Refresh();
  const VRControllerState& GetLastControllerState(uint32_t aStateIndex) const;
  virtual ~VRDisplayExternal();
  void Destroy();

  bool PopulateLayerTexture(const layers::SurfaceDescriptor& aTexture,
                            VRLayerTextureType* aTextureType,
                            VRLayerTextureHandle* aTextureHandle);
  void PushState(bool aNotifyCond = false);
  bool PullState(const std::function<bool()>& aWaitCondition = nullptr);
  void PostVRTask();
  void RunVRTask();
  bool PullState();

  VRTelemetry mTelemetry;
  TimeStamp mVRNavigationTransitionEnd;
  VRBrowserState mBrowserState;
  VRHMDSensorState mLastSensorState;

} // namespace impl

class VRSystemManagerExternal : public VRSystemManager
  static already_AddRefed<VRSystemManagerExternal> Create(VRExternalShmem* aAPIShmem = nullptr);

  virtual void Destroy() override;
  virtual void Shutdown() override;
  virtual void NotifyVSync() override;
  virtual void Enumerate() override;
  virtual bool ShouldInhibitEnumeration() override;
  virtual void GetHMDs(nsTArray<RefPtr<VRDisplayHost>>& aHMDResult) override;
  virtual bool GetIsPresenting() override;
  virtual void HandleInput() override;
  virtual void GetControllers(nsTArray<RefPtr<VRControllerHost>>&
                              aControllerResult) override;
  virtual void ScanForControllers() override;
  virtual void RemoveControllers() override;
  virtual void VibrateHaptic(uint32_t aControllerIdx,
                             uint32_t aHapticIndex,
                             double aIntensity,
                             double aDuration,
                             const VRManagerPromise& aPromise) override;
  virtual void StopVibrateHaptic(uint32_t aControllerIdx) override;
  bool PullState(VRDisplayState* aDisplayState,
                 VRHMDSensorState* aSensorState = nullptr,
                 VRControllerState* aControllerState = nullptr,
                 const std::function<bool()>& aWaitCondition = nullptr);
  bool PullState(VRDisplayState* aDisplayState,
                 VRHMDSensorState* aSensorState = nullptr,
                 VRControllerState* aControllerState = nullptr);
  void PushState(VRBrowserState* aBrowserState, const bool aNotifyCond = false);

  explicit VRSystemManagerExternal(VRExternalShmem* aAPIShmem = nullptr);
  virtual ~VRSystemManagerExternal();

  // there can only be one
  RefPtr<impl::VRDisplayExternal> mDisplay;
#if defined(XP_MACOSX)
  int mShmemFD;
#elif defined(XP_WIN)
  HANDLE mShmemFile;
#elif defined(MOZ_WIDGET_ANDROID)
  bool mDoShutdown;
  bool mExternalStructFailed;
  bool mEnumerationCompleted;

  volatile VRExternalShmem* mExternalShmem;
#if !defined(MOZ_WIDGET_ANDROID)
  bool mSameProcess;

  void OpenShmem();
  void CloseShmem();
  void CheckForShutdown();

} // namespace gfx
} // namespace mozilla

#endif /* GFX_VR_EXTERNAL_H */