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Mon, 16 Dec 2019 13:31:24 +0000
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Bug 1604160 - Update cbindgen to do proper copy assignment on tagged enums. r=boris This is needed to support min() / max() / clamp(), as LengthPercentage will have a potential heap allocation and the current copy-assignment operators just do bitwise copies. Differential Revision:

# -*- Mode: python; indent-tabs-mode: nil; tab-width: 40 -*-
# vim: set filetype=python:
# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

# cbindgen is needed by the style system build and webrender.
cbindgen_is_needed = depends(build_project)(lambda build_project: build_project != 'js')

option(env='CBINDGEN', nargs=1, when=cbindgen_is_needed,
       help='Path to cbindgen')

@imports(_from='textwrap', _import='dedent')
def check_cbindgen_version(cbindgen, fatal=False):
    log.debug("trying cbindgen: %s" % cbindgen)

    cbindgen_min_version = Version('0.12.0')

    # cbindgen x.y.z
    version = Version(check_cmd_output(cbindgen, '--version').strip().split(" ")[1])
    log.debug("%s has version %s" % (cbindgen, version))
    if version >= cbindgen_min_version:
        return True
    if not fatal:
        return False

    cbindgen version {} is too old. At least version {} is required.

    Please update using 'cargo install cbindgen --force' or running
    './mach bootstrap', after removing the existing executable located at
    '''.format(version, cbindgen_min_version, cbindgen)))

@depends_if('CBINDGEN', toolchain_search_path, when=cbindgen_is_needed)
@checking('for cbindgen')
@imports(_from='textwrap', _import='dedent')
def cbindgen(cbindgen_override, toolchain_search_path):
    if cbindgen_override:
        check_cbindgen_version(cbindgen_override[0], fatal=True)
        return cbindgen_override[0]

    candidates = []
    for path in toolchain_search_path:
        candidate = find_program('cbindgen', [path])
        if not candidate:
        if check_cbindgen_version(candidate):
            return candidate

    if not candidates:
        raise FatalCheckError(dedent('''\
        Cannot find cbindgen. Please run `mach bootstrap`,
        `cargo install cbindgen`, ensure that `cbindgen` is on your PATH,
        or point at an executable with `CBINDGEN`.
    check_cbindgen_version(candidates[0], fatal=True)

set_config('CBINDGEN', cbindgen)

# Bindgen can use rustfmt to format Rust file, but it's not required.
js_option(env='RUSTFMT', nargs=1, help='Path to the rustfmt program')

rustfmt = check_prog('RUSTFMT', ['rustfmt'], paths=toolchain_search_path,
                     input='RUSTFMT', allow_missing=True)

js_option('--with-libclang-path', nargs=1,
          help='Absolute path to a directory containing Clang/LLVM libraries for bindgen (version 3.9.x or above)')
js_option('--with-clang-path', nargs=1,
          help='Absolute path to a Clang binary for bindgen (version 3.9.x or above)')

@depends('--with-clang-path', c_compiler, cxx_compiler, toolchain_search_path,
         target, macos_sdk)
@checking('for clang for bindgen', lambda x: x.path if x else 'not found')
def bindgen_clang_compiler(clang_path, c_compiler, cxx_compiler,
                           toolchain_search_path, target, macos_sdk):
    # When the target compiler is clang, use that, including flags.
    if cxx_compiler.type == 'clang':
        if clang_path and clang_path[0] not in (c_compiler.compiler,
            die('--with-clang-path is not valid when the target compiler is %s',
        return namespace(
    # When the target compiler is clang-cl, use clang in the same directory,
    # and figure the right flags to use.
    if cxx_compiler.type == 'clang-cl':
        if clang_path and os.path.dirname(clang_path[0]) != \
            die('--with-clang-path must point to clang in the same directory '
                'as the target compiler')
        if not clang_path:
            clang_path = [os.path.join(os.path.dirname(cxx_compiler.compiler),

    clang_path = find_program(clang_path[0] if clang_path else 'clang++',
    if not clang_path:
    flags = prepare_flags(target, macos_sdk)
    info = check_compiler([clang_path] + flags, 'C++', target)
    return namespace(
        flags=flags + info.flags,

@depends('--with-libclang-path', bindgen_clang_compiler,
         host_library_name_info, host)
@checking('for libclang for bindgen', lambda x: x if x else 'not found')
@imports(_from='os', _import='pathsep')
@imports(_from='os.path', _import='split', _as='pathsplit')
def bindgen_libclang_path(libclang_path, clang, library_name_info, host):
    if not clang:
        if libclang_path:
            die('--with-libclang-path is not valid without a clang compiler '
                'for bindgen')

    # Try to ensure that the clang shared library that bindgen is going
    # to look for is actually present.  The files that we search for
    # mirror the logic in clang-sys/
    libclang_choices = []
    if host.os == 'WINNT':
    libclang_choices.append('%sclang%s' % (library_name_info.dll.prefix,
    if host.kernel == 'Linux':

    if host.os == 'OpenBSD':

    candidates = []
    if not libclang_path:
        # Try to find libclang_path based on clang search dirs.
        clang_search_dirs = check_cmd_output(clang.path, '-print-search-dirs')
        for line in clang_search_dirs.splitlines():
            name, _, value = line.partition(': =')
            if host.os == 'WINNT' and name == 'programs':
                # On Windows, libclang.dll is in bin/ rather than lib/,
                # so scan the programs search dirs.
                # To make matters complicated, clang before version 9 uses `:`
                # separate between paths (and `;` in newer versions)
                if pathsep in value:
                    for part in value.split(':'):
                        # Assume that if previous "candidate" was of length 1,
                        # it's a drive letter and the current part is the rest of
                        # the corresponding full path.
                        if candidates and len(candidates[-1]) == 1:
                            candidates[-1] += ':' + part
            elif host.os != 'WINNT' and name == 'libraries':
                # On other platforms, use the directories from the libraries
                # search dirs that looks like $something/clang/$version.
                for dir in value.split(pathsep):
                    dir, version = pathsplit(dir)
                    if re.match(r'[0-9.]+', version):
                        dir, name = pathsplit(dir)
                        if name == 'clang':

    for dir in candidates:
        for pattern in libclang_choices:
            log.debug('Trying "%s" in "%s"', pattern, dir)
            libs = glob.glob(os.path.join(dir, pattern))
            if libs:
                return libs[0]

@depends(bindgen_clang_compiler, bindgen_libclang_path, build_project)
def bindgen_config_paths(clang, libclang, build_project):
    # XXX: we want this code to be run for both Gecko and JS, but we don't
    # necessarily want to force a bindgen/Rust dependency on JS just yet.
    # Actually, we don't want to force an error if we're not building the
    # browser generally.  We therefore whitelist the projects that require
    # bindgen facilities at this point and leave it at that.
    if build_project in ('browser', 'mobile/android'):
        if not clang:
            die('Could not find clang to generate run bindings for C/C++. '
                'Please install the necessary packages, run `mach bootstrap`, '
                'or use --with-clang-path to give the location of clang.')

        if not libclang:
            die('Could not find libclang to generate rust bindings for C/C++. '
                'Please install the necessary packages, run `mach bootstrap`, '
                'or use --with-libclang-path to give the path containing it.')

    if clang and libclang:
        return namespace(

@depends(bindgen_config_paths.libclang, when=bindgen_config_paths)
@checking('that libclang is new enough', lambda s: 'yes' if s else 'no')
@imports(_from='ctypes', _import='CDLL')
@imports(_from='textwrap', _import='dedent')
def min_libclang_version(libclang):
        lib = CDLL(libclang.encode('utf-8'))
        # We want at least 4.0. The API we test below is enough for that.
        # Just accessing it should throw if not found.
        fun = lib.clang_EvalResult_getAsLongLong
        return True
        The libclang located at {} is too old (need at least 4.0).

        Please make sure to update it or point to a newer libclang using
        return False

set_config('MOZ_LIBCLANG_PATH', bindgen_config_paths.libclang_path)
set_config('MOZ_CLANG_PATH', bindgen_config_paths.clang_path)

@depends(target, target_is_unix, cxx_compiler, bindgen_cflags_android,
def basic_bindgen_cflags(target, is_unix, compiler_info, android_cflags,
    args = [
        '-x', 'c++', '-fno-sized-deallocation', '-fno-aligned-new',

    if is_unix:
        args += ['-DOS_POSIX=1']

    if target.os == 'Android':
        args += android_cflags

    args += {
        'Android': ['-DOS_ANDROID=1'],
        'DragonFly': ['-DOS_BSD=1', '-DOS_DRAGONFLY=1'],
        'FreeBSD': ['-DOS_BSD=1', '-DOS_FREEBSD=1'],
        'GNU': ['-DOS_LINUX=1'],
        'NetBSD': ['-DOS_BSD=1', '-DOS_NETBSD=1'],
        'OpenBSD': ['-DOS_BSD=1', '-DOS_OPENBSD=1'],
        'OSX': ['-DOS_MACOSX=1', '-stdlib=libc++'],
        'SunOS': ['-DOS_SOLARIS=1'],
        'WINNT': [
    }.get(target.os, [])

    if compiler_info.type == 'clang-cl':
        args += [
            # To enable the builtin __builtin_offsetof so that CRT wouldn't
            # use reinterpret_cast in offsetof() which is not allowed inside
            # static_assert().
            # Enable hidden attribute (which is not supported by MSVC and
            # thus not enabled by default with a MSVC-compatibile build)
            # to exclude hidden symbols from the generated file.

    return args + (clang_flags or [])

          help='Options bindgen should pass to the C/C++ parser')

@depends(basic_bindgen_cflags, 'BINDGEN_CFLAGS')
@checking('bindgen cflags', lambda s: s if s else 'no')
def bindgen_cflags(base_flags, extra_flags):
    flags = base_flags
    if extra_flags and len(extra_flags):
        flags += extra_flags[0].split()
    return ' '.join(flags)

add_old_configure_assignment('_BINDGEN_CFLAGS', bindgen_cflags)