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Bug 612568 - Drop nsIContent handles when finished parsing a fragment. r=Olli.Pettay, a=jst.

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    nsTArray<nsHtml5TreeOperation>         mOpQueue;
    nsTArray<nsHtml5SpeculativeLoad>       mSpeculativeLoadQueue;
    nsAHtml5TreeOpSink*                    mOpSink;
    nsAutoArrayPtr<nsIContent*>            mHandles;
    PRInt32                                mHandlesUsed;
    nsTArray<nsAutoArrayPtr<nsIContent*> > mOldHandles;
    nsHtml5TreeOpStage*                    mSpeculativeLoadStage;
    nsIContent**                           mDeepTreeSurrogateParent;
    PRBool                                 mCurrentHtmlScriptIsAsyncOrDefer;
#ifdef DEBUG
    PRBool                                 mActive;

    // DocumentModeHandler
     * Tree builder uses this to report quirkiness of the document
    void documentMode(nsHtml5DocumentMode m);

    nsIContent** AllocateContentHandle();
    void accumulateCharactersForced(const PRUnichar* aBuf, PRInt32 aStart, PRInt32 aLength)
      accumulateCharacters(aBuf, aStart, aLength);


    nsHtml5TreeBuilder(nsAHtml5TreeOpSink* aOpSink,
                       nsHtml5TreeOpStage* aStage);

    PRBool IsDiscretionaryFlushSafe();

    PRBool HasScript();
    void SetOpSink(nsAHtml5TreeOpSink* aOpSink) {
      mOpSink = aOpSink;

    void ClearOps() {
    PRBool Flush();
    void FlushLoads();

    void SetDocumentCharset(nsACString& aCharset, PRInt32 aCharsetSource);

    void StreamEnded();

    void NeedsCharsetSwitchTo(const nsACString& aEncoding);

    void AddSnapshotToScript(nsAHtml5TreeBuilderState* aSnapshot, PRInt32 aLine);

    void DropHandles();