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#include "mozilla/layers/PLayers.h"
#include "mozilla/layers/ShadowLayers.h"

#include "Layers.h"
#include "LayerManagerOGL.h"
#include "gfxImageSurface.h"
#include "GLContext.h"
#include "base/task.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace layers {

class ThebesLayerBufferOGL;
class BasicBufferOGL;
class ShadowBufferOGL;

class ThebesLayerOGL : public ThebesLayer, 
                       public LayerOGL
  typedef ThebesLayerBufferOGL Buffer;

  ThebesLayerOGL(LayerManagerOGL *aManager);
  virtual ~ThebesLayerOGL();

  /** Layer implementation */
  void SetVisibleRegion(const nsIntRegion& aRegion);

  /** ThebesLayer implementation */
  void InvalidateRegion(const nsIntRegion& aRegion);

  /** LayerOGL implementation */
  void Destroy();
  Layer* GetLayer();
  virtual bool IsEmpty();
  virtual void RenderLayer(int aPreviousFrameBuffer,
                           const nsIntPoint& aOffset);
  virtual void CleanupResources();

  friend class BasicBufferOGL;

  bool CreateSurface();

  nsRefPtr<Buffer> mBuffer;

class ShadowThebesLayerBufferOGL


  void Swap(gfxASurface* aNewBuffer,
            const nsIntRect& aNewRect, const nsIntPoint& aNewRotation,
            gfxASurface** aOldBuffer,
            nsIntRect* aOldRect, nsIntPoint* aOldRotation)
    *aOldRect = mBufferRect;
    *aOldRotation = mBufferRotation;
    nsRefPtr<gfxASurface> oldBuffer = mBuffer;

    mBufferRect = aNewRect;
    mBufferRotation = aNewRotation;
    mBuffer = aNewBuffer;

  nsIntRect Rect() {
    return mBufferRect;

  nsIntPoint Rotation() {
    return mBufferRotation;

  nsRefPtr<gfxASurface> Buffer() {
    return mBuffer;

   * Wipe out all retained contents. Call this when the entire
   * buffer becomes invalid.
  void Clear()
    mBuffer = nsnull;

  nsRefPtr<gfxASurface> mBuffer;
  nsIntRect mBufferRect;
  nsIntPoint mBufferRotation;

class ShadowThebesLayerOGL : public ShadowThebesLayer,
                             public LayerOGL
  ShadowThebesLayerOGL(LayerManagerOGL *aManager);
  virtual ~ShadowThebesLayerOGL();

  virtual bool ShouldDoubleBuffer();
  virtual void
  Swap(const ThebesBuffer& aNewFront, const nsIntRegion& aUpdatedRegion,
       OptionalThebesBuffer* aNewBack, nsIntRegion* aNewBackValidRegion,
       OptionalThebesBuffer* aReadOnlyFront, nsIntRegion* aFrontUpdatedRegion);
  virtual void EnsureTextureUpdated();
  virtual void EnsureTextureUpdated(nsIntRegion& aRegion);
  virtual void ProgressiveUpload();
  virtual void DestroyFrontBuffer();

  virtual void Disconnect();

  virtual void SetValidRegion(const nsIntRegion& aRegion)
    mOldValidRegion = mValidRegion;

  // LayerOGL impl
  void Destroy();
  Layer* GetLayer();
  virtual bool IsEmpty();
  virtual void RenderLayer(int aPreviousFrameBuffer,
                           const nsIntPoint& aOffset);
  virtual void CleanupResources();

  nsRefPtr<ShadowBufferOGL> mBuffer;

  // When doing delayed texture upload, this is the region of the buffer that
  // still requires uploading.
  nsIntRegion mRegionPendingUpload;

  // Task used for progressive texture upload.
  CancelableTask* mUploadTask;

  // Following used for double-buffering
  ShadowThebesLayerBufferOGL mFrontBuffer;
  // Describes the gfxASurface we hand out to |mFrontBuffer|.
  SurfaceDescriptor mFrontBufferDescriptor;
  // When we receive an update from our remote partner, we stow away
  // our previous parameters that described our previous front buffer.
  // Then when we Swap() back/front buffers, we can return these
  // parameters to our partner (adjusted as needed).
  nsIntRegion mOldValidRegion;

} /* layers */
} /* mozilla */