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Bug 1525245 - Stabilize cookiePolicy/cookiePermission for live documents - part 13 - Cookies, r=Ehsan Differential Revision:

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include protocol PNecko;
include URIParams;
include NeckoChannelParams;

using mozilla::OriginAttributes from "mozilla/ipc/BackgroundUtils.h";

namespace mozilla {
namespace net {

 * PCookieService
 * Provides IPDL methods for setting and getting cookies. These are stored on
 * and managed by the parent; the child process goes through the parent for
 * all cookie operations. Lower-level programmatic operations (i.e. those
 * provided by the nsICookieManager interface) are not
 * currently implemented and requesting these interfaces in the child will fail.
 * @see nsICookieService
 * @see nsICookiePermission

nested(upto inside_cpow) sync protocol PCookieService
  manager PNecko;


   * Set a cookie string.
   * @param host
   *        Same as the 'aURI' argument to nsICookieService.setCookieString.
   * @param channelURI
   *        The URI of the request.
   * @param loadInfoArgs
   *        The optional serialization of nsILoadInfo.
   * @param isForeign
   *        True if the the request is third party, for purposes of allowing
   *        access to cookies. This should be obtained from
   *        mozIThirdPartyUtil.isThirdPartyChannel. Third party requests may be
   *        rejected depending on user preferences; if those checks are
   *        disabled, this parameter is ignored.
   * @param isTrackingResource
   *        True if the request has been marked as tracking.
   * @param firstPartyStorageAccessGranted
   *        True if host has storage access granted. Note that the storage
   *        access is automatically granted also if the channel is not marked as
   *        tracking resource, or if it's not a 3rd party context.
   * @param cookieString
   *        Same as the 'aCookie' argument to nsICookieService.setCookieString.
   * @param serverTime
   *        Same as the 'aServerTime' argument to
   *        nsICookieService.setCookieStringFromHttp. If the string is empty or
   *        null (e.g. for non-HTTP requests), the current local time is used.
   * @param fromHttp
   *        Whether the result is for an HTTP request header. This should be
   *        true for nsICookieService.setCookieStringFromHttp calls, false
   *        otherwise.
   * @see nsICookieService.setCookieString
   * @see nsICookieService.setCookieStringFromHttp
   * @see mozIThirdPartyUtil.isThirdPartyChannel
  nested(inside_cpow) async SetCookieString(URIParams host,
                                            URIParams? channelURI,
                                            LoadInfoArgs? loadInfoArgs,
                                            bool isForeign,
                                            bool isTrackingResource,
                                            bool firstPartyStorageAccessGranted,
                                            nsCString cookieString,
                                            nsCString serverTime,
                                            bool aFromHttp);

  async PrepareCookieList(URIParams host,
                          bool isForeign,
                          bool isTrackingResource,
                          bool firstPartyStorageAccessGranted,
                          bool isSafeTopLevelNav,
                          bool isSameSiteForeign,
                          OriginAttributes attrs);

  async __delete__();

  async TrackCookiesLoad(CookieStruct[] cookiesList,
                         OriginAttributes attrs);

  async RemoveCookie(CookieStruct cookie,
                     OriginAttributes attrs);

  async RemoveBatchDeletedCookies(CookieStruct[] cookiesList,
                                  OriginAttributes[] attrsList);

  async RemoveAll();

  async AddCookie(CookieStruct cookie,
                  OriginAttributes attrs);