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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "gfxtypes.idl"
#include "gfxIFormats.idl"

#include "nsRect.h"

native nsRectRef(nsIntRect &);

 * gfxIImageFrame interface
 * All x, y, width, height values are in pixels.
 * @author Tim Rowley <>
 * @author Stuart Parmenter <>
 * @version 0.1
[scriptable, uuid(9c37930b-cadd-453c-89e1-9ed456715b9c)]
interface gfxIImageFrame : nsISupports
   * Create a new \a aWidth x \a aHeight sized image.
   * @param aX The x-offset from the origin of the gfxIImageContainer parent.
   * @param aY The y-offset from the origin of the gfxIImageContainer parent.
   * @param aWidth The width of the image to create.
   * @param aHeight The height of the image to create.
   * @param aFormat the width of the image to create.
   * @note The data in a new image is uninitialized.
  void init(in PRInt32 aX,
            in PRInt32 aY,
            in PRInt32 aWidth,
            in PRInt32 aHeight,
            in gfx_format aFormat,
            in gfx_depth aDepth);

   * TRUE by default.  When set to FALSE, you will no longer be able to make any modifications
   * to the data of the image.  Any attempts will fail.
  attribute boolean mutable;

   * The x-offset of the image.
  readonly attribute PRInt32 x;

   * The y-offset of the image.
  readonly attribute PRInt32 y;

   * The width of the image.
  readonly attribute PRInt32 width;

   * The height of the image.
  readonly attribute PRInt32 height;

   * The rectangle this frame ocupies.
   * @param rect this is really an out parameter.
  [noscript] void getRect(in nsRectRef rect);

   * The image data format the image was created with.
   * @see gfxIFormats
  readonly attribute gfx_format format;

   * returns whether the image requires the background to be painted
  readonly attribute boolean needsBackground;

  /* data accessors */
  readonly attribute unsigned long imageBytesPerRow;

   * returns the number of bytes allocated for the image
  readonly attribute unsigned long imageDataLength;

  // XXX do we copy here?  lets not...
  void getImageData([array, size_is(length)] out PRUint8 bits, out unsigned long length);

   * Get Palette data pointer
  void getPaletteData([array, size_is(length)] out gfx_color palette, out unsigned long length);

   * Lock image pixels before addressing the data directly
  void lockImageData();

   * Unlock image pixels
  void unlockImageData();

  /* GIF Specific methods.  These should be in a different class or interface. */

   * Represents the number of milliseconds until the next frame should be displayed.
   * @note -1 means that this frame should be displayed forever.
  attribute long timeout;

  /* frame disposal method, used only by GIFs. Should probably subclass image frame
   * and image container for GIFs special needs, but for simplicity it is here for the
   * moment
  attribute long frameDisposalMethod;

  /* PNG specific methods */

  attribute long blendMethod;