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Bug 456213 - -moz-transform matrix function with percentages confuses X and Y translate components; r+sr=dbaron

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#ifndef nsIDOMScriptObjectFactory_h__
#define nsIDOMScriptObjectFactory_h__

#include "nsISupports.h"
#include "nsIDOMClassInfo.h"
#include "nsStringGlue.h"

{ 0xd5a4f935, 0xe428, 0x47ec, \
  { 0x8f, 0x36, 0x44, 0x23, 0xfa, 0xa2, 0x21, 0x90 } }

class nsIScriptContext;
class nsIScriptGlobalObject;
class nsIScriptRuntime;
class nsIDOMEventListener;

class nsIDOMScriptObjectFactory : public nsISupports {

  // Get a script language given its "name" (ie, the mime-type)
  // Note that to fetch javascript from this function, you must currently
  // use the name "application/javascript" (but also note that all existing
  // callers of this function optimize the detection of JS, so do not
  // ask this function for JS)
  NS_IMETHOD GetScriptRuntime(const nsAString &aLanguageName,
                              nsIScriptRuntime **aLanguage) = 0;

  // Get a script language given its nsIProgrammingLanguage ID.
  NS_IMETHOD GetScriptRuntimeByID(PRUint32 aScriptTypeID, 
                                  nsIScriptRuntime **aLanguage) = 0;

  // Get the ID for a language given its name - but like GetScriptRuntime,
  // only "application/javascript" is currently supported for JS.
  NS_IMETHOD GetIDForScriptType(const nsAString &aLanguageName,
                                PRUint32 *aScriptTypeID) = 0;

  NS_IMETHOD NewScriptGlobalObject(PRBool aIsChrome,
                                   PRBool aIsModalContentWindow,
                                   nsIScriptGlobalObject **aGlobal) = 0;

  NS_IMETHOD_(nsISupports *) GetClassInfoInstance(nsDOMClassInfoID aID) = 0;
  NS_IMETHOD_(nsISupports *) GetExternalClassInfoInstance(const nsAString& aName) = 0;

  // Register the info for an external class. aName must be static
  // data, it will not be deleted by the DOM code. aProtoChainInterface
  // must be registered in the JAVASCRIPT_DOM_INTERFACE category, or
  // prototypes for this class won't work (except if the interface
  // name starts with nsIDOM).
  NS_IMETHOD RegisterDOMClassInfo(const char *aName,
                                  nsDOMClassInfoExternalConstructorFnc aConstructorFptr,
                                  const nsIID *aProtoChainInterface,
                                  const nsIID **aInterfaces,
                                  PRUint32 aScriptableFlags,
                                  PRBool aHasClassInterface,
                                  const nsCID *aConstructorCID) = 0;


#endif /* nsIDOMScriptObjectFactory_h__ */