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Bug 909499 part 1 - Rename js::ion namespace to js::jit. r=njn

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#ifndef jit_x64_Lowering_x64_h
#define jit_x64_Lowering_x64_h

#include "jit/shared/Lowering-x86-shared.h"

namespace js {
namespace jit {

class LIRGeneratorX64 : public LIRGeneratorX86Shared
    LIRGeneratorX64(MIRGenerator *gen, MIRGraph &graph, LIRGraph &lirGraph)
      : LIRGeneratorX86Shared(gen, graph, lirGraph)
    { }

    void lowerUntypedPhiInput(MPhi *phi, uint32_t inputPosition, LBlock *block, size_t lirIndex);
    bool defineUntypedPhi(MPhi *phi, size_t lirIndex);

    // Adds a use at operand |n| of a value-typed insturction.
    bool useBox(LInstruction *lir, size_t n, MDefinition *mir,
                LUse::Policy policy = LUse::REGISTER, bool useAtStart = false);
    bool useBoxFixed(LInstruction *lir, size_t n, MDefinition *mir, Register reg1, Register);

    LDefinition tempToUnbox();

    LGetPropertyCacheT *newLGetPropertyCacheT(MGetPropertyCache *ins);
    LGetElementCacheT *newLGetElementCacheT(MGetElementCache *ins);

    bool visitBox(MBox *box);
    bool visitUnbox(MUnbox *unbox);
    bool visitReturn(MReturn *ret);
    bool visitStoreTypedArrayElement(MStoreTypedArrayElement *ins);
    bool visitStoreTypedArrayElementHole(MStoreTypedArrayElementHole *ins);
    bool visitAsmJSUnsignedToDouble(MAsmJSUnsignedToDouble *ins);
    bool visitAsmJSStoreHeap(MAsmJSStoreHeap *ins);
    bool visitAsmJSLoadFuncPtr(MAsmJSLoadFuncPtr *ins);
    bool visitStoreTypedArrayElementStatic(MStoreTypedArrayElementStatic *ins);

typedef LIRGeneratorX64 LIRGeneratorSpecific;

} // namespace jit
} // namespace js

#endif /* jit_x64_Lowering_x64_h */