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Lazy fill the stackTracker as we lookup the nativeFrameOffset for values. Purge all entries related to the current frame when it is popped. This code could be further simplified if Tracker was a template.

#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright (c) 2004 Trent Mick

"""Test relicensing of inputs/... with"""

import sys
import os
import unittest
import difflib
import pprint
import shutil
import StringIO

import testsupport

#---- globals

gInputsDir = "relicense_inputs"
gOutputsDir = "relicense_outputs"
gTmpDir = "relicense_tmp"

#----- test cases

class RelicInputsTestCase(unittest.TestCase):
    def setUp(self):
        if not os.path.exists(gTmpDir):

    def tearDown(self):

def _testOneInputFile(self, fname):
    import relic
    _debug = 0  # Set to true to dump status info for each test run.

    infile = os.path.join(gInputsDir, fname) # input
    outfile = os.path.join(gOutputsDir, fname) # expected output
    tmpfile = os.path.join(gTmpDir, fname) # actual output
    errfile = os.path.join(gOutputsDir, fname+'.error')  # expected error
    # An options file is a set of kwargs for the relic.relicense()
    # method call. One key-value pair per-line like this:
    #   key=value
    # Whitespace is stripped off the value.
    optsfile = os.path.join(gInputsDir, fname+'.options') # input options

    if _debug:
        print "*"*50, "relic '%s'" % fname

    # Determine input options to use, if any.
    opts = {}
    if os.path.exists(optsfile):
        for line in open(optsfile, 'r').read().splitlines(0):
            name, value = line.split('=', 1)
            value = value.strip()
            try: # allow value to be a type other than string
                value = eval(value)
            except Exception:
            opts[name] = value
        if _debug:
            print "*"*50, "options"

    # Copy the input file to the tmp location where relicensing is done.
    shutil.copy(infile, tmpfile)

    # Relicense the file, capturing stdout and stderr and any possible
    # error.
    oldStdout = sys.stdout
    oldStderr = sys.stderr
    sys.stdout = StringIO.StringIO()
    sys.stderr = StringIO.StringIO()
            relic.relicense([tmpfile], **opts)
        except relic.RelicError, ex:
            error = ex
            error = None
        stdout = sys.stdout.getvalue()
        stderr = sys.stderr.getvalue()
        sys.stdout = oldStdout
        sys.stderr = oldStderr
    if _debug:
        print "*"*50, "stdout"
        print stdout
        print "*"*50, "stderr"
        print stderr
        print "*"*50, "error"
        print str(error)
        print "*" * 50

    # Verify that the results are as expected.
    if os.path.exists(outfile) and error:"relicensing '%s' raised an error but success was "
                  "expected: error='%s'" % (fname, str(error)))
    elif os.path.exists(outfile):
        expected = open(outfile, 'r').readlines()
        actual = open(tmpfile, 'r').readlines()
        if expected != actual:
            diff = list(difflib.ndiff(expected, actual))
  "%r != %r:\n%s"\
                      % (outfile, tmpfile, pprint.pformat(diff)))
    elif os.path.exists(errfile):
        # There is no reference output file. This means that processing
        # this file is expected to fail.
        expectedError = open(errfile, 'r').read()
        actualError = str(error)
        self.failUnlessEqual(actualError.strip(), expectedError.strip())
    else:"No reference ouput file or error file for '%s'." % infile)

    # Ensure next test file gets a clean relic.
    del sys.modules['relic']

#for fname in [""]:
for fname in os.listdir(gInputsDir):
    if fname.endswith(".options"): continue # skip input option files
    testFunction = lambda self, fname=fname: _testOneInputFile(self, fname)
    name = 'test_relicense_'+fname
    setattr(RelicInputsTestCase, name, testFunction)

#---- mainline

def suite():
    """Return a unittest.TestSuite to be used by"""
    return unittest.makeSuite(RelicInputsTestCase)

if __name__ == "__main__":
    runner = unittest.TextTestRunner(sys.stdout, verbosity=2)
    result =