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Lazy fill the stackTracker as we lookup the nativeFrameOffset for values. Purge all entries related to the current frame when it is popped. This code could be further simplified if Tracker was a template.


# Copyright (c) 2004 Trent Mick

""" Regression Test Suite Harness

        python [<options>...] [<tests>...]

        -x <testname>, --exclude=<testname>
                        Exclude the named test from the set of tests to be
                        run.  This can be used multiple times to specify
                        multiple exclusions.
        -v, --verbose   run tests in verbose mode with output to stdout
        -q, --quiet     don't print anything except if a test fails
        -h, --help      print this text and exit

    This will find all modules whose name is "test_*" in the test
    directory, and run them.  Various command line options provide
    additional facilities.

    If non-option arguments are present, they are names for tests to run.
    If no test names are given, all tests are run.

    Test Setup Options:
        -c, --clean     Don't setup, just clean up the test workspace.
        -n, --no-clean  Don't clean up after setting up and running the
                        test suite.

import os
import sys
import getopt
import glob
import time
import types
import tempfile
import unittest

#---- exceptions

class TestError(Exception):

#---- globals

gVerbosity = 2

#---- utility routines

def _rmtreeOnError(rmFunction, filePath, excInfo):
    if excInfo[0] == OSError:
        # presuming because file is read-only
        os.chmod(filePath, 0777)

def _rmtree(dirname):
    import shutil
    shutil.rmtree(dirname, 0, _rmtreeOnError)

def _getAllTests(testDir):
    """Return a list of all tests to run."""
    testPyFiles = glob.glob(os.path.join(testDir, "test_*.py"))
    modules = [f[:-3] for f in testPyFiles if f and f.endswith(".py")]

    packages = []
    for f in glob.glob(os.path.join(testDir, "test_*")):
        if os.path.isdir(f) and "." not in f:
            if os.path.isfile(os.path.join(testDir, f, "")):

    return modules + packages

def _setUp():
    # Ensure the *development* check is tested.
    topDir = os.path.abspath(os.pardir)
    sys.path.insert(0, topDir)
    print "Setup to test:"
    import relic
    ver = "%s.%s.%s" % relic._version_
    print "relic %s at '%s'" % (ver, relic.__file__)
    print "-"*70 + '\n'

def _tearDown():

def test(testModules, testDir=os.curdir, exclude=[]):
    """Run the given regression tests and report the results."""
    # Determine the test modules to run.
    if not testModules:
        testModules = _getAllTests(testDir)
    testModules = [t for t in testModules if t not in exclude]

    # Aggregate the TestSuite's from each module into one big one.
    allSuites = []
    for moduleFile in testModules:
        module = __import__(moduleFile, globals(), locals(), [])
        suite = getattr(module, "suite", None)
        if suite is not None:
            if gVerbosity >= 2:
                print "WARNING: module '%s' did not have a suite() method."\
                      % moduleFile
    suite = unittest.TestSuite(allSuites)

    # Run the suite.
    runner = unittest.TextTestRunner(sys.stdout, verbosity=gVerbosity)
    result =

#---- mainline

def main(argv):
    testDir = os.path.dirname(sys.argv[0])

    # parse options
    global gVerbosity
        opts, testModules = getopt.getopt(sys.argv[1:], 'hvqx:cn',
            ['help', 'verbose', 'quiet', 'exclude=', 'clean',
    except getopt.error, ex:
        print "%s: ERROR: %s" % (argv[0], ex)
        print __doc__
    exclude = []
    setupOpts = {}
    justClean = 0
    clean = 1
    for opt, optarg in opts:
        if opt in ("-h", "--help"):
            print __doc__
        elif opt in ("-v", "--verbose"):
            gVerbosity += 1
        elif opt in ("-q", "--quiet"):
            gVerbosity -= 1
        elif opt in ("-x", "--exclude"):
        elif opt in ("-c", "--clean"):
            justClean = 1
        elif opt in ("-n", "--no-clean"):
            clean = 0

    retval = None
    if not justClean:
        if not justClean:
            retval = test(testModules, testDir=testDir, exclude=exclude)
        if clean:
    return retval

if __name__ == '__main__':
    sys.exit( main(sys.argv) )