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Bug 1349815 - Avoid setting the static cache during the servo traversal. r=heycam MozReview-Commit-ID: E9XC4kaCVd2

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#include "GLContext.h"
#include "GLLibraryEGL.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace widget {
class CompositorWidget;
} // namespace widget
namespace gl {

class GLContextEGL : public GLContext
    friend class TextureImageEGL;

    static already_AddRefed<GLContextEGL>
    CreateGLContext(CreateContextFlags flags,
                    const SurfaceCaps& caps,
                    bool isOffscreen,
                    EGLConfig config,
                    EGLSurface surface,
                    nsACString* const out_failureId);

    GLContextEGL(CreateContextFlags flags,
                 const SurfaceCaps& caps,
                 bool isOffscreen,
                 EGLConfig config,
                 EGLSurface surface,
                 EGLContext context);


    virtual GLContextType GetContextType() const override { return GLContextType::EGL; }

    static GLContextEGL* Cast(GLContext* gl) {
        MOZ_ASSERT(gl->GetContextType() == GLContextType::EGL);
        return static_cast<GLContextEGL*>(gl);

    bool Init() override;

    virtual bool IsDoubleBuffered() const override {
        return mIsDoubleBuffered;

    void SetIsDoubleBuffered(bool aIsDB) {
        mIsDoubleBuffered = aIsDB;

    virtual bool IsANGLE() const override {
        return sEGLLibrary.IsANGLE();

    virtual bool IsWARP() const override {
        return sEGLLibrary.IsWARP();

    virtual bool BindTexImage() override;

    virtual bool ReleaseTexImage() override;

    void SetEGLSurfaceOverride(EGLSurface surf);

    virtual bool MakeCurrentImpl(bool aForce) override;

    virtual bool IsCurrent() override;

    virtual bool RenewSurface(widget::CompositorWidget* aWidget) override;

    virtual void ReleaseSurface() override;

    virtual bool SetupLookupFunction() override;

    virtual bool SwapBuffers() override;

    virtual void GetWSIInfo(nsCString* const out) const override;

    // hold a reference to the given surface
    // for the lifetime of this context.
    void HoldSurface(gfxASurface* aSurf);

    EGLSurface GetEGLSurface() const {
        return mSurface;

    EGLDisplay GetEGLDisplay() const {
        return sEGLLibrary.Display();

    bool BindTex2DOffscreen(GLContext* aOffscreen);
    void UnbindTex2DOffscreen(GLContext* aOffscreen);
    void BindOffscreenFramebuffer();

    static already_AddRefed<GLContextEGL>
    CreateEGLPBufferOffscreenContext(CreateContextFlags flags,
                                     const gfx::IntSize& size,
                                     const SurfaceCaps& minCaps,
                                     nsACString* const out_FailureId);

    friend class GLContextProviderEGL;
    friend class GLContextEGLFactory;

    const EGLConfig  mConfig;
    EGLSurface mSurface;
    const EGLContext mContext;
    EGLSurface mSurfaceOverride;
    RefPtr<gfxASurface> mThebesSurface;
    bool mBound;

    bool mIsPBuffer;
    bool mIsDoubleBuffered;
    bool mCanBindToTexture;
    bool mShareWithEGLImage;
    bool mOwnsContext;

    static EGLSurface CreatePBufferSurfaceTryingPowerOfTwo(EGLConfig config,
                                                           EGLenum bindToTextureFormat,
                                                           gfx::IntSize& pbsize);

} // namespace gl
} // namespace mozilla