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Bug 901081 - Handle fixed uses of float registers in the stupid allocator correctly, r=luke.

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#ifndef ion_StupidAllocator_h
#define ion_StupidAllocator_h

#include "ion/RegisterAllocator.h"

// Simple register allocator that only carries registers within basic blocks.

namespace js {
namespace ion {

class StupidAllocator : public RegisterAllocator
    static const uint32_t MAX_REGISTERS = Registers::Allocatable + FloatRegisters::Allocatable;
    static const uint32_t MISSING_ALLOCATION = UINT32_MAX;

    struct AllocatedRegister {
        AnyRegister reg;

        // Virtual register this physical reg backs, or MISSING_ALLOCATION.
        uint32_t vreg;

        // id of the instruction which most recently used this register.
        uint32_t age;

        // Whether the physical register is not synced with the backing stack slot.
        bool dirty;

        void set(uint32_t vreg, LInstruction *ins = NULL, bool dirty = false) {
            this->vreg = vreg;
            this->age = ins ? ins->id() : 0;
            this->dirty = dirty;

    // Active allocation for the current code position.
    AllocatedRegister registers[MAX_REGISTERS];
    uint32_t registerCount;

    // Type indicating an index into registers.
    typedef uint32_t RegisterIndex;

    // Information about each virtual register.
    Vector<LDefinition*, 0, SystemAllocPolicy> virtualRegisters;

    StupidAllocator(MIRGenerator *mir, LIRGenerator *lir, LIRGraph &graph)
      : RegisterAllocator(mir, lir, graph)

    bool go();

    bool init();

    void syncForBlockEnd(LBlock *block, LInstruction *ins);
    void allocateForInstruction(LInstruction *ins);
    void allocateForDefinition(LInstruction *ins, LDefinition *def);

    LAllocation *stackLocation(uint32_t vreg);

    RegisterIndex registerIndex(AnyRegister reg);

    AnyRegister ensureHasRegister(LInstruction *ins, uint32_t vreg);
    RegisterIndex allocateRegister(LInstruction *ins, uint32_t vreg);

    void syncRegister(LInstruction *ins, RegisterIndex index);
    void evictRegister(LInstruction *ins, RegisterIndex index);
    void loadRegister(LInstruction *ins, uint32_t vreg, RegisterIndex index);

    RegisterIndex findExistingRegister(uint32_t vreg);

    bool allocationRequiresRegister(const LAllocation *alloc, AnyRegister reg);
    bool registerIsReserved(LInstruction *ins, AnyRegister reg);

} // namespace ion
} // namespace js

#endif /* ion_StupidAllocator_h */