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Bug 1637211 [wpt PR 23529] - Update wpt metadata, a=testonly wpt-pr: 23529 wpt-type: metadata

  [mouse pointermove getCoalescedEvents when lock test]
      if (os == "linux") and webrender and debug and not fission: [PASS, FAIL]
      if (os == "win") and debug and not webrender and (processor == "x86_64"): [FAIL, PASS]
      if (os == "linux") and webrender and not debug: [FAIL, PASS]
      if (os == "win") and debug and webrender: [FAIL, PASS]
      if (os == "win") and not debug and (processor == "x86"): [FAIL, PASS]
      if not webrender and (os == "linux") and not debug: [FAIL, PASS]
      [PASS, FAIL]