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Bug 1530847 - Add a Zero trait that doesn't require Add, and use it in place of num_traits and IsZeroLength. r=heycam Use it to be consistent in InsetRect serialization and storage between Servo and Gecko. Differential Revision:

/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */

//! Calculate [specified][specified] and [computed values][computed] from a
//! tree of DOM nodes and a set of stylesheets.
//! [computed]:
//! [specified]:
//! In particular, this crate contains the definitions of supported properties,
//! the code to parse them into specified values and calculate the computed
//! values based on the specified values, as well as the code to serialize both
//! specified and computed values.
//! The main entry point is [`recalc_style_at`][recalc_style_at].
//! [recalc_style_at]: traversal/fn.recalc_style_at.html
//! Major dependencies are the [cssparser][cssparser] and [selectors][selectors]
//! crates.
//! [cssparser]: ../cssparser/index.html
//! [selectors]: ../selectors/index.html


extern crate app_units;
extern crate arrayvec;
extern crate atomic_refcell;
extern crate bitflags;
extern crate byteorder;
#[cfg(feature = "servo")]
extern crate crossbeam_channel;
extern crate cssparser;
extern crate debug_unreachable;
extern crate derive_more;
extern crate euclid;
extern crate fallible;
extern crate fxhash;
#[cfg(feature = "gecko")]
pub mod gecko_string_cache;
extern crate hashglobe;
#[cfg(feature = "servo")]
extern crate html5ever;
extern crate indexmap;
extern crate itertools;
extern crate itoa;
extern crate lazy_static;
extern crate log;
extern crate malloc_size_of;
extern crate malloc_size_of_derive;
extern crate matches;
#[cfg(feature = "gecko")]
pub extern crate nsstring;
#[cfg(feature = "gecko")]
extern crate num_cpus;
extern crate num_derive;
extern crate num_integer;
extern crate num_traits;
extern crate ordered_float;
extern crate owning_ref;
extern crate parking_lot;
extern crate precomputed_hash;
extern crate rayon;
extern crate selectors;
#[cfg(feature = "servo")]
extern crate serde;
pub extern crate servo_arc;
#[cfg(feature = "servo")]
extern crate servo_atoms;
#[cfg(feature = "servo")]
extern crate servo_config;
#[cfg(feature = "servo")]
extern crate servo_url;
extern crate smallbitvec;
extern crate smallvec;
#[cfg(feature = "servo")]
extern crate string_cache;
extern crate style_derive;
extern crate style_traits;
#[cfg(feature = "gecko")]
extern crate thin_slice;
extern crate time;
extern crate uluru;
extern crate unicode_bidi;
extern crate unicode_segmentation;
extern crate void;

mod macros;

pub mod animation;
pub mod applicable_declarations;
#[allow(missing_docs)] // TODO.
#[cfg(feature = "servo")]
pub mod attr;
pub mod author_styles;
pub mod bezier;
pub mod bloom;
pub mod context;
pub mod counter_style;
pub mod custom_properties;
pub mod data;
pub mod dom;
pub mod dom_apis;
pub mod driver;
pub mod element_state;
#[cfg(feature = "servo")]
mod encoding_support;
pub mod error_reporting;
pub mod font_face;
pub mod font_metrics;
#[cfg(feature = "gecko")]
pub mod gecko_bindings;
pub mod global_style_data;
pub mod hash;
pub mod invalidation;
#[allow(missing_docs)] // TODO.
pub mod logical_geometry;
pub mod matching;
pub mod media_queries;
pub mod parallel;
pub mod parser;
pub mod rule_cache;
pub mod rule_collector;
pub mod rule_tree;
pub mod scoped_tls;
pub mod selector_map;
pub mod selector_parser;
pub mod shared_lock;
pub mod sharing;
pub mod str;
pub mod style_adjuster;
pub mod style_resolver;
pub mod stylesheet_set;
pub mod stylesheets;
pub mod stylist;
pub mod thread_state;
pub mod timer;
pub mod traversal;
pub mod traversal_flags;
pub mod use_counters;
pub mod values;

#[cfg(feature = "gecko")]
pub use crate::gecko_string_cache as string_cache;
#[cfg(feature = "gecko")]
pub use crate::gecko_string_cache::Atom;
#[cfg(feature = "gecko")]
pub use crate::gecko_string_cache::Atom as Prefix;
#[cfg(feature = "gecko")]
pub use crate::gecko_string_cache::Atom as LocalName;
#[cfg(feature = "gecko")]
pub use crate::gecko_string_cache::Namespace;

#[cfg(feature = "servo")]
pub use html5ever::LocalName;
#[cfg(feature = "servo")]
pub use html5ever::Namespace;
#[cfg(feature = "servo")]
pub use html5ever::Prefix;
#[cfg(feature = "servo")]
pub use servo_atoms::Atom;

/// The CSS properties supported by the style system.
/// Generated from the template by
pub mod properties {
    include!(concat!(env!("OUT_DIR"), "/"));

#[cfg(feature = "gecko")]
pub mod gecko;

// uses a macro from properties
#[cfg(feature = "servo")]
pub mod servo;

#[cfg(feature = "gecko")]
#[allow(unsafe_code, missing_docs)]
pub mod gecko_properties {
    include!(concat!(env!("OUT_DIR"), "/"));

macro_rules! reexport_computed_values {
    ( $( { $name: ident, $boxed: expr } )+ ) => {
        /// Types for [computed values][computed].
        /// [computed]:
        pub mod computed_values {
                pub use crate::properties::longhands::$name::computed_value as $name;
            // Don't use a side-specific name needlessly:
            pub use crate::properties::longhands::border_top_style::computed_value as border_style;

#[cfg(feature = "gecko")]
use crate::gecko_string_cache::WeakAtom;
#[cfg(feature = "servo")]
use servo_atoms::Atom as WeakAtom;

/// Extension methods for selectors::attr::CaseSensitivity
pub trait CaseSensitivityExt {
    /// Return whether two atoms compare equal according to this case sensitivity.
    fn eq_atom(self, a: &WeakAtom, b: &WeakAtom) -> bool;

impl CaseSensitivityExt for selectors::attr::CaseSensitivity {
    fn eq_atom(self, a: &WeakAtom, b: &WeakAtom) -> bool {
        match self {
            selectors::attr::CaseSensitivity::CaseSensitive => a == b,
            selectors::attr::CaseSensitivity::AsciiCaseInsensitive => a.eq_ignore_ascii_case(b),

/// A trait pretty much similar to num_traits::Zero, but without the need of
/// implementing `Add`.
pub trait Zero {
    /// Returns the zero value.
    fn zero() -> Self;

    /// Returns whether this value is zero.
    fn is_zero(&self) -> bool;

impl<T> Zero for T
    T: num_traits::Zero,
    fn zero() -> Self {
        <Self as num_traits::Zero>::zero()

    fn is_zero(&self) -> bool {
        <Self as num_traits::Zero>::is_zero(self)