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Wed Jan 28 20:28:27 2009 +0000
efb64de1df3a10d3d2a26b695d7911d65bf8a821Phil Ringnalda — Bug 474602 - package oji.xpt based on the AC_DEFINE, OJI, not the AC_SUBST, MOZ_OJI, r=gavin
bb9b241bcb73bc1075d17ba36ee184323f7acc5bJoe Drew — Backout bug 473161
d953786dee6add81ee887237eeb6de9ac4c4efc5Joe Drew — Back out tests for bug 466586
cd2ea0c1347749e8170c97f05b591d8c9167ed06Joe Drew — Backed out changeset 18988bc1c727
f6c06ee160e665589a24b25e213142b9a879221cJoe Drew — Backed out changeset 72fda0d63f66
fa91cf08c6c25f9a26680f59959eaa82d5afbd60Joe Drew — Backed out changeset 7d9bea3fa51a
7d9bea3fa51a33a5d3c0e26221d77b402aaef152Joe Drew — Bug 473161 - Fix imgRequest::Cancel() to call Cancel() on the loadgroup instead of the channel. The fix to bug 89419 included a mistaken change from cancelling the loadgroup to cancelling the channel. r=bzbarsky, sr=vladimir, a=blocking1.9.1+
72fda0d63f666c2ed77f7ea7c82b032ffded227eJoe Drew — Bug 466586 - Only expire cache elements that don't have any proxies/observers. r=stuart sr=vlad a=blocking1.9.1+
18988bc1c72707c2d757a8e2fe4ba7967fd6d00fJoe Drew — Bug 466586 - Test to ensure that we don't have to reload an image that exists in a document.
c4e2504f3901480e26129380ae62cefeda2f6b0aMark Banner — Disable TestCrashReporterAPI TUnit test due to random failures on Windows - this test currently only runs on non-Firefox boxes. r=ted, bug 474688
7779cc541751317499f27899d288c072fa8f8a37Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 475199 - PPC builds crash on startup. I moved the output of JS_STACK_GROWTH_DIRECTION inside a !CROSS_COMPILE block incorrectly in bug 269538. This just moves it back.
0b0850b7f90b74fd0b560899f755578705afde55Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 464676 (Cycle collector sometimes unlinks live cycles). r=bent, sr=jst.
e810c48a14f714f1cff878d3df4d20c074cea07eAxel Hecht — bug 466570, fix for GNU Make 3.80, don't use $(or), rs=ted
89791850bcd5e55ba6f2458dd823008988eb63a8Dave Townsend — Bug 424488: Test infrastructure for signed jars. r=ted
1bcb125e93bee0c91d6f76a17348c9ffcc809912Jonas Sicking — Backed out changeset e8023bc83264 due to orange
e8023bc83264ce8a32e078bc8bba402e8612ab5fJonas Sicking — Bug 461555: Don't clear out the parser until all deferred scripts have executed to ensure that a document.write in a deferred script doesn't clear the page. r/sr=mrbkap
ac43021830d4b004cf81f9afc0b35e82a0038f6ePeter Van der Beken — Merge backout.
4d6ed97f82f3c86991c11b90f7f8aabc19f05094Peter Van der Beken — Backed out changeset 81428de4b5dc (Fix for bug 464676 (Cycle collector sometimes unlinks live cycles). r=bent, sr=jst.).
958e4c3b384739df6937da9c8e65b40834e46622Robert O'Callahan — Bug 451958 ... reverting the content-policy part to see if it alone is responsible for weird random seek failures on Windows.
7f94d46328ba37342c05251e50930d48e7edb244Robert O'Callahan — Backed out accidentally committed 192d50641f83
81428de4b5dc5de515d03ed6a3abd5b63f50fdd0Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 464676 (Cycle collector sometimes unlinks live cycles). r=bent, sr=jst.
192d50641f83af80bb4ab2f8a21f9d74f9080a49Robert O'Callahan — Bug 451958 ... reverting the content-policy part to see if it alone is responsible for weird random seek failures on Windows.
6b792d7af61e1f3ff892cecfdafab9a8a78181ffDave Camp — Bug 475116: prefix some methods removed from the application cache spec with 'moz'. r/sr/b1.9.1=jst
0932e7c4d9763e8607ec3ef2c39db9d60e1e8dbfJohnny Stenback — Fixing bug 474866. Make the plugin instance peer have a weak reference to its owner, and make the owner tell the peer once it's no longer its owner so we don't have reference cycles, yet the instance can hold on to its peer while being cached between pages.
f6432a93e70798e31e4d841312a9f6e21cc4c9baBrendan Eich — Argh.
62b5d156c511b41faa7110360af229548f121fe2Brendan Eich — Warning policing (please check and avoid adding).
8921ce0e628239566649a7067fd369c2ce43490aJohnny Stenback — Backed out changeset abd5a41c0b70
abd5a41c0b70b0cf0a9ec606bfb766aa69fe2f81Johnny Stenback — Fixing bug 474866. Don't null out the peer when stopping plugins to break reference cycles, as cached plugins depend on the peer remaining set. Null out the owner instead.,
62810acebb2716181ea3bf32a4a15ab1b76f103bPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 443483 (Closed windows need two cycle collections to be collected). r=bent, sr=jst, a=jst.
b62f99aa1fb6a9d10ecfbe3cb18e19d1ce074c08Chris Double — Bug 474937 - Fix Windows crashes with video element caused by buggy mmx/sse optimisations - rs=roc
8638587c1c1f180bd58fbdd27754adef7873bdfdSimon Montagu — Tests for Unicode security issues -- bug 445886
6fe383bb61e544084ea392698c756f4c8c5bee23Dão Gottwald — revert wrongly modified selector (New Tab button doesn't have a label, thus the text color is irrelevant)
b7329ed38bd29579066108c03ff7d2813cc3487cDão Gottwald — Bug 475082 - New Tab button should look like a background tab on OS X. r=gavin
b0f7dea54e79302a554e480c5f0d575f4fa2e1d0Chris Pearce — Bug 451958. Add more CheckLoadURIs (part 4). r+sr=roc
604d159c96358459ba21ebdc77bbb281573ebb66Chris Pearce — Bug 451958. Add more CheckLoadURIs (part 3). r+sr=roc
ef9ee2d617e053cb81c8186d26d9f8939d854826Chris Pearce — Bug 451958. Add more CheckLoadURIs (part 2). r+sr=roc
52c88606da3d94dc6dcd3f8b493de961387b6a90Chris Pearce — Bug 451958. Add more CheckLoadURIs. r+sr=roc
0ecb7f4e5724d8af288a830b710e7cfb5b91cafaGavin Sharp — Bug 474964: fix tabbrowser mousewheel scrolling (tabbrowser needs to override default scrollbox behavior since bug 457651), r=mano/Natch
30862cb0899a443248bfdea942cea42cc830df42Jesse Ruderman — Add crashtests for bug 466585 and bug 451311
c1c28d2c16f470d79442bd203b62157cc6b7f714David Bolter — bug 467146 - font-size text attribute should be exposed in pt units, r=surkov, r=MarcoZ
537af42cc65a62645c1129b8cdc92fc3e034eb6dMarco Zehe — bug 474984 - Move name calculation for GridCell element to new namerules infrastructure, r=surkov
07cf9bbba61a1b82a47b45769b8ed5e1ee7b1af8Justin Dolske — Bug 462113 - Implement progress bar / scrubber for video controls. r=enn, ui-r=boriss
26b74c26088bd0498a5e959d48da273fea1febf8Alexander Surkov — Bug 473765 - Intermittent test failure in bug 469985 test_events_mutation.html, r=davidb, marcoz
9631555705972d82815736b505d15f36f81efb37Clint Talbert — Backing out 24179:ab9665e638d6 due to test failure on linux
ab9665e638d64bd8bc1c86d0c874961cba47ce8cClint Talbert — Bug 474016: Fixing rounding errors on css transform mochitests r=dholbert
8b0c89b327afc983ee2ed6398a312448182cf12eChris Pearce — Bug 451958. Implement content policy checks for media elements. r+sr=roc
d215f3ac1bc071c7061d9128d8c6a5e0dda8f43aPeter Van der Beken — Merge backout.
6718f7e66778dc26dadec571c108b29b37df0822Peter Van der Beken — Back out changeset e919f0c1dfa9 (Fix for bug 464676 (Cycle collector sometimes unlinks live cycles). r=bent, sr=jst.) to try to fix red on leak tinderboxes.
fac6e3b97067979d12199ad66204bc27d48e4ac6Jesse Ruderman — Add crashtests for bug 472260 and bug 472593
e919f0c1dfa9eff51063f3ba1df87e117cc76178Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 464676 (Cycle collector sometimes unlinks live cycles). r=bent, sr=jst.
8196831fc6fdb5f1229f61454732037d92ebdd55Peter Van der Beken — Fix DEBUG_CC build. NPOTB.
a0cf750c586ac46a7e2766d57dbfdab6375f5b35Markus Stange — Bug 469613 - Page scrolling by clicking the scrollbar track can get stuck if the page is very long, r+sr=roc
590d58c0e5a030c417a7174c2f13f941ed677d65Peter Van der Beken — Merge backout.
173e57cbce97ad7ed4710aacf6486fba023ddbc7Peter Van der Beken — Backed out changeset 97907892496f (Bug 462106 - Clear the data copied to clipboard inside the private browsing mode after leaving it; r,sr=roc a=blocking-firefox3.1+) to fix orange.
df6affd823b8e683f5fd060f8da1c2095b2ded4eAxel Hecht — Backed out bug 462188, changeset 10dfe13222aa, due to mochitest hang.
eaad4041922a74f0f04499fb41a24132bad1f2b3Bob Clary — bug 469625 - JavaScript Tests by Jason Orendorff.
73494cd742600c7ab2429e6e8fa858c1ffcd22a5Bob Clary — bug 469940 - JavaScript Test by Brendan Eich.
e281e5f0266ed7d0b29fffdf3c1a76ef2ae80ea6Bob Clary — bug 469927 - JavaScript Test by Jesse Ruderman.
708dad34da8fc73f3ccd9308c7b00f7965e3327dBob Clary — bug 465433 - JavaScript Test by Jesse Ruderman.
2fb5559e56e2321930902ca10d2dbe926f2c6422Bob Clary — bug 465132 - JavaScript Test by Jesse Ruderman.
55ae5a45a1d1b0cafc1b3d12b2495335b69e17a1Bob Clary — bug 446026 - JavaScript Tests by Brian Crowder, moz_bug_r_a4.
2b3f17d467735c8a4c2d4721538da2916c7beeefBob Clary — bug 470758 - JavaScript Tests by Blake Kaplan.
3ce50075697b2c58b199337e37574974608082d4Bob Clary — bug 470388 - JavaScript Tests by Gary Kwong.
aa3026fa8b4fcabcdcad09d0f096666a783ea615Bob Clary — bug 470300 - JavaScript Tests by Jesse Ruderman.
c16d5c53a3622595886dc2adeafcd4f885f6092aBob Clary — bug 470176 - JavaScript Test by Jesse Ruderman.
db39c91cd643e45703883e10e4d00c7dc1bf2736Bob Clary — bug 470061 - JavaScript Test by Jesse Ruderman.
dfcbb7037e6c77a9da2512d91b7ddec30121e72eBob Clary — bug 465460 - JavaScript tests by Jesse Ruderman.
97907892496fe9fe3533056e2c82ff6b5cbfa563Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 462106 - Clear the data copied to clipboard inside the private browsing mode after leaving it; r,sr=roc a=blocking-firefox3.1+
698bf7ff3992bbba1936687b9987d7ab13bf7b05Chris Pearce — Bug 451958. Support Access-Controls for media loads. r+sr=roc
10dfe13222aa484ed828a5de0d754f1920a8b9c5Theppitak Karoonboonyanan — Bug 462188. Make nsHTMLEditRules::WillDeleteSelection extend the selection before checking whether there's anything to delete. r+sr=peterv
e6693f9fb08928d967fd335edf3fc8018cdb06acBrian Crowder — Bug 465808 - use FUN_OBJECT(callerFrame->fun) instead of potentially cloned callerFrame->callee; r=brendan
2cf6537b149936ce4a06eeca48ae04b8047ff326Zbigniew Braniecki (zbraniecki — Backed out changeset e81a7ff740bd for proper checkin (test drive, sorry :()
e81a7ff740bdbdfda1e0599a442d24fed38d54a9Zbigniew Braniecki (zbraniecki — Bug 4658080 - use FUN_OBJECT(callerFrame->fun) instead of potentially cloned callerFrame->callee; p=bcrowder,r=brendan
49800e96c9c04b9e561290ae47b1ccb0e2d15f95Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 472396 - Private browsing is saving form data in certain cases (e.g. Gmail subject in compose); r=jst,dolske
d4b802e1f20185b53214156be27d57849148328fbjarne — Bug 464191 - ssltunnel process persists after Mochitest run. r=jwalden, a=testingonlychange
5042081085b5c8ad6cf7d68b1040e0090b63000fPhil Ringnalda — Bug 473485 - snarf is no longer built by default in js.cpp, among other reverted changes, r=jorendorff, a=NPOTDB
b0e50bba5db746a90e712c65574b4f7eb38c737dJesse Ruderman — Test for bug 445288.
096ab3b6abe08d8948b4d7fbcf3959b5cd4e3bc7Natch — Bug 474964 - comment nodes screw up the tab bar. r=gavin
4014cb930c34de8b0bd5e13dfd2ec7a3bf48c5c8Blake Kaplan — Bug 462428 - Make __lookup[GS]etter__ work on quickstubbed properties by faking it for XPConnect prototype objects only. r=jorendorff sr=brendan
c7ab3258f0aa63493521ec3951cf3ca646b8bd25Jonas Sicking — Backed out changeset 41045faa0ef6 due to leaks
41045faa0ef67ac4f38b1c3c96b06e51710426f1Jonas Sicking — Bug 461555: Don't clear out the parser until all deferred scripts have executed to ensure that a document.write in a deferred script doesn't clear the page. r/sr=mrbkap
561fa10a7d71d66cdb1322babfc8fe9e86283476Brad Lassey — Brad Lassey - bug 463561 - mkdepend crashes while compiling freetype, follow up push to js/src r=bsmedberg a191=beltzner
5d1b3f37a76b7cea4bd55f5e3277afc262789b3fSteven Michaud — Fix crash (but not hang) when Gecko alert opens above Cocoa modal Save As dialog. b=468393 r=josh sr=roc
a5ceb7405ca2818401483ca6ba0ce80082f5d3ebDaniel Holbert — Bug 473236 - follow up patch v3b: restore original executable status for previously-executable Makefiles in nss folder. a=ted
bdf096d22018312787012c4f2172186c628ec3d9Daniel Holbert — Bug 473236 - follow up patch v3a: restore executable status for some files that might need it. a=ted
b4ddaaf84af5162cd115546556c2d848b1498e0bBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 475027 - only MSVC needs jscpucfg.h... everyone else should be using jsautocfg.h and the configure-generated defines. If you're doing something crazy like cross-compiling from FreeBSD to Windows using MSVC, this will make your life happier r=crowder
700fe6e76517a8e2be9ea2808188b32a3ce72c1cBrad Lassey — bug 463561 - mkdepend crashes while compiling freetype r=bsmedberg a191=beltzner
cdfb8740793d6dd4f36e3bf46afc08bfba820af2Mark Finkle — Bug 467825: Add a tool to the xulrunner SDK to add icon to xul-runner stub, r=bsmedberg NPOTB
53f4c4890ffc7314194703f6a10d14de8100995dSteven Michaud — NPP_SetWindow()'s window-> off by 22 pixels in CoreGraphics mode. b=474491 r=josh sr=roc
167990d034298c5b9451c6fdeb14fdb758ec28c8Mats Palmgren — Test for bug 446328.
7c885e1c93e5e80f1d8c734b25d1f7e55c9e8f22Peter Van der Beken — Merge backout
dffc4413419a5c0b6a88fb51ef81a37bc6c814fePeter Van der Beken — Back out changeset 32dc89bc34ad (Fix for bug 464676 (Cycle collector sometimes unlinks live cycles). r=bent, sr=jst.) to fix orange.
3a19996dfa5328f98260519e5c25f8a4806cd6daJosh Aas — Fix crash in Mac OS X native menus when attribute change notifications come in an order we don't expect. Allow for any attribute change notification order. b=433858 r=mstange sr=roc
915c70b15d1f865f0819f74305b9974450c079b3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 474938. Restore silly speculative parsing workaround. r+sr=peterv
0ea4c52d4a8cfddf89b96e8a3530cb53ddfa8fb5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 474389. Fix the 'set up editor after this load' setup, which hasn't really worked for a while, except for initial loads in the window. r+sr=peterv
3beccc95057f3fe0bc994f46ea5960734c69152eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 459443. Make sure to detach our editor even if we don't have a session history entry, so that scripts will get correctly reenabled. r+sr=peterv
b80f644ab681252d1d0a56a23d8c03a4fa6c32b5Neil Deakin — Bug 473847, progressmeters with large max don't work properly, caused by multiplication overflow, r+sr=dbaron
32dc89bc34ad32b33cbaa6d03617540db6fa2ce7Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 464676 (Cycle collector sometimes unlinks live cycles). r=bent, sr=jst.
79dc3d98b6a2a9ffd6f9c547b7a1a91f87900fd8Ted Mielczarek — bug 474973 - make config.{guess,sub} executable
db2cabebef39431ca696b96b39a43c8342be7874Ted Mielczarek — bug 385792 - compress pdb files in symbol store. r=bsmedberg
28d2865963fcc5ea51a39a252cfcbdd097cdefa5Makoto Kato — Bug 472812 - Remove /mozilla/widget/src/windows/aimm.h. r=masayuki, sr=roc
0f79c3db128634028943ee23366cb2e01ac6efc8Gavin Sharp — Bug 474538 - nsIBrowserHistory::removePagesFromHost documentation is crazy, r=sdwilsh
b880c2cb569d58fd3ad3a4758aefc1b797ae85c2David Dahl — Bug 403151 - In the bookmarks organizer preview pane change "more" from a button to a progressive disclosure control, r=mak77 ui-r=faaborg
e369a4bf546c9b4fe0ddcd34119008d6153d0018Marco Bonardo — Bug 356571 - loadOneOrMoreURIs gives up if one of the URLs has an unknown protocol, r=gavin
d6a38f6a72b2f28166420a9ded1660dfcabf3ad8Marco Bonardo — Bug 235244 - Shift should not be required to drag around folders on personal toolbar, r=mano
14997a1248417f394af1784283981dfd2e01a65fThomas Bertels — Bug 392497 - search in history sidebar loses sort, r=mano ui-r=faaborg
a8fcc7821b7d4c79b0b4d072fa9be96d2b6ac4f4Thomas Bertels — Bug 423296 - History: Changing sort order drops search filter, r=mano ui-r=faaborg
508324a2a77ab93deeefa3587b39a1cd44499740Axel Hecht — bug 466570, factor out parts of browser/locales/ to be used by fennec, r=ted
e1962b8ae5227202a819971bf03ed186e2d4537dEhsan Akhgari — Bug 464962 - Zoom-Level reset to default when switching tabs while in Private Browsing Mode; r=gavin a=blocking-firefox3.1+
edb61a05b48574202951036c8986cd5b1776f481Daniel Holbert — Bug 458167 - Fix bad usage of "it's" in comments: patch for dom folder. r+sr=jst
4d8381e446c48be37b75ce179d94d716d3baac61Daniel Holbert — Bug 458167 - Fix bad usage of "it's" in comments: patch for db folder. r=jcramer
c6dd3fd7c949ccfea36a2545db6bc4533d25f174Daniel Holbert — Bug 458167 - Fix bad usage of "it's" in comments: patch for content folder. r+sr=jst
cf24acb3310264fbda1a854c20fe6567fd5ce642Brendan Eich — Bug 453955 - "Assertion failure: sprop->setter != js_watch_set || pobj != obj, at jsdbgapi.c" (r=mrbkap).
365b1102c67becad894a75beb4425d7460daddccGinn Chen — Bug 474758 FcFontSetSort() crashes on Solaris r=karlt
32d2492bf68ce3faf8dc178d3fd3e05fe0e644eaNatch — Bug 456984 - "New Tab" Customizable Button Needs to Be Added Back. r=dao, r=gavin
8d6830999439c36130d76c497abb7feb6813a074Natch — Bug 457651 - New Tab button should be right of last tab. r=dao, r=gavin, ui=faaborg
9ea3fd0e41f557c391d50b02c14c03409f375e98Ginn Chen — Bug 474757 Several build failures on Solaris build for js/src r=danderson
027a7966d5f0db026f1570b64473d6242d99f039Brad Lassey — bug 462908 - Follow up to fix indentation and include patch in gfx/cairo
13e903f17346aca3d2e193b8f89a18ff546aaa5dGinn Chen — Bug 474757 Several build failures on Solaris build for js/src r=danderson
aa27de3b85637bed160aa6419f4b99333bea69fdBrad Lassey — bug 462908 - Implement Freetype font backend for windows ce r=karlt, jdagget sr=stuart, vlad
7fdc9ed7396804cac517f4131dad0e3425a816b0Ben Newman — Fixing bug 470356. Make the cookie dialogs open up modal to their origin tabs chrome window so that the dialog is centered on the window, and no centered on the screen.,
952de712fb34e8fafc98c94907e698636d147113Robert O'Callahan — Backed out changeset a87563d6594e
f1214457a197f39c4a51156fec0901104137c8b0Walter Meinl — Don't try to build plugin tests unless platform is specifically marked as ready. b=474503 r=josh sr=jst
bd6e3311bfab64678ca7fb88821db7d1c2f2f972Justin Dolske — Bug 472064 - Satchel needs better upgrade/downgrade logic. r=sdwilsh, r=gavin
8672c246d00eeabb98d15045c763e72cc2246c9aBrad Lassey — bug 459629 - Avoid code path with LoadLibraryEx called with LOAD_WITH_ALTERED_SEARCH_PATH in nsGlueLinkingWin for windows ce
59a7078453b07488ca6ef40c52f232561d6f47b2Doug Turner — bug 461844 - posix IO functions do not exist on windows ce, work around for liboggz r=doublec
95c1ce0320334273fa08051467b2b60d1cd83013Boris Zbarsky — Bug 346659 tests
2acc60edfb2fcd69cb7b3aa1ec47e0f730e7d74eMook (sb) — Bug 470946 - PostUpdateWin WinPostProcess should launch synchronously. r=rstrong
a87563d6594e5ea1c82d7ccbc1212abc9f4564dcChris Pearce — Bug 451958. Support Access-Controls for media loads. r+sr=roc
203773a7fb7281b4e8dc9dbc268a8e06cdbf4fb6Simon Bünzli — Bug 464199 - Forget About this Site doesn't forget about recently closed tabs.
260df679b20d07de0f9f7d47d485c68db4a6f151Asaf Romano — Bug 471499 - specification for valid drop targets for tab strip drag to tear off / detach tabs. r=mconnor, ui-r=beltzner
501b8fce34fae30d45ff3539fba4630dbe002fe3Nick Thomas — Bug 459878, packaging changes from test major update from 3.0.6 to 3.1b2, r=ted.mielczarek
917975b82484dadbf77b5d11bd7ca8f596f6e7b5L. David Baron — Make nsROCSSPrimitiveValue store ident values as nsCSSKeyword rather than nsIAtom*. (Bug 474712) r+sr=bzbarsky
f8f2b32afabfbbeca26a09860508de38faaf8f3fL. David Baron — Eliminate all callers to forms of nsROCSSPrimitiveValue::SetIdent other than the one taking nsCSSKeyword. (Bug 474712) r+sr=bzbarsky
eec3076f3bab68a031a39a4b01617a3e4c97834bL. David Baron — Warn when nsIDOMCSSStyleDeclaration::GetPropertyCSSValue is called. (Bug 474655) r+sr=bzbarsky
c5e8e22d092ae1d861db3141672ffb5230fc14b3L. David Baron — Remove nsStyleContext::Equals, since it is unused. (Bug 474675) r+sr=bzbarsky
5e57cb13ae9bbdc6d6701a0e2df0d32824e2cde7L. David Baron — Fix mismatch between new[] and delete. (Bug 376075) r+sr=bzbarsky
e3c18c5243c4cc6834375f2bdfbbf31487140a37L. David Baron — Make getComputedStyle() for 'outline-width' return values in pixels even when keywords are used. (Bug 474184) r+sr=bzbarsky
1caacdfd3f5f624b855602d86cd0674d9785336eL. David Baron — Fix parsing of 'none' values in 'list-style' shorthand. (Bug 474135) r+sr=bzbarsky
43c5858d182f46599bcd292222eeec4a20741288Jonas Sicking — Bug 464954: Update Access-Control implementation to latest draft and fix some bugs. r/sr=bz
8dd6a5e000313829a7b73a66b8c36c30e8815420Marco Bonardo — Merged backout
89911edfc032e25ae8c97214ef67f4ae6ffe2e47Marco Bonardo — Backed out changeset d11dfa373acf, not working as expected and adding back Library leak.
2cff77c405f88fc8c1034641f5eaf76a4e4f4e0bSerge Gautherie — Bug 446300 - move tools/test-harness/xpcshell-simple to testing/xpcshell; (Cv1-MC) Move the source harness directory, followup; r=ted.mielczarek
0c80d0556b608df56094a92bf7ba5345e99fd155Boris Zbarsky — This test passes now
406d8b7240df84a2343f469684a4523e0c2ea5ecBenjamin Smedberg — + has a higher precendence than <<, so this needs to be parenthesized more... followup to bug 269538
03868aacdfae26ca735bd19235c708b892f43745Simon Montagu — Bug 67374: replace obsolete Japanese encoding table generators with current one from bug 54135. NPOTB
74573a40f715db0dc15d3092bdcd25343dbbe067Bob Clary — merge
41b647389e00504fe45f1d65c2e1cf064fd1c9f7Bob Clary — bug 474832 - update public failures.
7eb907886ae7de66fad3083eb7fd48526736d9e4Bob Clary — tests for bug 471540, bug 466781 from sync of js/src/trace-test.js and js/tests/js1_8_1/trace/trace-test.js.
e4a1b76f93d00f2ff1e9fb55c3b6d30baedc6da3Benjamin Smedberg — Followup to bug 269538 - Use explicit casts instead of L/LL/int64, r=crowder
cf34c874a23e942dcde72bdc03762dff22bc1569Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 269538 - use stdint types instead of jscpucfg types, now that we have them auto-configured
6b8f3706a36f51d9ed1ef465410185a36ebbef48Boris Zbarsky — Bug 474349. Set mOSHE when starting load for document.write, since there will never be an Embed call, and do so in all cases, not just when we already have an mOSHE. r+sr=jst
6d17fc16e66f4cd09bb8557c8b0f8ee54c6b6996Robert O'Callahan — test_progress1.html still fails, sigh
42c8844fe563e8318ecc24acb6e6b7b696901c3dSerge Gautherie — Bug 446300 - move tools/test-harness/xpcshell-simple to testing/xpcshell; (Av1a-MC) Move the source harness directory; r=ted.mielczarek
a8079cef66ef4343fa949f13d2767462b92aaed8Gavin Sharp — Bug 474191 - mochitest-browser-chrome target does unnecessary "correction" of test-paths; r=sdwilsh
7bf88c6f9fffcbcc4c8db8e296ecee8e63395c50Arpad Borsos — Bug 472654 - kill libart remains from configure; kill libart remains from configure, v2; r=ted.mielczarek
982a011f6b3f444b02f04720fcf342cb7ac6defeArpad Borsos — Bug 472332 - Remove unused files from build/autoconf; +aclocal cleanup; r+sr=ted.mielczarek
cc99d1111d78a153e5c7a2c3af34f603a12f257cArpad Borsos — Bug 451909 - kill MOZ_XUL_APP now that all apps set it; configure cleanup, mozilla-central, refreshed; r=ted.mielczarek
4f398c5824e120bb11143a89c8dfe2bdb22fa6f5Martijn Wargers — Bug 474441 - Move the marquee reftests into the marquee reftests folder, r=dbaron
0338de6e65d7d78bd1970afa060e95d2939d17cbAntonio Gomes — Back out 4f0f7fe10716
daf6c096030ec3f8aeb04d3eae6a10fc5098a612Antonio Gomes — Backed out changeset 4f0f7fe10716 - (leak test had an assertion and the leaktest harness failed to deal with it).
1465d340bf6b90607bfdfb1be1f7059a66ec75deJohn Wolfe — bug 472165 - changes to needed so windows mobile tools don't need to be in PATH variable r=ted
ade1e110f6fbc7885804a49ad3c0eeba892606c8Martijn Wargers — Bug 428013 - crash [@ nsPrintEngine::DocumentReadyForPrinting() ] when page is drag&drop to Print Preview window after printing, r=sharparrow1, sr=roc
b398934d235f9f3f3fd73c7f554e11a5278c62faMartijn Wargers — Bug 458158 - Crash [@ nsJAR::Open] when passing null argument to open method of zip-reader, r+sr=cbiesinger and r=jwalden+bmo
3a1526770db45beb727ed161eb387062a1fb887aBrad Lassey — bug 470914 - fixing build bustage in xpcshell, GetCurrentDirectoryW doesn't exist on windows ce, punt on that platform r+sr=mrbkap
5752816a2426b6884c3f375b7ffb609834832a59John Wolfe — bug 472165 - changes needed so windows mobile tools don't need to be in PATH variable r=ted
f27e9569c43fa3a90772bf07f9c7856fb989c29fDaniel Holbert — trivial comment-only typo fix in nsHTMLDocument.cpp: s/presumeably/presumably/
6622637ab8f452b9f43410bd08b1363ffceb45ecDaniel Holbert — trivial comment-only typo fix in config/ s/it's contents/its contents/
51315e49378bb1ce6c146c67b30f09e840557321Ted Mielczarek — bug 474754 - sporadic test failures in test_wav_trunc.html. disable this test for now
4f0f7fe10716e7656167349ba51ca11a89e4631bAntonio Gomes — Bug 464598 (SNAV: snav can move focus out from single-line input fields only if cursor is at one of the widget edges) r=dougt
e234f4bc7e38d494cdb099206ca2a94010852352Peter Van der Beken — Merge backout
d27fe7afe11e276037b99a04b77481c687cd8241Peter Van der Beken — Backed out changeset 9fc993ac4427 (Bug 464954: Update Access-Control implementation to latest draft and fix some bugs. r/sr=bz) to fix orange.
8fe5bc1ec5e943055b1948ed398eedb3b0301499Axel Hecht — bug 472431, don't add install.rdf and chrome.manifest to installers and packages, as they're just for the language packs, r=bhearsum
7d6fa381e38030219d82692a21a0d4b1d8fea878Marco Bonardo — Bug 474081 - Sporadic failures in browser_bug321000.js, r=gavin
cd75a236d62c2fb61f604e7fede079a99de8828fMarco Bonardo — Bug 462662 - Pressing Enter to select tag from autocomplete closes bookmarks properties dialog, r=dietrich
18cc8a78826d60ad9718debe0f5fafd65598ab11Dão Gottwald — Bug 474594 - declare needToFocusWin properly. r=gavin
5ab96ef362ae174bb82300b53d0e1fe830c6aa68Robert O'Callahan — Reenable test_progress1 to see if it passes now
ed4a08325d3cd0d55556186e1bae27b91a6de99aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 474393. Fix bytes-downloaded count. r=doublec
0dec4e077be27ec575b4fa1f509ddbd05fd200feEhsan Akhgari — Bug 468700 - Having "Ask me Everytime" enabled for Cookies during Private Browsing is unusable (test fix); r,sr=bzbarsky
c341651522b0976437cd8c9088996bb5b17e56f2Mike Connor — with browser.tabs.warnOnClose set to true, onBeforeUnload events are executed before user confirmation that tabs are to be closed, r=gavin
0d6969b2a9557625237cef475a119132e236b74eDaniel Holbert — Bug 473236 - Remove executable bit from files that don't need it. (Only changes file mode -- no code changes.) r=bsmedberg
47381fef4f8edd69c8ed1de87eb06f8fbb27b8ddDaniel Holbert — whitespace-only: fix bad parameter-indentation in nsSubDocumentFrame::Reflow
fb3f8d723790544359f1799b4cf366184387ac25Daniel Holbert — merge after backing out changeset e6566d187edd
835e35dd544217fb4247d8060836be95497c9b59Daniel Holbert — Backed out changeset e6566d187edd (bug 466410) on suspicion of causing linux reftest failures in 'ogg-video/basic-1.html' and 'ogg-video/zoomed-1.html'
db29ef666ed61eb6499aecc3ebe1bf038bc0a245Daniel Holbert — merge after backing out 5859409285d5
c0d1d49217cc837dab1af53a7c7a01d0e43c3823Daniel Holbert — bug 459443 follow-up: backing out workaround I added to reftest -- it's not needed now that bug 474472 has been fixed. [Backed out changeset 5859409285d5]
8cbebee6cb8e80fc0e00a5522c96f65a9fd74adbDaniel Holbert — Reftest for bug 474472
fb898c2e6e70bd617b43e3a0a109bfcb1c22307dRobert O'Callahan — Fixing bustage
3c241d029ca24b1187ff3ddc987370a5cefe8540Zack Weinberg — Test case for bug 469170, which was fixed by bug 473398.
0eac03a6d8a6e903205ccf2b77cd8d7debc1c45dZack Weinberg — Bug 474201: always set the view manager's default background in nsCSSRendering::PaintBackground, use only the prescontext's default background in PresShell::Paint. r+sr=roc
470494231a0a26376b9c1893528f8dce5671bd7eBrian Birtles — Bug 474740, SVG SMIL: dur="media" is incorrectly reported as a parsing error
23105976dd377592dae6f171224c4c37c62615faRobert O'Callahan — Bug 474472. reftest harness should go back to the event loop after reftest-wait is removed and before we start checking isMozAfterPaintPending, in case reftest-wait was removed in a load event handler and that load event will unsuppress painting after the event handler has run. r=dbaron
d001c3ce1598df1c0a348112292d328cd5f2c8d7Fred Jendrzejewski — Bug 466622. Replace nsCStringArray with nsTArray<nsCString> for more consistent code and fewer heap allocations. r+sr=roc,r=bsmedberg
7ab2054c76800cd044ee277b08285f526a597318Robert Longson — Bug 472135. Invalidate markers using style system hints instead of doing an eager invalidation (which reacquires frames, breaking our one-shot nsSVGRenderingObservers setup). r+sr=roc
97daab9778b0ee8903c9c990c67f4e8b0d0c0517Brian Birtles — Bug 474357, Calls to setCurrentTime, beginElementAt etc. should update the DOM state immediately. r+sr=roc
386dcaa1482ef5c12b13af92db7d202a1af11db2Craig Topper — Bug 471551. Stop duplicating SVG string attribute storage by having nsSVGString use the attribute value as the underlying base value (removing mBaseVal); also make mAnimVal an nsAutoPtr<nsString>. r=longsonr,r+sr=roc
e6566d187edd0a16c6a630719f2cc49bb4fe7b73Robert O'Callahan — Bug 466410. Ensure that videoWidth and videoHeight are valid when metadataloaded fires on Ogg videos. r=doublec
9fc993ac4427fd27314961058a0b708b7e8bb0ccJonas Sicking — Bug 464954: Update Access-Control implementation to latest draft and fix some bugs. r/sr=bz
ef867fa6b4148d403be6672706d83270854e1693Jonas Sicking — merge backout
84d584eb23122c050ef2cc32f33e0c959ab1c010Jonas Sicking — Backed out changeset 2063e342b8e1 due to failing docshell tests
64ff884c9127239cdc0a2ff39bbe20d2a3743e40Blake Kaplan — Add missing return (from bug 473845).
41d6bf675366ffec5578ca76db6f296ddc6c04afMichael Ventnor — Bug 123836 - Implement indeterminate property on checkboxes and radio buttons - r=roc,jst sr=roc
53a4746eb1bac470f323da7d1c0bf41ee6ccb33eChris Double — Bug 462082 - Update libtheora to latest stable version - rs=roc
7aec588d41a311ba176c54bb3c4627c389075f45Chris Double — Bug 460738 - Suspend media downloads when in bfcache - r=kinetik sr=roc
3783169ac623e161987628fd2392f0f70f358930Ben Turner — Bug 473861 - 'Workers: Using functions (rather than attributes) for message/error handlers doesn't work'. r+sr=mrbkap, a=sicking
e65cb8fd2cba846d3bc6d7b8d89b85ffae6c9a84Ben Turner — Bug 472383 - 'Workers: JS/C++/JS/C++ recursion not properly guarded'. r+sr=jst, a=blocking1.9.1+
ed1c9f509cd5b8d998b9e5bc59996de5fa58a74dRobert Strong — Bug 473417 - updater.exe window is blank, and doesn't close. r=bsmedberg
2063e342b8e190618a5236a4a9995c071db81638Jonas Sicking — Bug 464954: Update Access-Control implementation to latest draft and fix some bugs. r/sr=bz
aa69e508e312db254755a5e79ac24c18122f43c7Benjamin Smedberg — Merge backout of bug 269538
3b4b3555239203608307ebb31e790e9345ac145cBenjamin Smedberg — Backed out changeset 525e42406396, bug 269538 (jscpucfg-ectomy) due to Windows TUnit bustage.
44fd2796cee1a02147845b92cc0d983feaf5bc72Shawn Wilsher — Bug 473845 - Break a potential cycle with XPConnect and mozStroageService
427d147720e331b82820df79436ec0cc3944ebddBlake Kaplan — Fix bustage from bug 472674
e32e8814d84fff6b5379da53d3b97f2dea1fc94eDrew Willcoxon — Bug 384954 - Get xpcshell tests for wrapped statements
122cf69f6692ead0fbc52d7751d37cec83b41890Blake Kaplan — Bug 472674 - Allow XPCNativeWrapper to unwrap SJOWs again. r+sr=jst
525e4240639636002dc72e6f3df213b1801d8312Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 269538 - use stdint types instead of jscpucfg types, now that we have them auto-configured
457ff3ec2e2fb3f134a0eda3e1045257cdf13553arno renevier — Bug 474309 - error using zoomValues. r=gavin
8e432630fed0a51366c25f98db28eda2ea53795eMark Banner — Build bustage fix for Bug 473390 - make it build for apps that build without MathML
1804a811b0998378f30f9b317f786aa2115f1a9eArpad Borsos — Bug 471877 - Cleanup GTK includes; further cleanup + system-headers cleanup; r+sr=roc
24a0ddf8cdfa9c85421fa33dc19f4a3ae4959488Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 471854 - Build error in accessible/public/msaa on x64 Windows with VC8; r=(m_kato + ted.mielczarek)
c989bb1f272dfba129a2688d3211b48e8df18011Dave Townsend — Bug 435743: Increase expected browser-chrome leaks to compensate for bug 473802. r=ted
6b0b886f541dba0bf1e0d4c756c5161a61e7c546Dave Townsend — Bug 435743: Add untrusted and self signed https servers to the test server. r=ted
1180750fc0e164ad3e2b1e2a2a2fa3a4d48f7796Drew Wilcoxon — Bug 370197 - Places query serialization needs tests . r=mak77
a389302fde5fa1f173cbefc2cabd12f6e5f9553eMarco Bonardo — Bug 466422 - Clicking history - show all history doesn't show any history, r=dietrich
7e3266e0156316920b5509ffbb4675fbe5098af8Marco Bonardo — Bug 474334 - "place:" is a valid query to deserialize and should not cause an "ignoring unknown key:" warning, r=dietrich
d11dfa373acf4c3562572b5c0585a70636ff3256Marco Bonardo — Bug 473976 - MozMill test breaks editBookmark popup initialization, r=dietrich
242203a5a26bc3e5e853868f054ccce2a6f2cde2Simon Montagu — Back out changeset d9c4a4d5a4e4 (bug 441167)
b2f2ce787cbedd4b02c2b68514427f214fa3cff8Ginn Chen — Bug 472622 prmjtime.cpp failed to compile on SunOS 5.* r=jim,crowder
b514c8318c7d0d7b32d162771176a58b0f87105eMike Connor — bug 445845 - opening a new link from a full screen flash site doesn't focus the window where the tab was opened, r=gavin
9775e0d6867a493ae7608a673a71836d29aaf1f4Olli Pettay — Bug 473899, ASSERTION: must have binding parent when in native anonymous subtree, r+sr=sicking
49e3f6fb80768754fc3a9b579514486664d83326Walter Meinl — [OS/2][BeOS] Bug 474365: unbreak build in widget/src/*/nsDeviceContextSpec*.cpp following bug 461047, r=weilbacher
0e067665df558421b2a6706620c7b522198496b4Dão Gottwald — Bug 416937 - After clicking site button and clicking elsewhere focus goes to address bar. r=gavin
68391d88680160eb254ee192a216312e1aadfffbEdward Lee — Bug 471903 - pref urlbar.autocomplete.enabled is no longer implemented. r=dietrich
2deba79aa0b534e626c73a18211cb02ced4aa4fbEhsan Akhgari — Bug 473417 - updater.exe window is blank, and doesn't close (further fixes) r=bsmedberg
78a74a156436abe7ec872990ef8e2a4ea9fb5a17Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 468700 - Having "Ask me Everytime" enabled for Cookies during Private Browsing is unusable; r=dwitte sr=bzbarsky
71a49097a2fd50b6f6559fe6b26e75aeaaa477a3Bobby Holley — Bug 469558: --enable-system-lcms build option should be removed.r=bsmedberg,sr=ted.
4ff2e2cf9459b5b214b4762bca5e51254acb21f6Boris Zbarsky — Back out bug 459443 for now, until the patch in bug 474389 gets reviewed
44d8c5d92a441697092e7712194cacbc8ee97c9dKai Engert — Bug 473837, land NSS_3_12_3_BETA2
cbb494ae43cda7e75dcc03dcfa707c735fde9430Benjamin Smedberg — Merge backout of bug 470971
929d0451c9b5ac985511f01d48d8347a5a788276Benjamin Smedberg — Backed out changeset 700bca4b693f due to reftest failure (bug 470971)
5859409285d5f8371aa80537a694246642455048Daniel Holbert — Bug 459443 follow-up: tweak reftest so that it doesn't fail randomly (no code changes). r=bz
a563bc0ec80a1833d0c25778693a7db02e342b20Benjamin Smedberg — Copy xpcshell instead of symlinking it, so that it knows where it is... Followup to bug 470971
adf44ec71ce9d51e3e754426f2ba1704b3330d20L. David Baron — Some additional tests for 'rem' unit from css3-values. (Bug 472195)
23d1cadf9e8d34cc28dbc3a8797beb0da69789c1Keith Rarick — Implement 'rem' unit from css3-values. (Bug 472195) r+sr=dbaron
2a1f132469391d9d7454107c14a585b7f34e6571L. David Baron — Merge backout of changeset 6849ce51dfef (patch 3 from bug 468645) to fix bug 472353.
6f2d2ef53d758d199d16ddb88ca982ecd6e67845L. David Baron — Backed out changeset 6849ce51dfef (patch 3 from bug 468645) to fix bug 472353.
700bca4b693f4e21805bc035f36e5b66ae9fdf60Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 470971 - Add ability to pass the GRE dir to xpcshell, r=ted
60efe7c929574ad266599970ea35b3454f3a34c0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 474417. <wbr> support broken. r+sr=roc
2cda622c9bd9fa2f4a83c13b584d20bdf190c7a9stefanh — Bug 473444, follow-up adjustment of original patch. r=gavin.
31d411bd26bc291d010e9e4a079b6c3e1de5156dNeil Deakin — Bug 467360, support buttons with child panels, r+sr=neil
f706be55329ee8b87af69793c3d75a4fe1fe322bNeil Deakin — Bug 474336, updating max on progressmeter doesn't update display, r+sr=neil
e416d62b69a5565f7f39f5b0f96c457b62fa6e15Alexander Surkov — fix for bug 468034
7b60ede5399de2ad138990b5f1eae6fe06d90dfcJohnathan Nightingale — Expose site-specific settings in CRH dialog. b=380852, r=gavin
8adfeca108cdad4a94778f84745d49a626946fdfMartijn Wargers — Bug 166591 - marquee created dynamically (e.g. innerHTML) is not rendered, r+sr=bzbarsky
da2def306edabb7acc1fbddb5c18273a8dbb374cAlexander Surkov — Bug 468034 - make automated tests for name calculation rules, r=marcoz, davidb
f177a1157d4bfd5c8b8f37254582c5be72410c09Marco Zehe — bug 474281 - accessible name of html table cells is incorrectly including descendants, r=aaronlev, r=surkov
63ddf84277ae4b8d84fc336976d4f712c8ecde42Bob Clary — bug 450275 - remove __count__ tests from js1_5/extensions/regress-434837-01.js and do not exclude it for 1.9.0 or later branches.
8b994743b8aa6f7720815b4b04f266f0626f3adcBob Clary — update public failures.
844968d06f6a841a5621677a85174bfc697aa219Bob Clary — bug 474102 - limit the number of collected messages per test to less than 1000 to prevent from running out of memory in extreme cases.
a1c1a8bfd19e12b4cec81600e7416fd96c32c2b6Makoto Kato — Bug 456028 - x86_64 Optimization for lcms.r=bholley
ba15a84af7e6c364570feb7b5a66cea87ba460c8Robert Strong — NPOB Bug 473348 - Checkin the modified NSIS plugin source. r=bsmedberg
e611a04fc2b638c3ce49b3f6446efbfde4c47849Justin Dolske — Bug 469211 - Video controls should not require initial mouse over to appear. r=enn ui-r=boriss
5d2dac269f4e3a36193b068d3e9433ee836c0d09Justin Dolske — Bug 466414 - Remove old mork-based form history backend. r=gavin
6f1fd905afffe05fa497d96d2ee0c7db6fbb9fb6Boris Zbarsky — Bug 474041. Don't leak if we end up with a Reset() while we have a pending id change notification. r+sr=roc
359e58e00bf4a616ea6073a7444a0b6c5d0e9fdfNick Thomas — Bug 470811, force NSS chk files to be replaced rather than patched in partial updates, p=rstrong, r=bsmedberg,bhearsum, NPOTB
602d3d7f34ed60535d7d980d6c3a4bcd672823fbBoris Zbarsky — Move to correct place
8046c64edb0675085393ce77044f50fccf0bb9e5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 459443. Make sure to detach our editor even if we don't have a session history entry, so that scripts will get correctly reenabled. r+sr=peterv
fae62c15f9a0892c77274ec2a4f22a775ab468adDavid Bolter — bug 474294 - Support aria-expanded on more roles, r=aaronlev, r=MarcoZ
1e72b268d05eb8cc0633a67390dc53e494c21035Marco Zehe — bug 474261 - Test remaining implementations in nsHypertextAccessible::GetRole, r=surkov
cc3b3a8f35cbb972afcf4827044e5f0e557554afBoris Zbarsky — Bug 473390 part 18. Eliminate IsSpecialContent. r+sr=roc
a50d9d9c54086c0ff7cba2677f879038460e146fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 473390 part 17. Switch SVG frame construction over to the new setup. r=jwatt, sr=roc
422ebbfbdc87a2185750596c607b2b5abaee22deBoris Zbarsky — Bug 473390 part 16. Move around SVG assertions so that they happen in frame init, not during frame creation. r=jwatt, sr=roc
e2842400a87a1e6fe2d80729fca76176f25782c5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 473390 part 15. Switch XUL frame construction over to the new setup. r+sr=roc
a08c5203f75f83f81a7f15d531390c60feabd0d5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 473390 part 14. Eliminate the mRootBox member of the frame constructor state, and move its only consumer into the relevant frame Init method. r+sr=roc
e340f8fa90caf60663dbd5004a08ad38a3af442bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 473390 part 13. Remove the unused aScrolledChildStyle argument of BuildScrollFrame. r+sr=roc
8711935e60adade049a93b6988400eb9e21a9e74Boris Zbarsky — Bug 473390 part 12. Simplify some of the parent frame mess in XUL frame construction and remove some confusing comments. r+sr=roc
a5381d3f2c90c616422dde223e7a72fa8915512fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 473390 part 11. Make some of the nsIBoxLayout constructors have nicer signatures. r+sr=roc
e099a47f752e4d1411928ba758f66e3d7d1e2346Boris Zbarsky — Bug 473390 part 10. Move various XUL nsIBoxLayout stuff out of the frame constructor into frame creation functions, and make the XUL frame creation functions have the right signature to fit into the new world. r+sr=roc
dc16f1b1eb7a7f65706cb4a14789c37923b0ba96Boris Zbarsky — Bug 473390 part 9. Switch MathML frame construction over to the new setup. r+sr=roc
935b530a288ee32f79c615ee6405a990f753eddaBoris Zbarsky — Bug 473390 part 8. Move the <mathml:math> display switching out of the frame constructor and into the frame creation function. r+sr=roc
692ae2bf70de180c44ebf82d5b3f295e1be42f94Boris Zbarsky — Bug 473390 part 7. Switch HTML frame construction over to the new setup. r+sr=roc
aa3a5a9358d2efc43cb09e67b1e09da3adb2bc57Boris Zbarsky — Bug 473390 part 6. Move the flag-setting for file controls out of the frame constructor and into the frame implementation. r+sr=roc
f40919be02bb87f08e717e8a838422fe4fc239fbBoris Zbarsky — Bug 473390 part 5. Move the checkbox and radio face style code out of the frame constructor and into those frames. r+sr=roc
2ce70aa933a40cc80f6f7b4df874d4bf56af1b12Boris Zbarsky — Bug 473390 part 4. Remove vestigial XBL form control stuff. r+sr=roc
ea0963a0bf01265ec67715ce559ed71d8a4fdbdeBoris Zbarsky — Bug 473390 part 3. Move some HTML frame construction assertions out of the frame constructor and into the relevant frame creation methods. r+sr=roc
84e613c14c717fa9d460e4c7467a9ab4b761499cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 473390 part 2. Call SetInitialChildList on HTML frames even if the child list is empty, to bring HTML in line with everything else. r+sr=roc
1478b7f877f67bedbe4f4be09b49b1c47a870602Boris Zbarsky — Bug 473390 part 1. Stop checking IsSpecialContent for the root frame. Just construct a table if it's got a table display type and isn't XUL or SVG. This is safe because we no longer have the weirdness that was ConstructDocElementTableFrame. r+sr=roc
852f545cc9d1996a90247e43960453c765ca4bb4Joe Drew — Backed out changeset 84c6254be42a; pushing into CLOSED TREE
84c6254be42ad7c73d6a266157495732a4bdf2e2Joe Drew — Bug 455508 - Investigating 20% Tp regression on fast Talos machines. Up the image cache to 50 MB and turn off time-based expiry. CLOSED TREE for perf testing.
3eb79df3bcb0a0e873ee9464ad60bc91590178efRobert O'Callahan — Merged backout of bug 471551
30531d6b458391f4fa84a40044fc5910dda078d9Robert O'Callahan — Backed out changeset fb2d014e0352
afec2ee5b9939bcc0033e4f686d06e768bf98e6bNickolay Ponomarev — Bug 472189. Delay attribute changes for progressmeter updates via script-runnables. r=enn,sr=roc
b2c58375f633ec8bc83824ae241308ade86f9694Robert O'Callahan — Bug 462593. Cancel all outstanding font loads when the presshell is torn down. r=jdaggett
c8da73bbcb1b3a028e98c377103a1491944b051bBrian Birtles — Bug 468996. Implement SMIL animateTransform element. r+sr=roc
d9bbceb06cdc091fd1d9eee326bd01fcebb3b973Brian Birtles — Bug 474257. Implement SVG 1.1 erratum to make beginElementAt/endElementAt return void. r+sr=roc
4e14d22f6961a8a672071055b77216e66dfa1dc7Brian Birtles — Bug 473702. Implement SVGAnimationElement methods getStartTime/getCurrentTime/getSimpleDuration. r+sr=roc
aeec7f7f4476b126ff2d4c1467ac7c593d97eb38Arpad Borsos — Bug 473452. Kill unused nsPrintdGTK. r+sr=roc
3afab626d3aa642de031373b619da34de555ec20Jonathan Kew — Bug 472593. Don't call line-breaker's Next() method when already at end of text. r=bz,sr=roc
fb2d014e035264beec44c6aa18b1e83661d9b1deRobert O'Callahan — Bug 471551. Avoid duplicate string storage for SVG string attributes; let nsSVGString get the baseval from the element. Also change mAnimVal to an nsAutoPtr to minimize storage in the non-animated common case. r=longsonr,sr=roc
befae055e824eb2802c5dc0d8696a4f1dd4be568Graeme McCutcheon — Bug 451212. Don't confuse the selection controller. r=mano
057ec3ad4c54c9c6d5343c8c9bde282667d3ae8aRobert Sesek — Bug 431473. Kill unused mozIStorageDataSet. r=sdwilsh
c9b30ccee0e059c18cb0e907a4e193d324314ac8Martijn Wargers — Bug 364188. <param> should not close open <div> elements. r+sr=mrbkap
0ad2bf858ad5842ea0a76af56798c81ea9e63c25Jeff Walden — Sigh, last time this broke wasn't just a passing anomaly. Backed out changeset 82a1d612dde8
82a1d612dde832203c0ef33dfcc039a5e374b553bjarne — Bug 464191 - ssltunnel process persists after Mochitest run. r=jwalden
072b27bd600801321e6c3eac7316575fe6cee0ffRobert Sayre — Merge tracemonkey to mozilla-central.
e0b6dc460118f29a6e18fb4a423b15bbbcf54dd9Robert Sayre — Merge mozilla-central to tracemonkey.
0a9626d5642c7e24a40fd7c332b4f2c0113ade4dGraydon Hoare — Bug 470353 - Limit skip() allocations in tracer, r=gal.
1dd1af3aec3edba6529addc5a880a6a0fb4b93d0Jeff Walden — Unbreak optimized builds so that jitstats typo-checking doesn't affect them; in builds without the global tracemonkey property, we won't have any known jitstats, so check for that case and don't do typo-checking when jitstats tests can't actually be performed. r=graydon
4a65cc2a2872c7d728c5bdf4e2b8c1db060f3bfcJeff Walden — Bug 470364 - Make behavior of +/- when one operand is an object with a custom valueOf consistent with non-JIT, even if for the moment that behavior is non-standard. r=brendan
73f9f5e01fefc8141fdc7e8ae20ec475ea79752fJim Blandy — Bug 454704: Protect sharpObjectMap in the presence of wrapped getters. r=igor
d77738e770cdcefc08f2637e9d1b3d6473cefa8fBlake Kaplan — Bug 473709 - Protect |str| across the call to js_NewRegExp. r=jwalden
72077720b41f9dd892a39090636ad6a1b3670c44Robert Sayre — Merge mc to tm.
90bdc10e0c83ccbb7571ca2c8a53a7b045e1d2f9Igor Bukanov — backout merge
79043b10f34c01764ab4e9a542fdd48257d0e369Igor Bukanov — Backed out changeset 562d8990f33a - with the fix for bug 473721 this workaround is no longer necessary.
293624178003548f2d2101d2f578c36f62ffd3faIgor Bukanov — bug 473721 - fixing JS_GetOperationLimit to return the proper limit. r=mrbkap
bbdb771a31b2a01cd8d9f662e9c0f109318589e5Robert Sayre — Merge m-c to tm.
a5dd39a8464a28948c883ba892a341b914849508Ted Mielczarek — bug 462004 - fixup visibility of readline symbols. r=bsmedberg
a69bdd3de8edd9641b3bdf41998f9c988d8bd816Honza Bambas — Bug 470963 - stop copying build/pgo/certs to the objdir, r=ted.mielczarek
5a18754c2df11a9b8b47f8f260fca32be5730788Honza Bambas — Backcing out bug 470963, again...
e0d6bb06e4dd55e8c937dbcff391467fc8d78a5aHonza Bambas — Bug 470963 - stop copying build/pgo/certs to the objdir, r=ted.mielczarek
9001eaa33e8f91a1a6be587531c72bb74c034d23Fred Jendrzejewski — Bug 461047 - Replace nsStringArray with nsTArray<nsString>. r+sr=roc
6d33746ff263b52bf79d0b761e96020d9ce80c6cTed Mielczarek — bug 470914 - add a __LOCATION__ field to the global object for files loaded on the commandline in xpcshell. r=timeless
eee705c20356aea694ecd7421680846855e7b3f5Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 471126 (leak content nodes (and sometimes dom windows) after clicking on articles). r=bent, sr=bz.
8e24a752976a5448caca2874f76713e82db831a9Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 473773 (DocumentViewerImpl::InitPresentationStuff can reenter). r=roc, sr=bz.
e28f00d256d175bd9cea0f2a523e3d003caf849bDão Gottwald — add reference to bug 309953 (comment only change)
e7e8a8f2783d0c14e1b0e58643ebc2e1e7fcf970Honza Bambas — Backing out bug 470963
851e7b387ec054cba10798e35f973a507061dcfaHonza Bambas — Bug 470963 - stop copying build/pgo/certs to the objdir, r=ted.mielczarek
359c9f07d0148e2a23b7a0cef4155a551924a92astefanh — Bug 414893 - Don't hardcode height of .toolbarpaletteitem-box when on toolbar. r=Mano.
a17f34b6f31b80edfaa9769f5054e5a58528e965Markus Stange — Fix test for bug 398289 that broke because of bug 206636
75ab48244c1e0aa8a10993e9cfcf5c6b00899891Dão Gottwald — fix reftest.list syntax
e24319faba68c9befeeb47d7a450326da6c0ed2fMarkus Stange — Bug 473233 - Application dropdown in download dialog is stretched, r=dao
d1555870e7868679de14ce8f739cb98f5c101beeMarkus Stange — Bug 206636 - Throbbing default buttons, r=josh r=Enn sr=roc
cad1e6334c89c824105e649bd417634055a3b5ffDão Gottwald — Bug 474128 - remove newlines="replacewithspaces" from the search bar. r=gavin
2da6386c98c06740d552e1d78f00cfc092c06f76Dão Gottwald — Bug 449359 - Middle-click on empty folder in Bookmarks Toolbar or Library creates empty new tab. r=mak77+gavin
c45539c5f90e6b931fc96b17ddaebd67f1e92e0dKai Liu — Bug 240536 - resizer direction is to the right, when interface is RTL; r=roc,mano sr=roc
496d8d83f310d72a7884af3e2271f363b37b50f0Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 461627 - Hide the UI for saving certificate exceptions permanently in Private Browsing mode; r=kaie,gavin
04a8a61b9999f8c65325741969ba96e738794486Neil Deakin — Bug 212750, disable one specific test on windows for now
0f73f9eec8e50d24848b036925f7e84674a64abcGavin Sharp — fix bustage from bug 473829
baf875811782b4305ff47b397e6e2639351b0d72Josh Aas — Fix some alignment, whitespace only. b=464315
6e59106a308ed1889acad8c94787e11969c0a45aNeil Deakin — Bug 212750, one more fix for nsIntRect usage
c498ddbd1c3bf68b20396a61a12947d208866c9eNeil Deakin — Bug 212750, fix broken point usage
c5aec40738bfa09319d6e705826ac24ae5b9a747Dão Gottwald — Fix bogus id (bug 473829)
4ec2e438987a861ceb08055d5f5ff65d2c7c910eHenrik Skupin — Bug 473829 - Add ids to Firefox menus to make them accessible for MozMill. r=dao
7c14307fc13dd9abec627bf1a179a43d80abdc91Neil Deakin — Bug 212750, position context menu for menus when the keyboard shortcut is used, also move code around so that the right targets are set for context menu key events, r=smaug,sr=roc
3b6f27c6dbdea6c1c529c401a9e34f300aa223bfCurtis Bartley — Bug 473540 - Fix leak in nsViewSourceHTML.cpp, r+sr=mrbkap
23a15042356f792a31bc65e33bb52088e2b825e6Graeme McCutcheon — Test for bug 429723 - Empty findbar turns red and "Phrase not found" is displayed when "Highlight all" is enabled and search term is removed. r=mano
fea1965d16bcf89a4aafb64f824181dc3a6eb04dTeune van Steeg — Bug 309953 - toolbarbuttons aren't in sync with their commands after customizing; updated patch by Klaas Heidstra. r=mano
77cadc513819bef912ffddc392460a69e302997eJosh Aas — Make Mac OS X cursor code 64-bit ready. Remove all Carbon API dependencies. b=464315 r=mstange sr=roc
bcb61d06a3d47ad10dca6cc0cc1b73bd143ffb37Olli Pettay — Bug 472502, r+sr=bz
0dcc2d19edf5b5fa7adab4a464cd6e044fb434c8Joe Drew — Bug 455508: Merge backout of perf testing changes. CLOSED TREE
b36b723d881aa77d3101d28e5ef025dbf6efeda8Joe Drew — Backed out changeset bc77b82becfc
ef909d0ba87062455449eacca7374c88183adb71Joe Drew — Backed out changeset 56f630c3bdf6
bc77b82becfc8489cb09266bebb336d31ae3e9baJoe Drew — Bug 455508 - Perf test. Disable the time-based expiry of cache elements to see
56f630c3bdf6147f6c4b02abe6486bf631a3bceeJoe Drew — But 455508 - Perf test. Up the image cache to 15 MB to see if it affects Tp. CLOSED TREE for perf tests.
a3abe1807f711b18f122c33be4250423a3074fb3Marco Bonardo — Bug 473536 - Tags textbox on editBookmarkPanel is too narrow for a large font, r=dao
f8642a26ef86c3dcd1c01d0366c6a2e2bfea824cMarco Bonardo — Bug 471084 - Importing a large bookmarks JSON backup makes Firefox crash (out of memory), r=dietrich
7c2dc72c7ace60756d8426e9bcad391afdc9e7eeMarco Bonardo — Bug 452000 - Sort by keyword in Library does not work, r=dietrich
0689654a46ece5dea03392e6974d7de7089e3c2estefanh — Bug 473444 - Help opens, but with a beep with cmd+? in prefwindow without overlayed/own key (this also makes us only open 1 help instance on mac from the prefwindow). r=gavin.
184eadf4e185335241577a1774ffae4c8e39e4d2Mark Banner — Fix onon-FF build bustage from bug 473577
5d383a2924988d14dde276a881345150d191573cRobert O'Callahan — Backout bug 472135 due to Linux test failure
87a549e52a9a14c1db740aec4479c028ee03d489Robert O'Callahan — Backed out changeset 9246fefef1cc
361a930d2c4bc73deafce3652e31ad1421217c9cRobert O'Callahan — Add missing tests for bug 463830
7e0d34e958e66bc3c8ae582657080886d1a6d6d6Chris Pearce — Bug 463830. Use the video file name as the window title for standalone video objects, for now. r+sr=roc,r+sr=bzbarsky
7af1fe6b7ab40e7bace195703eb4a239f9c62c20Robert O'Callahan — Bug 471594. In ContentInserted, when we have an insertionPoint and we take the isAppend path, use the insertionPoint's last continuation as the place to append so we don't insert the new frames in the middle of some other content's continuation chain. r+sr=bzbarsky
fba21452603e63336ca4bd89f1b186cce116956eChris Pearce — Bug 469446. Necko should be able to cache byte-range requests when the start offset is zero. Then we can make our initial video load a byte-range request to detect whether the server supports byte-range requests, and the video data can still be cached. r=doublec,sr=roc,r=bzbarsky
9246fefef1cc661df9a0f9e41d64e61132bfafeaRobert Longson — Bug 472135. Avoid re-getting the target marker frame in nsSVGMarkerProperty::DoUpdate --- that leads to infinite loops. Update things lazily instead via fake style changes. r+sr=roc
79e8e0d200194783a884c72b5e3d868d0604cc8bMichael Ventnor — Bug 472772. Introduce a separate combobox-text color because some GTK themes need it. r+sr=roc
55e7016fb7b2035fef419cbdd55b6659b9c7fb85Robert O'Callahan — Bug 472909. Need to call FinishSettingProperties on nsTranformedTextRuns that we create as parts of other transformed textruns. r=smontagu
f25cd7ccf8c42a62eac82503e6f20e62dfa69dd0Craig Topper — Bug 473334. Devirtualize some nsSVGSVGElement methods. r=jwatt,sr=roc
7e7fcd60836cdf64984b3211d1365526eb05fc56Craig Topper — Bug 473347. nsSVGLength2 DOM tearoffs need to check for infinity/NaN. r=jwatt,sr=roc
5f9daba6c7309f2fa5dcb6619dcde77d6fbf079fZack Weinberg — Bug 473398. nsCSSRendering::PaintBackground should not try to fix up the canvas background color to be opaque. r+sr=roc
ea2a8b91268de7a7511ed8c7173318c270693c96Craig Topper — Bug 473511. nsSVGInnerSVGFrame does not need to implement nsISVGValueObserver. r=jwatt,sr=roc
07c89c67e4b9ea468df439b748e7a4395a5412c3Craig Topper — Bug 473517. nsSVGUtils::CoordToFloat should avoid heap-allocating an nsSVGLength. r+sr=roc
d198affa5573e02c9aae0303c5d639dc98373986Robert O'Callahan — Bug 472878. Allow nsMediaDecoder::Invalidate to UpdateMediaSize on the element even if there is no frame for the element. r=doublec
9f94446dd65a135be12fd16d28fb9df167c69e3eWalter Meinl — [OS/2] Bug 473906: follow-up to Bug 448830 - Split nsInt(Rect|Size|Point|Margin), r=weilbacher
3c7610653ad240027b7be26ac401b7b48f2ee0a3Dão Gottwald — merge
fc69496f131c8fb7b4eba8c33e33b62d61c8e35bDão Gottwald — Backed out changeset e30f1765a42c
723ea3c0719f6bf4d6914aa2610d4eb2e43a1c91Daniel.S — Add reftest for bug 206631. r+sr=dbaron
b5eb575e22648889737b29c335a578e8af5ef0c5L. David Baron — Avoid building user font set when handling units involving font metrics in media query expressions. (Bug 473892) r+sr=bzbarsky
426d1c2661b50254e16f55f3624b60d2421b3937L. David Baron — Avoid recursion when handling mNegations in CalcWeight. (Bug 473908) r+sr=bzbarsky
fefdf894b7ecec6b3c38058ef5adf49a632a4f1fL. David Baron — Avoid recursion after parsing CSS comments. (Bug 473914) r+sr=bzbarsky
e2c5c612df4697fe3cf2d88d48ed15f51b4ba575L. David Baron — Remove handling of comments inside CSS url() tokens. (Bug 473914) r+sr=bzbarsky
90cded872e97643771a761086a03e861cd4044e0Zack Weinberg — Bug 473720: don't treat a parse error in a known CSS @-rule as an unknown @-rule r+sr=dbaron
cd3ec07611fc6ee4046fdaf7db92d7802f2486b1Blake Kaplan — Backed out changeset 5d3af3ff9639. It doesn't allow UniversalXPConnect scripts to arbitrarily unwrap XPCNativeWrappers.
5d3af3ff96391326fea5f07b9eac94ea9216ceddBlake Kaplan — Bug 472674 - Allow XPCNativeWrapper to unwrap SJOWs again. r+sr=jst
64c8bdd6214a9ff04e8d84ab7d18928cba3bdd15Daniel Holbert — Fix typo & linewrapping in a comment within nsDocumentViewer.cpp (to trigger unittest builds)
f87acf3efb63415a42d0070591bc800ef0fe596eJeff Walden — Bug 469042 - Implement SimpleTest.executeSoon for non-Mozilla browsers. r=sayrer
0cb4f7b53ca078258659e732ff98f359e7f65680Jeff Walden — Bug 473911 - Crash due to too much recursion in nsCSSDocumentRule::URL::~URL. r+sr=dbaron
58b777f8849a6e5454262a962c8f1fdb295c8593L. David Baron — Merge backout of changeset 9b832d90d637 (bug 462188).
f5436f305f3a8917c651c798be17d63aa051cdaaL. David Baron — Backed out changeset 9b832d90d637 (bug 462188) due to 7 test failures on Linux and 1 on Windows (0 on Mac).
7cf6db4b75c0daca9a188d839ca06dacbefbed49Jim Blandy — Bug 461841: Use configure-defined macros in #ifdefs for WinCE in js/src. r=crowder
d220fbb8ea6a58e7c304b29895c77d3a419ba20bJim Blandy — Bug 461841: Unshuffle system-specific definitions of PRMJ_Now. r=crowder
fb428e8612428c29c4d4e0d55d3b5af6f58c1e3cDave Camp — Bug 473938 Stylesheets don't load without a safe browsing service r+sr=sicking
8083041f33436caeea4774fa9b858484f9c97146L. David Baron — Add assertions to EndReconstruct that all style contexts have been reresolved. (Bug 473871) r+sr=bzbarsky
867b1cf0625288117574f03ee24b9d713cb3eb79L. David Baron — When re-resolving style, re-resolve root in undisplayed map too. (Bug 473042) r+sr=bzbarsky
9b832d90d637d21c08ea8be077ebee04181e6037Theppitak Karoonboonyanan — Bug 462188: Fix deletion of words (Ctrl-Backspace/Option-Delete) in HTML editing. r+sr=peterv
c8369c4893f9e76aa210da42ad70bd60c86e3012L. David Baron — Put nsIDOMNSCSS2Properties in its own file to reduce risk of bumping the IID of the wrong interface. (Bug 473418) r+sr=jst
0eab2ed55fac5cdd6a18bcf2f8144faaa7346462L. David Baron — Don't suppress use of overridden virtual destructors, so we fix the appearance of a leak in the leak statistics. (Bug 473548) r+sr=roc
aa7c99bf963421d2b1e3493fde0c805f5312c200L. David Baron — Recheck media queries when changing text zoom since em units have changed. (Bug 473400) r+sr=bzbarsky
5e601b6daab1966a07e6ba72b9962636646c82a9Neil Rashbrook — Bug 473933 Fix crash exposed by regression from bug 441359 r+sr=sicking
786c7e01d14824f390176c776d57a5ebc1cf383eClint Talbert — Bug 457324 Partial Backout - Remove the CSS Transform mochitests from running due to leaks on Windows r=dholbert
86c69da673eb2d764406ad8704a111df0437e96eTed Mielczarek — bug 473577 - make test plugin usable for reftests. r=josh
2de42ef0e5a907fe1e8dc9fc13ca19c7725077beTed Mielczarek — bug 473935 - add sandbox property indicating whether test plugin is present. r=dbaron
784d2096a263cb58211a8331d9125311a3f09560Kai Engert — removing accidentally added leftover files from patching, a=dholbert
657eaadd09b11bf7f12ae78960c94e330183878bPatrick McManus — Bug 473974. Don't DNS-prefetch nodes whose document went away. r+sr=bzbarsky
ff4f631fe406511ea7c7c6c9b719675e219ed5d1Gavin Sharp — Bug 473128: add test for bug 422590, r=mano
8686ad847fadbd44568440dbff544f0c45a49e28Gavin Sharp — Bug 471299: retry code and comments in nsUrlClassifierStore::WriteEntry are wrong, r=dcamp
e81a52c40a43afc03a1a2be46fa67b37d9f452d1Gavin Sharp — Bug 466751: setting .innerHTML to invalid markup in XHTML causes NS_ERROR_INVALID_POINTER, r+sr=jst
fe5e6c0bb20c49b26e07f37ab9aeec062590185eGavin Sharp — Bug 429690: add ability to run browser tests individually, r=Mossop
d7c6fc72e3cd032ee4c24f903d58730336372dd3Kai Engert — Backout 6c571dc80a99, bug 473837
6c571dc80a993be1b40e6a89cfad2892669d0982Kai Engert — Bug 473837, Import NSS_3_12_3_BETA1
ef6e2a5d9f5f2552f1667cec05c3841c0fefc077Clint Talbert — imported patch bug435293-csstransform-tests
5c93998e6f7525983916b95f0d2371feb101ac55Josh Aas — JS delete operator should invoke npruntime removeProperty on NPObject. b=470291 r/sr=jst
6a1b8efcecc8c9de157d654324aab3169af656ebCurtis Bartley — Bug 464314 - view-source link-browsing doesn't decode entities. r+sr=mrbkap
fb65fb0cb7a65fc15023c18a61b52d75c60abdceDão Gottwald — Bug 473341 - Refresh document.icns on OS X. ui-r=faaborg
89de1e025c5af8840bcdfc084cc2090c87ed7559Dão Gottwald — Bug 386766 - new crash reporter icons for Windows and OS X. ui-r=faaborg, r=luser
865f79b35ebf48b27364d04ae71050ab5c9f8c22Mark Banner — bug 473760 - browser components broken (checking in as bustage fix, asking for post-facto review from bsmedberg) - copy Ted's fix to js/src/config to fix TUnit bustage
e55e91615f3423b669bd8ee505564eed3c63a3cbDão Gottwald — Bug 473339 - Refresh disk.icns for OS X. ui-r=faaborg
48f39782a6f67c78665198636619fa687e7074darsx11m — Bug 444898 - JPEG writer uses poor quality default options for compression. r=tor+dolske, sr=pavlov
28e4291a489258d1b12e0604693989556dbd4039Ted Mielczarek — bug 473760 - browser components broken (checking in as bustage fix, asking for post-facto review from bsmedberg)
8f2160f25b9bf66370c5435a56428af50f8c7c17Robert O'Callahan — Backout bug 461047
fc9c9c54a09058d3610aa651d41ec6515a2e968eRobert O'Callahan — Backout
6545b795d166f1ddb9b6a583bcee70b4ee7f431dRobert O'Callahan — Backout
c1d7e86a0c65a0a9812d1c678d2e76eb15c59a32Robert O'Callahan — Backed out changeset f34b0b9c368c
375f5adafe9e3821ea1e71872d81001fc298a814Robert O'Callahan — Backed out changeset 8019a959aade
fa4bd812e474211bff47487a5e4e8d9e69ff43f4Robert O'Callahan — Backed out changeset 9fa8386b1200
141bd38092b38d006af1ad35c00db3b37e53a775Robert O'Callahan — Backed out changeset c2f1c609bfbd
0a6dd4ba5a3be1079f7385026c73a09d09108330Marco Zehe — bug 458871 - QueryService always returns an object while it should check service ID, r=aaronlev
f34b0b9c368c8e478bd7fd00bbc12a9e8af137d4Robert O'Callahan — Fix Windows bustage
c2f1c609bfbd4c0b3a314a5397229ddb9fb93788Robert O'Callahan — Fix Windows bustage
9fa8386b120007fb9934a67f117724763a7d44c9Robert O'Callahan — Fix Mac bustage
8019a959aade2b44d0932435a7af3e42fb3475e7Fred Jendrzejewski — Bug 461047. Replace nsStringArray with nsTArray<nsString>. r+sr=roc
9b5a61f187f1c91159c454fea384059b0e919098Dave Camp — Bug 473739: Bad return value in nsDOMStorage::CacheStoragePermissions(). r+sr=bz
69091a5fa62a941537d17a150a91324f9cc42a5aDave Camp — Bug 473345: check DOM worker loads against the classifier. r=bent, sr=jonas
95f52854608a043b4e62df04418f3db1f0f7f0b5Dave Camp — Bug 441359: Check script and css loads against the classifier. r+sr=jonas
2739ea3ae5acdf83555f38b77fbb1f7a3a654b86Reed Loden — Branch merge for bug 462441.
9ec0ab99182ebdb381c372df810915df41b9dfccReed Loden — Bug 462441 - "Windows 7 default OS theme not recognized by windows-default-theme metric" [r=robarnold sr=roc]
09ac7c3e27e7efd6ed3fb75133dba051fcc3fb7dMark Finkle — Bug 470163: [FUEL] pass BrowserTab object as event data for Tab* events, r=gavin
57e38d817e3f6aa2aae8364fe0ce39d5653d5e61timeless — Bug 471296 nsArray (NS_ARRAY_CONTRACTID) can't be used on a single thread of its creator's choice, r=bsmedberg
994388063d689928d9f9340c0d03a9fae7a0b325Phil Ringnalda — Bug 469789 - Update "can't package this" message for the libxul world, r=ted
908c5a39cdd369e26dc14ab2d85ee50420c0f1d9timeless — Bug 101294 - make sure that nsPref is never unhappy at construction time, r=caillon, sr=dveditz
549c937170ec49b8726454ced5a1893ab09783a7timeless — Bug 209598 - Crash opening link from other applications [@ nsXULDocument::InsertElement], r+sr=bz
86d0c2f9e1280e143e5595375abe405b58daa4d0timeless — Bug 436925 - THREADSAFE nsCharsetConverterManager uses NS_CHARSETALIAS_CONTRACTID (nothreadsafe) from a random thread - triggered by Expired cert and nsDateTimeFormat, r=smontagu, sr=jst
7eb0af5569337dc149601cdf728b9143d9c5fd59timeless — Bug 472097 xul!nsMemoryImpl::IsLowMemory is broken on systems w/ lots of vm, r=bsmedberg
c873dcbffea98dd899fe48e49dbb7e26ff352d60timeless — Bug 269895 - nsPrintDialogUtil.cpp uses a CID from outside its module, r=emaijala, sr=neil
9d84b77306db41c089f2ad4b15b2b58b5b48b93btimeless — Bug 422340 Firefox 3 beta 4 gives unhelpful slowscript warning on leaving gmail, r+sr=mrbkap
4cae4182a42da945becdfbd50a3f5bfbc49e654dPhil Ringnalda — Bug 243621 - (Back out) Standardize QueryInterface without throw, r=timeless, sr=sicking
7427249724077c3c3a9d59751406bbf9b211b2eatimeless — Bug 368130 Bogus "SSL is disabled" error when SSL3 is disabled, r=kaie
ff19e9cd2dfdc34acb70df9c1eebb98616498d5ePhil Ringnalda — Bug 473034 - Scrape the underscore off viewsource's content, r=gavin
745c0c2aa1fe3565012fc62e9daa164912f1d262Curtis Bartley — Bug 464339 - Links to images and non-textish media should not have view-source: links, r+sr=roc
5f6a14938c33034ba61d599b6de076e8f78d8a2eRobert O'Callahan — Disable randomly-failing progress-event test, properly
e03ee83e784aececf938a3f264a004acad680bfdRobert O'Callahan — Disable randomly-failing progress-event test
49bcf923de322ded0e2a7665c770baf7e098fff7Jeff Walden — Backed out changeset a2018012b3ee, may have broken tree (in an inscrutable way, unlike last time :-( )
a2018012b3eebb1a7ed8a027bcedda8c272af0dfbjarne — Bug 464191 - ssltunnel process persists after Mochitest run. r=jwalden
62ff51a9286cece65a82c87f5c3039e05f74f037Blake Kaplan — Bug 316582 - Clean up this function. r+sr=jst
d1c518aec998b6b2cfdad305c80996ddbcee9b60Blake Kaplan — Bug 472794 - Deal with XPCNativeWrapper.prototype properly. r+sr=jst
94b8ea0a2a1001e4e5feac72cf925f29f6c14a27Blake Kaplan — Bug 473437 - DumpJSStack() can set a pending exception in cx. r+sr=jst
0c62506aefd654c894046e0619743d3305cf6592Josh Aas — Modernize xpcom i/o launch and reveal methods on Mac OS X, 64-bit compat. b=473078 sr=dougt
813327f1c6c535328617da104dcee2d4e87a9a8bRobert O'Callahan — Add bug number for failing test
d1b65a5e86a58f37f4abe449e0234a36d04de72cRobert O'Callahan — Mark new failing test 280708-1a.html as expected-fail
16d66413e9d3d66f6b7bbca77be10b13179742ffBoris Zbarsky — Adding test
a9cd6dc8dbe0d9992e1b16ddd9a7070d0ad125bfChris Double — Bug 464376 - Dispatch progress events while media resource is downloading - r+sr=roc
52064976fe797d589baa9f3adafca6752c49ea3aHonza Bambas — Merge bug 468087
6e090de49b9c0cc9f700afe3c65d849d9e77e9b8Honza Bambas — Bug 468087 - Cannot add new https hosts to Mochitest, r=jwalden
084a18e871f8441fae1bb7fd02250c19af06971cJosh Aas — Fix: npruntime NPN_HasMethod forwards to wrong plugin function (hasProperty). b=467945 r/sr=jst
0db00d61c314492ad36e4d04d9fe7c4245d52fd1Curtis Bartley — View Source Linkification should only linkify "safe" URLs. p=cbartley, r=mrbkap, sr=bzbarsky, b=467852
880575f00b4154864faf17cefb5a7e535db9aa60Boris Zbarsky — Adding some tests
1a8ce361d90ac1162ac040a0af570cfffe379173Boris Zbarsky — Bug 453801. Make sure to not fire onload before deferred scripts have executed. r+sr=sicking
90d1568a80b546534cdba142f684f0c13d287a24Honza Bambas — Bug 456001 - Need automated testing for SSL client auth, r=jwalden
209cf95bda41953365db87e77d83a2bcf165b072Mark Finkle — Bug 473156: fuelIEvents.removeListener removes all listeners for an event, r=dtownsend
59f4175487b696280856d1b1d496ce87a2563d18Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 473587 - nsTString::ToInteger can overflow. Detect and prevent this condition, r+sr=dbaron
40d354793ca67da2cd46362fb235794dc6d04bd3Neil Deakin — Bug 443609, key usage for scales isn't intuitive, r=neil
5011a32be5d314ce9aec8f40e49ce6c4aab51093Mark Banner — Bug 433316 Implement backend changes for MailNews transfer from wallet to login manager - mozilla-central part, r=ted.mielczarek, doesn't affect Firefox build
aa198b35552db061b59e30cb6fff52c7e0ae2f43Markus Stange — Backout of bug 469613 due to failing test_datepicker on Linux
6eb627215b618ad6faf2f738305ada9f3430c6f0Clint Talbert — Bug 424814: Update prototype test suite to, patch by harthur, r=sdwilsh
a4ad1c1d61ddb1331de23016b14c75d5da67fa82Marco Zehe — bug 472326 - html:input of type file no longer rendered to screen readers, effective December 30, 2008, r=aaronlev, r=surkov
96da79f2122a865690784c7493fbfb5df378f75fMarkus Stange — Bug 469613 - Page scrolling by clicking the scrollbar track can get stuck if the page is very long, r+sr=roc
412e50a4e320aaa988d3c206a71cdf3b84fd27f6Neil Rashbrook — Bug 470586 - Crash calling removePagesFromHost when sidebar is showing pages grouped by day and site, r=sdwilsh
28c4ee827acdf62738aef350b0a9e9e6da7ff336Drew Willcoxon — Bug 463674 - changeBookmarkURI() doesn't update internal bookmark hash, r=mak77
b01601d60e6172a9ada49ba7d8cf3cc8abbdcae8Olli Pettay — Bug 422294 - Crash [@ nsHTMLContainerFrame::CreateViewForFrame] on print preview, r+sr=roc
e30f1765a42c06c8b7ad376facdb09e30f4cbe0fTuukka Tolvanen — Bug 456382 - mousing on last tab shouldn't close window (middle click, close button, context menu). ui-r=beltzner, r=gavin
5542884b9bdc8c0f14ecafd788628098d366bd45Mark Banner — Bug 472824 promptPassword should unescape user names before use. r=dolkse,sr=mconnor
789cb02b7399d6812573eed17fc3869817257866Dão Gottwald — Bug 473745 - Implement tabContainer._fillTrailingGap. r=mano
73fbb12f48e1408529acdcad4b748f78c41be185Robert Sayre — Merge.
562d8990f33a007ffeb1f55faac701d95948b189Robert Sayre — wallpaper for bug 473721
9813b594352a5303bcf3023a2b26f87edeeabf97Robert O'Callahan — Bug 473680. Stop crashtest 458637-1.html early (returning success) if it's running too long.
a7f7ec7f347cb39b47977f8a3a259277bb96ba3bJeremy Lea — Bug 448830. Make nsIntRect/nsIntMargin/nsIntSize/nsIntPoint different types from nsRect/nsMargin/nsSize/nsPoint different types for better compile-type unit checking. r+sr=roc
a1f3caa94673bbee6663e27643fa71d175bc9873Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 473530 - PRBool violations after landing of bug 441782; r,sr=roc
0c5fb2ad3414147fae7c81da9de5156e20226899Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 473417 - updater.exe window is blank, and doesn't close; r=bsmedberg
4b890ad7f2c137735f50fb9d6f8edb252a9d456eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 436175 - chevron in bookmarks toolbar is reversed in RTL locales; r=dao
ddfa483fea2a160e92c7144cef8379717c54a971Robert Sayre — Merge tm to m-c.
2d27c5cd991a5cd146325f1d38f0df1ebbb979bfBlake Kaplan — Bug 473631 - Don't attempt to compile a null buffer. r=igor
eb55b787c6dbd6f337b9acaceab383ed7d09e077Robert Sayre — Merge m-c to tracemonkey.
4025f66494fdedb1a5dbb2971ae3c2873877ea5fDavid Mandelin — Bug 472440: JS tracing crash, typo in record_JSOP_CALL_GVAR, r=mrbkap
a6c2b674060795b56a783cfd4f3a7fc229f3662aJeff Walden — Oops, backed out the wrong patch last time
7002e7b720aa4d6f5c86bee41d19ed867d70b752Jeff Walden — Backed out changeset de45be487415, the real change I wanted to back out
173d69713ee1c7d140b5a7a0f3e14e4719bcf619Jeff Walden — Back out 71cd51a61b67 because tinderboxen are intermittent-orange, but I absolutely cannot believe this is the problem that they're hitting
68e73ad324713ead9b9caf881fe770697c93e6afJeff Walden — Backed out changeset 71cd51a61b67
255f6cd5ae6f098ce5c698cc1e9a7f6f9b5e2754Igor Bukanov — bug 472702 - using watchdog thread in js shell to trigger operation callback
71cd51a61b673b1174a3a0d689d2f3857e40e876Jeff Walden — Remove a tab, kick tinderboxen to see if oranges are spurious or not
de45be48741570475d22aec7d15d1f65316745a9Jeff Walden — Bug 470364 - Make behavior of +/- when one operand is an object with a custom valueOf consistent with non-JIT, even if for the moment that behavior is non-standard. r=brendan
56128cae91c99e875dc8b918c1425c31bbda02baAndrei Saprykin — bug 413735 - consistent readline usage
d0a0f0694cedcf5a01cebe37b15d1d781000149fJeff Walden — Bug 470997 - TM: trace-test.js should throw an error when |test.jitstats| contains an unrecognized property name. r=gal
7dde0d72f7c82486f9ac5d53e334b9294c308ae8Andreas Gal — Extend tree on shape mismatch (473277, r=danderson).
4e72d3b2d6b62ac0d1b0cc444d767d3f51e5fd2fAndreas Gal — Trampolines can be 2 words, so take that into account when reserving space for LIR_call instructions (473225, r=danderson).
0f835ebad7060123b7f412b81d18aff87de94b68Andreas Gal — Merge.
a7e6a4d85b4f6ba28cb8b28930b0bd66e3416f0cAndreas Gal — Backed out changeset 8775c279e59c
f85146aa22dd3881884407489ffee93bdcfd47efAndreas Gal — Merge.
8775c279e59c3fbdbf220db6edd9fbf82a3a35deAndreas Gal — Trampolines can be 2 words, so take that into account when reserving space for LIR_call instructions (473225, r=graydon).
80b8e06ede0c5013b52be5a8142ebcb5bca4685dJeff Walden — Add new jitstats to the list in trace-test.js, and add a comment to jitstats.tbl noting that the two lists must be synchronized.
339d17711c2497ad3410c18de0b1eff099dc8994Jeff Walden — Fix typos in jitstats property name; it's "sideExitIntoInterpreter", not "sideExits"; also bump iteration counts so it's more obvious at a glance that bug 471214 is unfixed (and that when it's fixed the fixedness will be clear).
fe5c66a876be69b9d3f72090a2560e16d66c0e46Blake Kaplan — Fix the vim modeline.
9043aef7fffeca97559372ba24f9a8378aed1789Jeff Walden — Bug 472599 - TM: "Assertion failure: JSVAL_IS_INT(STOBJ_GET_SLOT(callee_obj, JSSLOT_PRIVATE))" with __proto__, call, toString. r=gal
e557751f1001fb36b4a3bba6d27c823fe31b4d6fIgor Bukanov — bug 473167 - increase the maximum time chrome scripts are allowed to run in the debug builds. r=ted.mielczarek
26c96754c9b4f61b56f4b04e0b36902e87d8631fJeff Walden — Bug 472592 - unbox_jsval is infallible, make the signature reflect that. r=gal
71e7b627ed3109dae8002039ea22df7633b6f1afJeff Walden — Despite the previous log message, the previous push was r=brendan
6475993319c4799269e365623f994f9e7b1bf5edJeff Walden — Bug 466905 - Fix JSOP_NEWARRAY to be not-buggy and use it when possible. NOT REVIEWED YET
411b2f1e19de674725fe6e2d4f9b01882e1dcc98Blake Kaplan — Bug 472787 - Eagerly set the return value. r=brendan
d3a4e58a54f5c856754791220737f9e209d60cb2Andreas Gal — Track timeout side exits separately in jitstats (472761, r=jwalden).
a9556623dcf4ff23319093478bda8fbf00b02909Andreas Gal — Push a dummy copy of EBP onto the stack to make sure EBP is aligned in the new stack frame (472791, r=graydon,edwsmith).
6071ef640803bf58b6ae5cb2b0944665ac34fa9aJason Orendorff — Fix trace-test bustage due to my last checkin.
e1224550cc3a47a1977d3ed6ceb32d77922f0d47Robert Sayre — Merge m-c to tracemonkey.
080ccddea3b51d9d94a40e7a00e7cb42847495bdRobert Sayre — Bug 466781 - TM: inconsistent (0 in d) where d is a String. r=brendan
0e626f5d476f2c213b8759bbdf1bbabbfd7c0720Jeff Walden — Destroying the temporary context used in evalcx and also doing a GC invalidates shape numbers, which kinda makes testing hard because it breaks shapeOf(evalcx("lazy")) === shapeOf(evalcx("lazy")); don't GC. rs=brendan
08915fd1c4427294e96c9c2a6e13930b854b842eJason Orendorff — Bug 471540 - TM: "Assertion failure: cp >= buf" at homicideReport.php. r=gal.
9882fb7560c08cd514fb7aa03cded7e3a919ee0bGraydon Hoare — Bug 472594 - Make analysis-tests work in out-of-tree objdir, r=jorendorff.
f38ff6f08594a3a2f80257f345a2c000c673839fDaniel Holbert — Whitespace-only: Fix parameter indentation in nsTableCellFame.cpp
ed15cc897a16dafbddd555673f4f9424b1632426Brian Birtles — Bug 216462: Add support for basic SVG animation (SMIL). Disabled in builds by default. r+sr=roc
69765da46ccf0aa01a4ec1969d7dd1c1e054aff5Ben Turner — Merge backout
9c6bbaa4a1c029f3efc3367da4182f4d1e496855Ben Turner — Backed out changeset 96a66c1a50bd for failing unit tests.
ea386d2dfc1c6ce65b6d668605ecddae22bb2fc0Ben Turner — Backed out changeset 4c4d0bf8622e for failing unit tests.
4c4d0bf8622e9c0e17857e27ea8724d98f601cb6Jonas Sicking — Bug 461555: Don't clear out the parser until all deferred scripts have executed to ensure that a document.write in a deferred script doesn't clear the page. r/sr=mrbkap
20780ac6ca4a9f39d8ab74799ba3ec8368d4a200Doug Turner — Bug 452834 - Add geolocation to the cycle collector. r/sr=dbaron
a9ce401fe056acb5948951631677388004b328e4Doug Turner — Bug 468399. Use image surfaces on windows mobile for performance reasons. r=vlad
afba4fd650aa72526c11f96d2b2eec84df305b9bNeil Rashbrook — Bug 473157 Sorting shouldn't affect grouping containers, only uris r=dietrich
96a66c1a50bdc68bd9ed8f9034ce11b6700a11f6Neil Rashbrook — Bug 470586 Can crash removing all pages from a host when the sidebar is grouped r=sdwilsh
2326e07bb2a72471bb7c8790cbf9bf9882a0b747Karsten Düsterloh — Bug 470708 - addressingwidget appears as sunken, again; r=stefanh, sr=neil
068efdff925f1e31000258c35705824c9049862fRobert Strong — Bug 470799 - Remove deprecated macros that are no longer in use. r=jmathies
e943eef4d58a87080af2655aa7580a00bf7facaaDaniel Holbert — Whitespace-only: Fix parameter indentation in nsTableRowFrame.cpp and nsTableRowGroupFrame.cpp
40ba2eac8f4b81573bed4174528c3c25e116cbeaOlli Pettay — Bug 472730, window.sizeToContent() causes hang & full CPU usage, due to extreme recursion, r+sr=dbaron
9cee068f81089207db9941e8f99a470472cb9985Neil Deakin — Bug 472090, fix variable name
ad53d0f865f9d23d95bb08c7487d7ad899757baeNeil Deakin — Bug 471438, check whether the drop event was cancelled when handling links in the browser
fa2d1d0b9345a0f9cdb32655ddc827beff6a3926Neil Deakin — Bug 342619, fix test on linux caused by window coordinates not updating properly when moving the window, r=roc
fa4b6ada095da4b5aef07f8a5a7f4d146273efa1Neil Deakin — Bug 472090, change scale to use a listener instead of mutation events, r=smaug,sr=neil
1c0cbd183902ee35ae48bfbbb7a17b6e0ce473dbTed Mielczarek — fix check-sync-dirs to use the magic words for error output. (no bug)
09a5c40fc8e5b1e6e926f77f1bfba63add632f38Alexander Sack — Bug 471359 - export js/ system_wrappers to their own directory. r=jim
a8fae999e836507f3303f3fe86811281c45695ecPatrick McManus — Bug 467562. Fix race between the timeout on our DNS thread waits and signals to those threads that could cause DNS requests to go AWOL every so often. r+sr=bzbarsky
91c92eb7387d32059e0910f5757f21d4de7d3838Dave Townsend — Bug 386835: Page loaded in background doesn't get zoom applied until it is switched to. r=gavin
9750c237c3ffc9a0b7fc75f214a64728f2d0836cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 473440 - LTR edit box context menu appears LTR in RTL locales; r=dao,enndeakin
10abcf39e2d92559ba4b2c77f043e4434ccf3c59Steven Michaud — Fix null dereference at nsMenuItemIconX::OnStopRequest(). b=471101 r=josh sr=roc
07e5eadf7c7899a3e76631dc02006a2eadabe312Peter Van der Beken — Fix --enable-shark build bustage, r=ted. This is a temporary fix, real fix will be in bug 473563.
03d4e7eb5fcb837062dca51af7c3bb15f6d5aebeBob Clary — bug 467276 - tests for NaN/Infinity.toExponential(...)/toPrecision() should not check range, by Sync with CVS trunk.
09fac53076129c56e70c8673047869858b239b14Bob Clary — bug 352026 - update test to uniquely identify subtest results.
8f967a7729e2835e69341406f1c9141221440f22Bob Clary — sync developer trace tests with js test suite.
fd499d03ac3e7c9e2452916f8fdbefbed1a4306eBob Clary — bug 472619 - update sisyphus to build 1.9.1 from releases/mozilla-1.9.1 and 1.9.2 from mozilla-central.
98e0818f1bb4003d45e1745fac9a0b09f8de65efBob Clary — bug 458679 - JavaScript Tests by Igor Bukanov, Jesse Ruderman and Gary Kwong.
364b477f377eff1403c7f9abcc69b5a6227c77e7Bob Clary — bug 469855 - allow test parameter to be placed anywhere in query string.
753e6b1c05c52287207514d2cb0798d3007f2007Bob Clary — bug 469696 - obsolete test for 1.9.1 branch.
37c7e3fe434478c31177c6e0af06af5ca115a6f1Bob Clary — bug 454142 - JavaScript Test by Gary Kwong.
9db112e7fa332eab02ea83f18c91e102c0d7f73eBob Clary — bug 462470 - update spidermonkey-n-1.9.1.tests to include missed test.
79a5db81b187e69846d6631e0e813fd9f0370e39Bob Clary — bug 465366 - JavaScript Test by Boris Zbarsky, Andreas Gal.
46fb3c7d6faa9ed046fed33b50e8c48df0430315Bob Clary — bug 417131 - JavaScript Test by Igor Bukanov.
1305b9b2633b2d82a755312c77dbe2bf9638170eBob Clary — bug 428366 - JavaScript Test by Blake Kaplan.
1f93b9bea4ba73e5fe0c77a4b53e22671a6bc336Bob Clary — bug 371802 - JavaScript Test by Brendan Eich.
ed57e3d6659733ae9a78589da7419b9a1b3d8821Bob Clary — bug 443071 - JavaScript Test by Jesse Ruderman.
6c0e7c9e595c3038558fcf10b67b2e4a430869eeBob Clary — bug 465133 - JavaScript Test by Jesse Ruderman.
239d33c00bad626e9edb17c772b00809fa4a3406Peter Van der Beken — Merge backout.
c573ff777cc4311b0b57bb909fd1eeac274e9e5fPeter Van der Beken — Back out changeset 9fd8740decb8 (Fix for bug 471126 (leak content nodes (and sometimes dom windows) after clicking on articles).) to try to fix orange.
9d8eaa36d00957f050d5294a8e80d7d3f313471dTed Mielczarek — followup from bug 467862, forgot to sync up js/src/config/
ffdf8f75910cae54d8aa81dd5ad5f556662923a3Robert Kaiser — bug 464687 - --enable-tests static build bustage in thebes/test, r=vlad
264eca4c6c5be3b3fefdad1f9f17918cbd309810Robert Kaiser — bug 472813 - Remove SeaMonkey workaround for test_bug465448.xul, r=roc
32165e24519ad676b90891918bc0a3ccc16ce16bMark Banner — Bustage fix for some windows systems following bug 386676
b11d1f574c328d473787443d6bc0a1837c172d7dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 453736. Make <svg:script> more like other scripts and fix up a few other minor issues. r=roc, r+sr=sicking
9fd8740decb8c166955527a0c3cd199de45f0cd9Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 471126 (leak content nodes (and sometimes dom windows) after clicking on articles). r=bent, sr=bz.
7b6d9acfc4a446e442a953ce74a05c078b464b3ePeter Van der Beken — Make DEBUG_CC compile again (broken by the fix for bug 458099). r=bent, NPOTB.
98806c8d1c03f86d5a71f9f1b32025f985f85d7cPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 453441 (Parsing an XSLT stylesheet with two xsl:version attributes fails). r/sr=sicking.
19e319a0647b8b7ce10de15c0b642d6af75fedc9Ted Mielczarek — bug 462004 - JavaScript shell should provide line editing facilities. r=bsmedberg
a940f7f8b4b8aa24aaedda8e7d36e8247c321f90Ted Mielczarek — bug 467862 - Build system should support building both a static and a shared library from the same Makefile. r=bsmedberg
ae21c96c4355e31a282391d73ee628e7e65fbf55Alexander Surkov — Bug 469985 - turn the test from bug 354745 into mochitest, r=aaronlev, marocz, davidb
e0ed5852481adaa01451ff189b17a007eab52ebfBoris Zbarsky — Bug 472648. Make XBL in signed jars work again. r+sr=jst
dda0e6c28112d076ef275e64a1cf6ae30c7d7994Makoto Kato — Bug 384746 - Win64 build support for mozilla/toolkit. r=neil, sr=benjamin
3b5664b4a1b164ac65c3908da8875791269bc5ffOlli Pettay — Relanding Bug 472260, r+sr=bz
89811ac1b35a841cfcce6b61e5ed308f951d0e4eJonas Sicking — merge backout
4a49658eedc297676c28692a7370490d14efc590Jonas Sicking — Backed out changeset 03bc3379822a
b93de60dcb8eb3ca6a2dff6b1cd24fce92019832Jonas Sicking — Fix mochitest orange
39dc85bc5d99330529754ba28d7258b6a5271e99Dan Fabulich — b=347174, implement document.readystate == 'complete'; r=sicking
03bc3379822a8bf8811181582cefaa519cb0b1c3bjarne — Bug 466080 - Make more things honor the LOAD_ANONYMOUS flag r=sicking,MisterSSL, sr=sicking
d720aa40aae4be8eb1df33622d0b722cf68546f2Ginn Chen — Bug 471642 Rename nsSelectionBatcher to nsSelectionBatcherForTable in nsTableEditor.cpp r+sr=roc
9860a796f20df30f7293da1c0540336b3d6bfadeGinn Chen — Bug 472635 Do nothing if im contexts don't match r=masayuki,masaki.katakai sr=roc
602e6c8d494aff5cc17b845c62abcced9aa80623Jonas Sicking — Bug 464848: XMLHttpRequest doesn't send the right content-type for non-document request bodies. r/sr=bz
1d21f44cf01ca82c6aaad6eac97449b543704ec9L. David Baron — Merge backout of changeset 046f5da25280 due to crash in layout/forms/test/ mochitests.
dc598a5eafe10f666a4896b3d452008e6559e263L. David Baron — Backed out changeset 046f5da25280 due to crash in layout/forms/test/ mochitests.
7165ce2d87c75d6dfab2fa9c60ffcae718dbe4c5Ryan Flint — Merge backout
a05af26637272eddfd49b7793db9f98509296737Ryan Flint — Backout changeset e40649461b57 due to crashes
51bc0497789623c9fc40e039d00ef71a4bf1dad7Ben Turner — Merge backout
c826ff0d49e2ce2d0f0c39c4ef714d7065688080Ben Turner — Backed out changeset 8056ab7076d5 for failing unit tests.
9daec2349061e6da870bf416f38129fc30e50ab7Daniel Holbert — Bug 465928 followup: correct typo in enum name - s/PERSERVE/PRESERVE/. No functional changes. r=roc
d765319f547d85cf8b06f1284595361817c99542Dão Gottwald — Bug 462222 - getZOrderDOMWindowEnumerator broken on both Linux and Mac. r=mconnor
046f5da25280a44cb0969d6e39e7e245cfe30ce5L. David Baron — When re-resolving style, re-resolve root in undisplayed map too. (Bug 473042) r+sr=bzbarsky
e2e5ec200b713bd6de48cb641c3045d4f3c6cb08L. David Baron — Only run assertion checks in DEBUG builds. (Bug 472557) r=Waldo,bsmedberg
5254e429712de6bdff5ea36cd3cb6ba8e060a071L. David Baron — Clean up CalcAvailWidth. (Bug 444928) r=bernd
e40649461b57e4fc69eaa5a9db409d6b084c80e9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 472648. Make XBL in signed jars work again. r+sr=jst
c91a6563377db5c6bd2702398967f9dedf78a194Boris Zbarsky — Bug 473162. Make getElementsByClassName case-insensitive in quirks mode, per spec. r+sr=jst
8dae102faa15b6ae4182428c012156dbcceeeb50Boris Zbarsky — Bug 465993. When opening a dependent window with an invisible non-chrome parent, throw. r=jst,ere, sr=jst
f0a8064d5a8e08bb9d80acf3608165fb47e5fb28Boris Zbarsky — Bug 449780. When doing a frameloader swap, clear the bfcache on both docshells, since we can't deal with all those presentations. r+sr=jst
5a53d161e4b44c9d728b24960f41bc65131be715Nick Kreeger — Merge bug 454632.
f957a14faefdce34f35b3720cccf6bf41c3f81b2Nick Kreeger — Fixing Bug 454632 - Resizing tree widget always re-scrolls to current index. r=enndeakin,sr=bz. Patch by Stephen Lau <>.
557bc4bcdc30869b043f4c4a5b1f853850e5325fJim Blandy — Bug 465640: Use autoconf to declare stdint types on platforms that don't have stdint.h r=bsmedberg
3c0b74a013d753a8150a565d3a314231cd4ad706Ben Turner — Bug 472585 - 'Workers: 'importScripts()' with no args throws an exception against spec'. r+sr+a=sicking.
8056ab7076d58341448552e65ff1c97afdd3f5a0Ben Turner — Bug 472383 - 'Workers: JS/C++/JS/C++ recursion not properly guarded'. r+sr=jst, a=blocking1.9.1+
23adb1fb2e1b66d20982f057947954676b095426Makoto Kato — Should use LONG_PTR for plugin code due to Win64. b=472025 r=josh sr=jst
6e089951b91535c9bdd7ea9b752dc01ac53e2be7Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 468714 - The Persian installer's UI should be RTL; r=rstrong
a77147340730dfec448277ff3f11350174c037bbEhsan Akhgari — Bug 140759 - tree cell content is not aligned to the right when tree direction is right to left; r=roc,gavin sr=roc
02963082440153977d64eafe4ab8a7ac063666b3Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 471935 - Copying Text from about:privatebrowsing page and then pasting yields different text; r=gavin
c8faab9608dc165311446e8cf127ff9feab37fd7Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 464795 - Persist "save as" directory during private browsing, but restore previous value after; r=gavin
2723c17e550236c20a1677ea59e8d97db35c06d4Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 349176 - [RTL] About Firefox; r=gavin
98e0b6b69e054a9be1da8755b8560b53672d6858Benjamin Smedberg — Followup to bug 463172 (implement --disable-jit) - this block needs to be outside of the SKIP_COMPILER_CHECKS block so that it affects Windows
aeca8558250a60a9fb35439c062ac882ddf78ce3Olli Pettay — Bug 460700 - Use the right delay with XHR progress events, r+sr=jonas
66071c6b43a963b07b0e5e44630f337a141b054eShawn Wilsher — Bug 471685 - Upgrade to SQLite 3.6.7
f0e0daaa675959999b944a48d32ee216b574238cShawn Wilsher — Bug 471685 - Upgrade to SQLite 3.6.7
d813cc048225cc775142d55dea1d379a4903ba8dWalter Meinl — A bunch of plugin SDK build fixes. b=471759 r=josh sr=jst
ea1497b987568a5da42cb413d757e6c1ce243125Josh Aas — bustage fixes for some systems, b=386676
87bf34282f13bf5a759d6bcfa1d4d538ae783f54Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 463172 - add a --disable-jit option, r=ted
8f542d107471f978c7746d18e902300b46a35253Benjamin Smedberg — Minor static-checking fixup: give a useful location for the "frame inherits from nsIFrame and nsISupports" warning, NPODB
1e9eb4ab0d19512d3515081fac7b2a6e86bed494Benjamin Smedberg — Merge backout of bug 469558. CLOSED TREE
e1da61348ddaee37776ea497c30e517b718caa6bBenjamin Smedberg — Backed out changeset 8f347bf50a53 due to x86-64 build bustage, and the fact that the committed patch didn't match the reviewed patch in an important way (bug 469558)
8c4f6932ab415220731a686b52f886632fef89b7Marco Bonardo — Fix a typo in patch for Bug 433231 that is causing oranges on unit boxes
167b82ee716224a2d5e06fdb4083d44e0cf54461Robert Sayre — bug 472706 - add better profiling input for spidermonkey in PGO builds. r=ted
a664fdd404c01847cc4a1ffe93af8d055a408abfMarco Bonardo — Bug 425999 - Set background color of sidebars on Vista to match media collection apps, r=dao
5b18412c4c4dc90f37d1d5fbce30633e1600152eMarco Bonardo — Bug 433231 - Places Library leaks the nsGlobalWindow when closed with a history entry selected, r=dietrich
ccd12ae3f34d6c36f595f68f5ee68ce262125dc4Marco Bonardo — Bug 471850 - more than one 'Most Visisted' tabs in toolbar when importing bookmarks.html created by autoExportHTML, r=dietrich
6ddb1b2244aa314c5cbdd8a26190e93c64030594Drew Willcoxon — Bug 412132 - after changing a bookmark's location, need to update the frecency of the "old" uri, r=dietrich
23273773e4523b8d3e93f1af68a3b5d92b2cddecMarco Bonardo — Bug 427633 - Disable creating a New Folder in the bookmarks dialogs if insertionPoint is invalid, r=dietrich
c774155fb74701a1486656b6bfb9b5b8f4c3898aMarco Bonardo — Bug 472802 - Can't change focused bookmark property with Enter in Properties dialogue, r=dietrich
9cc88fcba152732caf570aa6de7de2d5337b1981Marco Bonardo — Bug 435322 - Places History Visit Date doesn't show _date_ portion properly, r=dietrich
acee30ba305abcf49423cd820c41c1fce768dd6eMarco Bonardo — Bug 413053 - Bookmark Dialogs: Align treeview and listview, r=dao r=dietrich ui-r=faaborg
0524c8f29855af88dd862b464057cd14c4bf04adMarco Bonardo — Bug 454977 - remove INSERT OR REPLACE to avoid error prone paths with views, r=dietrich
a7274359673dd123d1521b73a79cfe2dec9d7b7aDave Camp — Merge backout of 44890ee1d15f
668a9471d64f21db36d1c88a29c7b78885981ccdDave Camp — Backed out changeset 44890ee1d15f for leaks
9dbded90af2ae7e94e3910d4428035003258e36eJosh Aas — get rid of an incorrect comment
efc8e32bfe59015539b551762db6f32a44ae7af2Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 305039 - (Win32 only) Make Windows installer more 'Unicode-aware'. r=rstrong
db430def4ce64c30173d27b77bf1c2cb0621e3b9Robert Strong — Bug 470182 - (Win32 only) Create separate log file for shortcuts. r=jmathies
98b0d2b220c7e4aec238c1b63688bc022e854118David Bolter — bug 472679 - Clean up obsolete ARIA that is no longer in spec, r=aaronlev, r=MarcoZ
d8788b15c0842bf9fae4840ad3ac669c5331a51cJustin Dolske — Bug 473299 - _someone_ forgot to rev the UUID when changing an interface. r=mconnor, fail=dolske
44890ee1d15fa4ecb501533a9efd614125875c27Dave Camp — Bug 441359: Check script and css loads against the classifier. r+sr=jonas
9dad087b466e6379bc2003cdb8c589395e1aa6a1Dave Camp — Bug 458091: Don't store an mURI in nsDOMStorage. r=bz
5eeab4033c20a1031e84d532a62bb3caa97290dcDave Camp — Bug 463046: Network connectivity checking breaks running netwerk unit tests and mochitests with no connection. r=bz, r=jwalden
cfcb51bdb85201f86cbf94cca5c87151499ddeccMook — Bug 472063 - mingw build failure: undefined reference to 'WinMain@16' in windbgdlg.cpp, r=neil, sr=bsmedberg
2bed74c80db848d374d81143721aebbbb029e67dJohn Daggett — Bug 465452 - better handling of format hints for downloadable fonts. r=dbaron.
526ceb7dd261f289380c4ff0d8065fff9bc21093Jesse Ruderman — Add supercombiner as a crashtest
7b1292782cd39c59fbe1e14986eda53a16ca7f9eJosh Aas — System for testing plugins, take 4. b=386676 r=smichaud sr=roc
b5120305d873923f8273675b7b742cc37f48a0d3Dão Gottwald — Bug 416013 - switching the text input direction should not affect emptytext. r=ehsan,gavin
caf24afe46eb914c5c85e83a5addcf92ae8699ecDaniel Veditz — Fixing bug 451613. URL parsing treats leading whitespace inconsistently.
62e0965bc0e49bb9db5f82116c10a95ff8cdaba4Johnny Stenback — Fixing bug 470993. Expose the remainder of the Java plugins XPCOM dependency through the NPAPI.,
48b12c9bb824ce04b0d366ce85622e88afd74117Benjamin Smedberg — Merge layout-debugger bustage fix
52be68be1534d061f0f4c50d5134e9940b419174Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 396185 followup - Fix layout-debugger
034f60a2969e335a606feaafd04669803a4331b2Justin Dolske — Bug 462478 - Make nsBrowserContentHandler use nsBrowserGlue's getMostRecentBrowserWindow(). r=gavin
a79a178b9ba84e275c2c931144025c58b60a485dJustin Dolske — Bug 467463 - Login Manager should store a GUID for logins. r=gavin, r=sdwilsh.
c2fae3249064eacc47703183b389d8af69ee48afJennifer Boriss — Bug 460155 - update <video> control icons. ui-r=faaborg, p=dolske
6d07230098ef874bae59c443f7ef8cd0a1194d2bJesse Ruderman — Add crashtest
8f347bf50a53e16f8aa8e08f14ee92b10cff749fBobby Holley — Bug 469558: --enable-system-lcms build option should be removed.r=vlad,sr=ted
6ebac19183d6bca1991e2b81381156f52b5450b5Honza Bambas — Backing out bug 468087 and bug 456001
ffd18ce16f58537cc75b8db7a47ae4b19b594830Jeff Walden — Backing out a12bffb28598 to help fix orange
b1787b28220fba8003032257a0be674c67116050Jeff Walden — Backed out changeset a12bffb28598; it's in the way of other backouts that need to happen.
6e4203c77ce979d72b159008400d901f16158537Dão Gottwald — Bug 472302 - get rid of fragile timeouts in textbox binding. r=enn
a12bffb28598d7679cafe78376be76e3dee76b88bjarne — Bug 464191 - ssltunnel process persists after Mochitest run. r=jwalden
d8251c77d9e9a31ef52a1be868f6c3c9b282637eMarkus Stange — Bug 473183 - Some controls don't accurately hit their drawRect on 10.4, r=josh
119de4e0e61280e5dc2b68276fbda23e55ed116fMarkus Stange — Bug 472734 - Don't round the top left corner of submenus that open to the right, r=josh sr=roc
a4cc5f89569d33cd78d23180b53c7a78c2c66dddMarkus Stange — Bug 468507 - Use DrawCellWithSnapping when drawing push buttons, r=josh sr=dbaron
54cf0cbe42e80714ec9cca64771d5e51f7e51f86Benjamin Smedberg — Add a static analysis pass to verify that for any do_QueryFrame<Interface> there is an Interface::kFrameIID declared. NPODB, static-checking only.
61ca5667346845391496df48802cb4a83a8f87e0Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 396185 - Make nsIFrame derivatives and helper abstract classes use a different dynamic-cast system than nsISupports:
da0a0796090fad74500b59ffab6e8de148e5df07Vladimir Vukicevic — b=455243, weird behaviour with fonts with bad faces; r=jdaggett
19757a81c07cba3e89613c2da7bbb8901da036c6Honza Bambas — Bug 400568 - Keyboard Back/Forward keys sending VK_BROWSER_BACK/FORWARD go back/forward twice, r=emaijala, sr=ocallahan
3066ebd9e7f9ecbf0d9749862693446db17c6435Honza Bambas — Bug 468087 - Cannot add new https hosts to Mochitest, r=jwalden
4951644cab1d014c0c14bdb5d0620d4cc1814544Honza Bambas — Bug 456001 - Need automated testing for SSL client auth, r=jwalden
499ed590749f0f7e3524b1b4f427a8e7e49a0929David Bolter — Bug 452388 - Support value of undefined for aria-checked/aria-pressed/aria-selected, r=aaronlev, r=surkov, r=MarcoZ
e3796dbb6de7089029ce8bbe91d7f72153782561Johnathan Nightingale — Change default Clear Recent History time span. b=464208 r=mconnor
0b56d4b6c7ea5886a3ef4139e762ca847180a81bPeter Weilbacher — [OS/2] Bug 467250: modify font alias list to include other special OS/2 platform fonts that we cannot directly resolve, r=wuno@lsvw
3b9d2ef2e4a8b474c1998e917da206ff8bac829dBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 463642 - Safe mode should disable JIT, r+sr=jst
5e45ba40a88ae5d71a449db11fcafa994a523313Boris Zbarsky — Bug 472487. Use the default filename in modeOpen in the Mac filepicker (e.g. so that file inputs prefill the currently-selected file in the filepicker). r=josh, sr=roc
8837f5204f30d0de933ad56f85b34a366bc25717Boris Zbarsky — Bug 464956. Make .desktop files report a redirect not of type REDIRECT_INTERNAL so that we can use that type to detect redirects not under the control of the target resource. r+sr=biesi
0a7c32d52f8934652fd9e2e8fd555eec447fefa3Patrick McManus — Bug 473089. Make sure that our DNS listener (which may be released on random threads) doesn't hold refs to Elements. r+sr=bzbarsky
5a819cbcef1e77b2d08eaf6b1df4b5f44e00698cPatrick McManus — Bug 464838. Try to resolve performance issues in DNS prefetch by putting elements, not URIs, in the queue, and deferring URI creation to pageload complete (or a timer, if we're not in pageload). Now with leak fixes. r+sr=bzbarsky
ca9d3c35fe476a197f6d8999419514219a41b304Phil Ringnalda — I would not have choosen the weekend before a freeze for so much CLOSED TREE
4edbe170e6a10fa4cc53fedf9b3646c7b797c798Phil Ringnalda — Can not aquire, or even acquire, anything other than a CLOSED TREE
9f82199fdb9ce1e978efce1cf87a650bc1625decPhil Ringnalda — Fix spelling of occurrance, despite the recurrent occurrence of a CLOSED TREE
efd9da3ea174481e7a964480bbf84f76a1895d6ePhil Ringnalda — Fix spelling of uncommited since we remain committed to builds, even with a CLOSED TREE
1db85241e4018d5876730e54d8846dbe37c22e8cPhil Ringnalda — Fix spelling of accomodate since we can accommodate more builds in the CLOSED TREE
d653b59236e39450306edec7eb9755855b311b82Phil Ringnalda — Correct spelling of ofset to offset the lack of builds in a CLOSED TREE
6e2d0d583201c5e87c3613e639e6192e65b252a8Phil Ringnalda — Tranfer the correct spelling of transferable to the CLOSED TREE
b945b4f67e7e76a9decbe6f1e9d3ba04c10ac857Peter Weilbacher — [OS/2] Bug 472753: fix OS/2 build break in nsComponentManager.cpp by adding necessary defines to the os2.h include in nsLocalFileOS2.h (fix suggested by Walter Meinl)
84508dcaf10330c3d9cd22dc0c6b164ccbfd532bPhil Ringnalda — Builds are neccesary, even if you can spell necessary, and even in a CLOSED TREE
49e423db38b01cdacc44a2affad7c15436530614Phil Ringnalda — Fix spelling of immediatly, to get more builds going immediately in the CLOSED TREE
bb332cd0ec4343d1768feb2c25ce4f11f854c686Phil Ringnalda — Fix spelling of sucessful to trigger builds in a CLOSED TREE
9d68078d593b99545247194aed7d59adc55f969fTed Mielczarek — bug 472877 - Add configure option to enable gczeal. r=crowder
39a8e0ea892863fa8f362a2b8a197c3e1180ee3eBen Turner — Fix leaky cycle between nsNPAPIPluginInstance and nsPluginInstancePeer. b=472439 r=josh sr=jst
1203433cd9a7e2694420d1020cd9c82ce0a8db69L. David Baron — Address my own review comment: Restore IsTransparent() check, which should restore old behavior for background-images when printing backgrounds is disabled. (Bug 456219) r=zwol
949a0a1ed11ac490eee2ffac953d4fd53cfad41cL. David Baron — Add ability to mark JSDHashTable/PLDHashTable as immutable and thus prevent RECURSION_LEVEL assertions from firing due to lookups racing on multiple threads. (Bug 469004) r=brendan,mrbkap
0a8932a5abdd2936f3323d9749fcfb31da32fe41L. David Baron — Synchronize pldhash with recent changes to jsdhash by rerunning through plify_jsdhash.sed.
3cca9872e8dd2f5bf0a6ede61681342856470007L. David Baron — Handle mouseover/mouseout when the mouse transitions between the video element and its videocontrols child (which covers its entire content area). (Bug 470596) r=dolske,enndeakin
5a85468e0174674fe7d9a426d594870376db1743L. David Baron — More tests for outside cases for rule 3.
7bf1d1b7f3b8b57bf49016347bb15414f6c24425Mats Palmgren — Put the root element in the undisplayed map so that we reconstruct it when it has its 'display' changed from 'none' to something else. (Bug 283686) r+sr=bzbarsky
ebc083cea40bd0a4cabe89e91775e34134ceada9Robert Kaiser — bug 471886 - Make places autocomplete tests even more robust against default prefs, r=Mardak
f7e50fb2070929f20a774d8969c0866b807b71e7Peter Weilbacher — [OS/2] Bug 443112: sync README files of all three apps with information for Gecko 1.9.1; add Java version requirements and update web links
6acaaa957e0a134611c89c2687cb5d7b699a3ca5Blake Kaplan — Merging backout. a=crowder for checkin into a CLOSED TREE
e5f9a0956385919e2c8a55cae994d63eecfb4652Blake Kaplan — Backed out changeset e62d412d6251. The crashtest is randomly crashing.
19171d3c7bcf69bd8cebab68fcc54c71d3c8a46aShawn Wilsher — Merge for backout of bug 471685 with a CLOSED TREE
f8a05a8b28eb977cf4a1a2e032e06489fead4d26Shawn Wilsher — Backed out changeset c569a8f91c0e (bug 471685) with a CLOSED TREE
3e2115077e95b62b3cc84fcdae58b82b0f2152afShawn Wilsher — Merge for backout of bug 471685 with a CLOSED TREE
a7489d8375cf34005f915e5bc93f997ae239ed11Shawn Wilsher — Backed out changeset 4de172f0d8b8 (bug 471685) with a CLOSED TREE
997fe2990a11162380fe47c1f27e9689343fd7abOlli Pettay — Backout Bug 472260 (CLOSED TREE)
4fc89aa2ffecfae12476832298e537eb71bc06adRobert Strong — Bug 472801 - Enabling updater no longer requires iconv. r=ted.mielczarek
96e5551239e6cb1f63a120eccf86dd5f58f61451Boris Zbarsky — Bug 472239. Make sure to set up our listener before trying to call OnStartRequest on it. r+sr=jst
864061941ee1bd4ae34deec261b8440e4a3a720dBenjamin Smedberg — Backed out changeset 4c4df6ed1b41 - Bug 396185 - Make nsIFrame not inherit from nsISupports due to mochitest failures... these appear to be crashes in nsGenericHTMLElement::GetEditorInternal.
4c4df6ed1b41131568d4659d62908214e8c81b7bBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 396185 - Make nsIFrame derivatives and helper abstract classes use a different dynamic-cast system than nsISupports:
0ff73371138499badaaf002baed29da8da5b0511Dave Townsend — Merge backout of bug 469613: Page scrolling by clicking the scrollbar track
48b1dea326bb61ab862b363b4223404e242b2e88Dave Townsend — Backed out changeset fe759e3fd895 from bug 469613 due to mochitest failures
02f596a6b80cd503c54c186caa7c00e03769fe5cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 472631 - Private Browsing unit tests for password manager are not executed; r=dolske
a32d4db772d26535edb17645971c5ec957caf7ccEhsan Akhgari — Bug 463582 - Private browsing menu item does not work with no browser windows open; r=gavin
37699a458f2849049757da006911fcc8c65813f9Makoto Kato — Bug 469645 - Remove /mozilla/pref-migrator, r+sr=benjamin
7e5854c047bd7b1161cce2a3d9de8f82d22a85bcDão Gottwald — Bug 471921 - use proper CSS instead of first-tab, last-tab and afterselected attributes. r=gavin
fe759e3fd8950cc6c3525b435ef1a389fffc9047Markus Stange — Bug 469613 - Page scrolling by clicking the scrollbar track can get stuck if the page is very long, r+sr=roc
82a898e520fec4f2973c2ff64f1ea3dd67480826Markus Stange — Bug 471865 - Bookmark properties dialog is mispositioned, r=Enn
1c4fdd5a9b17ae9744f81241ba86aaaf7287831fOlli Pettay — Bug 472260 - Crash [@ nsDocShell::EnsureContentViewer], r+sr=bz
8ce077e0d2db41a0096e6c41a0724d3b4b6c844bSimon Montagu — Update the GEOSTD8 to Unicode decoder. Bug 472746, r=Masatoshi Kimura <>
6128896b6f98a3dd04ba0a4a82d3f0d98464fc27Robert Strong — Bug 324758 - Updater should use brand name string and not hardcode Firefox. r=ted.mielczarek
177e11abd9d946ff9528c5b056cdd29b656eccd2Robert Strong — Bug 399153 - Software update should support unicode strings for the UI. r=bsmedberg, r=ehsan
1a4e256b6894377cba435aa1296e694bb2d13493Jeff Walden — Bug 469509 - : don't print leak lines for classes that aren't leaked. r=ted
599fc0933fd81358522a8d7b687affc69d7eb580Taras Glek — Bug 471479. Cache webNavigation and contentWindow in the browser widget. r=gavin
5300ca58f12851bebc65654b84a3b0aa6be742adMichael Ventnor — Bug 472488. Need to pass correct directory as part of filename in gtk_file_chooser_set_filename. r+sr=roc
320763cc1e6a57ffbaba24de5139d69137815817Michael Ventnor — Bug 472410. Don't adjust selection colors if the background is a -moz-appearance that we can't know anything about. r+sr=roc
17b08b9bae0c09e83008001180815046080f3f04Zack Weinberg — Bug 456219. Fix clipping to padding-rect with rounded corners. r+sr=roc
6b858b6ab1627f387afd03dc7dd6759cd766564aJeff Schiller — Bug 435209. Fix logic errors in nsSVGPathSegList::ReplaceItem. r=longsonr,sr=roc
b6a4a96731902f527aac7964294246fc32f012fbRobert O'Callahan — Bug 430332. Defer nsTransformingTextRun::RebuildTextRun until the linebreaker has completely set up the break and capitalization data on the transformed text run. r=smontagu
ef3871089bd7665e97bd8317528eec0f0476dcdcRobert O'Callahan — Bug 440149. Don't break after empty text at the start of the line, even if we're past the available width. r=smontagu
a9f6f29f6fe5d58a0c3fff108fad1811714ff7b1Robert O'Callahan — Bug 462593. Add nsPtrHashKey<T> to XPCOM. r=bsmedberg
1da6da73561c3f2e2d3461ce0d9f48a5b03b06bdRobert O'Callahan — Bug 467481. Don't reorder the children of listboxbody frames using their ordinals. r+sr=bzbarsky
e62d412d6251f7f763064c9b5f9c57ab4c6fd8afBlake Kaplan — Add a crashtest for bug 460706. r=sicking
89847884d0101acf3b4611e7397d5bb0f5d4baeeL. David Baron — Make reftest test for assertions on individual tests. (Temporarily disabled until tinderboxes set up and manifests annotated.) (Bug 472557) r=Waldo
3317170b582b38111482bf5bfb29eee0ed8d8dabL. David Baron — Expose the number of assertions since process start from XPCOM. (Bug 472557) r=bsmedberg
ecb728cdc141b8afc8b66755d5b41b8e832ccb9eOlli Pettay — Bug 472312, change NS_ERROR to NS_WARNING for now
bb88ba74fb0cec2da08b379b44ff8a85dba77733Mats Palmgren — DEBUG: Make nsBlockFrame::List really print the overflow lines. b=472193 r+sr=roc
bfb2d513344d8dfab878c9211deb4d0fccd4fb85Uri Bernstein — Set mMaintainRange to null when there is no selection. b=470212 r=mats sr=roc
cab8b946ee8611918e7b65d5681b2a4ce4abd2b0Shawn Wilsher — Bug 429827 - Download manager does not warn when its download location does not exist or is write protected
324aa9789a12352895e20178d5160953b1052f5eOlli Pettay — Bug 472312, r+sr=bz
c934f4c5af2235f1b3c22c6aacd2aba635596b38Boris Zbarsky — Backout merge
d77eef73aeb6917ae4edb654a15fbdf8c9321bc8Boris Zbarsky — Backed out changeset b73e063a3f99 (bug 464838)
2e8178964532168626421214905651951fad4925Ted Mielczarek — bug 467271 - JS not being PGOed on win32. r=bsmedberg
3da64152f578df888ccd6187b457fcfcc92cd17aTed Mielczarek — bug 471188 - stop calling 'make install' for spidermonkey. r=bsmedberg,jimb
b73e063a3f99066828df567b3f73308a6965f837Patrick McManus — Bug 464838. Try to resolve performance issues in DNS prefetch by putting elements, not URIS, in the queue, and deferring URI creation to pageload complete (or a timer, if we're not in pageload). r+sr=bzbarsky
4de172f0d8b8018f9a73494979798d6c7fd0f566Shawn Wilsher — Bug 471685 - Upgrade to SQLite 3.6.7
c569a8f91c0ee93e0a1976903b9f7b17070d441eShawn Wilsher — Bug 471685 - Upgrade to SQLite 3.6.7
54b5c634212eb738a1f90f25d90a0154a2b45d13Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 463289 - nsNativeModuleLoader doesn't protect its internal data structures, and is accessed on multiple threads (symptom is RECURSION_LEVEL assertions in pldhash.c). This patch is the simple-but-slow path: proxy all non-main-thread requests to the main thread. This is probably sufficient because asking for modules is a relatively rare activity: the component manager caches the factory objects after a lookup, r=brendan
c227e9c0e2645762a85c8b8505a996b4fcf8c4caBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 472461 part 2 - jsgc crashes with !JS_TRACER, r=jorendorff for immediate bustage fix, and I'll get ex-post-facto review from Igor
7a3b82cd9ee619e5a83257adaf6710ca7ad53cb0Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 472461 part 1 - jsgc.cpp fails to compile with !JS_TRACER, initial patch by Igor, r=jorendorff with nits fixed by bsmedberg
5b6ee66cccc02e6c00f59c6f4226ef94c8331746Robert O'Callahan — Backout bug 456219 ... Mac tests still fail
582c495906ecee1266928c38b4f60d39166e978eRobert O'Callahan — Backed out changeset 5041ce453104
28488df9e75e2807609b34d74afb519f8dd760ffMatthew Gregan — Bug 471590. Update wave-decoder Pause to handle possible asynchyronous loading. r=doublec,sr=roc
9dc0f31ca4884502752243a5791f32dfde148092Taras Glek — Bug 471087. Kill nsIDKey. r=bsmedberg
fc85349c89b4559ba0ef24b7df2a586103bf3322Sergey Yanovich — Bug 462497. Don't reacquire a monitor in nsComponentManagerImpl::HashContractID that we already hold. r=bsmedberg
48e090c9811883fe787064804ccfa080677f1d44Michael Ventnor — Bug 427488. Enable use of provided default filename for file open dialogs in GTK. r+sr=roc
9891b174d8712de2465464cbcfd96cf8c3952c60Michael Ventnor — Bug 469880. Support a libnotify-based implementation of nsIAlertsService for GTK. r+sr=roc,r=ted
5041ce45310455ddecbe69b45fd7db46a2097966Zack Weinberg — Bug 456219. Fix clipping to padding-rect with rounded corners. r+sr=roc
b4d826e10c0cd4afdabe56c5f0a5667ee34eea21Robert O'Callahan — Bug 425981. Make first-letter frame wrapping build its own frame constructor state to ensure it's for the correct place in the frame tree. r+sr=bzbarsky
be51e923473c095c526e1642f724590a026cbb1eJohn Daggett — change crashtest for 472237 to use local font
222b23e8e64bcf52dcb4b633ecfc7cd99f8409e6Robert Sayre — Merge tracemonkey into mozilla-central.
99c0dd7ce125ba295c22436c8e053ad558b3600cRobert Sayre — Merge.
731777305f2ce804032cae05e399f984f604af5fIgor Bukanov — bug 419086 - replacing the branch callback with the operation callback. r=brendan
8527a7798a81648ff17004d56a7e80f7d174d371Graydon Hoare — Bug 472553 - Annotations required by jsstack.js analysis, r=jorendorff.
2b946c80e54586cda5acbcff8d7057fd0f157f3cIgor Bukanov — bug 465030 - Support terminating long-running scripts without using extra threads or signals. r=gal,sayrer
f32f6693dcd3a01efe3807d3ec5dab10b988f91fIgor Bukanov — Backed out changeset 763b96e81579 - I committed the wrong patch
763b96e815792acc7a960d5686cd50efcc60b626Igor Bukanov — bug 465030 - Support terminating long-running scripts without using extra threads or signals. r=gal,sayrer
ddef6e5feef248a90f6537347079fa2f9c2eb50fRobert Sayre — Merge m-c to tracemonkey.
e06f46f4f9d9e29734c0991b5ac25b89860d19ccGraydon Hoare — Bug 470388 - Tighten assertion for JSFRAME_POP_BLOCKS on trace-entry frame, r=brendan.
d1fb56a3ad8e1e75a44d5ddca4d3872c588694aaJason Orendorff — Bug 468641 - TM: Add bytecode disassembly to JS_JIT_SPEW output (r=crowder)
d9edda70cc0ef32a20788bcd7dcd294847dd529bJason Orendorff — Bug 462021 - TM: Make JSStackFrame reconstitution infallible (part 4 of 4, rename recoveryDoublePool to reservedDoublePool, r=brendan)
60916da8fc4c1470e352dab24ff8e48e37682e96Jason Orendorff — Bug 462021 - TM: Make JSStackFrame reconstitution infallible (part 3 of 4, call objects, r=brendan)
3a730996372f3b7cf9170ec4f288fb57fad68a3cJason Orendorff — Bug 462021 - TM: Make JSStackFrame reconstitution infallible (part 2 of 4, stack, r=gal)
25cd79874d1e06110508134fdd3d3e3f1c63dc72Jason Orendorff — Bug 462021 - TM: Make JSStackFrame reconstitution infallible (part 1 of 4, easy stuff, r=gal)
73cb8af8db91ec6a4735c0bc680bb5d83b474aa4Blake Kaplan — Bug 470129 - Skip parentheses when doing optimizations based on parse node type. r=igor
0dd4201b3387436d5fc2a551bce0b892bf1b83c0Jeff Walden — Move trace-test-math.js to math-trace-tests.js and remove trace.js because they defy my tab-complete-fu
503426785b5fbdf53459d79daa2459f71e637c73Andreas Gal — Merge.
0f85bea9dea38a4923d328f57b6ab00d5d751669Andreas Gal — Backed out changeset adbe8e4b21dc due to tinderbox failures/timeouts (453157).
f0d7e24013cd570fb0534e3876202785955394f0Andreas Gal — Merge.
ea9023d76bae3662a2c3f890f8084e057c4528a9Andreas Gal — Don't try to deallocate the trace recorder from inside one of its own instance methods (472049, r=brendan).
adbe8e4b21dcd4dd78d505bf1026d2b02984f636Andrei Saprykin — bug 453157 - watchdog thread as an alternative to operation count. r=myself,mrbkap
2414c026d30c42bb19ca304508d6425f6bdf7531Andreas Gal — Merge.
c72662859121d6f1b5a58a21ba75c3200ef6bfcaAndreas Gal — Stop generating LIR when running out of memory in the regexp compiler (471924, r=danderson).
0a2075b1d1c1f5dcec8b47ba17c703befccba702Robert Sayre — Merge.
95d7117ae3ceffd223b5ada96eed14c2571ba3f0David Mandelin — Bug 463997: JS regression test bug with 'with (window) ...', r=mrbkap
aefbb338fdc2a42e4d30dcdc3f2b205691a69e31timeless — Bug 412743 nsScriptSecurityManager::Init shouldn't treat failure of InitPrefs as fatal
978be7d51a258470748ad18ce2f26d05870f2105timeless — Bug 471451 - configure outputs garbage while figuring out arguments for midl if midl is missing, r=ted
9a4bf340c1e3c44b678c1108f56be33f21f6a213timeless — Bug 470595 - crash [@ strlen - nsComponentManagerImpl::IsContractIDRegistered], r=bsmedberg
36f4da6e262aa45fe6ac8f2e70c2439d3a4c1d41timeless — Bug 136292 jsdIValue doesn't handle Unicode string values at all
ee25fdabc9fe7f4d6184ee8e9e6f2ca84929dfa4Edward Lee — Bustage fix Bug 463483 (finalized typed query statement)
5a68110f39c16c8ae5adcda522741b08ba73627fEdward Lee — Bug 426864 - Only show user typed history pages for the urlbar dropdown. r=dietrich
67aa0bc48118e0d115f72cac914f4ec8226618f7Edward Lee — Bug 463483 - matchOnlyTyped no longer honored with special filters. r=dietrich
3e1f7b96a3f22fe836418e41f107f7f25a358f3cMarco Bonardo — Bug 468400 - xpcshell-simple/test_places/unit/test_adaptive.js | *** TIMEOUT ***: The test timed out while polling database, r=sdwilsh
80118343c779e812c63918f3128e8eb311d881e8Marco Bonardo — Bug 466407 - History menu often shows duplicated items, r=dietrich
37ac7732142f556a30e4f0f5c78e6248cfd48b23Marco Bonardo — Bug 471547 - move PlacesDBUtils getters to avoid possible leaks, r=sdwilsh
b98a20b1e91e84df7637ea4ddfc83089aed67a01Marco Bonardo — Bug 471788 - 4 TUnit tests leak now, r=dietrich
c4785f2136df2c3dc94a572958d7c95d20267b67Marco Bonardo — Bug 470429 - nsPlacesDBFlush::onItemAdded should not sync if the item is a container, r=sdwilsh
99000e832da7d86c9541148b667be989258116b8Marco Bonardo — Bug 462765 - instant-apply muddies the MRU folder list in the bookmark properties dialog, r=dietrich
38c24ab6f2a07fb97354efabafd321439ecaf950Boris Zbarsky — Bug 472500. Allow generated content on XUL frames. r+sr=roc
38889a06fb5218bc30454ab61fb8298826bc5fdaBoris Zbarsky — Bug 472501. Add XUL namespace checks in some more places where they're needed, and make the XBL suppression of child frame processing work for all frames, not just XUL. r=enndeakin, sr=roc
36d0b62a2f56dfd9feedabd9c358e81805b83979Steven Michaud — Delete event tap correctly. b=436897 r=josh sr=roc
04720c0140a96465c2acb6c2fd0e403005eee5e1L. David Baron — Split insert-rule-1 into two tests, each of which inserts only one rule, so that we can remove reftest-wait at the right time and make the test reliable. (Bug 472267)
4f196841ba1a99a30b2918b85fc16aed968abb45Vladimir Vukicevic — b=469916, lcms error when trying to open 0-sized profile; r=bholley
03b44f2b6f085e47f96ad1cbb7dafd96a472543bDoug Turner — Bug 469715. Adding nsIDOMGeoPositionCoords. r/sr=jst
b13132800742cb949023b67ecda62af091efa277Doug Turner — Bug 469715 - Geolocation Coordinates interface. r/sr=jst
311c2e93c6e33d7c35c586402984945be17c1a5cDoug Turner — Bug 468462 - Geolocation timeouts values are signed. r/sr=jst
fda5001925693f310c771ef7d2a92abbcbe1fda6Doug Turner — Bug 469091 - Removes an unused method from the geolocation provider api. r/sr=jst
52a9f1cfedaafe1ff4611c9d6e2d6d8a08c38094Doug Turner — Bug 470072 - Some geolocation providers will not respond with a location for up to 1 minute. This will provide cached location if available. r/sr=jst
1d1533aff4abd79f2f10ce9c1bfb05ae41643adaBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 469862 followup - Tell the server that we support throttling (see bug 469863), r=ted
53f438686fa2090f209816328596610c8a675053Boris Zbarsky — Bug 468189. Stop failing the test if we don't finish within 5 seconds. It causes sporadic failures.
e30ccbc29e3ca73ad18ef622a72c0f5886caf61aBen Hearsum — bug 455578: make sure always cleans up after itself. r=ted
da2483729836094885f54fd606924f8ec351b489Olli Pettay — Bug 470687, try to prevent broadcaster loops, r=enndeakin, sr=neil
670a3b50dfe037ae4aecbc76a1365a14dea5b065Robert O'Callahan — Bug 472244. Flush out MozAfterPaint for previously painted areas before we go ahead and fire MozReftestInvalidate to test invalidation. Also make canvas.drawWindow take float parameters so we can more precisely specify the area to render when 'device pixels' don't match CSS pixel boundaries. r=dbaron,vlad
8dcbd3d42d6891c1ab50b7f1a1fb3e27f408a4e8Phil Ringnalda — Bug 207864 - Some things GetService ";1", r=gavin
562fa5121cec45c85299e520336a057ee5ef9e5cPhil Ringnalda — Bug 207864 - Some things GetService ";1", r=neil
5d3c5c4f4d538c3646af582a0323f740f713d8c6timeless — Bug 421229 - nsIFilePicker.fileURL comment is wrong, r=neil
7ff9bd1ae726aa5199c87a2620e9cfdb0a69c8c3timeless — Bug 421687 - Crash report links in about:crashes should have display:block, r=Mossop
3ef1e2ac1c51c373e15ce0d533af9ee6ce57a581John Daggett — Bug 472237 - check for null user font set before using. r+sr=dbaron
23745759a50d98a1fc7b4dd8b7721a14738712feChris Double — Backed out due to test failures
1168ffc190b96d9612db28d45983d5f9c9264245Chris Double — Backed out changeset f155c8f39715
04332a026eb3727a7cc2cb1ebefe2f4a6f5ed417Doug Turner — Bug 464091 - Modify windows widget to work for windows ce. This should have been removed when I merged to the tip. Thanks :emk for pointing this out
f155c8f39715bed4ab5b4ed58ace8fb91bfec68aChris Double — Bug 464376 - Fire audio/video progress events as per spec - r+sr=roc
ccba5b55694998afa0c5373869be1131d9a91265Jesse Ruderman — Add five crashtests
355c40c3dfdb51ee0dcc17e0524ff57275dba272Ben Newman — Remove seemingly unused crypto.alert() API in favor of window.alert() that we all know and love.
a67b8808aadde56e75057a6019575c4767912ae9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 284320. Remove the contentParentFrame hack in subdocument frames, along with the no-longer-used arg it used to be used for. r+sr=roc
2a4999efa837deadaf7f435b49ff77b35b1107bcL. David Baron — Change code for handling out-of-nscoord-range values from NS_NOTREACHED to NS_WARNING. (Bug 472218) r+sr=roc
c162278affadeb185e5648d5d53d5eedfe8d1995L. David Baron — Fix tests to match what they should have been testing, and fix nsFloatManager behavior to match what the old code actually did as far as considering floats at the side that did not protrude into the containing block. (Bug 472252) r+sr=roc
63fc1585fe0070724e339c277480681358b0b23bL. David Baron — Add nsTArray<E>::TruncateLength, which is like SetLength, except only allows shortening of the array. (Bug 191448) r=bsmedberg
7f7c7c7a4afee6323bae1510c851e152ca4a729bJosh Aas — appshell whitespace cleanup, no bug
cd085064b5d1ac3a9c4a55086e5054f0b66d0afeNeil Rashbrook — Bug 249141 Incorrect ellipsis width calculation when all text cropped from right r=Enn sr=roc
9bb548de26e79edbffe74037245753b309ab2cacNeil Deakin — Bug 342619, disable left check on Linux for now
e35d7575410873cf15a376b03255c3f5c1a3cd1cTed Mielczarek — bug 444351 - do not send client UUID / GUID with crash reports. r=bsmedberg
053ebdb6a88c3417b17a8d3c4ee8ae32e28cc205mak77 — Bug 470348 - clear private data on shutdown does not delete history if "ask me before..." is enabled (r=dietrich, gavin)
3153bca51559d1ce6a67e5610e3f55fac8da0fdaBlake Kaplan — Bug 471560 - This assertion isn't correct, since it's fine to *create* a constructor cross-origins as long as the calling script can't *use* it. r=bent sr=jst
dc655c191953e40036f15ef50e9cf771cec8336fOlli Pettay — Bug 472212, r+sr=bz
7658f9a1f67169e16431c68e8610c82dcfd10b66Blake Kaplan — Bustage fix from bug 458020
ebb008ff4264723151fa42e9af7b1b98a95d2873Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 472348 - Some unused variables found by combing the warning database, rs=bz
965b2068588d7aaa36b1df61de75694ac7c74480Blake Kaplan — Bug 458020 - Ensure that the display is correct when evaluating a script in a stack frame. r=brendan
abaa242f2300ea1149b9ef2d3c63c93df4d89068Blake Kaplan — Bug 470720 - Don't automatically unwrap XOWs or SJOWs in XPCNativeWrappers. r+sr=jst
fa32dcbc72b7d3a34b505e1718e634adc67de599Blake Kaplan — Bug 471366 - Deal with XPCNativeWrapper.prototype correctly. r+sr=jst
79d1f3cbc95a0e3f57d901a6b8a55624a3c8e26aNeil Deakin — Bug 342619, don't resize context menus when they would fit on the screen, r+sr=roc
612f2c665b1e099ad58f6947356c410909619e3fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 472322. Don't treat non-XUL listboxbody/listitem specially in XUL frame construction. r=enndeakin, sr=roc
fc12d81653dd38c6ccedaf2d31c385a3d1ba3d4cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 437366. Make sure to not paint black-on-black in dark high-contrast themes when 'Allow pages to use their own colors' is unchecked and the page tries styling a form control. r+sr=dbaron
cb62d3dff36ba4e4251f929176c17767e163c537Robert Strong — Bug 470797 - The GetLongPath macro returns paths with a trailing \. r=jmathies
309711a732acd1ccfad3fe3d5da57a67767948detimeless — Bug 472292 Crash [@ jsdScript::CreatePPLineMap() ] with Firebug when invoking a non-function from an event handler.
4af786d20e41081558a87db23f3d7690c5512933masa141421356 — Bug 452979 - Invisible control characters in URL MUST NOT be decoded when showing its address (r=gavin)
e38385c26b20c6b400525c353c4937a13abfcb59Markus Stange — Fix failing reftest for bug 470711
f521464b817a05f9cdcc086bbf3f9d855dbeb3e7Brian Crowder — Bug 471513 - invalid C++ in jsopcode.cpp, r=brendan
d2b395fc397e5379263781e67989627ce9718a59Brian Crowder — Bug 411726 - Use localtime_r when available, to improve Date reporting for locales like Venezuela on platforms like OS X. r=mrbkap, r=ted (for build changes)
b3ece7666374e7135bf8dffc1300175e239667e8Brian Crowder — Bug 433073 - jsregexp.cpp should use dependent strings, r=igor
b5d9ea223179b68ba9cb5795b95bbbb92d3a492cSerge Gautherie — Bug 460548 - Port |Bug 450983 - use leakThreshold for SeaMonkey testers| to Firefox; (Bv1) Reduce |browserChrome| to 72500 from 75000; blanket-r=ted.mielczarek
c7538401b1c942584ea04613693fff0ca99f5122Markus Stange — Bug 449442 - Use -moz-appearance: statusbar in the Mac theme, r=dao
e666dabedee5a7002c565e10914eb32890a842abMarkus Stange — Bug 449442 - Change -moz-appearance: statusbar on Mac OS X to draw a dark chrome statusbar with a gradient. ui-r=faaborg r=josh sr=roc
1283369519f3d17b31d96680a99e2c87097da0fcHenrik Skupin — Reftest for bug 462233, r=bzbarsky
97d346b1967191620fbe527a3c6078b1e875da1bMarkus Stange — Reftest for bug 470711, r=roc
793f8f182fb2d0d0af9a0300125e678819b1ba97Markus Stange — Correcting mistake in license header from bug 456214, comment only change
022bcbd9fd946fc6ced12c9857e971e04ec50a7aMarco Zehe — Fixing Windows and Linux orange from bug 469818
795d837f70ac5d527b784ff85454c8c1b8b7b9e5Masayuki Nakano — Bug 469164 Implement nsSound::PlaySystemSound of Cocoa r=josh, sr=roc
175db8c77a18205d3c9df31b7699979106e722b9Marco Zehe — Followup to bug 469818 - Refactor test_textboxes.* files, re-enabled XUL file of this test suite
43c4563d77e4c9c16b5ae9d16e7cc9c8fbe24809Marco Zehe — Bug 469818 - Refactor test_textboxes.* files, r=surkov
6bf12c7664b8e3bc5f3746baf85fde41d5d6ba52Dave Townsend — Bug 468526: Use https for blocklist information url. r=robstrong
f768b388a775550ebe610e8978d930ca080af3b4Dave Townsend — Bug 470810: getDirInternal should cache ProfD. r=robstrong
f54a6c9a0316ffc8c07206cae337b9064089797dRobert O'Callahan — Disable reftests with random failures (probably) exposed by invalidation-reftest system
6870353fe30f0be7520fb8e42a13260985cae357Mark Banner — Bug 469797 nsUserInfo::GetFullname assumes ASCII name on Linux based systems. r=bsmedberg
0c2e14b372343dc0f28dd48674c078b761c37ea3Dave Camp — Workaround the leaks exposed by the workaround in bug 472253.
82e26897aba9a7e7f636dee55e2b47fe9aec0daaDave Camp — Workaround for the bustage caused by bug 472253.
eadcf8a66263802c9dd717144891a68b08f96441Robert O'Callahan — Disable failing invalidation+zooming test
5d99fcca32aba9bd8f50d4562ad96367b83615bfBoris Zbarsky — Bug 291854. Push float containing blocks inside ProcessChildren. r+sr=roc
f918c5e6ba7ff5d6605e335240e59ee5fd75e7a3Chris Pearce — Bug 472204. Define event handler scripts before the video/audio elements that reference them, to guard against situations where the video element loads before we've parsed the event handlers. r=roc
502ad51d0af3c1081e8bee811e21045194374df3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 471365. Make reftest-wait tests track invalidation via MozAfterPaint and repaint the invalid areas like normal window repaining would. This makes invalidation-related bugs testable. r=dbaron
cf4443001e7c9b90bdad3346c00f5fef1682a524Robert Strong — Bug 397964 - Remove nsPostUpdateWin.js. r=dtownsend
51e4e361c6bf41fe791a9fe5dd19fd0d5907951cTaras Glek — Bug 472171 - nsIPrivateTextRangeList outparamdel didn't change IID r+sr=bz
670b36aab8cfd27f5f1aa0a042b7270889e2cdd4Taras Glek — Bug 472169 - nsIPrivateTextEvent outparamdel didn't change IID r+sr=bz
7b6c0d182d117eb45a4d3e653567797d4665cc1dTaras Glek — Bug 472167 - nsIForm outparamdel didn't change IID r+sr=bz
d3fd61af322590b0a5e283dfecc240bc63de06b3Taras Glek — Bug 472120 - nsIPrivateDOMEvent outparamdel didn't change IID r+sr=bz
1f8dd6dd9e209f7f8af05f9f57e658375920789cTaras Glek — Bug 470859: speed things up by getting rid of dead nsID callsites r=bsmedberg
7d97f74e090e69f117c2dd850848e2bf38eaf210Boris Zbarsky — Bug 472138. Push CreateAnonymousFrames into ProcessChildren. r+sr=roc
05f5bd831754644d29c57f7d1f5d3bd562070b46Boris Zbarsky — Bug 472138. Eliminate unused or unnecessary CreateAnonymousFrames args. r+sr=roc
80df08f98590db87d622f2e03f9420ac0391d16fBoris Zbarsky — merge backout of bug 437366.
e3bab6e6bfc24812be67c4952811ffcd341f37a1Boris Zbarsky — Backed out changeset f87b46d44d22 (bug 437366)
71f2bbba45d54524ae65f64449edd10e60946714Boris Zbarsky — Adding a test
d7b41102de3b5fa587bfdb4e0ba3feb9de041c7eRobert Strong — Bug 464835 - Update prompt comes up too often - backout changes from bug 324121. r=dtownsend
9107bd3a499dc2dbac30c97bde9f72724552e2d5Josh Aas — more window mediator whitespace cleanup, no bug
f72fe2571a66415b00c443e289ca1a9933afca07Boris Zbarsky — Adding test
2fb17425c988f9d8cc56a794eab25d74c2624396Doug Turner — Bug 464091 - Modify windows widget to work for windows ce. r=emaijala / sr=pavlov
c788b8e5de3d10af67fe4ecf5ffcbcd4399f5f6cDoug Turner — Backed out changeset 5b6c7ace97c4
5b6c7ace97c4c7acdfecd0e771d7254b32ee7dceJohn Wolfe — Bug 464180 - link error when building nsWaveDecoder on wince. r=ted
b26e61de06dd249e2bc7dd72094346e73cef6ceeOlli Pettay — Bug 457862 - onresize events should fire at every resize while resizing the window, r+sr=dbaron
aa2995bb5591877b490ec743bfd7092077bf6e71Ginn Chen — Backout last commit, wrong branch, sorry GECKO191b2_20081125_RELBRANCH
a39790f7b21d55c6bfe19e7ca6672a81b791c191Ginn Chen — Bug 460926 A11y hierachy is broken on GNOME 2.24 r=surkov.alexander sr=roc a=beltzner GECKO191b2_20081125_RELBRANCH
c04e27e056baceb18e15a62b4a98e63d3ae040aeDave Camp — Merge for backout of bug 441359
4a377a57eb8ef906c2381bc07212154f5323a402Dave Camp — Backed out changeset e31d0d3c28fd (bug 441359)
3dd7868ad8eb47ed5c93306c3eaef1b0800089b3Alexander Surkov — merge for bug Bug 441359
965d47130dfd3b2425a9ff490d4b982791b67658Alexander Surkov — Bug 468418 - Expose level for nested lists in HTML, r=marcoz, aaronlev
e31d0d3c28fd85fd96ae7194d13ec437927cf30aDave Camp — Bug 441359: Run scripts/css through the classifier. r+sr=sicking
e9287c7efedca7b33249e339dcf74689698eb5e2Dave Camp — Bug 442809: respect application caches in imgLoader.cpp. r=joedrew, sr=vlad
3800877d845a752a43db0e7ede92baeac1cbedc5Josh Aas — Clean up allocation for nsWindowMediator, nsAbout. b=471981 r=neil sr=roc
97b693577336fd39af8eb81bf832af65d31ca501Robert O'Callahan — Back out 451958
9d827f5f059e57826daa9f3f1fa540403747df0aRobert O'Callahan — Backed out changeset a5587354082a
a1954ebb5b5792830d3a6e73c8798d83e733bf4cRobert O'Callahan — Back out 451958
cbcd869d8a60ae0890644352134f7f1504767067Robert O'Callahan — Backed out changeset 23021d6ef8b2
f53765e8a713887b487288d7b5712454a9581ac5Robert O'Callahan — Fix obvious mistake in bug 470911 as well
cd7bf39ff7b50e31839b5e590940f32240219423Robert O'Callahan — Fix bustage for bug 470911, try harder^2
4a76631e1a66e14966255e178878a7bf54ca88fcRobert O'Callahan — Fix bustage for bug 470911, try harder
23021d6ef8b232bbf16b434e2e3a0868947d5a2aRobert O'Callahan — Fix bustage by removing mention of non-existent test for bug 451958.
6fe82507c1f3f2f8dbc6be45d05a8fd302b70b55Robert O'Callahan — Fix bustage for bug 470911
1fb9d185d8f1aa81c566b8c04a937bd458e7b2ebRobert O'Callahan — Bug 470911. Make the preserveAspectRatio attribute storage much simpler and make the DOM accessors use tear-offs. With help from Craig Topper. r+sr=roc
e7e8b8ba64984cf329773a856ee305ecb7ab94a9Craig Topper — Bug 471165. Make SVG animated class storage an nsAutoPtr<nsString> and make the DOM 'className' object a tear-off. r=longsonr,sr=roc
a5587354082aa8dd09ab5a6fd50a40c1d844ca3aChris Pearce — Bug 451958. Implement load policy for media elements. r+sr=roc
7c9c52594a4b91c66031fa57a44cdb85a0d4d467Michael Ventnor — Bug 445741. Round rects consistently to avoid a gap between an element and its shadow. r+sr=roc
4e1a2c3bc40d997bcf6203ae0d51bc38b9f374aeRobert O'Callahan — Bug 465448. Perform sanity check to avoid resizing a window smaller than the content area we're trying to achieve. r+sr=bzbarsky
d170052b6a6b54f3349ee60e514a257342f8add7Robert O'Callahan — Bug 429968. Handle situations where first-letter text detects first-letter style should not be applied, by creating a zero-length 'first letter'. r+sr=dbaron
aa32889429dba54d7f0b6dbc87e7bfc081fb666bL. David Baron — Give nsFloatManager::FloatInfo a copy constructor to avoid confusing refcount logging. (Bug 191448)
496e0cb5c943e630c473dbce949d6437e05c62acL. David Baron — Replace space manager with a more limited float manager. (Bug 191448) r+sr=roc
b19f0a7a3c4c11484d38110b6bbf7dcb6449b2e4L. David Baron — Rename flags and methods from space manager to float manager. (Bug 191448) r+sr=roc
b087a09f82aa42f351253fca85c8c75815731fa7timeless — Bug 451127 "ASSERTION: nsSimpleURI not thread-safe" through nsInputStreamTransport destructor
fa8ac62dd13eb88851b7190da3bcf90ece5ecc4eChris Double — Bug 470636 - Audio doesn't stop after navigating away from page - r+sr=roc
821fc740d5c907474a4be13437a2072e0f41cecaBen Turner — Bug 471920 - 'Workers: 404 errors when creating a new worker silently fails'. r+sr=jst, a=blocking1.9+
454a4f1c98a54b9ac0ade26f64a0524ade60762bL. David Baron — Remove TestSpaceManager. (Bug 191448) r+sr=roc
4a30801c7e45232ed393242c26fbffe95d184813L. David Baron — Remove the VerifyReflow code that checked the space manager state. (Bug 191448) r+sr=roc
2e16533cc07eea514b77d65a558472e6374f37a3L. David Baron — Fix assertion in bug 468645, per bzbarsky's followup review comment. r+sr=bzbarsky
b3087034bc80e086bd5557313e13e3b2246120ecL. David Baron — Forgot to rev IID in bug 468645 (changeset efbec418c3a1).
e6960f347e76408197659c90f77715e00a2a39deL. David Baron — Add some reftests for float behavior.
fa29efa5db42c0092bf457e2b02be46bd0940f1cL. David Baron — Fix some missed renames from bug 471356. r+sr=bzbarsky
9ffef99c9aa719688384909986fd1f9f8ecaa67dtimeless — Bug 427164 - jsdIScript.isLineExecutable should return NS_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY for oom, r=caillon
26994892da30754264b9ce9a8ff7d51fe0cf0965timeless — Bug 444918 - Crash when closing epiphany [@ NS_HasPendingEvents_P] ifndef MOZILLA_INTERNAL_API, r=bsmedberg
9bf9833dae62d680cbd9732f81b36173ce343d52Craig Topper — reverting 245acb960a88
245acb960a884d220a2c0237a3c38f26796b49fbCraig Topper — Bug 471165 - Removing the class attribute doesn't clear class name. r=longsonr,sr=roc
3d66b9da5793109523f27b4f4abc17044e522ab2Peter Van der Beken — Testcase for bug 468208 (Leak txNodeTest on
a01c5628ccc9d05d7db7c44517948147b12024ecDão Gottwald — Bug 471923 - kill tab-left-edge and tab-right-edge -moz-appearance values. r+sr=roc
9f497b1505d2388dbb28358c496f002d9e85720btimeless — Bug 466384 - "ASSERTION: OnDataAvailable implementation consumed no data" loading standalone video from local file; r+sr=bzbarsky
60846c749814f9a0c540ab23a629b21c9929a365timeless — Bug 469795 - tolerate contexts which don't have a JSOPTION_PRIVATE_IS_NSISUPPORTS; r+sr=jst
87d32ea05ca23e5711258e539ac7390705356005Justin Dolske — Bug 451267 followup, bump the interface uuid. Oops. r=me.
2abbd4951630238df341f1c0e535f78298907311Paul O'Shannessy — Bug 451267 - Master password dialog is shown on each website with at least one text field due to sqlite import. r=dolske
7c47afbd5675039d7a541ad272e54f0fabe81c0dDietrich Ayala — Bug 464486 - lots of bookmark corruption reported via user support (r=marco, sdwilsh)
d6380e49141edac21a021461a2ed3f8252c6b21dOlli Pettay — Bug 471883 - Gesture events should be dispatched to the element under mouse, not to document. r+sr=roc
b7c83a7b2b24731e93f41bb942138b15384659e4Serge Gautherie — Bug 471877 - Cleanup GTK includes; bustage fix (= revert nsPrintDialogGTK.cpp and nsPrintSettingsGTK.h too) for
054ca03946b5613ee631075ab17fdcc4193f98ceSerge Gautherie — Bug 471877 - Cleanup GTK includes; bustage fix (= revert nsDeviceContextSpecG.h) for
043671bf5dfc3049677bc83198153d64990c4900Arpad Borsos — Bug 471877 - Cleanup GTK includes; r+sr=roc
4dd8076af484ad0708425c71ec1c67e7b108633dRobert Sesek — Bug 463023 - nsIAutoCompleteController::searchStatus is initialized to 0, which is not a documented constant (nsAutoCompleteController::mSearchStatus); Unit test;
05f55cd484b8761c8a65a5692c7371aefeb07de6Robert Sesek — Bug 463023 - nsIAutoCompleteController::searchStatus is initialized to 0, which is not a documented constant (nsAutoCompleteController::mSearchStatus); Patch;
6c260601ec86d96cc578100771cb63cc44bc0d99Serge Gautherie — Bug 469331 - [SeaMonkey] test_bug458898.html fails; (Cv1) Report the (failing) values; r=dbaron
0c7455076caa62df504c6f6c4674c26094b2b382Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 471018 - Warning: nsFaviconService.cpp: outparam 'aHasData' not written on NS_SUCCEEDED(return value); r=dietrich
000821b9b9ef7232b3f5ac38c59faf551a66fb80Josh Aas — Clean up window mediator code. b=450576 sr=roc
a828ae6e92f4813ba43a7b4aab8133f6d7e15bcfKarl Tomlinson — b=469752 don't increment generation after LookupLocalFont in gfxUserFontSet::LoadNext r=jdaggett
073903c476f35d811e38ccf4f574cf1964a597caKarl Tomlinson — @font-face { src:local() } reftest
b66168eafccbf7c8183e411c8c2e1dca31ec8127Karl Tomlinson — b=468218 @font-face { src:local() } for GTK/Pango r=roc
f5863ec77a704c3f9cf836369e7f217bf8710cb9Johnny Stenback — Fixing bug 470992. Fix incorrect argument type in nsGlobalWindow::SetTimeout/Interval().
d2f133096be4b5a9ca9d928efe06cf727fc5da10Vladimir Vukicevic — b=459648, crash in DragLeave while hovering over marquee and using ondragenter display none; r=enndeakin
d7e69dfa7b7f38d4c41c0fa58be269219af5b025Robert Strong — Bug 471367 - Change the property name WARN_UNSUPPORTED_MSG to WARN_MIN_SUPPORTED_OS_MSG. r=jmathies
45f3d6c184e4bebbaac0a3b557b1a9d7f7228b81Reed Loden — Bug 471839 - "Modify some of the URLs used in bookmarks file" [r=Pike]
25ba82075a6dea90f73d4a56ba72f252ab8044c0Ben Turner — Fixing test filename case problem to fix linux.
823c957d952e48dd67eb9147e52404ddb00b1c2aMarkus Stange — Bug 470711 - Newly modernized tabs look cut off if the last one is hidden, r=josh r+sr=roc
e476785f79e4b4f8ca8a0599e0228a10eb9fad77Ben Turner — Disabling the test that's timing out on linux only until I can reproduce
7b79b55a6ea6b4ea596e05244ef0787b0c1ff81fRobert Sayre — Merge m-c to tracemonkey.
b369b9f805baa827357a1ce9b97e5493af72460dAndreas Gal — Use a single lirbuf for the tracer and rewind lirbuf during GC (471821, r=danderson).
e1c3260d9f93e704869401cb77b213abf8ef72b4Andreas Gal — Merge.
6bbf10f75a889d73764af34f0437e7ec617b475fAndreas Gal — Store frame state information in the code cache and merely put a pointer to it onto the native call stack (470375, r=danderson).
068d562872dca950fb55b0b46b5e303459a8b3e3Ben Turner — Bug 471285 - 'Workers: Spec for runtime error behavior has changed'. r+sr=jst, a=blocking1.9+
0c0fb037904a3fbde90f3c117cb350a3eef2ea1fDietrich Ayala — Bug 432706 - Deleting/adding/updating a large quantity of bookmarks/history is very slow due to updating observers (r=marco)
fd33ad5ffbc6a439a295869c02de6d16e1ac4b55Mark Finkle — Bug 464260: FUEL - Change nsIDOMHTMLDocument check to nsIDOMDocument check, r=gavin
2e0797853311829b98f374879024a5114c4056adPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 466224 (Make quickstubs call nsINode/nsINodeList methods). r/sr=jst.
9fa073e374f79f8cef61196816432bd25b9da5e0Mats Palmgren — Setting selectedIndex to an out-of-bounds value should have the same effect as setting it to -1. b=471741 r+sr=roc
c269ca1583139a6abd35f417b33bacff164d3ed2Olli Pettay — Bug 436965, r+sr=sicking
9187636abd954f66ebe184f5ac0e410e5203f6ecOlli Pettay — Back out bug 436965
806040db5068f8771cb66724a0c1616ab59d2c86Olli Pettay — Bug 436965, r+sr=sicking
197d609b950f6f3820c79dc9ecdfb13804ae9178Robert Strong — Bug 318855 (string only)- followup to fix hardcoded app name.
df612b3cc3d86088ff1ea7dcee1faaefd9622c2eNatch — Bug 416661 - "Site-specific zoom level shouldn't apply to image documents" (Future proof the test...) [r=gavin]
f035bd74e1ca813592c982cd8892dbd05eaa9322Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 463400 - Make about:privatebrowsing useful outside the private browsing mode; r=gavin ui-r=beltzner
6ece7e3224ca60996f6c6e4c05158158bea91b7bDaniel.S — Bug 389623 - box with background-attachment:fixed goes on top of floats; reftest; r+sr=dbaron
f03a67ca27727333eac3d62d4d8d9dfe48ece33eBo Yang — Bug 453094 - Some strong type conversion make GCC not complain; r=jorendorff sr=peterv
c31dee2ffb2c296ccc1a4f28b302bec556a2b6d1timeless — Bug 431776 - sdr doesn't handle oom, r=kaie
5dd1292aaad4a5616d1d51c43910c66b4562933bVlado Valaštiak — Bug 471668: add access key for sanitizeDurationBox, r=gavin
87590083255c8c157059bcc9d504cec6a3ff4459Gervase Markham — Bug 415128: fix Help->About copyright notice to mention licensing information, and remove references to logo copyright in non-branded builds, r=gavin, a=beltzner
a980f7c6189d38e2a68bc59c7eef121c532ff936Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 471428: add keyboard shortcut for private browsing mode (Cmd+Shift+P), r=gavin, ui-r=beltzner
40f7e81126a2b03f29457c71f857be8adb0676cdRobert Strong — Bug 459615 - Remove the needElevation param from WinLaunchChild. r=ted.mielczarek, r=jmathies
45f0ebf6eecc1744bc84cffc69d4ea30835994acEhsan Akhgari — Bug 469158 - Remove the 'privacy.sanitize.promptOnSanitize' preference; r=gavin ui-r=beltzner
9c13f028da54d5280d65af5b1ec4b60fd21e2675Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 471627 - Update text of about:private browsing before string freeze; r=gavin ui-r=beltzner
eb870a41e5cb91328694e18285202fc1b6c7d028timeless — Bug 470804 crash [@ NS_GetInnermostURI - nsScriptSecurityManager::CheckLoadURIWithPrincipal], r=bz, sr=dveditz
59c1cdb2cf7e802acd2c4ee7eacab82a16d990c8Phil Ringnalda — Crashtest for Bug 470804 crash [@ NS_GetInnermostURI - nsScriptSecurityManager::CheckLoadURIWithPrincipal], r=bz
dce664edeace818dbf47c8a9b69a1fcd43217bc0Robert Strong — Bug 318855 - 'Help/Check for Updates' should not be disabled when Firefox doesn't have write access to itself, but should perform check anyway (and, on Linux, prompt for root password). r=beltzner, approval1.9.1=beltzner
5a1e6eac685cf2540721eb0b8fe1d83849c3f2b4Robert Sayre — Mergre mozilla-central to tracemonkey.
4ac387253c8feb611172398f70c014888db5023bDavid Mandelin — Bug 471602 part 1: make regexp compiler use one shared LIR buffer, r=gal
34f4df9c4f9c6df4b71f19ddf2eaa77716a7986eBrendan Eich — Bug 471531 - js1_7/decompilation/regress-379925.js | js1_8_1/decompilation/regress-371802.js FAIL (r=jorendorff).
3cddecabdffb08e6ec3879214aa5f1c74055719aDavid Mandelin — Merge.
97c230b44f4a3b8c02fafe68e61ac8ddcb8ff683David Mandelin — Attempted fix for bug 470492: top crash in regexp LIR generation, r=gal
69ae130bce9e8fbab5818cfa28d125a67f05ca7dRobert Sayre — Merge.
1fea65b442c89f8e5fc34b57caae85fbcc5430c9Andreas Gal — Merge.
8f8a4b924c32be6697d12e3b3cbe527f7beab2acAndreas Gal — Allocate the next page to be used in a lirbuf early to avoid running OOM during a page overflow (471316, r=danderson).
d0e8862aa513f3509a176006ef2bf43f6d3120a4Brendan Eich — Bug 470374 - Decompiler fixes from bug 469625 (r=jorendorff).
a2d17feae1836b45d31816e31fd079e1fbdad1d9Andreas Gal — Merge.
083a9f80c6cec969735f6154a56048ea999a3819Andreas Gal — Backed out changeset 4acb47a25eb5
714208fb0f2177274251c8a26b650de19ddf765eAndreas Gal — Merge.
4acb47a25eb5d0a42ab58163f5b4cdf85e5388e7Andreas Gal — Convert String objects into primitive strings when invoking String functions on them (470609, r=jorendorff).
1e89ebda81e072e885d0a262ca92d1536b5fa003Jeff Walden — Make similar-acting code similar-reading as well (but not shared due to the +/- difference), no bug
2c980386430889f7f7f0b454c9220f18787222c3Igor Bukanov — bug 471197 - during GC call js_GetTopStackFrame only for contexts with frames. r=brendan
3bd2a3f41a2c46fed7e3c03882f5ac5edb10da73Jeff Walden — Bug 470739 - Trace more == cases. r=gal
092f31b0eee7a87faccd76c48db6810a8236b5a0Jesse Ruderman — Add 19 crashtests
5cce4f89e78c262e1d7da1328fb0f37ed8a87fa3Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 465692 - Update the text of the Private Browsing prompt; r=gavin ui-r=beltzner,faaborg
01f6bd8265fd4505ae7c4442eb9c612bfd72cdbdEhsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset cdeb81e07974 because of a possible Mac problem
cdeb81e07974609a49ed46351a45fafb5537dad6Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 465692 - Update the text of the Private Browsing prompt; r,ui-r=beltzner ui-r=faaborg
314c9e78f9e1a86431015f2ef327dc05f8841e09stefanh — Bug 470792 - help.xul has a wrapper vbox that prevents the toolbar to be unified. NPOB. r=Neil.
19ca4c2894e7acd4ff0939b197353b7aa1d2181fJonathan Kew — Bug 466599 - wrap HTML on system pasteboard to provide charset metadata, fixes paste/drag into rich-text NSTextView destinations; r=(joshmoz + roc) sr=roc
0f83e25056008fa434bfeb2059656f79096f56e8Daniel.S — Bug 240029 - table in this page incorrectly off right edge of page when fonts are small; r+sr=dbaron
f0bb7414241895ba7f8eac5bb8346a476069680aTyler Downer — Bug 471146 - remove old CAPS readme (already on devmo); r=brendan
00f1c4de50b887e39ec6d4433a7da1f726c63da2Jonathan Kew — Bug 470418 - Leak nsStyleContext with RTL, text-transform; r,sr=roc
e807ec425ad7c1e7f33879e3ded44101ba335b72timeless — Bug 469535 - Cr is not defined in viewSource.js, r=gavin
3f85723dcb61cb2c3cb85ff6a648fd3ca159940dPhil Ringnalda — Bug 470179 - Update browser/toolkit copyright dates to 2009, r=gavin
159587872b029931e2d3cdb349438b91d412d2ecPhil Ringnalda — Merge for backout of e0cce6a738c9
de8572d5add0ea788427cc233df093a3e893d76dPhil Ringnalda — Backed out changeset e0cce6a738c9 (Bug 466224 - Make quickstubs call nsINode/nsINodeList methods) for failing mochitest
3c50ac825b3cb8a6dd70b536b93f2ddfe3915d5dMats Palmgren — Reftest for bug 302379.
e0cce6a738c9e2e69f5e4fc8a0bff2f0d71f2e91Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 466224 (Make quickstubs call nsINode/nsINodeList methods). r/sr=jst.
91a98e404def73572eeaf7d9bd2cef5381937d2fGraeme McCutcheon — Bug 418874 - undo function does not work in emptyText textboxes (e.g. Firefox search field, URL bar). r=gavin
cf6fec646560305555a14755418b20bc190a39d6Olli Pettay — Bug 471543, r=enndeakin, sr=roc,
219526c76f59e01a423952fcfab2a8a4003c76f1Phil Ringnalda — Bug 471439 - Remove long-dead MOZ_SECURITY ifdef, r=ted
eba3f74d77345eaa11d7474c92c1667c0cfb53abStappel — Bug 469302 - Page source code after form submit shows initial form page instead of new page, r=gavin, sr=mrbkap
a5227b4f2814c6e40d99587819ba502a548207c4Ben Turner — Backed out changeset 1c68eb288c85 for mochitest timeouts.
1c68eb288c858e52c028007c6023d202c87e7244Ben Turner — Bug 471285 - 'Workers: Spec for runtime error behavior has changed'. r+sr=jst, a=blocking1.9+
8b659f81bab89b7cfdf60e2d1204a16251ded1d7Ben Turner — Bug 470334 - 'Workers: relative urls for XHR are incorrect'. r+sr=jst, a=blocking1.9+
a04c4267c6c3d2dc2a850b2dc34dca980fcff11dMarco Bonardo — Bug 470707 - [SeaMonkey] test_download_history.js fails now, r=dietrich
6b8fb1215fd77cb867947174230257d0300a431eMarco Bonardo — Bug 467778 - dragover attribute is not always cleaned up correctly, r=dietrich
5d6081dd83d080a687592cec10c415146a359d8fMarco Bonardo — Bug 466564 - RemoveDuplicateURIs is not aware of temp views, r=dietrich
144901af1a63ad41ed3c4b5ad5dd593b3b338f68Marco Bonardo — Bug 464438 - move EnsureCurrentSchema into migration path, r=dietrich
c28356223f8517329c04d7b569fdab4bac919acaMarco Bonardo — Bug 439129 - Clearing browsing history does not hide livemarks children from the location bar, r=dietrich
be8e227b1d8a760b9c7e1e568f2368c00a6a8b0cBen Hearsum — bug 471427: upload target, all in one shot, UPLOAD_EXTRA_FILES fixed. r=ted
77084056e89a9213a2567c125d94abd06d90638dDão Gottwald — Bug 471404 - "Remove All Reports" shouldn't be available if there aren't any reports. r=ted
9b0d41d19445ee2edba23b7f045d48dd827e3f5dPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 467671 (Leak 6 nsGlobalWindows due to DOMAnimatedLength not participating in cycle collection).
101fb71a7066705bd9c3217695680742d6949d6aOlli Pettay — Bug 419059 - contentAccess accesskeys for elements hidden with CSS don't work, r=neil, sr=roc, a=jst
beda28c8452898c6608445841d0e2b9e0f03c9a3Neil Deakin — Bug 467775, ensure GetMayProcessChildren is called for all recursive template checks, r=smaug,sr=jonas
1b729bea6d14533d6518efc2939b2a2cd7d4f9d6Neil Deakin — Bug 393582, Improve naNavigationDirection code,,r=enn,sr=bz
472b245a8b2e82e11f47be4c90bc8b28971c431bDietrich Ayala — Bug 414715 - Notify the user if places.sqlite is locked and bookmarks and history will not work (relanding w/ leak fix, r=marco, r=gavin, l10n-r=pike)
bc5a28f28fba7ba691bd76d4b8d6ff71999f8499Olli Pettay — Bug 471246, r+sr=jst
5da327888d93dd2c72f2601ab1759a06227f8e6bDão Gottwald — Bug 460228 - Remove unused tabbrowser images
d71e6b07b68a0959b413a61f98f05b0b63cc60d3Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 471471 - Narrow window class name is no longer used; r+sr=roc
635d4b7f26cbe68f4e22a6e094d29719e8794b53timeless — Bug 469019 - gfxRect shouldn't be forward declared as a class; fixing forward declaration to match impl; r=(bzbarsky + longsonr) sr=roc
bd5e418b8f8b2a480f8f31c1993715aa4fb193c9Tyler [Triage] — Bug 471154 - remove editor readme from mozilla-central; r=daniel
6201c0669e152506ed26a88ab30ea4a920a56788Daniel Holbert — whitespace-only: Fix bad indentation on one line of nsSVGAnimatedTransformList.cpp
47080f56538aa462551bae27e1608d9cc4d91944Dietrich Ayala — backout bug 414715 due to leaks
4d579f865308b2851b1171feee4388a7fb42f740L. David Baron — Fix trivial compiler warning introduced by bug 471356.
abb24c645b1db20f3c617f70a917d13937971cd1Neil Rashbrook — Bug 464914 (regression from bug 270128) Watch for menubar activation r=Standard8
e544c324fcb569902f6f0cad6764535fd97a4b3cDietrich Ayala — Bug 414715 - Notify the user if places.sqlite is locked and bookmarks and history will not work (relanding w/ leak fix, r=marco, r=gavin, l10n-r=pike)
aed3c0bdeb72584ae644b51e3a7c171082fd15bdBrad Lassey — bug 469412 - remove native widgets from xul decks, mobile only r+sr=roc
04f503f9694d0e8fda1d467a14c89fcb3800ae9eBrad Lassey — bug 464194 - ShellExecuteW and SHParseDisplayName do not exist on wince r=emk, bsmedberg
fb2f301f6d0b2e2985d8322b975368aac54539bbL. David Baron — Stop using nsAreaFrame for anything other than xul:label, which is the only thing for which it does anything different from nsBlockFrame, and rename it accordingly. (Bug 471356) r+sr=roc
187ce101bf038bc85ef5af224447671442993b59L. David Baron — Fix regression in CalcQuirkContainingBlockHeight from change from area frame to block frame in bug 243519. (Bug 471356) r+sr=roc
5e3e645e59be49f6d90edaf79da3ec18b29aa70aMats Palmgren — Additional tests for clip property. (Bug 372063)
4e418f9c2b0ff3c7fc73b388f43c250b0107f331L. David Baron — Distinguish clip:rect(auto,auto,auto,auto) from clip:auto as the spec requires. (Bug 372063) r+sr=bzbarsky
7f1bceb5c563ceb5d82ebe6c28a848459cc0e890L. David Baron — Reject 0 as a value for -moz-column-count. (Bug 471341) r+sr=bzbarsky
068e61bef01ebb0739f3e4d4871d68c0af4f8258L. David Baron — Add crashtests for bug 468645.
b1d50ee5b9e7a7f58dbd152e32ba42619b3ca109L. David Baron — Fix nsLayoutUtils::IsReallyFixedPos to work right in paginated mode. (Bug 468645) r+sr=bzbarsky
62304457e1b85b99d0f7697b5d94a130bdc22519L. David Baron — Don't post media features values changed events when nothing changed. (Bug 468645) r+sr=bzbarsky
dee577166dd8fabe74957cc913ced117555c64c9L. David Baron — Pass the correct parent content when re-resolving the inner table for a display:table pseudo-element (:before or :after). (Bug 468645) r+sr=bzbarsky
6849ce51dfef0df9838e72af1acdd8a9f407a373L. David Baron — Prevent rebuilding all style data when paginated. (Bug 468645) r+sr=bzbarsky
e09da908f8b4b045f7704173b903f22427bbc482L. David Baron — SetVisibleArea doesn't need to lead to media query change handling when paginated (e.g., when doing a SizeToContent around a print preview window). (Bug 468645) r+sr=bzbarsky
ffd1fe854d954e840ba4670d885664f9825d0d6dL. David Baron — Fix handling of 'orienation' feature in print-preview. (Bug 468645) r+sr=bzbarsky
efbec418c3a14069a320d32adfec232b0aa97de9L. David Baron — DeCOMtaminate nsIPresShell::GetDidInitialReflow. (Bug 468645) r+sr=bzbarsky
b80da4a764fc8af170942436ee844d754465ffa8L. David Baron — Prevent posting media query changed events during construction. (Bug 468645) r+sr=bzbarsky
43391574f35f23bbe2885f09f20e22c53a8255beL. David Baron — Fix style context invariants so we can re-resolve page break frames. (Bug 468645) r+sr=bzbarsky
1b8061be91458f4eb2c5530622dcd1c7cb86ae93L. David Baron — Give nsPageBreakFrame a frame name for DEBUGging code. (Bug 468645) r+sr=bzbarsky
f80b0bf9387009139a8866226a4f8af5f0f01758L. David Baron — Expect percentages to be unsupported for -moz-column-width. I'm not sure why I made it as it is, since they were never supported in either our implementation or the spec.
ad74c4b0b33c85aa33e8721502bdb7a2638a30baDave Townsend — Bug 470379: Remove code to upgrade from 1.0 profiles. r=robstrong
80affc8d4e2ea82857f0d4b2a6223a97e2687bc7Robert O'Callahan — Bug 458296 --- fix reference test name
cfa7563faecbebc85b4db2dc27135a3e820a0586Daniel Holbert — whitespace-only: remove space characters on blank line in nsIDocument.h
cc039e5c24ce5d9d1b3a77a8cdc496a34cc1a692Robert O'Callahan — Bug 449142. Scale video so that it fits in the content-box of the element and has the same aspect ratio as the video source. Also adds some Ogg video reftests. r=doublec,sr=dbaron
abef302b61be021d31d810c279ba3351e7cd62c3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 458296. When a block doesn't carry out the bottom-margin of its children, add that bottom-margin to its overflow area. Also, add the bottom-padding of a scrolled block to its overflow area. r+sr=dbaron
295ef42f86d4ba4d483c035d48274d1cc773528aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 469203. Don't try to make toplevel HTML documents transparent, it just doesn't work and the window can disappear in a mysterious way. r+sr=dbaron
6f760def9fcd8949e82476dacf79add2844f7e68Ben Turner — Bug 466826 - 'Running mochitest asserts: ###!!! ASSERTION: should be executing script: 'mContext->fp', file /mozilla/dom/src/base/nsJSEnvironment.cpp, line 3318'. r=bz, sr=mrbkap, a=blocking1.9+
324151b8a4b9cd997888edae9f5ed7110c38c076Ben Turner — Bug 468538 - 'Crash [@ nsParser::ParseFragment] setting innerHTML in mixed-content document'. r+sr=mrbkap, a=blocking1.9+
314b79846f1b492c48c018092920295116c5f52dBen Turner — Bug 467210, r=mrbkap, sr=jst, a=blocking1.9+.
9f80cbefc1858ae86a92b1cb300cc75d25ae4723Daniel.S — Adding crashtest
f87b46d44d22cfac0a7a075837827323b341aee6Boris Zbarsky — Bug 437366. Make sure to not paint black-on-black in dark high-contrast themes when 'Allow pages to use their own colors' is unchecked and the page tries styling a form control. r+sr=dbaron
740b5c912d254d3d62da601c0deae3e932e5249fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 467647. Fix editor leak in error conditions. r+sr=peterv
1333834a7c3a2fff13b7a64d70d899d3dea74fd7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 449778. Don't fire pageshow in the new place on viewer swap if it's about to fire anyway. Do fire it in the old spot in that case, though. r+sr=jst
a545234a6d16cd51d4f779747760a80e6fdc0646Dão Gottwald — Bug 471302 - "bookmark this page" resets the clipboard every time you enter the window. r=gavin
1c3fff072e08fcc045845834dbbf0c6b32a96c3aJeff Walden — Bug 470814 - TestRunner needs a feature guard before using document.hasFocus and document.activeElement. Since they were only being used in the belt-and-suspenders voodoo magic force-focus code, just disable the focus forcing when in browsers where we can't detect focus. r=sayrer, r=ajschult
0d57b1e463c65121c592076e407259647df67653Jeff Walden — Fix another warning pointed out by bsmedberg warning-blame by annotating a function parameter as an outparam.
30d34ca12778b1f3f7da3100b78e4e2885b3c3ebMark Banner — Bug 470439 Migration from signons.txt looses newsgroup username/password information. r=dolske
97765537869edd61d8663be41b1fb85ec8258b39Simon Montagu — Fix compiler warnings in nsCaret.cpp. Bug 470574, r+sr=dbaron
bc174f0cc10d3519435ea23a3f67aeee06fb49deCraig Topper — Bug 471235 - IsAttributeMapped appears in many SVG class definitions with NS_IMETHODIMP_ instead of NS_IMETHOD_; r=longsonr sr=roc
d54715fb83dee6964395a071faec4738243b0f7bL. David Baron — Add test for bug 470596. r=dolske
ee565e96b0147013e3ecaad3a650df0dabd3676cL. David Baron — Fix placement of video controls when top and right padding are different. (Bug 470596) r+sr=roc
4e07397456a715881e68207d7a971a2b223ab4edL. David Baron — Fix an off-by-border-and-padding error in nsVideoFrame::BuildDisplayList. (Bug 470596) r+sr=roc
a50ff010b3fff247eb2adeeef497e155cd558c50L. David Baron — Make 'word-spacing: normal' just compute to '0', since that's what CSS 2.1 says to do, and thus change nsStyleText::mWordSpacing from nsStyleCoord to nscoord. (Bug 470705) r+sr=roc
447d12ffe764c89999281d5458286628e987c95cL. David Baron — Better handling of overflowing integer values. (Bug 440230) r+sr=roc
2bbf690dac7e7cd5bc60bb690873ebee4b857991Serge Gautherie — Bug 471122 - test_CrossSiteXHR.html : improve thrown exceptions from file_CrossSiteXHR_server.sjs; (Av2) Use setStatusLine(); r+sr=jonas
320d48cdd0ee1f918af1b9f480b2b7faf4b7e49fSerge Gautherie — Bug 471122 - test_CrossSiteXHR.html : improve thrown exceptions from file_CrossSiteXHR_server.sjs; CrLf->Lf Eol; r+sr=jonas
b5e0fbf1c5c5aff5924fb7a9a4ee9e6c191b58b1Craig Topper — Bug 471239 - nsSVGElement::ParseAttribute doesn't return PR_TRUE for new style SVG strings; r=longsonr sr=roc
4b66625f9fd46fdef3e2dbf019803b039227168bOlli Pettay — Bug 470571, r=longsonr, sr=roc
cbebc0ecef83602443ec0d15f35793e98ad28e3bOlli Pettay — Bug 432025 - Crash [@ CallQueryInterface<nsIDOMElement, nsIContent>], r+sr=peterv
5fa76cb18a0a7ce1f4736e1f11a4031e43862e15Vlado Valastiak — Bug 470573 - change key name so that localizers catch the string change. r=ted
c2384ded74947c4e76d9b6593e3a607495154400Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 470635 - Remove unused state machines
9e31dcb57815b342febfb5a6018783ffb695ee24Masayuki Nakano — Bug 466408 [OSX] First use of dead keys always shows incorrect behavior r=smichaud, sr=roc
63e4b423f3a1924e9a2ecfa722be2ea76d932c49Phil Ringnalda — Merge for backout of changeset 55e23c647137 (bug 462004) so the backout for bug 467862 to solve bug 471097 can actually build
bac73f9f2d2b28630201fe2a2511b3a5bce0f68ePhil Ringnalda — Backed out changeset 55e23c647137 (bug 462004) so the backout for bug 467862 to solve bug 471097 can actually build
e753ffa154cc809c9b1cca94e2e298f898fba5baPhil Ringnalda — Merge for backout of changeset 73be1c836d7f (bug 467862) to see if that fixes Windows bustage (bug 471097)
0928c4fc27901f10216e5ac2509530bea0c62c3bPhil Ringnalda — Backed out changeset 73be1c836d7f (bug 467862) to see if that fixes Windows bustage (bug 471097)
8eb5a5b83a938ba90488b885a5773b44a867c892Robert Sayre — Ho ho ho, it's a lump of hg coal. Merge.
edd031c8937cbac552518b9e8c7b13b4e2fbfa12Igor Bukanov — bug 471044 - fixing upgvar detection for for-in loop. r=mrbkap
09997a70e4fbfea8cd3e7abcf98846605b62b244Blake Kaplan — Bug 470758 - Don't generate upvars on the left side of a for-in loop. r=brendan
88d865ffd0a9b394d429c9092aa588777ce7712dIgor Bukanov — Backed out changeset 2d5e6b1c7254 - busted the WINNT 5.1 talos tracemonkey.
2d5e6b1c7254a696b67878e5f02292422885af2dAndrei Saprykin — bug 453157 - watchdog thread as an alternative to operation count. r=igor,mrbkap
696553764912d0ff8c8f5744a2f950e73c856f30Jesse Ruderman — Fix bustage
8cb04e0ee22b8638089c976b0a4123f4c4bfabecJeff Walden — Bug 470737 - TM: "switch(1/0){case Infinity:}" 4X slower with JIT enabled. r=gal
159f0ffacae9dea4ef04b1bb9c1920d1c976f426Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 470000 - JS_GET_SCRIPT_ATOM needs to use cx->fp safely, r=brendan
debe296988390cb9f0a29990923ed3922f744d83Jeff Walden — Bug 470409 - TM: Crash [@ js_EqualStrings]. r=brendan
65561fc2807c3fd82c2091c723813a015061c852Jeff Walden — Bug 470137 - TM: Behavioral difference in addition of objects between JIT, non-JIT. r=brendan
f506b00d99f4bfcd16df58ff86c0e435ae3bbcc0Igor Bukanov — Backed out changeset 7184e014cd05 - the patch for bug 453157 bursted tgfx test on Windows.
7184e014cd05187008c3c579b66e79799e423710Andrei Saprykin — bug 453157 - watchdog thread as an alternative to operation count
7dd3e4a4ceffa6459573229efc3a474ab7e3adbdIgor Bukanov — bug 469233 - using interrupt hook support in the interpreter for trace recording. r=brendan
07ba1e2cdf9d60e3d05f27c99038fcf0eb9f1780Igor Bukanov — Backed out changeset 605fd1985d05 - more merge typos.
605fd1985d05780c6429c1ce63e7e4bbfe38b88eIgor Bukanov — bug 469233 - using interrupt hook support in the interpreter for trace recording. r=brendan
01b6e96c3208250f75d1f519da178461c36ea1e5Igor Bukanov — Backed out changeset f13e2a2a5d66 - I was not careful when merging the unary op changes
f13e2a2a5d66682ec1a6f695d1aeca92ea066ea2Igor Bukanov — bug 469233 - using interrupt hook support in the interpreter for trace recording. r=brendan
d0779fe10486338b57c00b35f7b5ec631bedd27dJeff Walden — Bug 469942 - TM: 20% slower to compute unary +/-. r=brendan
c22e5761de557e3d48e18c2167f6302fc070ac99Jeff Walden — Whitespace patrol, move some tests before mandelSet where they should have been, add big scary warnings about not putting anything after mandelSet because they won't get run very often (not until just pre-commit, usually).
a86e8c84e2ee0b9b6ed0beb17370cecf0d689911Graydon Hoare — Bug 469012 - crashing LirBufWriter::insLinkToFar, r=danderson.
173464ec399c3b5193a9996365c409fb636545e4Graydon Hoare — Bug 464862 - Calculate call-argument deltas relative to last word of LirCallIns, not first, r=danderson.
a5bd620ceeea59969dc196f4d88310c42ac9eee9Brendan Eich — Fix warnings pointed out by Waldo from apply patch (465214).
229681f85e7aef406b41c6529a59addd969ff310Robert Sayre — Merge m-c to tracemonkey.
5af9839712f7f6d2be011763ce4a0370c1f7b5f5Brendan Eich — Back out patch for bug 469625, it mysterious busts stuff.
b8d8494faf18f57473b1b28d9c46964c63827343Brendan Eich — Merge, dammit!
db3662381be257b958b65061d8db879947c093d9Brendan Eich — Merge m-c into tm again.
db553f94394c5cdbdaa922045944de5de0b41233Andreas Gal — Trace apply/call with an imacro (465214, r=brendan).
0ceae28c4c55a08f1bcb6d2c1fe1189526dd44aaGraydon Hoare — Bug 470176 and bug 470173 - prevent traces from writing to imported properties, r=brendan.
8003e1a7d2aa5e35f85d22cc645fa32a9c438221Robert Sayre — Merge m-c to tracemonkey.
efd7691d238a2e50c7cb17469c9e196992a00504Igor Bukanov — bug 467441 - avoiding js_(Add|Remove)Root for regexp statics. r=crowder
cc3cbf3ea6761a33ad74feb33c6c8fb6c8d0d62aJeff Walden — Bug 470133 - TM: fails to trace case with a type mismatch. r=gal
e6c176faad6bd208cd006056e7197abb20989679Igor Bukanov — bug 465032 - operationCount as the first field in JSContext. r=brendan
8353e26475a8866498ad1da8d2fa8848b9f033a5David Anderson — Fixed bogus assertion in a rare type-instability case (bug 470061, r=gal).
59d774acdd37a9bda4e380dbe921d2b3ef450a6dAndreas Gal — Merge.
29d88d7860177b3e0a31257c24006eae2b969a6cAndreas Gal — Backed out changeset 95b210c2fc92 preemptively. Seems to crash the browser.
cd92babb00cf3b218f2e7077dad596737920aa9eAndreas Gal — XP_MACOSX and DARWIN are not set in the shell, so use __APPLE__ (another follow-up for 465460, r=danderson).
37aea64bfdb43c13d1a3ae89d532b7f89daa2919Andreas Gal — Merge.
95b210c2fc920a0987653dbd5229f30b8cb2af4cAndreas Gal — Trace apply/call using an imacro (465214, r=brendan).
ed2062a1593cfe79307374ec6a571debf956e874Graydon Hoare — Bug 465443, bail off trace when readonly properties are written, r=brendan.
47152e6cdb4b5c74fa374d499cc3226df3ea4983Robert Sayre — Bug 423231. bustage fix.
974160364e01f375982e2e3a12e076067a75f8ecAndreas Gal — Return -0 for ceil if x < 0 and x > -1 (423231, r=jim).
a27bde3b87197aea98270105d388a77c1b97b613Brendan Eich — Bug 469927 - TM: much slower than interpreter with short loop with |let| (r=mrbkap).
4aaecbf945af1b65fb7e568b9bde49dbf90a5284Igor Bukanov — bug 465377 - avoid useless duplication of Exception native. r=crowder
12a753e1880be9d946b674f8f81b80734b536459Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 468937 - Add some basic tests for the red/green (cx->fp) analysis
2bf87d135d1c0e57959112d126eb849b4fcce52fBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 469995 - js_DecompileValueGenerator uses cx->fp and should be made safe, r=crowder+jorendorff
7c898d7b2e9eae2b6983954cd0d6f7d2a19327a9Andreas Gal — Follow-up fix for the follow-up fix for 465460 (r=me, again).
1329b1e3edd3bd779ebfb12ae4226707633c6bd7Andreas Gal — Trivial follow-up fix for 465460 (r=me).
370f4468be2f8d3d038dfba7eff34645de59608cBrendan Eich — Windows lacks ssize_t, who knew?
ac84a530de97f38f53e6dd4a77c0eb58588ed7e6Brendan Eich — Bug 465460 - TM: valueOf ignored on third iteration of loop (r=gal).
9f11eea65712da0d3465d3b8064d14938e6637bfBlake Kaplan — Bug 469761 - Protect against apply on a non-function. r=gal
f777d2c974b3627fcfabde9f1e1ada29149ef6baBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 469191 - jsstack.js: give better locations for errors, r=dmandelin
1e6682969ba965786ffbc7ebf10362a691045f9dDavid Mandelin — Bug 469177 - red/green analysis (cx->fp) doesn't actually run the analysis, r=jorendorff
fae33a19dbe996e5978f11a4188d3e71ecd08db5Blake Kaplan — Bug 469582 - Add -j to the ./js usage string if the tracer is enabled. r=brendan
5f6d7c789505f032c0de4071b273263305efd364Blake Kaplan — Bug 469621 - Protect the new scope object from garbage collection. r=crowder
7010a2955de37da4b1a4ce28e9e61f21548d7e2eJim Blandy — Bug 461180: Add coverage tests for traceable math native functions. r=mrbkap
f0f9fe3f99dd092243af70f8dbec11d3f0570537Jim Blandy — Bug 461180: Define traceable native versions of the rest of the math funcs. r=jorendorff
7a24f8922f4b3064a07eaffe7ba43d7f4a0f6b7cAndreas Gal — Merge.
0a2df946ea6e729dc6abc138c873bfcbbb23345dAndreas Gal — Merge from m-c in an attempt to resolve mochitest startup crash in libnecko.
3c3921f30981f8e780d669688b72ea768a5524baBrendan Eich — Bug 469313 - TM: crash (GMail): JS_Assert (s=0x368d8f "!JS_ON_TRACE(cx)", file=0x3724c8 "/Users/roc/mozilla-checkin/js/src/jsobj.cpp", ln=3765) (r=gal).
e905fe64c1b279d2089e4238e8bdb9c58cb122bfBrian Crowder — Bug 446026 - restore utility of eval(s, o). r=mrbkap
a5c631abee1f4056232044e9b4365c9ab870ea04Andreas Gal — Merge.
14a182ce44ce320469dc1917e0c0636414888e02Andreas Gal — Backed out changeset 5f64a0d18e53
39631f84fa47ad6fc4b09edf4b8d4de48333cd0aAndreas Gal — Merge.
5f64a0d18e530c6389c11c649086bb7ba72524e6Andreas Gal — Branch-exit and attach traces on shape mismatches (r=danderson).
5a26ec73cf0d3c0c8862a83e3be7f2c6ff3161f7Robert Sayre — Backed out changeset f682453c06d0. Failing scriptaculous unit tests, doesn't build on windows or mac ppc.
f682453c06d06ac83b76a0f58fb868f76da37201Brendan Eich — Bug 465460 - TM: valueOf ignored on third iteration of loop (r=gal).
c0c5a36186929f3a7e93f6f85bbe711c84d899a4Graydon Hoare — Bug 468484 - Back out further arm-wince breakage from recent merging activity.
fd979c3768df808f8655819c295e51fc3a695b24Jesse Ruderman — Tests for bug 435529 and bug 436823.
a100873f37b700bf1cdd69c1ae0a1d78b4eaa03fJustin Dolske — Disabled failing test -- Bug 471139 - mochitest failure in test_HTMLDocument12.html
6af107f076c7dc1d4331eab1ddf57910e68bd402Boying Lu — Bug 469639 - failed to build firefox trunk on OpenSolaris; define HAVE_ALLOCA_H on Solaris; r=chris.double sr=roc
5428595e217c8c1ea7a5c4386587e5ee1bba82a9Justin Dolske — Try reenabling dom-level2-html tests to see if they're still problematic (bug 427878)
579407c55f2d6507884d1993f8851e325d36e69dSerge Gautherie — Bug 460977 - make -C browser/locales langpack-AB_CD is not compatible with --enable-chrome-format=flat; r=(bhearsum + l10n + ted.mielczarek)
6629bb8baf418adc58665634f58d777851debd36Atsushi Sakai — Bug 460977 - make -C browser/locales langpack-AB_CD is not compatible with --enable-chrome-format=flat; r=(bhearsum + l10n + ted.mielczarek)
193f1e22531948053007e5329a396ea9be9326a6Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 470209 - intl.charsetmenu.browser.unicode should not be included in localizable file; r=smontagu sr=dbaron
77a854777ce2f5705e04f309839aa5003d865a81Tyler — Bug 470573 - Change "Remove Reports" to "Remove All Reports"; r=ted.mielczarek
8ceeb8f5d1f2cd199cdd4bd8c54c5464005cb8ceMichael Ventnor — Bug 430259 - Location bar auto-complete results box has no bottom border; r=rflint
55e23c6471379101a0e8a8e1f1f0e0b39b26c711Ted Mielczarek — bug 462004 - JavaScript shell should provide line editing facilities. r=bsmedberg
73be1c836d7f066f200ad4565d74bbc9354d2689Ted Mielczarek — bug 467862 - Build system should support building both a static and a shared library from the same Makefile. r=bsmedberg
30ee44d5158933ab05147567d1ff0bf771d68de8Ted Mielczarek — bug 469814 - Nightly mac builds contain .dSYM bundles. do some better cleanup when building symbols. r=bsmedberg
3664a036f00ebf7abb2c89afa8f1f7ba36f67fccBen Hearsum — Bustage fix for redness
de0464775b17d1f93f57950970df823c549af8a7Ben Hearsum — Merge commit.
42d7cb939283be84e79740ce08b65aa40cd0e071Ben Hearsum — bug 464154: l10n-for-releases fixes, l10n-upload-% target. r=pike,ted
36d425e44cff4398dfe6c5078b3cd3f31eb90c98Ben Hearsum — bug 455578: create a post-upload script on stage to do release-to-dated, etc. - fixes and enhancements. r=ted
df94feb90a4f5f5a90f02dfceabe534143cc29dbJohn Daggett — merge
3172d0e98c9aeaf6532e2c96a78d6f866b8cf389John Daggett — add valid EOT font and note describing reftest font directory contents
84bfba9454e24298aad03ff465d0589bd9c85bf5Joe Drew — Bug 455508 - Revert experimental change.
17d1b1f439ea901577ef54c54f875595b556e3e2Joe Drew — Bug 455508 - Double the image cache size to see if that has a material effect
967ae997cf22b3de16f441b30ce70e083476cff6Joe Drew — Keep track of the URI we're keyed on in imgRequests. This makes it possible to avoid leaks. b=468160 r=bzbarsky sr=vlad
8dce9cf66103363e1a508265b48e4959a7395454Joe Drew — Bug 468160 - Add test that does a redirect to a PNG inside an <object> tag. Our Mochitest framework will test for leaks for us.
82fd9752b6e116f47845ad76aff62c86cdca02e5L. David Baron — Readd test for computed style for large integers (even though patch was backed out). (Bug 470769) r+sr=bzbarsky
3fdd6aaa25f1b1e50e4b5473dcd42ec488d3e9e6L. David Baron — Merge backout of changeset 441f119f1a0c (Bug 470769) due to failures in layout/style/test/test_bug365932.html
e0740bbd7f753add0a5973e031f7388c2c87a2a1L. David Baron — Backed out changeset 441f119f1a0c (Bug 470769) due to failures in layout/style/test/test_bug365932.html
823540b5353a040c7ce5b6f9d63e632625221096Robert Kaiser — bug 469331 - [SeaMonkey] test_bug458898.html fails, make the width test function always ok on Windows, r=dbaron
35de15b279bc53e4800f941a39d1ff99610c1856Robert Kaiser — bug 469593 - test_423060.xul fails on SeaMonkey, r=gavin
441f119f1a0c0ded15ad4c4e9b563befd64497ccL. David Baron — Fix computed style for large integers by using double instead of float. (Bug 470769) r+sr=bzbarsky
d24fad239a51141aa0ddedfffea78f9f8e539d3bL. David Baron — Enforce the restriction that values of stroke-miterlimit are greater than 1, rather than just using ParsePositiveVariant. (Bug 470706) r=jwatt sr=bzbarsky
9cacafb91763c65efefdc57d850bebc5a0fe03cdL. David Baron — Reject duplicate keywords for 'text-decoration'. (Bug 470704) r+sr=bzbarsky
689a6d906a643b0e98597255c56c5de4ce367742L. David Baron — Disallow negative values on -moz-box-ordinal-group, since it's stored in an unsigned integer and clearly intended to be only positive. (Bug 470703) r=enndeakin sr=bzbarsky
0ed096f666ec7ba03c20e7fc487beb468f4abec5L. David Baron — Rewrite the shorthand condensation code in nsCSSDeclaration::ToString. (Bug 376075) r+sr=bzbarsky
15b55742e0cd09efa7e06ec714f88736940a461aL. David Baron — Don't say that the font or background shorthands are present when the properties that they reset but can't otherwise specify are not their initial values. (Bug 376075) r+sr=bzbarsky
4acaa6ee36651ca56e29a82fce265da9e9efda59L. David Baron — Condense box property four side shorthands in value getters, just as in serialization. (Bug 376075) r+sr=bzbarsky
db84bf8e7438695164cc6e31f2805c544c4ed23fL. David Baron — Suppress serialization of -moz-use-text-color in border shorthand in property getters just like we do in declaration serialization. (Bug 376075) r+sr=bzbarsky
d696886de032cdb4eac542620f83d1e4f0accbf3L. David Baron — Check consistency before returning 'border' shorthand. (Bug 376075) r+sr=bzbarsky
5d0f70073bb6b51ca250458195a6bb67f39b1468L. David Baron — Remove comment that should have been removed in bug 160403. (Bug 376075) r+sr=bzbarsky
29a3a6c1565afd4948281f2561189097b6c5f29cL. David Baron — Make the Windows widget code report 24-bit color depth when the display driver reports 32, since it's the same number of bits per pixel. (Bug 466669) r=vlad
38440caec34751baa6d7902ca8dfb563b8bca582L. David Baron — Make layout-debug extension work again. (Bug 470058) r=Pike
861e8c54f55cf66aabc42bba8d0df90bf3d0aa6bL. David Baron — Fix bugs in handling of inherit, initial, and none for -moz-border-*-colors. (Bug 389404) r+sr=bzbarsky
b25c43b4a4199565421c97f10eeba7b8943704b0L. David Baron — Remove bogus assertion. (Bug 470063) r+sr=roc
2aa1abd075b9bbee0696a9fd4d60bdd50d8d7aa1L. David Baron — Set up image loaders before reflow for border-image in XUL just like for HTML. (Bug 468473) r+sr=roc
e481add59aa48befbcea1ce0eb90fbd57f7ac7c6Peter Van der Beken — Testcase for bug 462947 ("ASSERTION: already initialized" - nsMimeTypeArray::GetMimeTypes).
c901b0a30c1ecce0c779b2d82e03fade293b5af7Peter Van der Beken — Testcase for bug 462929 ("ASSERTION: We can't deal with objects that have the same classinfo but different offset tables" with MathML element and other element).
0ce57dd543d495db2d8573be54026018d73296fcPeter Van der Beken — Testcase for bug 427060 (Get Error during XSLT transformation: Waiting for ...).
191b1d23618a33ffb40db746bcb63de9a2bd618bPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 468208 (Leak txNodeTest on r/sr=sicking.
b2479ac7eab7435ed932f16a86f5813169359273Stuart Parmenter — Added tag FENNEC_A2 for changeset 8a601ed6bc4c
10272628f541792cb353026ded59c53984750453Glenn Randers-Pehrson — Update libpng to 1.2.34 - bug 461935 r+sr=joe
018f2e97deddbe12e576de5d1d8d4eadd1a10d32Boris Zbarsky — Adding asserts for bug 470167
f309ea52af68b268c0ba3527c6106bf6cbe09186Joe Drew — Handle 302 redirects properly in imagelib. b=89419 r=bzbarsky sr=vlad/pavlov
9d1290d574582eb01f9dd6e7b3cced5790d78187Jim Blandy — Bug 469225: Move HAVE_ARM_SIMD test after header file tests. r=vladimir
31dbaf4ca0c4192890c77a74f801f84257dbdbe5Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 469862 - Save crash reports in pending if the server discards the report due to server-side throttling, r=ted
ce93ff4c5f0cabb5b86e5a252acf25c6e6f1b307Jim Blandy — Bug 467583: Make js/src share the 'dist' tree with the enclosing build. r=ted.mielczarek
2e386b2375e017f2388369ef8329cfd3fe711c7cdolphinling — Adding test
69d77c5270edfda9e56e412ac47470b11c94c785Justin Dolske — Bug 464371 - <video> fires multiple load events, controls should be <button>s. r=enn
8a601ed6bc4c7b3d1e35aa9e81f257512d984bd5Mark Banner — Additional crashtest fix follow up from bug 399227 - catch errors thrown by functions that now fail, so that the test completes properly FENNEC_A2
6d286de6fde3de4ae291da69093bc39d52bf7cd9Robert Strong — Bug 460669 - Installing Firefox writes incorrect file paths to DefaultIcon and open command. r=jmathies
5bd305d566715bee730ab63919d70051312cc09eJeff Walden — Fix some warnings blamed on me that were pointed out by bsmedberg's warning-blame scripts. Trivial change, no review, testingonly anyway
864222fe286285b10dccd21bd8606d45340790eaBrad Lassey — Bug 458892 - Change deb description for xulrunner r=stuart
411a1637b5603578a15361f47940797f18234985Mark Banner — Crashtest fix follow up from bug 399227 - Add missing removeAttribute to let the crashtests finish
eab42a3de6c6f10c3afe685d6daf7a6c1c1c27c9Mark Banner — Bug 399227 Crash @ nsTreeSelection::GetSingle, null mTree. r=enndeakin,sr=Neil
7127f726f66177c3bf21057933d44616b8f777afMarco Bonardo — Bug 470455 - test_database_sync_embed_visits.js leaks, r=sdwilsh
0cefee941067f63f8e5dd4b2e87f2c1f64446e18John Daggett — Add copy of .ttf font with .eot extension for testing
f7b8bdec9c705d0b9d9f0d6128f573592d55ff7fJohn Daggett — Bug 458160 - Reftests for .otf fonts. r+sr=dbaron
59508a1ac7dc3e50d82784bd99a863d4da527300Ginn Chen — Bug 460926 A11y heirachy is broken on GNOME 2.24, r=surkov.alexander sr=roc
28eea1633fe1e890760bb94c6bf72f279b3bd464John Daggett — Bug 458160 - Enable downloadable .otf fonts under Windows. r=roc, sr=vlad.
f75fec74d4b3e8aa823fcd17547b85e8cf5543bdJustin Dolske — Bug 455057 - some chrome images have embedded profiles. uir=faaborg
b839ff0630c618f46f9c253dc383dca75fe4096aAtsushi Sakai — Bug 355822 - User profile selection window cropped;
58cbf5d86442ae813723817be3039f2dce82d18dKaspar Brand — Bug 400822 - Cert Viewer crashes when encountering improperly encoded GeneralNames (in AIA or CDP extensions) [@ ProcessGeneralName]; r=kaie
7fdd82286b7320260821183b648fc5cf6579b9c8Robert Kaiser — bug 469331 - [SeaMonkey] test_bug458898.html fails, mark the test todo on SeaMonkey for now, r=dbaron
b1251b9b986e23286270c06f32ea47f384e7e7d5Justin Dolske — Bug 455057 - some chrome images have embedded profiles. r=dbaron, ui-r=faaborg
867d8d7b74adbefece7ab6dc9f48aba1063ccd8aPhil Ringnalda — Bug 469573 - Remove the unused mangle.c that creates a long filename to 8.3 mangler for Win95, since it's confusing having two very different mangle.c's around, r=ted
4e2eb5e11585b47024c620d71c8d8d3deb749e62Michael Ventnor — Bug 470165 - Cleanup the GTK nsFilePicker code; r+sr=roc
1a6d5321e25310d8b3cbf8df8343b36e3842f8a0Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 469739 - Add support for displaying Vista UAC shield icon; r=joe sr=vladimir
d20c18e98f8f811a312486c6c69b8b62c4ccd858Jonathan Kew — Bug 463806 - [PATCH][@font-face] Downloaded font activation on Mac may fail due to ATS cache corruption; r=(jdaggett + roc) sr=roc
4568122c4a8a61728e7997a60f846aef28347661Robert Longson — Bug 470124 - Crash [@ nsSVGUtils::GetRelativeRect]; r+sr=roc
8e972df8be8e99ecc6af48a9528fa4795971fb92Justin Dolske — Bug 469030 - video control binding shouldn't use ID attribute. r=enn
3d10285b201c1f7001830c23b1be980cc32a5834Olli Pettay — Bug 466057, r+sr=bz
050ae62b7d9d9d376e71bfd4a441c892620244e7Serge Gautherie — Merge for "Backed out changeset: 9990da98d7b7" of
0ee09d199a867db3294e044f6a65c25b563b47aeSerge Gautherie — Merge for "Backed out changeset: 4fbb9483d7e6" of
8a97d8909df36439ca020f59477f8adf17bb149bSerge Gautherie — Backed out changeset: 9990da98d7b7
3bd51dff318a85cac40ebf9f19467836d0e70e35Serge Gautherie — Backed out changeset: 4fbb9483d7e6
e45938aee3095322c89de66acdb8c08c9ecfa9efSerge Gautherie — Merge for "Backed out changeset: 8b5a38ba459a" of
efe3c6f76bca38763cebf51a26460b6ab2bc4195Serge Gautherie — Backed out changeset: 8b5a38ba459a
9990da98d7b774b3d5ace32a207f337250015b08Blake Kaplan — Add a crashtest for bug 460706. r=sicking
09cfc25615d337a2cecc61ccb6ec2b79735a0413Justin Dolske — Bug 461680 - Improve video control fade in/out animation. r=enn
8b5a38ba459a9f2e3ead5def89d09492fdacc94dSergey Yanovich — Bug 462497 - nsComponentManagerImpl::HashContractID() reenters mMon; r=benjamin
d29b48d75da176d2c1720c02a99bfe5034e5f5a2Peter Van der Beken — Bug 418970 - DOMNodeInsertedIntoDocument mistyped as *InfoDocument; r+sr=jonas
8fb487d20112e16a0d6683ad5f4d735777a529b5Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 467423 - Painting stops in this case, using -moz-transform: scale, rotate and video; r=vladimir
4fbb9483d7e6ab3d4a2158f6cd37e1ce5a2e948bZack Weinberg — Bug 456219 - fix background clipping with rounded corners; r+sr=roc
4b94808ccb236bb658264ac20f3c87327d7c2e23Ben Newman — Bug 468562 - "ASSERTION: Inserting multiple children without flushing"; r+sr=mrbkap
62902ec9424aab6ef576eda54502de59a44b7bebShawn Wilsher — Bug 469972 - leaking the places database connection in strange situations; r=dietrich
7d625a6b8a44beed8f6ffbbe3ab39ad9c284d15aRobert Strong — [Sunbird] Bug 470197 - Update installer. r=ctalbert
72d890672053f4604c75dd7ea12c469f5143c4d4Blake Kaplan — Bug 468552 - Enforce 'funobj' conditions in the XPCNativeWrapper case. r+sr=jst
dcff67f75d7c8be36d8cf461824a0edde491df9fBlake Kaplan — Bug 468581 - Use a better function to compute principals. r=brendan
202d8f3d8439d814af62fa403f639e6515edeccbBlake Kaplan — Bug 455629 - Test that we actually do wrap the return value of nsISVGDocument::getSVGDocument in a XOW. r=bzbarsky
8159ae6a804660d61a64cee9a9d3e9ac5c749151Blake Kaplan — Bug 460706 - Handle misplaced ContinueInterruptedParsing calls during synchronous XMLHttpRequest. r+sr=sicking
c2a3c81fa1bf2fbcdb88dbcc9ade0989d95fe131Olli Pettay — Bug 461994 - Crash [@ DocumentViewerImpl::Close] with reloading, r+sr=bz
2446c85228c57091491a0677477f4d02600ca9f4Olli Pettay — Bug 461027, r+sr=bz
edee9eef3ce922c3a1c4e8dc2cf1ca8e341011b4Olli Pettay — Bug 470167 - 'ASSERTION: Should be in an update while creating frames' with stylesheet appended many times, r+sr=bz
0644e3c49e5c0326de646f90b42de9adbfc5def5Olli Pettay — Bug 470431 - Memory leak of document and content nodes with creating DOMMouseScroll event, r+sr=jst
3a6f331569ba981dad3b278b8a2f95fd2743bec6Olli Pettay — Bug 470419 - Crash [@ nsXBLPrototypeHandler::MouseEventMatched] dispatching mousedown UIEvent and xbl event handler, r+sr=bz
e10eb9ed18ed99fc2a95713e1f395ad65317ba8dJoe Drew — Don't discard animated images so we don't have to worry about how to restore them. b=414259 r/sr=vlad
e87d4b42a4b2b9d2669cd6899cd6f5392d1963b4Joe Drew — Bug 393936 - nsIRequest::cancel() must not notify anything sync. Make removal from the loadgroup async, and add another call cancelAndForgetObserver() that removes the listener immediately (since some callsites expect that). Note, however, that this new method shouldn't be used in any new code; it exists only to support code that relied on the broken behaviour prior to this checkin. r=bzbarsky sr=vlad
7cd58efd035ab76e461e1d6e519376bbace7b15dTed Mielczarek — merge for bug 468463
b217dbb6011770c5acbad1784e55982dd61a39eeJim Blandy — Bug 468463: Use proper equality operator for Unix 'test' command. r=ted.mielczarek
1735c93989e5ab57468ecde87736268b155ecd8aStuart Parmenter — bug 458373. Allow you to pass in a flag to drawWindow to show the caret. patch from roc. r=me
28b54ba6b10633d5daa9b8e2bb20ff7a125ea176Jim Blandy — Bug 462914: Test for setlocale at configure time in js/src r=crowder
11dd18e830d956dc540a69be29fa8f689c59e46eJim Blandy — Bug 469225: Make js/src/configure take a --disable-arm-vfp option. r=vladimir
86e908446af49c1a5a9951a91d228c37a7b5837fJim Blandy — Bug 461309: Let browser/installer/ permit 'make clean' in debug builds. r=bsmedberg
9410ad10c6f7bda8e369d3232c4416197b923829Jesse Valianes — bug 440001 - source server support for mercurial. r=ted
63719f0f1d85d9a19d052c724bafebbc8acca39aarno renevier — bug 470415 - call exanduser on mochitest logfile argument. r=ted
d3210f7e5a129f1bdc3ba7acde1ef800530b107bNeil Deakin — Bug 279539, rework SetPopupPosition to be simpler, r+sr=roc
94c0ba6674c0290da4f70676b8ac628be4398fecNeil Deakin — Bug 458613, set relatedTarget for dragenter and dragleave events, r=smaug,sr=roc
d11ccfc1d7548609bb28830abc4a74ba8c5a4233Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 466486 - Don't use a subshell to recurse over DIRS when DIRS is empty (try #2) r=ted
d0f00b7ddf755d2e16f2da2f7c4a62655936965dNeil Deakin — Bug 404314, create widget when setting menugenerated attribute, prevents assertion and issues with menu selection, r+sr=roc
1b8bb25d3c732733eca11e510502cb9801110c34Neil Deakin — Bug 321180, better space-separated string parsing, r+sr=jonas
9b34bea9a57e90b31dd1e3c38325c5bfa2e03816Neil Deakin — Bug 321175, change nsTemplateRule::GetAction to return nsIContent, r+sr=jonas
187d0de784f28cc9761e4d0f8541366c8ba3214bOlli Pettay — Bug 468176, r=enn, sr=neil
32a3759db50fc58a991d1c3ba2fca748143b7306Marco Bonardo — Bug 458849 - transition download visits saved when "Keep my history..." is unchecked, r=sdwilsh
4063402109f2330d5eb683e5d0d4da35319d225cDave Townsend — Bug 445710: Add-on update shows old version while downloading. r=robstrong
5a43bd3ae9c9c0ca40bfa9e6a09c16c0b7683682Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 470376 - Compiler warnings from landing of bug 441782; r,sr=roc
c43f61f98fa4745df63c974cb73724d21eacaa5dJosh Aas — merge
ba6b8a6bac940b9acca8af501f82531b08eefab7Josh Aas — Backed out changeset e28cd33a0335
eb8abab83036ecec0d6e212bb6e5f59245ef2cdeBrendan Eich — Back out patch for bug 469625, it mysteriously busts stuff.
e28cd33a0335e6b476491727118f6815386e4a6bJosh Aas — System for testing plugins, take 3. b=386676 r=smichaud sr=roc
98f8927c34032b886bd405899f4dd61c47410b5cJosh Aas — merge
d729f10b8c991e7b27988d2fb2aef363d9d9c413Josh Aas — Backed out changeset 7b8ca8c944f2
e98754e147eb16d00883cf104eb1dcc23bc89424Brendan Eich — Bug 469625 - TM: Crash [@ js_String_getelem] (r=jorendorff).
7b8ca8c944f20845d229938cd3d42a026f4a6f12Josh Aas — System for testing plugins, take 2. b=386676 r=smichaud sr=roc
4b887823b5d4410eb30c5220a841e9e9bc2b83e3Brendan Eich — Merge (bah).
a3548f27ab57cce796ea2c99a72a13da25470cddBrendan Eich — Bug 470300 - "Assertion failure: StackBase(fp) + blockDepth == regs.sp" with |let| (r=gal).
4e8aa0501296d1dd20e6ee92df7a1f79789db844Dietrich Ayala — imported patch backout-bug414715
0e61b5765cd30cf7840c5ed28b2a076c7e0ce436Wan-Teh Chang — Bug 469870: Upgraded nsprpub to NSPR_HEAD_20081216. r=kaie.
af64ac164e4474a8adc7e9c264a1b3e770cf87c1Edward Lee — Bug 467347 - Fix Plural Rule #12, Arabic, to have 6 forms. r=Pike, r=smontagu
1a6e3ece12c319d0491bb615ae668afea7be93bfDietrich Ayala — Bug 414715 - Notify the user if places.sqlite is locked and bookmarks and history will not work (r=marco, r=gavin, l10n-r=pike)
ceab3c5988591c0fab4ff30a1fc5fc7c949a2fc9Steven Michaud — Let the OS manage repaints on its own. b=459319 r=vlad,roc sr=roc
461d2273019e4a1e4467394955310f7dd300fea2Jeff Walden — Bug 381598 - HTTP server tests cleanup, round two. r=me because the old tests are difficult to understand and it's not worth making someone read them to do a review
ea93a49fd65d0b786131183d73f9259873cf8b54Dietrich Ayala — Bug 469102 - Places Tag Autocomplete breaks with certain tags (Regex escaping) (r=marco)
54d08b93e78bc06e8731bcc1e2eebe215af9e7d7Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 441782 - bidi.numerals == 4 does not switch numeric shapes in content; r,sr=roc
aa275166759524b70a867ceb83d62bdb0a10f1c8Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 432599 - Double-click on the Star icon leads to incorrect display of the bookmark properties panel; r=mano
d20515d542c9e5d3e90d86e6bc8940a7f4dbe99fTaras Glek — Bug 469076: handle -silent in default cmdline handler r=bsmedberg
f7e763f81f1f20b7b20fd00447af463fc6f3ba58Steffen Wilberg — Bug 319850: Make F1 open the respective Help topic by firing dialoghelp in prefwindows. r=mano
d2c8c94565499ffae6e200092bb15c1debc56dfbDão Gottwald — Bug 470048 - feed and "popup blocked" button cleanup. r=gavin
7a90da894f49f01d197c2b7731825035b26ad582Robert O'Callahan — Backout bug 464376 due to test failures
5a6f30d78b5c363458802f89fd4afae27d2b1f1fRobert O'Callahan — Backed out changeset b873bd70913f
f8f4b9b50a9cd9476462c1eabf5588d6e4ea3e86Robert O'Callahan — Backed out changeset 1a4e7f55120d
c93ced247016be4979bdb80ac2516c94fcb68ab0Peter Van der Beken — Backed out changeset bdef726fb656 (Txul/Twinopen regression on Linux)
08b5d60cf872c0342029ad617bfa4916ff0d8ed5Peter Van der Beken — Backed out changeset bdef726fb656 (Txul/Twinopen regression on Linux)
c0d1895254743829f944f4b114b7d73709fb3026Brendan Eich — Bug 469927 - TM: much slower than interpreter with short loop with |let| (r=mrbkap, a=sayrer).
ebf6828c37b3627fd383966bf24d177f93ba6890Brendan Eich — Bug 469940 - Automatic semicolon insertion wrongly done after var with multi-line initializer (r=mrbkap, a=sayrer).
1a08d472ccf517c3708966ed131c248e72677dbeMats Palmgren — Remove redundant declaration. b=431705 r+sr=roc
c1df222657c17f2c9ad9ecdd91063f91e2ed954bSimon Montagu — Fix typo in the checkin for bug 418513 (changeset 68e3d56ef84c).r=gavin
b873bd70913fab19b7c629901c3e1511ad8d1e7aChris Pearce — Bug 463830. Make the window title for standalone video/audio documents be useful. r+sr=roc
1a4e7f55120dc4c4e4116a5890eb4acf596e6d1cChris Double — Bug 464376. Fire progress events reliably and especially be sure to fire a final progress event when the resource finishes loading. r+sr=roc
bdef726fb65611f014488424078f7535f77b15c2Oleg Romashin — Bug 469756 - GDK_EXTENSION_EVENTS_CURSOR option is not enabled for gdk window. r=roc.
eb18fff240df5a5197a28eb67e2b07f8ac6b1f17Dietrich Ayala — Bug 460343 - Add privacy-section prefs to control awesomebar behaviour. r=gavin, ui=faaborg, a191=beltzner
3a94c9d69a750ea39d08f90dc027150553d83eb9Robert O'Callahan — Backout bug 464376 to fix orange
b03c3d96eb07849b9225561f7b7c02a5832f972cRobert O'Callahan — Backed out changeset 70b57b58afe2
545936b5bbe479558ae5f5ead07cbc7869517672Michael Ventnor — Bug 469635. Try to find the right Alsa library to quieten. r+sr=roc
2544de45e52465d624bdd16435fee11c9c4bee27Robert O'Callahan — Backing out bug 430332 to try to fix reftest and Tp crashes
ba3cd48c400e1d6a277f111d206cf8c340eb2a00Robert O'Callahan — Backed out changeset dcd1ad7a918e
a66dcfb830a587a50844976ea81c62051540de89Robert O'Callahan — Backing out bug 449142 to fix orange ... looks like the reftest aren't working on some platforms
077cfac01f276b981e96819185a65aa1b4dcce5cRobert O'Callahan — Backed out changeset 8ab5a111e00b to fix orange
70b57b58afe2c4e820964f3951b82c253e810739Chris Double — Bug 464376. Fire progress events more consistently, especially being sure to fire a progress event at the end of a load. r+sr=roc
51aa9028726792cc751a405080d871024406bb28Francis Gastellu — Bug 456164 - Mouse wheel scrolls both tree and column picker menu
fc47c2c3e3c17bbfe6a3b5706029e8da7f880428Taras Glek — Bug 466578. Speed up XBL parsing by increasing the buffer size. r+sr=bzbarsky
d92586bc82f6049fb8b0538a7e07b23902d976c3Michael Ventnor — Bug 469635. Hold a reference to the Alsa library while we tell it to shut up, so that it doesn't get unloaded and forget about our request. r+sr=roc
71f2ef5bdb40eea55b8a8307aa74ec539e444216Robert O'Callahan — Bug 468991. Move GetVisibleArea call to avoid using a stale visible area. r+sr=dbaron
8ab5a111e00b8bf8c4e4b103891fead3ad565f13Robert O'Callahan — Bug 449142. Draw video with the same aspect ratio as the underlying media, centered within the video element's CSS box. r=doublec,sr=dbaron
dcd1ad7a918e9101129a104d3b92e69828de8b12Robert O'Callahan — Bug 430332. Defer nsTransformingTextRun::RebuildTextRun until the linebreaker has completely set up the break and capitalization data on the transformed text run. r=smontagu
a62d702bf3642ca1c9ebebc2507f2ed29e961fa1Justin Dolske — Revert part of bug 460548, increasing the leak to 75000 again.
537be0b8a4393eeb55e0a630d14fa6311f58f79bJustin Dolske — Merge backout of 98ea743c9156 (bug 463806) due to crashes on OS X 10.4 Talos boxes.
eceb4663cfd926c4541e094756c1c0bc29500401Justin Dolske — Backed out changeset 98ea743c9156 (Bug 463806) due to crashes on OS X 10.4 talos boxes.
57469d8d666854b33f77c5805a5eba9e924a33ecMarco Bonardo — Bug 453529 - Retain embed visits and places into the temp table in memory, r=sdwilsh
6021935375b183ce71ff9eaefb3b9f57a488f427Marco Bonardo — Bug 469062 - test_multiple_visits_around_sync.js leaks now, r=sdwilsh
c368f6264e50357c7ad4d922424a874746626147Marco Bonardo — Bug 431548 - Tagging history item takes a long time without progress indication (slight hang / freeze of UI), r=dietrich
79136a417a3a02212320410b7c3442008de1a482Masayuki Nakano — Bug 226784 Caret display problems with Korean input methods in Windows r=VYV03354+ere, sr=roc
05bf7c30877e68432efedaed9fc75852a4e4649aRobert Longson — Bug 441780. Fix radial gradient clamping to be more aggressive. r=jwatt,sr=roc
bb18fee38c6a8113f82ebed293b1bc90857bb11bMichael Ventnor — Bug 469635. Silence ALSA warnings when there is no sound device. r+sr=roc
62c3545aabadfefe90c98e3fd2e39a7567f48d9fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 467487. Use a better and more explicit check for the case where a text frame's textrun doesn't map enough text for the frame. r=smontagu
84cffcb0f3da0ed6cd7578f2ae03ede75db8d4efRobert O'Callahan — Bug 467150. Don't clear textruns just because we destroy an empty nsContinuingTextFrame. r=smontagu
8ffb3d8bd8b8a7d8541c735f57464029e2eb7eacRobert O'Callahan — Bug 469247. Implement 'canPlayType' API for video/audio elements. r=doublec,r+sr=bzbarsky
4178997e692ab8162fcdcb66df0868deb0cd5bc9Robert O'Callahan — Bug 449149. Implement the 'controls' attribute for audio elements. r+sr=bzbarsky,r=dolske,r=enndeakin
98ea743c9156328763a87df55ce5f82e786df338Jonathan Kew — Bug 463806. Work around transient ATS cache failures on Mac. r=jdaggett,sr=roc
bf6a20408db612e9d248b28f90cab1f8521cc4c5Olli Pettay — Bug 469720 - tabindex of -1 set in javascript ignored on file input, r+sr=bz
395654ec47abf701ca55e03465d10a60de55a919Dão Gottwald — Bug 468191 - Padding on the Web feed icon and Star icon in location bar. r=gavin
9668585ab6a1a5b9c69006f3fe05b09e0ed7d6cfAlexander Surkov — Bug 466629 - AttributeChangedEvent not fired, or at least test is failing, with spell check mistakes on Linux, r=marcoz
24801469d9cb2ad7832bbc5632572c9c88f258cfJosh Aas — npruntime sample plugin build fix.
dc8bfdabdd7fd64a9270b2d127efff497d1bbb57Josh Aas — NPAPI header updates - comments, cleanup, and webkit compat change. Part of the patch for 386676. r=smichaud sr=roc
02d13fa61d8b8b03d216e7c4331fc6c9bde6c0b7Martin Stránský — b=403513 bad kerning in print output if hinting is set to medium or full r=karlt sr=vlad
135f996f1c6c73adc3038b56090f0aa7db4c84d2L. David Baron — Fix test to deal with wrapping in bug 421203.
dbd177a9e5f497061bc082170c312f7eca507f45L. David Baron — Merge backout of changeset 5bf3661db065 (Bug 454349) due to Windows reftest failures.
5e236f0d5669a04ebecf7d807f1100ab6116254dL. David Baron — Backed out changeset 5bf3661db065 (Bug 454349) due to Windows reftest failures.
4a4a42520901f245fe3a5a248f54b0d447d63509L. David Baron — Put 'thin' in the initial_values section instead of the other_values section for border shorthands, since the width should be 0px when border-style is none.
88bfa7c60b4bf7685dcd80edefdd2f50693d408aKarl Tomlinson — backout b=403513 due to compile error in gfxFontSelectionTest.cpp
d136d73e3ba18412c81a762bd5d8f17a9ac8d5a8Martin Stránský — b=403513 bad kerning in print output if hinting is set to medium or full r=karlt sr=vlad
4a73efb88edc20d1036f6d908c8969724d4e28adL. David Baron — Move wrapping of blocks inside XUL into ProcessChildren to catch more callers. (Bug 421203) r+sr=roc a=blocking1.9.1+
5bf3661db0651d9d9dc5560a92f0ff975e66386eZack Weinberg — Paint different backgrounds behind the reftest test and references to detect areas that are not painted at all. (Bug 454349) r=dbaron
3555a8de08b24449d5061aaaf45702b5af5b883bL. David Baron — Make zoomed-out reftests draw the whole area that they're supposed to draw. (Bug 421203) r+sr=roc
214c605bfb64efa72328c4baa15bc94b92e3425dJoe Drew — Merge backout of bug 469756 for bug 469809.
44ef5053568e07019c19149684eae85c1b8a64e4Joe Drew — Backed out changeset 0c0bf7bd8e7b for bug 469809
5748936939f4ba914ae1739dc23364e37448baa6Jim Blandy — Bug 468041: List the object files that depend on javascript-trace.h explicitly. r=bsmedberg
256fbfcf4f96bf3d84474dae4f222053c182c9e4Josh Aas — merge
85ba55beac88bec1575a6ce9b3f6f0f88c8bd818Josh Aas — Backed out changeset 2776db2defa2
df6f41c3188b762c381baface293a5430cc2a1ccJosh Aas — back out bustage fixes
0cb6d4bc7eaea29f4c9bdc07473da5d407d8992bJim Blandy — (no bug): Add echo-tier-dirs target, to display tiers' directories. r=bsmedberg
fd035640d161115e7ea6e54d9b83daf3e8367877Josh Aas — merge
aa0dfbef587ba0bb0121cd0ea54b1f986b97c96cJosh Aas — do a better job disabling test
4497c86397f47b859123def62a94062b3221e3dcSteven Michaud — Avoid dropped control-key events by making LastModifierState global. b=463802 r=masayuki,josh sr=roc
fa7deb48ac35243ae6e418a9fd0f52ad18c29487Josh Aas — Disable plugin test due to leaks. b=386676
d637f84ee780afbeb5f52be5847ce0a9da18e676Peter Van der Beken — Switch to sets module instead of using builtin set type to support Python 2.3 on mobile. Bustage fix.
160661559c6273788ceda8509fb6046b7993c23fAlexander Surkov — Bug 468451 - Images with empty alt attribute no longer get an empty accessible name, but return NULL instead, r=aaronlev, marcoz, davidb
fc61fc41c4b4fc4b289e3fc3f5c64f1d764e361aDave Townsend — Bug 464942: Clean up permissions.sqlite before running tests. bustage fix
f5a48a82dca6b5119b71d8c0c3237fea6b042be1Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 461566 (Don't call FindTearoff when not needed and cache XPCNativeInterfaces in quickstubs). r/sr=jst.
3a64573e89376a8988de12a0ee3c7d6619d5ae92Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 461563 (Allow WrapNative to return a jsval without the wrapper). r/sr=jst.
2776db2defa2ff4cf12f0942da2617983f5225f0Josh Aas — Add a system for testing plugins. b=386676 r=smichaud sr=roc
b57e84df768c1da846c05e1a2aba98d5b078c3a1Mats Palmgren — Test for bug 462789.
2151c732fb5c6220edaee6cf07f80085ab91d77aMats Palmgren — Add a null-check. b=462789 r+sr=dbaron
cdf705dea843cebbc98d6baf5ace1135260eeb8aMats Palmgren — Add a few missing null-checks. Return error code from GetRuleLine() when it fails. b=462787 r+sr=dbaron
dc44b253cbf7c6884e517bc05434d65b31d23c66Olli Pettay — Bug 469672 - Destroy event target chain using a loop, not recursion, r+sr=jst
d910746fe6c376ff227751d58a058318eb88cfcfAlexander Surkov — merge with Bug 458022
c6b0a91832ad5b0fabbd15d0b49199847bdf0642Alexander Surkov — Bug 448744 - IAccessibleText::caretOffset should return -1 if the system caret is not currently with in that particular object, r=aaronlev, marcoz, sr=roc
1b86955b149481e21e0d96172b4790fed21666b9Marco Bonardo — Bug 458022 - Correct persist selection on still valid nodes in treeView.js, r=mano
e949858f3e57d830c15c857dca4760ef1a9f4376Marco Bonardo — Bug 416650 - Tags list is shown while viewing properties of a folder after viewing properties of a bookmark, r=mano
0c0bf7bd8e7bebe4807bddb81c311d0a120db087Oleg Romashin — Bug 469756 - GDK_EXTENSION_EVENTS_ALL option is not enabled for gdk window. r=roc.
37c2721a512d3beba7a0bce135070a6c3b92e582John Daggett — otf versions of reftest mark fonts
62cef3062efd8e590833ea6acc4b00b2b66464e5Jeff Walden — Bug 381598 - HTTP server tests cleanup. r=me because I don't think it's a good use of anyone's time to disentangle the tests as they were written prior to this checkin
68395c6df140f1724b93bb1ec47e5a9b979f75daJeff Walden — Bug 465921 - httpd.js fails to deliver after about 35 reloads of test_seek1.html, most likely because the connection is being prematurely terminated by the client. r=bz
0a945ba5d2eb0a819f6f892857ddfa8e3f777e1cMatthew Gregan — Bug 469595 - Changes to tests only: test_wav_seek* intermittent test failure - r=doublec
73c3f66ec28f785f216f297655a6ea5f716cd4beMatthew Gregan — Bug 464158 - nsHTMLMediaElement::PickMediaElement does not do media type switching - r=doublec sr=roc
884a5c12182ac48a86041b51edbf6ed5f86803ecJustin Dolske — Bug 468916 - make modifyLogin() smarter than just remove+add. r=zpao, r=gavin
29a24a645864b959a227a14fecd36261d91bf52aMatthew Gregan — Bug 469628 - Playing 8-bit Wave files can block writing to the audio backend - r=doublec sr=roc
64d08af481747091022b50e6ac69d563fe748191Matthew Gregan — Bug 466405 - Ogg and Wave specific mochitests should be hidden by appropriate build-time conditional - r=ted.mielczarek
28f2413aca754c79378720137e794381bfb46c33Chris Double — Bug 463627 - Audio playback stops after some seconds on Linux - r=kinetik sr=roc
923d927753cee4b276924069d136152fbba107faTom Dyas — Support Mac OS X services. b=135268 r=josh sr=roc
62f5ef005bcd77fd48eb8d9674498214e74c46bdMarkus Stange — Bug 469683 - Wrong context menu transparency, r=josh sr=roc
23e4c322ac1bd3b57e9b6893165dad348699ca4fRobert Strong — [Seamonkey Win32] Add manifest to 7zSD.sfx. r=mcsmurf
10a2365bd5254332f6af099dd68244b235ab9107John Wolfe — Bug 467368 - Windows Mobile _wfullpath implementation doesn't handle paths with ../ correctly
b7361703cb402b39a81c206288ec9dc2d0605dc0John Wolfe — Bug 463326 - WinCE missing ExpandEnvironmentStringsW function. r=dougt, blassey
8b055659db38000e084cdb9e8bcaff998902523fRobert Kaiser — bug 468337 - Remove "what's related" module, supplementary patch for OS/2 and RDF cleanup, r=pweilbacher sr=Neil
c584ffe6ef9949d27b6f5ec1923c862b219c1af8Robert Kaiser — bug 468337 - Remove "what's related" module, r=Mnyromyr sr=Neil
f86eeb88e4a8f90bb52bc3e3b9263a381fe92876Robert Kaiser — bug 448729 - Remove xpfe/components/history from trunk, supplementary cleaning up, r+sr=Neil
28155683625d61106060d1f9e81ceff05d697cf6Doug Turner — Bug 461847 - Windows Mobile build bustage in BZ2. Patch forwarded to bz2 owner, local change reviewed by blassey/bsmedberg
e5a712c64cc97c7477d497e0d7e29cd0473a5ac4Ted Mielczarek — remove testing/performance from hg, as it's not used there and was never intended to be imported in the first place. r=alice (no bug)
f6dde14a5ed2d3907d9deb93f9bfef068fa57a7eJosh Aas — back out bug 468678 to fix Flash on Mac OS X
f7c58d2e32d0a879b98eee6731b3853b81cc49e7Boris Zbarsky — Renaming these files to make life happier
107fb0f79d87d555c42a833f3f27e01b37643910Boris Zbarsky — Adding a test for stream copier
9bc6733d81ccf3e384414097ddfab90443a2a1d5Benjamin Smedberg — Merge backout of bug 460926
3cbb1961f1f7047554228cbae0629112ffeaf5f5Benjamin Smedberg — Backed out changeset 71c3a9d14712 - Bug 460926 - due to crash regression, bug 468845
b858eeb64326866d9561474bdbab77c2805c6232Markus Stange — Bug 469134 - Content XUL menubars shouldn't look like chrome toolbars, r=dao
6dec6e84f3be0a22d4e8dcfbc03f97b107eb3a61Markus Stange — Bug 469137 - Initialize topLevelWidget in nsBaseWidget::GetTopLevelWidget, r=roc.
d388f6ab98a1e0afac2c237a7af983e20b5248f4Markus Stange — Crashtest for bug 460349, r=roc
e6599cdaba35b0b1d8eb6f95ad2b0fe601cc9b8bMarkus Stange — Forgot to add the braces in changeset 58f409bbc149 (bug 391984)
9148153082a8479f953a31f8a5b5f16b7ccfb07bMats Palmgren — Remove consecutive pending duplicate KeyPress events to the same window. b=301029 r=karlt sr=roc
e085f7a2037c82603cc1b88a147475c8794a3525Mats Palmgren — Use an iterative algorithm when deleting lists to avoid exhausting the stack space. b=460444 r+sr=dbaron r=jst
8d0d5017c101dc06e1930a48c5118f85e3fb4796Simon Bünzli — Bug 466937 - [r=dietrich]
155d2a61fabf0f24fdabf9151f2306c6f9dbdc7fSimon Bünzli — Bug 465223 - "window values aren't cleared when the window is overwritten" [r=dietrich]
621c3d361f95ce3d4fdc3cc963c45277435d3b1dSimon Bünzli — Bug 463964 - "Session restore should restore minimized state" [r=dietrich]
08d1e9d006a5956757eeb1324c5bf3bd29de74c7Michael Ventnor — Bug 419275 - "support for gnome's sounds" (Followup) [r+sr=roc]
e32a96773c67a529e2a1ba6e6f9135805e89e34dAntonio Gomes — Bug 460128 - "autocomplete suggestions will dynamically use form input, including password fields" [r+sr=roc]
4d7eb87cc1603e7869b57af0843c7c0eb1b12384Igor Bukanov — bug 458099 - DOMOperationCallback can get a JSContext with no global object. r=peterv sr=mrbkap
3274ee5073d995a66e9f31cce1f102bff9f17282Ondrej Jaura — Bug 451536 - "JSSh port cannot be changed" [r=alex]
3a616f9b649e440e96a0f6f122a56c6e1cff32ffMartijn Wargers — Bug 450876 - [r=Smaug sr=roc]
032320654a330885510646755ed4c9a2729a3615Martijn Wargers — Bug 434035 - "Crash [@ nsGlobalWindow::FindInternal] when doing find on a deleted window" [r+sr=jst]
b94206f56946d1f4a56de8c2e6d45c0944bf4a5eAndreas Wuest — Bug 345215 - "no tooltip for bookmarks overflow chevron button" [r=Mano]
19e3650f557f7c70feb03c0f186b235af432df7fGavin Sharp — Bug 469528: add comments specifying units used for various cache capacities, r+sr=biesi
8fe8a1748b5a52c7a83b2261777e0b2354331d13Jesse Ruderman — Disable test for bug 353713 due to timeouts (bug 469557)
2c2d64b8566c55101b1be3d5800e8eb93d559273Masayuki Nakano — Bug 272847 Text input via IME does not work in windowless Flash movie r=ere+josh, sr=roc
3a33323d7270368c82f5f82b72f7bf76833dc94cChris Pearce — Bug462570 - Change Network state and Ready state names in HTMLMediaElement to match spec - r=doublec sr=roc
3611062ed0988d1eaa82b102b0302d037582f92fMatthew Gregan — Bug 469598 - nsHTMLMediaElement::MetadataLoaded calls nsMediaDecoder::Seek(0) - r=doublec sr=roc
e8d4c06419db9bbad66679e07428923fd8f55dd4Chris Double — Bug 468260 - Update libsydneyaudio to fix sunaudio malloc error and win32 sound issues - rs=roc
c062fec2a50aa6ca1d4dcea023a4290852057c78Matthew Gregan — Bug 465498 - HTML5 <audio>: setting 'currentTime' throws exception sometimes; r+sr=roc
3d8e98242012776223227c405810847b29b2efc4Matthew Gregan — Bug 468190 - ended reports true when seeking after playback ended; r=chris.double sr=roc
6539acbc98f8c744b0c5b7f5e88ba6acb49a5641Serge Gautherie — Bug 469513 - 453406-1.html : missing |dump('\n');| at end; r+sr=bzbarsky
a993a51a86931d0637095f4ae2a0288ffe4a1077Matthew Gregan — Bug 469255 - Seeking while seek in progress not handled correctly by Wave decoder; r+sr=roc
7f4f223af7e7096a727b651187bced4c8b232b8dAiko — Combobox steals mouse event after menu is closed with Alt+Up. b=348236 r=mats sr=bzbarsky
68e3d56ef84ce412849fa1d6488a33ff43dd531cSimon Montagu — Make display of the directional hook on the caret dependent on the bidi.browser.ui pref. Bug 418513, r=uriber, sr=roc (for core) r=mano, (for browser)
5fbf1ca2b2ef4f22703f4cb1216281bf65641496Andrew Sutherland — Bustage fix windows for commit 7d7a0c514970 for bug 445525, resolving missing windows lib export defs.
7d7a0c51497095ebe10107e6cddf7203bb6c2cf2Andrew Sutherland — Bug 445525 - set SQLITE_CONFIG_MEMSTATUS to 0. v1.1 turn off SQLITE_CONFIG_MEMSTATUS at init-time. r=sdwilsh
3633177885d6a0be325e7ef2ae5c0d2cd99b66b5Chris Pearce — Bug 469016 - Seeks after playback ended but before playback ended event are lost; r=chris.double sr=roc
54601bbd453cd5baceb1cc75237ba0a7303fb772Andrew Sutherland — Bug 463988 - Gloda: mozStorageConnection holds lock while calling outside its module leading to PR_ASSERT(lock->owner != me) on shutting down while indexing is active. v1 add flag that indicates async thread is shutting down, don't call nsIThread::Shutdown with a lock held. r=sdwilsh.
40b2ff0a529b5232973e8499be3242029ec132b0Brendan Eich — Bug 469313 - TM: crash (GMail): JS_Assert (s=0x368d8f "!JS_ON_TRACE(cx)", file=0x3724c8 "/Users/roc/mozilla-checkin/js/src/jsobj.cpp", ln=3765) (r=gal).
5711974eb55c0ea70ebc920a53b25edda0421aacJesse Ruderman — Crashtest for bug 458453.
3238441c5f5e66a269bb3f2edd6c9e20ae950c9bNeil Rashbrook — Bug 469289 Make nanojit build with VC7.1 r=danderson
3a4b803d4e4730f72b73c803d5e10976794ba6c3Blake Kaplan — Bug 462851 - Protect against enumerating the call object's prototype. r=brendan a=sayrer
5ab9ab1f0f03e2b89ca3002c5752b02a72091101Serge Gautherie — Bug 469444 - : MozillaA11YTest misses __init__() and evaluateCommand(); (Av1) Explicitly set default leakThreshold to 0 in; r=ted.mielczarek
1af090ae7fc2ded1a3105a3a4b76e53d668b5f7cOlli Pettay — Bug 431082 - Crash [@ nsDocShell::DoChannelLoad], r+sr=bz
4e478dbf49483dd77fae454ec86f7247f1fce672Olli Pettay — Bug 469020 - range.surroundContents throws a NS_ERROR_INVALID_POINTER, r+sr=sicking
670cb792e94af6f95d1c61645383489261947a1dSerge Gautherie — Merge for "Backed out changeset: e7aa9d60b511" of
5fb12dc5d98ae90c2a36f50d572d9c2c1be55857Serge Gautherie — Backed out changeset: e7aa9d60b511
9ae606f2836393ded95bd42221123be7a3d2f572Neil Rashbrook — Bug 465998 Protect nsXULContentUtils against layout init failure r=Enn sr=sicking
e3c43873e9b2ef4d674788ebd2fa98c3a8fb9713Zack Weinberg — Bug 467459: make sure PresShell::Paint() uses an opaque color for the backstop; r+sr=roc
15573888a32fd4cb7c2bc6adc24bc3743807110eTaras Glek — Bug 465128 - .autoreg timestamp problems (component registration owns startup time); Ignore autoreg if timestamps are screwy; r=benjamin
e7aa9d60b511a0447efaa032604e00b6e3b04decRobert Longson — Bug 463934 - text bounds do not account for position properly; test_bounds.html fix; r=roc
408fe87e12422d4260a0f23d70b883e3e9bb3f05Aiko — Bug 466432 - nsIDOMHTMLMediaElement's currentTime attribute is overridden by Windows macro; r+sr=vladimir
ad710c32b0e9a02419e39f175eefe997f7f8705bMarco Bonardo — Bug 461412 - Deleting "Open all in tabs" under a bookmark folder will delete all the bookmarks and sub-folders, r=dietrich
877791aa47495baeff3edc04b340d09a970fb103Marco Bonardo — Bug 469301 - PRBool violation in mDatabaseStatus, r=dietrich
7878ba715f644dd92b7b07d683e4cfe2157183ffMarco Bonardo — Bug 468761 - test_placesTxn.js leaks due to observer, r=dietrich
8ba9bd671a74dfaf5dcedaa100ba872f19887e9fOleg Romashin — Bug 463887 - Building XRemoteCLient is broken on CHINOOK-ARMEL-2007 toolchain. r=ted.mielczarek, a191=beltzner.
7dc1778490d0b705ba6077653db7b4f937c2bb16Wan-Teh Chang — Bug 467677: fixed typo "ranslated" => "translated".
0b681c2633ae76002bdc0c5ac9d3220c852d7368Phil Ringnalda — Bug 468575 bustage, if there's no, it won't export very well
70fdd41caa9f6587be419c752de593bccc9da3a8Wan-Teh Chang — Bug 467677: Removed test -n "$CROSS_COMPILE". Moved
780324412a3e69eb8743ed7c02b16cf1109f1b0ePhil Ringnalda — Bug 468575 - Scrape some gunk off the config/ grout, r=ted
08917af7313d4be201c0f596b3870e121c744c1fPhil Ringnalda — Bug 465892 - Make wholeText noAccess for mailNews, r+sr=bz
940db0db0dca877a74e9a7f52b7d45503e55c163Boris Zbarsky — Bug 469361. Remove unused API (revert to previous interface version). r+sr=jst
d41063000f1e3f9fc46df45078e68ec40a39e6f5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 468758. Make sure to report exceptions from BindCompiledEventHandler. r+sr=jst
08897e5342b42a37a0171671b84be334a72661aeMakoto Kato — Bug 434989 - patch for FreeBSD 8-current (and after 7.0). r/sr=benjamin, patch by
070850731d2d5742ad299fd266d86a7675d04a66Michael Ventnor — Bug 416466 - "Extra useless option in file handling options" [r=myk]
a873ac2554396b2984523c13952fe89c4758daf2Michael Ventnor — Bug 419275 - "support for gnome's sounds" [r+sr=roc]
eff859d08302195fe57ebea94ff9cb75f6ba0e10Oleg Romashin — Bug 468824 - libosso.h and hildon-uri.h should be defined in system-headers list. r=benjamin.
89dbc542270b80301f8484c70b4f536966eb3bd1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 467008. Pointing to a non-existent file:// binding URI leaks. r+sr=sicking
dbe471fd490657585432239d985666c6ad5b23f6Jeff Walden — Followup nitfix from review comment, bumping iteration count up one to 'fail' more places if a regression happens.
bfcbbaa6d2c74d8bbb9c653e6d02af2a037cb580Boris Zbarsky — Bug 468263. Handle the src attribute being removed or set to by dropping the image. r+sr=sicking
469f2ddc1df57fc430fb9963c76a9e005291cf55Jeff Walden — Bug 468467 - If onInputStreamReady doesn't process all of the Request-Line the first time, httpd.js asserts. r=honzab
54aad068c46cd751cae0ab0a6b2446675e63a3caBoris Zbarsky — Bug 468210. Do a better job of unhooking our anonymous content. r+sr=sicking
89840ed77dc837f5c660f5bfca1c3ea763f1cfc4Graeme McCutcheon — Bug 345339. Make nsPresState not use a hashtable in favor of using less memory and only storing the things it really wants to store. Switch box objects to their own hashtable. r+sr=roc
ca48a3b92dee485fa8860518ad4658740c0ded51L. David Baron — Fix properties that incorrectly applied to :first-letter or :first-line. (Bug 469227) r+sr=bzbarsky
41fd48e76fb004b7a28aea72abcc87a25176a3d4L. David Baron — Don't mark properties as applying to first-line / first-letter if there were comments if those properties were implicitly ignored by the old code either through never being used, or through another (*-style) property being ignored. (Bug 469227) r+sr=bzbarsky
3d372e6ff724efd1a7e02cb54a8e57ca5737113cL. David Baron — Replace mechanism for restricting the properties that apply to :first-line and :first-letter. (Bug 469227) r+sr=bzbarsky
6a542abb36a8fb73c350526f2ceb27258c35b97dL. David Baron — Disable -moz-transform and -moz-transform-origin for :first-line and :first-letter pseudo-elements. (Bug 466845) r+sr=bzbarsky a=blocking1.9.1+
3a0da92f1ea259f2382ab28d0d8e4ee8f8e2fc0eNick Thomas — When the XPCOM_DEBUG_BREAK environment variable is already set, don't override it. This will make assertions fatal again on the leak test tinderboxes. (Bug 463681) r=ted.mielczarek
055cb77c977c8c47967450b91b79e54c75b99665Robert O'Callahan — Backing out patch for bug 430332 to fix mochitest failures
56e1a7aa129a316601b9836b52629eddd861e23eRobert O'Callahan — Backed out changeset 0cb24a4bcd9b
8ff9c509ca74e482a91647d15a839be6e0918e8bMatthew Gregan — Bug 468992. Use stored mURI to reopen a WAVE stream after we've finished playing it. r+sr=roc
71f89359e747802a4126b57c38e067f1e67ca17dChris Pearce — Bug 468721. Restructure Ogg decoder shutdown, making Stop synchronous on the main thread and queuing an event to destroy the decoder and associated state. r=doublec,sr=roc
0cb24a4bcd9b51d5039cae046a9f9051faba2d75Robert O'Callahan — Bug 430332. Defer nsTransformingTextRun::RebuildTextRun until the linebreaker has completely set up the break and capitalization data on the transformed text run. r=smontagu
2cbcaca3fcdbc9813ef3b1b59bd96bb29dc86b80Robert O'Callahan — Bug 459613. When we tear down a textcontrol frame, tell its editor that we're blowing away the frame tree so it doesn't try to clear the spellcheck selection, which not only wastes time but does GetPrimaryFrame for during frame destruction which is a no-no. r+sr=mats
d6fb8793c1a9c796ff17695fb527e46593505b1bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 468690. Remove leftover assertion that's no longer needed after the fix for bug 460012. r+sr=bzbarsky
b7d995725e1469269e01e1ae3f9197746446f558Robert O'Callahan — Bug 468702. Fix tests for bug 466395 that fail due to Mac subpixel rendering. r+sr=dbaron
b2355b2d980104fc6aaf05db3be0e90957dbe282Robert O'Callahan — Bug 455314. nsSVGRenderingObserver::GetReferencedFrame shouldn't try to look up the frame on a cache miss, if we're currently destroying frames. r+sr=mats
b77c1308a6d62321e30c5db3b03e4c25a1118da5Robert O'Callahan — Bug 455314. RemoveIDTargetObserver doesn't need to do the full GetElementByIdInternal because we don't need or want to set up an mIdentifierMap entry if no entry is found for the ID. r+sr=jst
85e9faa234364d0fa32b48c13f8f98a83e83bf6dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 448600. Add prefs to disable Ogg and WAVE backends. r=doublec,sr=bzbarsky
2c8e43e57337dff25a1181bc6b97db8fe0b1d5efRobert O'Callahan — Bug 448243. When nsSVGFilterInstance needs to create a dummy input image, create one of the right size. r=jwatt,sr=mats
4c81e3e5b6de094f2d2c7789a67f2fcedc486907John Daggett — Bug 460037 - Fix crasher in font loader when closing windows. r+sr=roc
02931735f60076722ef691e6c2fffedd99d9e6bfDave Camp — Bug 441751 - "Directives not to cache pages ignored." [r+sr=bzbarsky]
97972bac287ffc473fe8895fd1a9c9ec81810facL. David Baron — Merge backout of changeset 12f97a5bc3b6 (bug 468824) for causing failed unit test because of differences between config/system-headers and js/src/config/system-headers
c39b5108ca5184cafb529908608991022e2c63aeL. David Baron — Backed out changeset 12f97a5bc3b6 (bug 468824) for causing failed unit test because of differences between config/system-headers and js/src/config/system-headers
3af0654b2744f697f5276e78a582c8b74ed85c0aShawn Wilsher — merge to tip for backout
57c92d052aca6c275b7a08ed52cf7a084d664526Shawn Wilsher — Backed out changeset 00563815af18 (bug 463887) because it caused orange.
c94330de2d46d02648465b01c4ecece20199471eJoe Drew — Merge backout of bug 89419 due to leaks in mochitests.
3f08083b9d4bcdbff0a2e01b4b38820538db5845Joe Drew — Backed out changeset 4b22cab7e989
b0ddbbdd62e08e93c786e431326e4119b85e167cGraydon Hoare — Bug 468484 - Back out further arm-wince breakage from recent merging activity.
00563815af185abbb0c0191666d07415697b11daOleg Romashin — Bug 463887 - Building XRemoteCLient is broken on CHINOOK-ARMEL-2007 toolchain. r=ted.mielczarek, a191=beltzner.
dbe0fab46324d7ff559de0d11f13cac397985b3eSerge Gautherie — Bug 468023 - Synchronize RefTest results to tinderbox waterfall from (new) log; (Bv2a) New summarized log format; r=dbaron
4b22cab7e989815f74b0299770257c4ce4b9153aJoe Drew — Handle 302 redirects properly in imagelib. b=89419 r=bzbarsky sr=vlad/pavlov
a178a9b85806eaceb660caad46c8e42a8a142933tglek — Bug 465127 - Disable jemalloc page file support (r=bsmedberg, r=jasone)
7ddc87fb7b4c69e66562ca45b3b148414d7409c1Oleg Romashin — Bug 465066 - Geolocation MaemoLocationProvider.cpp compilation fail due missing includes. r=doug.turner.
12f97a5bc3b6158d56ccae8d60cc81eae909c4f9Oleg Romashin — Bug 468824 - libosso.h and hildon-uri.h should be defined in system-headers list. r=benjamin.
a6e50938252887b4348f7ac96c40e5eae0ab8449Robert Sayre — Merge tm to m-c.
cd8eefe8ad9664c91554a559b4518a0802a7fb3dGraydon Hoare — Bug 468484 - back out most of changeset 2963765d5585 and ifdef-guard members of avmplus::Config, fix arm build.
56029d4f6305508e43e4ccd70505a0ebdcc42562Jeff Walden — Bug 465255 - Rewrite TraceRecorder::cmp, take five. (Three, sir!) Three! r=gal
8aaf017a677ca4bfff16991a511dea7abeafbe17Boris Zbarsky — Bug 466935. Make JS_JIT_SPEW non-DEBUG build again. r=dmandelin,brendan
515cba6cd88ab2e2003312177ad9af5ab819f113Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 468717 - enable static analysis for js/src, r=jorendorff
f669ee7e9871b1579aeeabab28647c5d3ab851faBlake Kaplan — Bug 444322 - Ignore OnDataAvailable calls when we're executing a script. r+sr=bzbarsky
582e9452bc01981a945843297a5f59e9debeed22Blake Kaplan — Bug 466765 - Don't start the speculative parser twice. r+sr=jst
1c9730e3ae646af84f875ccad479b8ff9c158a3aBlake Kaplan — Bug 464092 - Censor access to block objects when they're the parents of functions. r=igor a=beltzner
4e748930c3c6e62f47b30ece3478d8c60910a1faJosh Aas — remove support for resource (.rsrc) files in Mac OS X plugins. b=468678 r=smichaud sr=roc
76ca5cd4892f499951cfeb34b882633db2a9cbdfBoris Zbarsky — Bug 465806. Use all of our security information from a single place. r+sr=jst
dabc6a7b1d50de26166c89ad2e34d3df2518ff0dBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 469072 - Annotations in XPCOM, and a couple related code fixups, to make outparams spit out useful warnings, r=bent
005a32ae9d7a6d1161084b70518d71976abc6761Shawn Wilsher — Bug 460300 - Expire favicons when they expire from cache, and when the cache is cleared
6d3af2e0af473a11c51f1a1019d459707f1558b9Brad Lassey — Bug 465554 - gtk build fails in gfxPlatformGtk.cpp with --disable-pango r=stuart
141e5b1e2116bf02380d3e55e76a04a50831afc7Brad Lassey — Bug 463532 - build changes needed to import freetype2 into the tree r=ted sr=vlad
9e5b08f9e9d96d15872c7b8c60312bb579be4115Brad Lassey — Bug 463532 - import freetype2 into the tree r=ted sr=vlad
fd31061170dc0e597dcf67a92fedd2d1ac06efbdBrad Lassey — Bug 455381 - WinCE XPCOM Explicit Unicode API Calls, Wide Char CheckVersion Function nsCommonProcess changes. relanding after backout. r=bsmedberg
8e6fb32f0da96feb6f6852b67b6c390fb1156749Dietrich Ayala — Bug 451586 - Removing a bookmark using the Star dialog also removes all duplicates (same url) (r=marco, l10n-r=pike)
42795e1570359ed3608f923191690f27c1a3586aShawn Wilsher — Bug 432938 - Use GTK stock icon for netError favicon instead of Windows icon
7012b5bbcd2c612c8ad3d6764fe9b156a9cfb136Neil Deakin — Bug 453649, globalStorage should be static, r+sr=jst
931f316c7d7123761778c99b7aa3c141cfd3befcNeil Deakin — Bug 456093, add drag simulation methods for testing, r=sayrer
633b48e70c60b54cccb9e417a03408fde9077dc0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 445725. Copy over the history entry owner to the clone on anchor scroll, so that we get the right owners on reload of scrolled file:// pages. r+sr=jst
ace5e9bbb02cc8345a3033067828aded486f7dc8Patrick McManus — Bug 467648. Fix shutdown leak by making sure to clear out the deferred DNS prefetch queue at shutdown. r+sr=bzbarsky
1695db512c46b7ef2d1066f9f1a09c1443c83c94Zack Weinberg — Bug 462763 - more MathML crashers. r+sr=roc
ce5004d57908d1a8d094adb47d508f952fede968Oleg Romashin — Bug 428988 - Expose mouse event pressure. r=Olli.Pettay, sr=roc.
e488ca8484ce5612026641bf93ec1694bd5a61edSerge Gautherie — Bug 460548 - Port |Bug 450983 - use leakThreshold for SeaMonkey testers| to Firefox; (Bv1) Reduce |browserChrome| to 74000 from 75000; r=ted.mielczarek
6f34b3d7748dc85a0404c6d6351d87f66fb49455Staś Małolepszy — bug 459777, remove wikipedia-en-CN from existing installs, replaced with zh-CN now,,, a1.9.1=beltzner
5ef605914426a0f5ed7d3353f4481a028bcfe880Axel Hecht — bug 461979, make profile info easier to localize, r=ted
26413234cbfa76eda82e6ce0172f51dd3532a88cTed Mielczarek — bug 468124 - should let UPLOAD_PORT and POST_UPLOAD_CMD actually be optional. r=bsmedberg
53a4f376bb71ac77881405136ffa1e79f854e932Ted Mielczarek — bug 468515 - configure doesn't set OS_TEST properly in 64-bit OS X builds. r=bsmedberg
e6ef326c3cf0950c0ee1ff369660d6b68faff8c5Markus Stange — Bug 462233 - Checkboxes and radio buttons being squashed / stretched horizontally on Mac, r=josh r=bzbarsky sr=dbaron
2963a0f2c388f1c467b71a4614e1d193e405ec91Markus Stange — Bug 460899 - Use -moz-appearance: toolbar in the CSS for toolbars. r=dao
f02f7315ca88eb719c0b0b5b87df6ae6c678a309Markus Stange — Bug 460899 - Change -moz-appearance: toolbar on Mac OS X to draw dark chrome toolbars, r=roc
58f409bbc149cefa514dc21dc7dc2d23586e9852Markus Stange — Bug 391984 - [10.5] Add roundness to context menus, r=josh sr=roc
2c82db5dff7a11e8490beccabc2f39db3292bfc7Marco Bonardo — Bug 468836 - Existing tags no longer show and cannot be edited, r=dietrich
81d769142beab9fd54a7c99f0170e058fd999269Marco Bonardo — Bug 466827 - browser.places.leftPaneFolderId is useless, r=dietrich
be3b9d6e05e481aeb92082868b5c73127fcab7eaWolfgang Rosenauer — Bug 468781 - gcc complaining about comparing char* with string literal; s+sr=roc
138f6ab12c356a4b5208864b3484421ab163efc3Dão Gottwald — Bug 464084 - Clicking Search button in search bar highlights the default text (browser.urlbar.clickSelectsAll = true). r=enn
0492e9f0f97328968d7ca6231afbb6107fbb816aRobert Sayre — Merge tracemonkey to m-c
e0a2764942936fc859ed5df32e4db5cb7943adefGraydon Hoare — Bug 450000 - Back out nanojit jump-patching machinery, r=danderson.
8133a9f5b494d0ab4c56c1fa8ff16d04e6a9ca90Graydon Hoare — Bug 468484 - Minor adjustments to match changes in tamarin, r=gal.
ac4b2def7f431f41b639e7c8a518f82025d79465Graydon Hoare — Bug 468484 - Rename avmplus::AvmConfiguration, adjust sites of use, r=gal.
8115183207be564841f35a38081790839e603931Robert Sayre — Merge m-c to tracemonkey
fcc2058248563f466db7af934f97a504c0f2e1e8Benjamin Smedberg — Merge mozilla-central into tracemonkey, specifically to pick up bug 467579.
ccd1e5b262644914e2bef26a60e5b82d9f0045e5Edwin Smith — Bug 468484 - isQuad(LIR_callh) on 32bit cpu's should be false (r=dvander+), r=danderson.
e98755cc2852635d5ea5354c7c96f44a396f14e6Edwin Smith — Bug 468484 - Fixed a couple more small nanojit injections, r=danderson.
2274c22d3611cdfca7801e03d82bd73cad0b3ebfRick Reitmaier — Bug 468484 - LirBuffer has been modified to provide advance warning of out of memory (OOM) conditions, r=danderson.
d1067d8067316fcd432cd3882bd82877d31edafeEdwin Smith — Bug 468484 - trivial cleanups to simplify armjit merge (r=me), r=danderson.
5bdf0bc26a33ea65cef064de511cf88209f8deaaLeon Sha — Bug 468484 - Bug 463182 - Can not build tamarin-redux on solaris with Sun compiler. stejohns: review+, r=gal.
61870e67777f248c24eb5f7686ad6b295756f31fEdwin Smith — Bug 468484 - Fix cascading register spilling bug 462522 (r=rreitmai+), r=danderson.
08c43641ab86b247e3b865de2f44bc0ed0cac988Jason Orendorff — Bug 453564 - TM: Assertion failure: JSVAL_IS_NULL(vp[0]) || (!JSVAL_IS_PRIMITIVE(vp[0]) && OBJ_IS_ARRAY(cx, JSVAL_TO_OBJECT(vp[0]))). r=gal.
2963765d5585620594fb4f9884e443b972ec7d67Edwin Smith — Bug 468484 - Fixed bug causing too much spilling, other arm tweaks, r=danderson.
f5cf5dc900806c2c9c75a2a64bd6bcb63a17f10bEdwin Smith — Bug 468484 - fix boundary bug injected by CallInfo change, r=gal.
a108246c8d894786f50c393b9e14c1dba25ee5e4Steven Johnson — Bug 468484 - redid nMarkExecute() to fix the bug. Now it always does exactly one page, r=gal.
7b8fbdf1bf14721c4d805e90d5304bf62ce54f4cGraydon Hoare — Bug 468484 - Re-insert asm-counting code lost in previous redux-tracemonkey merge, r=gal.
74c13b64856a90e991c8466072f6d7ffd74906ddJason Orendorff — Fix bug in previous patch.
27a7da1735981b2be2ab76d49bfd297709d91a9fJason Orendorff — Bug 460865 - Read barrier for cx->fp. r=mrbkap, r=dmandelin.
b7a88fd4b75cffd17a57b40ed4d89209b07c5240Jeff Walden — Dangit, why do the tests run correctly locally in small batches? Backing out bug 465255...
62c408f40d3c48d2c90295a4adc151e8c5eda5caJeff Walden — Bug 465255 - Rewrite TraceRecorder::cmp, take two. r=gal
302f6eae60131cd88a2c75170dbf189b5fc826edEdwin Smith — Bug 468484 - make asm_output[123] varadic, and add some LIR instruction comments, r=gal.
bb8c91f85e9ab9494cf359c1b4c9a4584b1d1981Steven Johnson — Bug 468484 - internal tamarin-redux merge (mostly formatting), r=gal.
79919c6fd6d2a1ff3cff232f2765950ac7e72001Steven Johnson — Bug 468484 - Macro-ize calls to new/delete to account for MMgc interactions, r=gal.
722b8496e81b001ef22cd74e3cb73e42f1cbad66Graydon Hoare — Bug 468484 - Change Fragmento's fragment map from a pointer to a member, r=gal.
b8d60efef2e89bb4c6c16ef07c5d99e9c543bf02Jason Orendorff — Bug 463746 - js/tests/ eliminate CPAN dependency. r=bclary.
dd04454475255fb519e32a1de3504d6824bc50ceAndreas Gal — Eliminate mergeCount from fragments since its unused (468391, r=danderson).
e3b6f616b3aca4ab90be8a8911bb89622d5c5bf3Robert Sayre — Merge m-c to tracemonkey.
3172c2f95ffc7ae593fd50a6bc97c537758b9cffJeff Walden — Back out bug 465255, seems I was wrong about the compile error and warning being the only bugs.
61d37088f26f6ef38d781b38c87d3674c60d6627Andreas Gal — Merge.
7afff1e82856bf6a66da1feccd6e0d0f4b9f38e8Andreas Gal — Inherit context options from parent context when using evalcx in the shell (r=brendan, no bug).
fb20756f1a0cd629a714205c79f491fe1641d36fJeff Walden — Followup fix for a typing bug (why wasn't I seeing errors with g++?) and a goto-past-initialization (which I also think should have been caught by g++). r=bustage
4e6e654be740e8faa9a90b6fcc515a7f947d21c2Jeff Walden — Bug 465255 - Rewrite TraceRecorder::cmp. r=gal
430443243820a2df8fbf7a553b58c453d05cf379Andreas Gal — Don't try to setup arguments when tracing if we don't have at least 2 arguments (468174, r=brendan).
6c75d8666e90ed0db7dd32d5dc0554ae1e5fd270Jim Blandy — Bug 463648: Pass absolute path to js/src/configure --with-sync-build-files. r=bsmedberg
f17a98204658129ccda7f06f01c68043f85d7adbAndreas Gal — Merge.
d63efc717c3fe6bbe3e7f3cbbc26b68b4a82e76fAndreas Gal — Trace apply and call (462482, r=brendan).
68a4eb0bcf4867dd81bfadc101b437f384d46179David Anderson — Fixed assembler errors not blacklisting the loop header, resulting in senseless re-recordings (bug 467854, r=gal).
984f615816de03af3b43b1df9e638fd14980c315David Anderson — Fixed crashing when deep aborting before a loop header (bug 467857, r=gal).
3d540ab1713fc52975e0b7bf752db7b270f8e5d7Jeff Walden — Bug 467985 - |./js -b| crashes. r=mrbkap
5d6e3e1e78ec03020a5747902a62efd713e19ea9David Anderson — Fixed a register allocation bug in nanojit when an argument using FST0 appeared twice in an argument list (bug 465484, r=edwsmith).
21ba547981d56236c927de3dc0b715b698c66d49David Anderson — Fixed nanojit crashing when the reservation table filled (bug 460511, r=rickr).
d4275f9681e039da49aa859c9a717f83615f602eJeff Walden — Bug 459405 - Math property flags regressed by bug 376957. r=brendan, a=sayrer
fe5804f75874ab29550739f9971283fdc511f56aDavid Mandelin — Bug 464828 fixed: make sure js_ThreadDestructorCB is called on main thread
aaf83c27a78f0b18b36628937c108cf6a96ab587Jason Orendorff — Bug 462459 - TM: Better tracer support for |new Array(...)|. r=gal.
70da38678f76114eb848608d32fb9362afda415bJim Blandy — (no bug) Use JS_FASTCALL for math_atan2_kernel.
71ed48b89775cd876c72d06024fabeef8c456836Andreas Gal — Merge.
6052f603166e11651213f9a2e57b326ae7b4f58cAndreas Gal — Guard on the JSFunction and parent pointers instead of the identity of the function object in case of shapeless calls (451974, r=brendan).
71e52b2b4289774c085faabfdd7904541c1312d5Jim Blandy — Bug 461180: Fix result comparison function for trace tests. r=mrbkap
67590608184897736b98aaa1c970d8101208dca2Jim Blandy — Bug 461180: Use 'uneval' when printing expected and actual test results. r=mrbkap
2b00ac7363b7a5376ebb9ad2cbdd3588ddceaf98Jim Blandy — Bug 461180: Don't depend on type coercion when checking trace test results. r=mrbkap
8a93040ee598e8d1312aed78170e68a5b6047b05Jim Blandy — Bug 461180: Abstract out core code of math_atan2. r=brendan
213728a95a5c1a35099ad85cc131139d8cffbd03David Anderson — Fixed resolve hooks causing recorder to crash (bug 467007, r=gal).
f379309b622f51abece8a980eea5e711f603e9f4Andreas Gal — Abort compilation of a regular expression if we run out of memory during recording (466588, r=danderson).
7b90476fc3df9f6b91af54905dc4b5e7104ad8ecAndreas Gal — Don't output JIT statistics if we don't ever record a trace (466942, r=danderson).
057dd58d50b8158df254ca3f7afbb27c684bc348David Anderson — Fixed TIMEOUT_EXIT guard being in the wrong location (from bug 453157, r=gal).
25f1ffc25d92732d00a7033a5c2f27ff12ecb61cGraydon Hoare — Bug 454569 - post-landing style and cast fixes, sr=brendan.
19ffa19b469753def48db60dc53d9d4a6e287d7aGraydon Hoare — Bug 454569 - Improve accuracy of tracemonkey's oracle, r=gal.
fa00e076eb111d1f8375ab128673edaed90032afDavid Anderson — Fixed regression checked in for bug 466128 (bug 466262, r=gal).
69cd206499852377b555978ba00d96a1c25fdd59David Mandelin — Bug 463535: compile regexps to native lazily, r=gal
41fe2911e96456ff16eb103b84c86259330450b8David Anderson — Fixed JSOP_NEG not checking overflow at recording time (bug 465688, r=gal).
6d441358bc575874de065512410b1be386ab2840David Anderson — Allow recorders to trash multiple trees on the way out (bug 466128, r=gal).
b24c90967af939275d3d3622de36cd3ae66b4b12Jeff Walden — Bug 465476 - SpiderMonkey confusion over "-0" and "0" properties of an object. r=brendan
5f3dfe0486065743b469c453552bd2e4c6ad46d1David Mandelin — Test case to detect bug 465862: case-insensitive mode in the native regexp compiler
808e3cb0853fd83dc2dc3230783dd0e6d472eee6Jim Blandy — (no bug) Move definition of RESideExit *exit to top of function, to avoid error from GCC about jumping across its initialization.
9f5e7a04b4bcf6cd77d0b04e406594493b446603David Mandelin — Fixed bug 464866: use regexp source+flags as key to compiled code, r=gal
65019ca2ece8a959afaa42cbc533cce0879c0cdeDavid Mandelin — Fixed bug 465862: incorrect handling of 'i' flag in compiled regexps, r=gal
c8d272272215bf6226d13ce4286f17e17641ccd3David Anderson — Fixed double-free of treeInfo in a type instability edge case (bug 465686, r=gal).
d5e92772e8a1784d6b454458917b53d5a424dda4David Anderson — Fix CALLPROP not guarding that the callee is not NULL (bug 465580, r=gal).
19c01c29041995c4a06697bee0caeca35249f167David Anderson — Fixed unsafe coercion of JSVAL_VOID to string on trace entry (bug 465483, r=brendan).
eb568873736e7634fa3a88e1a65244a33566b969Robert Sayre — Merge
885d919d18ee91a7a73a4e4b8b33ba1e58db81faRobert Sayre — backout bug 468836, checked in on persistent orange.
a70f5bc424ad5dea05b5ebee85829f7caf80bb13Robert Sayre — Merge
f6e9542592c7b01aeca21f1d771dac815240a229Robert Sayre — backout bug 428988, checked in on persistent orange.
e85b144b3f8391515c3d464e2617dcc88403adceRobert Sayre — Merge
8406c99a7c89e6ccab790ab51af8aafe41644b03Robert Sayre — backout bug 460548, checked in on persistent orange.
f7ab24488595c1ee37ae337b00f08d89e5b7d647Robert Sayre — Backout JOEDREW! patches for bug 89419 and bug 393936. Looks like they make mochitest leak.
903f5449d70ca884e096930672dcd7ee7ff848cbRobert Sayre — Backout JOEDREW! patches for bug 468160 and bug 414259. Looks like they make mochitest leak.
c1164d43fef5a799833e87cd9d8fd11ad314008fJustin Dolske — Backout bug 461680 and bustage fixes due to still failing on Linux and possible leaks.
b883595ba2ce265e62ef8ee75bc2317c5a494647Joe Drew — Fix the obvious mistakes I'd made in the previous patch for bug 468160.
dd314af60eda2f8a7e6a88cca290bfc8e92b14b3Joe Drew — Keep track of the URI we're keyed on in imgRequests. This makes it possible to avoid leaks. b=468160 r=bzbarsky sr=vlad
7ad0f93730cce5c3e2d337f7009eb34d4f55be8aJoe Drew — Don't discard animated images so we don't have to worry about how to restore them. b=414259 r/sr=vlad
741b47107e5e6b811bbd5c147c2cb2d9981ed652Justin Dolske — Test bustage fix by using specific event listener.
0d2bceefc012fc922faeb1bc330d395805b9e489Justin Dolske — Bug 461680 - Improve video control fade in/out animation. (test bustage fix)
a210c5c09190c595b97e445b986173d499fbf351Serge Gautherie — Bug 460548 - Port |Bug 450983 - use leakThreshold for SeaMonkey testers| to Firefox; (Bv1) Reduce |browserChrome| to 74000 from 75000; r=ted.mielczarek
3a8df4d8dec4e5af5d8e3b9ca80a9ec1303c8063Oleg Romashin — Bug 428988 - Expose mouse event pressure. r=Olli.Pettay, sr=roc.
4fa1079c75f5925aa42577daa4f7ca37d0d9c120Anton Rogaynis — Bug 468463 - Disable support for printing in Qt. r=ted.mielczarek.
523bdc0860027778ed120a6c12e0aed6a06eff2cMarco Bonardo — Bug 468836 - Existing tags no longer show and cannot be edited, r=dietrich
74a85a545f0ad4a3ad20875bb141b8c551548f6fJoe Drew — Handle 302 redirects properly in imagelib. b=89419 r=bzbarsky sr=vlad/pavlov
5f6b82c5c67e5480147098b822f12d0004a1ae5fJoe Drew — Bug 393936 - nsIRequest::cancel() must not notify anything sync. Make removal from the loadgroup async, and add another call cancelAndForgetObserver() that removes the listener immediately (since some callsites expect that). Note, however, that this new method shouldn't be used in any new code; it exists only to support code that relied on the broken behaviour prior to this checkin. r=bzbarsky sr=vlad
4f38b5babb800a840ecb64aef103e33e1583edb0Dan Witte — merge bug 468744.
fd7c994ec1e9ddceec2a5b7cf778dc3a5f99edc4Dan Witte — bug 468744 - finalize sqlite statements before closing db to avoid sqlite warnings; r=sdwilsh
25228e852b6d4ee8bbe1a3459db33960316632a4Justin Dolske — Bug 461680 - Improve video control fade in/out animation. r=enn
1ea7f41ebd97f695fde508c4d94a678bc50db963Steven Michaud — Avoid crashing on non-fatal Objective-C exceptions caused by a 10.4-only Apple bug. b=461381 r=josh sr=roc
1eae54a0f48c1cf442b663f57e82563a379b7f73Jonathan Kew — bug 450088 - fix for bad line-breaking at quote marks in CJK text r=masayuki, sr=roc
8602d55fe61f712704ed239102da390994906304Masayuki Nakano — Bug 83056 Add support for windows sounds to Menus r=enndeakin, sr=roc, ui=jboriss
5ce74cb333cc0c4ca47ba41922ae87b2d86683c1Edward Lee — Bug 463459 - Use a separate pref instead of empty restrict/match values to specify defaults. r=dietrich, a1.9.1=beltzner
cda0ae16a8a8ebf85d77dd807316e86552aa18eeOlli Pettay — Bug 449006, r+sr=peterv
c901f771b072327faef29afa0ceed1427d114feeWolfgang Rosenauer — Bug 468804 - casting to pointer explicitely in g_object_set_data() calls; r+sr=roc
72a4c2b4e1608f743e71f09565e52e98c2b34f8eMarco Perez — Bug 461542 - consolidate the (unix) start scripts for our applications; mozilla-central patch v3; r=benjamin
2646df2fb21775aa8dd4ec79f7373c7f1da4a7a3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 468753 - Startup crash in nsViewManager::ProcessSynthMouseMoveEvent; r+sr=dbaron
f12fc0bf92f05787c8de96eef81f2743998b7779Taras Glek — Bug 464995 - avoid reads of size 1 in jemalloc; r=benjamin
28f45bf33ba97a819659111bd5eeef7bb2fee162Chris Pearce — Bug 466045 - Intermittent failure of video seek mochitests; r=chris.double sr=roc
6de3075c652247346ad51fd2ec9fad5d5d460f92Chris Pearce — Bug 467972 - Load() invoked to do seek in onended results in sending onloadedmetadata; r=chris.double sr=roc
865af0f2587a92b05947ec50fdb2838f5c53aaa0arno renevier — Bug 460295 - nsRefPtrHashtable.h belongs to sdk and includes nsAutoPtr.h which does not; r=benjamin sr=dveditz
4897aa66c45cb9d90b80b864f82990f1e3a70117Robert Kaiser — fix up my test bustage by removing a spurious { the review didn't catch, not sure why I did put it there, sorry.
b88bc6127dcae50e47dbf140ca91b81186614df2Neil Rashbrook — Bug 468421 Fix assertion to include other valid cases r+sr=roc (debug-only code)
ee854712776851b3697fb6b6a2b2929d7c1a7d2bRobert Kaiser — bug 468341 - Some toolkit places tests fail on SeaMonkey unit test boxes - make tests mor tolerant to default prefs, non-override DOM error messages, non-existing browser-specific services and protcol defintions, r=sdwilsh a=tests-only
9952fee851dae674ede7e4a25ee667ebea43a3ffMarco Bonardo — followup to Bug 431558 - implement preventive maintenance for places.sqlite, remove observer on test finish, r=sdwilsh
89a175c70c25df9a47519fa6967e9f4214acaa6dDietrich Ayala — Bug 463513 - Tagging service could hold a fixed cache instead of an open node, r=mak77
29f1fa84f8fd739b81e39335776d64f2d8de8a89Benjamin Smedberg — Disable the outparams warning "written on NS_FAILED"... we should focus first on the "not written on NS_SUCCEEDED" warnings, which are generally more serious. No bug, NPODB, CLOSED TREE a=johnath
242894260a861a115e9fd0257e6263b5fddf8addShawn Wilsher — Bug 466582 - smarter handling of remote chrome (and not allowing it)
99dca569239976d10a7215cce6a57cd3aae9ea07Ted Mielczarek — followup from bug 421534 - dsymutil spits an error to stdout if a binary doesn't have symbols, redirect it to /dev/null. r=bsmedberg
bad1a35faa154deabba94d58e3d8f89cce066f06Marco Bonardo — Bug 467856 - Expose SQLITE_IOERR, r=sdwilsh
b6aec13be588f062ca6accbf68aef52c8cd896a6Marco Bonardo — Bug 465510 - random failures on test_database_sync_after_addVisit.js, r=sdwilsh
99df4df6b689a4d5e8c3e11ede7c0b5541e4401fMarco Bonardo — Bug 467971 - random failures on test_multiple_visits_around_sync.js, r=sdwilsh
b1cae4b3e1ab2066e6afd128e0b849089c3dbc0cMarco Bonardo — Bug 466532 - No default bookmarks for profiles with a non-relative profile location (take two), r=dietrich
a8b3039375818dbb0dd0cd725eb668811925cd4fMarco Bonardo — Bug 429379 - Deleting large live bookmark makes Firefox unresponsive for several seconds, r=dietrich
5f7a0e667bc4bc8c570ade67bd04c873bb40c9deMarco Bonardo — Bug 431558 - implement preventive maintenance for places.sqlite, r=dietrich
a2986966ab87c22f4cc5f5167354e7631b32fba9Marco Zehe — disabling tests until bug 468451 is fixed
b7ddfe7f6cb79e04b5ac6e24a0153fa729bc1a6eJosh Aas — windows bustage fix for bug 462023
1477679ec4b8a6697ebacc322cfe8dd6959b9bdfBoris Zbarsky — Fix parent class name. Followup to bug 368773, r+sr=peterv
2b1ea6fad542317073be760fbc71d84a6b67c8adSteven Michaud — Don't allow plugin to set NPPVpluginWindowBool on OS X. b=466495 r=josh sr=roc
7d90c98f97bf58279b44966be717658aa38177b2Josh Aas — Fix error case leak in nsPluginFile::GetPluginInfo. b=462023 r=mstange sr=jst
e3a05edee283585cb84084cbf142280dd5924f05Josh Aas — whitespace/minor cleanup for nsPluginsDirDarwin.cpp, no bug
a441f54e2c6458f1ac5697d3fdb1853a343299e1Markus Stange — Bug 468498 - Use the new color -moz-mac-disabledtoolbartext in the styles for disabled toolbar button text because GrayText is too light. r=dao
a72ce0279ba86773b7cb810ee5e1b573df7d89acMarkus Stange — Bug 468498 - Add color -moz-mac-disabledtoolbartext for disabled text in toolbars. r=roc
85507cfcdda85194b13a4a4a2f4ad4b83957b2a7Przemyslaw Bialik — Bug 463923 - show expanded technical details in expert mode (SSL error pages). r=johnath/gavin
390be3dc17d8e2c8ef439f6a405677b265e67b9dJonathan Kew — b=450088 backing out (new reftest failed)
ab68014ec016201b71283ef61bfaae982f4cf642L. David Baron — Merge backout of bug 466104.
3ce0936aef4054e10469b2af018aa2779f25de57L. David Baron — Backed out changeset 957a4fed14af (bug 466104) due to leaks
556a93a5ffa60b493e03401acf1bbc9dca7077e6Masayuki Nakano — Bug 450088 Line breaking regression (in Chinese and other languages) p=Jonathan Kew, r=masayuki, sr=roc
957a4fed14af1edfccedb05131ac3385f0d84881L. David Baron — Make mochitests not build and search the results table when run inside the harness. (Bug 466104) r=sayrer
deac64488b1a3061820c892caf6630c2a2844858Josh Aas — Remove support for "main" as a plugin initialization function. b=467429 r=smichaud sr=roc
849814dbd923f7c6a1c0ef792b74383f7934f69cDave Camp — Backed out changeset e33f490c8764
e33f490c8764d8199a26328d1a0c014760c57008Dave Camp — Bug 441751: Fix up LOAD_ONLY_FROM_CACHE. r+sr=bz
01831806827a59e064e05e12b21e42a83b6033ddJosh Aas — remove support for CFM binary plugins. b=467417 r=smichaud sr=roc
32a59b44146c82e4f856147a79466b66e008104eArno Renevier — npruntime sample does not compile on linux (FALSE not declared). b=464485 r=josh sr=roc
3de729305127cad1b383be31b870e36be6e90702Chris Double — Bug 468327. Disable optimized YUV-RGB conversion on Mac since it's incorrect. r+sr=roc
04307da4e0e6472f67897866b1ce2a275db97356Chris Pearce — Bug 466557. Don't let the Ogg decoder get stuck in states when unexpected transitions happen. r=doublec,sr=roc
c9fd49f1a8053e78c7c9fe0e52d56141434dc0abChris Double — Bug 465459. totalBytes is no longer part of the HTML5 video spec. r+sr=roc
1e81ca8ea5a81d61b9c7a1b965fba4f76407fa48Chris Double — Bug 465832. Make sure we don't fire any DOM events from a decoder that's shutting down. r=kinetik,sr=roc
44a63976fe9a9ff5e0c7b18145f9486e70b7e67bMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 468419. Fix loading of the application window icons on Windows. r+sr=roc
7c5b6ac942e046388fa956135cd55600d49513dcRobert O'Callahan — Bug 458898. Make sizeToContent work for HTML documents by ensuring CanvasFrame converts an UNCONSTRAINEDSIZE computed height into its actual desired height. r+sr=dbaron
8a7a803e86fda99a5af2c10fe2b33d895b3fd5a2Robert O'Callahan — Bug 468413. Make test_bug335816.html reliable by using onload instead of setTimeout. r=smontagu
23dd66069c44510474764544efb963d8f6d8ac75Shawn Wilsher — merge to tip for backout
5af0a48a20d48baf754d6b71831334134effc6aaShawn Wilsher — Backed out changeset 3744204c1576 (bug 432938) due to orange
5bf995c6a58139958d138b9b2cc6e2cb0eda2effShawn Wilsher — merge to tip for backout
6c07d6a8cd3344d35263acd501806ce01c661c2fShawn Wilsher — Backed out changeset b6f762fde736 (bug 466582) for unit test orange.
9a6a05fe86ef6f1f343c1fb9ca62b787587f6823Shawn Wilsher — fix for windows bustage
5384f38dc5e58c2a4efb1c28ad1c4c6093ae95b2Shawn Wilsher — Bug 462173 - We treat transaction errors as fatal when we should not
ef6466eb4ae683af2749e8126d67b716794a0920Shawn Wilsher — Bug 448114 - Notify about non-finalized statements in debug builds
3744204c15769a48972e8376324afc78faf4ebfcShawn Wilsher — Bug 432938 - Use GTK stock icon for netError favicon instead of Windows icon
b6f762fde736dbbfec42b91a39c3d363ffc80310Shawn Wilsher — Bug 466582 - smarter handling of remote chrome (and not allowing it)
84231c3b7ad454526e42591f22a4048ff1d8625eL. David Baron — Make exceptions (e.g., reftest manifest errors) print the magic word for getting logged as errors. (Bug 468476) r=ted.mielczarek
f8ac1b911fa451775ccfa4e144ed9a8e7b401bd3Ted Mielczarek — bug 468494 - nightly mac builds are over 285Mb in size. fix NO_PKG_FILES to remove .dSYM bundles. r=bsmedberg
9c8abec31b354f3a3cf0af371e7e86de212f41b4L. David Baron — Fix error in reftest manifest file causing reftests not to be run.
1fa974797b0c530594df2a34c8a646477a6cddbaJim Blandy — Bug 463339: Have js/src use symlinks when installing in dist. r=bsmedberg
ede5b83266d338092224c59c239622f274f339f1Ted Mielczarek — bug 421534 - Mac: generate breakpad .sym from dwarf symbols instead of stabs. r=bsmedberg
31281697c16617d0cc7cd1e809169244f385eaa8Ted Mielczarek — bug 465329 - sync to breakpad revision 303. r=bsmedberg
681b46e69db218090bb5211360c7db584009e0f9Ted Mielczarek — bug 465329 - sync to breakpad revision 299 (just the mozilla changes). r=bsmedberg
7aa964f60934c55c5bcead514a92f93e2427ea72Ted Mielczarek — bug 465329 - sync to breakpad revision 299 (just the breakpad changes). r=bsmedberg
9a55fd36efa20cf75b4c789f9bc4238d9fcbd31eL. David Baron — Remove the feature of where we md5sum any file called 'core' in your home directory in order to see if it changes while running the program and potentially invoke GDB. (Bug 467638) r=bsmedberg
727b7a33350c5543e33d7203a0480d222a23083aL. David Baron — Rebuild all style data when the user font set changes so that we recompute ex and ch units. (Bug 458878) r=jdaggett sr=bzbarsky a=blocking1.9.1+
cfc7b5b533d3713f32e65f1ac1501b36948fac48Markus Stange — Bug 461366 - Don't use -moz-appearance for browser window background, it's not shown anyway, r=gavin
56af7f8280af4dea0f09215232841351f646e650Markus Stange — Bug 312852 - Tooltip should not appear during a drag, r=smaug sr=roc
c9ee415720850c604187e2890b4adcbfb26e83a1Markus Stange — Convert nsXULTooltipListener.cpp to use static_casts.
8b14f8b9bf02740bc563733c382924163366578fRobert Kaiser — bug 448729 - Remove xpfe/components/history from trunk, r+sr=Neil
8b0e680a4da8f9fc37dc816caf098692ae126434Simon Bünzli — Bug 468168 - Session restore: click restore twice, it restores all tabs twice. r=dietrich
54883d608a5272fca1afb563da3a2023ca82a3b4Nochum Sossonko — Bug 416661 - Site specific zoom level shouldn't apply to image documents, r=gavin ui-r=faaborg
f4ca2f5989024f7cee1db5c0e6b162c508ad2a18Axel Hecht — bug 466378, rdf:nodeID not working when node appears as object before as subject in RDF/XML source,, r=me, sr=shaver, a1.9.1=beltzner
dfbbf5cf98c2cd17376c89c0b40b9e58fc1f2ce5Axel Hecht — bug 466894, add mar generation into right before the zip staging cleanup, r=ted
f03bb4a3ce53e3524b66c370d27e38d7e97ff454Justin Dolske — Bug 424363 - Customize Toolbar ▸ Restore Default Set uses gtk-refresh instead of gtk-revert-to-saved. r=gavin, ui-r=faaborg
9f1757e3559e6281f80aa19b1910c6b4663d37f9Justin Dolske — Bug 429149 - Profile image should have a Tango style. r=gavin, ui-r=faaborg
d64c207f76f292878f7d4d9bb6b23ed7594e8a37Robert O'Callahan — Merged to trunk
391bab16aff14808936c0a3b62cbca2999001d29Robert O'Callahan — Bug 467987. Address additional review comment, remove redundant initialization of gCanvas1/gCanvas2.
04f25a6957cc0462d49931bd530815cf734285f3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 463242. Ideographic spaces should not get CSS word-spacing, but nonbreaking spaces should. r+sr=dbaron
ce9f05b57b957d1731fe2dd86e149d1652dcc365Robert O'Callahan — Bug 467518. Interpret gfxBlur's border radius properly, as the actual boundary of the shadow, not the box-blur size. r=vlad
eb91ec5673df7bd4d7198a140a3fcb43d500d6e6Robert O'Callahan — Bug 466268. Fix cairo-win32 bug that needed MOD but was using the C % operator. r=jmuizelaar
0e0c23ff64cf7178400e915d1db542df0f591be1Robert O'Callahan — Bug 451117. Remove obsolete assertion. r+sr=bzbarsky
16555a9e5ed78ae740644754ff1e10908d17776bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 467987. Speed up reftests by caching the rendering of pages which will be needed again. r+sr=dbaron
11a86c54529643bcc05bf84e62b81e3292bf1982Robert O'Callahan — Bug 465913. Don't need to call BreakFromPrevInFlow in nsContainerFrame::DeleteNextInFlowChild. r+sr=dbaron
37e5b45acb44878e6ed953b50d25a2824672aebdMichael Ventnor — Bug 342261 - [nsIAlertsService] all of notification window should be clickable. r=gavin
b4a2efb03b8348ea988dce02809a16d88b0616feJustin Dolske — Bug 444968 - password-only forms should prefer a password-only login when present. r=gavin
3f327adb4b19ed5d4f9451e0556d34fd3151f1e8Justin Dolske — Bug 466072 - Remove unused in-browser EULA prompt. r=beltzner
71c3a9d147120c5abe9dceb6aaa39991cdfce6d4Ginn Chen — Bug 460926 A11y hierachy is broken on Ubuntu 8.10 (GNOME 2.24), r=Evan.Yan sr=roc
f33a75da59bd0a0d49f7396b9389fad6c0003315Phil Ringnalda — Bug 463982 - Drop configure support for cairo-mac widget toolkit, r=ted
f6aa0df95debfbba0e8dc8716aba6eed22e2b831Mats Palmgren — Walk child frame next-in-flows that are overflow containers. Skip [excess]overflowContainersList to avoid processing them more than once. b=411835 r+sr=roc
3cc9cce7b7e77e5f134ae611447bc605365f23d2Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 467038 - Get rid of nsWindow::DefaultWindowProc; r+sr=roc
ae945d36888c6051284867b1e04afb9a679ae333Mats Palmgren — Backing out the tests for bug 421839 to try to fix Tinderbox orange.
242a58a529d7eddd58630cec7a555e5ad0ae837fBen Turner — Bug 468187 - 'Workers: Timeout ids should start at 1, not 0'. r+sr+a=jst
3d7f812792fb298c38732ed11883414cc1fffc7etimeless — Bug 468045. r+sr=jst.
3125e01b21649e11c0c0d1876a3b67599fddfbafBen Turner — Bug 460437 - 'innerHtml doesn't update DOM when Html markup goes from Invalid to Valid'. r+sr=mrbkap.
b4bbb3c351a60b7561e2cb5f6c09a478704f11dbBen Turner — Bug 453865 - 'Workers: Allow JSON-able objects to be passed as messages to worker threads.' r+sr+a=jst.
411f1455e3236d8315b8fe5f37e4d568dab86c78Ben Turner — Bug 465141 - 'Workers: Implement expression flavor of timeouts, use nsAutoJSValHolder'. Followup OOM check to bustage fix. r+sr=jst, a=blocking1.9.1
e437dc52b966f62ac10fdb1f94c22ef0dd9657d5Ben Turner — Bug 467162 - 'uninitialized local variable warning in xpcwrappedjsclass.cpp'. r+sr=jst, a=blocking1.9.1
7effc03f2f4586df79152b1cbab9cb907443e666Mats Palmgren — Crash test for bug 421839.
f7d4bb87cda0cc93ab1f263817427568a5c922d3Mats Palmgren — Don't crash if views were destroyed while flushing notifications. b=421839 r+sr=roc
6efa9c970d649823542fc4820be34d9096cbfb71Mats Palmgren — Make GetCurrentEventFrame() return null if the shell is being destroyed (don't call GetPrimaryFrameFor()). b=421839 r+sr=roc
a47eccda227811c14479f182f89e7fba7e8fd41dL. David Baron — Make the code to suppress infinite synthesized mouse move loops work again with asynchronous style changes. (Bug 302561) r+sr=bzbarsky,roc
23c07da38629a69b1f8935b3c80ecea71bf5b3f4Daniel Holbert — Bug 418643 trivial follow-up: Remove unneded 'typedef' token, in 'typedef struct folderChildrenInfo { ...', to fix compiler warning. r=sdwilsh
18ae5e6af525ef3c81ae11f6a69f27f5896e24bcMats Palmgren — Fix the parent pointer for ::first-letter child frame next-in-flows. b=401042 r+sr=roc
f7c410f03d0e5ce4dcc07ae7aa5da92249dff0c4Mats Palmgren — Inherit -moz-box-ordinal-group to special frames and use a stable sorting algorithm (mergesort). b=431705 r+sr=roc
cdb8066f1da272eaa79179f1435a3f17c0fff78dL. David Baron — Use a local stack rather than the call stack in SkipUntil to avoid excessive recursion. (Bug 432561) r+sr=bzbarsky
4e44e27f8fb7071237d2e0835f11d34cd4db2998Joel Maher — Add tests for media queries in print media. (Bug 466171) r=dbaron
b1ef40eefe8fc2a3a2229627ad3a0760e65ac6ebRobert Kaiser — bug 466302 - remove superfluous inclusion of global/skin in editMenuOverlay, r=gavin
cbf0bbbcc8ed6d4434892f3b482aca87c2917bc4Natch — Bug 461855 - Places details pane retains height after opening tag selector or extended details. r=mak77
f1dc087b774194eb6b60cf88ef7bf342a6eaf925Aiko — Bug 341901 - versioninfo for js3250.dll is bad. r=bsmedberg
5c0da891a0902e7db281150c088758a03c8f455aSimon Bünzli — Bug 465215 - tab values can get synchronized. r=dietrich
ca880b3ff7fc1d93433c9251532c31488c881000stefanh — Bug 462223 - Update welcome_help (no search sidebar anymore). NPOB. r=gavin.
e731e7196ba9b1bb98576e8a5aca256847ec7c06Daniel — Bug 458588 - drop -moz-outline* aliases. r+sr=dbaron
5d7398ca49a94772354d7fd4f3dc959442cc5bccSimon Bünzli — Bug 462863 - about:sessionrestore shouldn't display authentication requests for favicons. r=dietrich
a54efd040b2563dd254faea25584b14beb701746Kurt Schultz — Bug 464155 - Reconsider capitalization of about:sessionrestore heading. ui-r=faaborg, r=gavin/pike
c6befbfb54edfb3bb8883088341fffe7ce594119Simon Bünzli — Bug 467828 - use cached favicons for the Recently Closed Tabs menu. r=gavin
aa5c4cc01baebcf759cbf24a3a0829d04cdbca1bgzlist — Bug 353364 - Same-document references in xml-stylesheet PI processed incorrectly, enabling/adding tests
9754ca6cdc3c3b48da9e281284165858527a3518Robert Longson — backout bug 465996 as it only works in restricted circumstances.
28c7880df20563ae3b00d87832ed6e80d4fcda1fL. David Baron — Add a test for bug 468167
e8c07223b324bd24040c16f26235b28763060b92Markus Stange — Partial backout of changeset cfc553938038 (bug 463042) in order to fix bug 468167, "Deleting selected top of document (from below) no longer scrolls what remains into view".
bc71507c7ccb237fa73d4747d6c1a8bd98f3f0afBrendan Eich — Bug 449657 - JS_SealObject fails on Array objects (r=mrbkap, a=sayrer).
ecb628b5877dcae2a42fea4fa1c804a5d5ee4ed6Ben Newman — Turn on lcms assertions in debug builds - bug 454519.r=bholley,sr=vlad
6eb4f7167d23ea583ff16f671e90a83e97b738daVladimir Vukicevic — b=455169, PNG rendering problem with color management with null cms xform. r=joe,r=bholley
4a8914e56d62c03c122e9abaa88a54fd4b53d7e2Bobby Holley — LCMS LI16F_FORWARD renamed to LI8F_FORWARD - bug 457626.r=vlad
b638481767be1164d4b261e9daa879b5c124fee0timeless — crash on loading PNG or JPEG image - bug 463306. r=joe,r=bholley,sr=vlad
15ad240fd7aba94bd4de4698739a23b1b7b96df2Glenn Randers-Pehrson — Bug 460520 - LCMS detection code for bogus cHRM chunks. r=bholley
31f8780c1963a3173fa3e6221df796c3483423e2Bobby Holley — LCMS bogus profile detection - Bug 460629. r=vlad
d712c2f339aa3f030e80fb12371556192e6d741fBobby Holley — Disable fatal LCMS errors earlier in thebes - bug 458164. r=joe
4459fa5bcb8a407f76ba141b2833a5375ce5d5cbPhil Ringnalda — Bug 461322 typo, s/($IFLAGS1)/$(IFLAGS1)/
6b07a7478b91afecbc62784073b91dbc1ff6aad9Phil Ringnalda — Bug 461322 typo, s/caling/calling/
675a3a1a22cc9f996ccdf37c91e4da8e2c6098c2Phil Ringnalda — Bug 465487 - Fix perms on a couple of executable JS components, r=ted
0e4e8ee0391b14cb00af79cf3df7e81d42a98d10Phil Ringnalda — Bug 461322 - Don't give executable permissions to the various icons and text files that the app/Makefile.ins incautiously $(INSTALL), r=ted
b82a593f9b527c4212d114256cf010c166742014Phil Ringnalda — Bug 464632 - Give processed removed-files some IFLAGS lovin', r=ted
a2c9bc656ed5cb10a54aa184fc0757cab93401f4Olli Pettay — Bug 468261, Modify the testcase for bug 457672, so that it works also with SM.
557ccb3ff23ad4ad15aa324aa6d2d81ad8d463e9Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 335531 - Correct misuse of UTF-16BE, UTF-16LE, UTF-32BE, and UTF-32LE charset labels; r=smontagu sr=dbaron
c333209e9650c0bf7dad635b6376b4632b61afa0Michael Ventnor — Bug 468018 - Optimize box-shadow rendering even further by doing more intersections; r=vladimir
2ee44f184ffc00e78682482b5b83194bd845ed77Sylvain Spinelli — Bug 366682 - spellCheckRange : scan only the first word of a text node and stop; r+sr=roc
7482683c532a2bf452f6f4e38e3e0956c0183442Jesper Kristensen — Bug 401292 - application and addon updates fail when Danish Government browser extension is installed; Second patch v1; r=dveditz
7650cecd9913e5d7a3f86648e379e01a24a58359Curtis Bartley — Bug 463176 - NS_ERROR_FACTORY_NOT_REGISTERED from nsIDocShellHistory.useGlobalHistory opening view source; Disable all BACK/FORWARD UI and logic when disablehistory="true";
eff94ca7dcae4c42af4012c5a257ad986eaa74f1Simon Montagu — Exclude Arabic numeric formatting characters from IS_ARABIC_ALPHABETIC. Bug 438571, r=Ehsan Akhgari <>
8174339ec32c29aeb9a6a127636054d6c26c3902Peter van Hardenberg — Bug 463493 - path of x-moz-file flavour on linux is url-encoded; r+sr=roc
845799e6a2dd077cc95d8e03b359083fc9816795Doug Turner — Bug 466493 - Geolocation spec now uses milliseconds.
7604a342ad4b94d92145522c52b74483de3c12e2Wan-Teh Chang — Bug 466531 - Crash/hang [@ mult][@ Balloc] when loading pages on PPC; Proposed patch for JS (trunk); r=jim
fc579917e321374433e182aae2d45a33af4673dcChris Bishop — Bug 465592 - To enable PGO on Thunderbird a module in the Mozilla core needs to have PGO disabled; r=ted.mielczarek
ec95b93b3ae8310b551a3649419910f40113f66eRobert Longson — Bug 463064 - Use covered region to minimise foreignObject painting r+sr=roc
d503a9f90157a476b106560e2864f2fefc1a5e89Boying Lu — Bug 449754 - Ogg Theora backend for HTML5 video element failed to compile/work on Solaris; liboggz; r=chris.double sr=roc
534ba368b35153a2b8446756b2bf7b17d85177b5Boying Lu — Bug 449754 - Ogg Theora backend for HTML5 video element failed to compile/work on Solaris; libogg; r=chris.double sr=roc
917509259a362a7c35511c5471d3f9ed0596d1f4Boying Lu — Bug 449754 - Ogg Theora backend for HTML5 video element failed to compile/work on Solaris; Don't use asm() on solaris; r=chris.double sr=roc
407791718438f0c46e36d8319493ffc3e996e797Arpad Borsos — Bug 414551 - gCallbacksEnabled in prefapi.cpp is unused and should be killed; r+sr=benjamin
c9d7a1d3f4138c21e99ab048a114e0e9ef0baf00Serge Gautherie — Merge for "Backed out changeset: f3663178d2e2" for
19e40cd74411d95fbf6ef8416f135c7016dd4c47Serge Gautherie — Backed out changeset: f3663178d2e2
bb80e727c531463655f75ceef45ca3d09932448eMasahiro Yamada — Bug 464162 - Apache does not accept IPv6 addresses with a scope id in the Host: header; r+sr=cbiesinger
f3663178d2e25d3587bb6690cd2491c870a82f07Daniel — Bug 458588 - remove uses of -moz-outline* and drop the aliases afterwards; remove the aliases; r+sr=dbaron
f0c06d36f6fd98900675e0f7070cf37908a349baRob Arnold — Bug 457997 - autohiding glass panels don't display properly. r=vlad
02effdd7d4ad7fe67289ddb1d83bac637a8ff0f7Markus Stange — Bug 450800 - Style new search widgets on Mac OS X, CSS changes. r=dao
22614dd65a9febf80b55728aee7b0fcc2e7d831aMarkus Stange — Bug 450800 - Add -moz-appearance: searchfield on Mac OS X; general NSCell drawing cleanup. r=smichaud sr=roc
1e8779804b503464eda87a1717a094ece8cb63fcMarco Bonardo — Bug 468209 - _removeRowsFromHistory is broken, r=gavin
5a7748a40aa817233270fd2943f61fb767f9915bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 463021 - Private browsing tests use timeouts; r=sdwilsh
16d246e866502710169b85965d6a691b51bfec82Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 463253 - Application name displayed in title bar; r=mconnor
4671612cb6d58c2ee072da4981ed0860dec637ccEhsan Akhgari — Bug 463022 - browser_privatebrowsing_ui.js fails on mac; r=mconnor
c8ca4434292afe36eccea4e7697faf20c932f0a3Masayuki Nakano — Bug 467593 'WARNING: GetCharCode used for wrong key event; should use onkeypress. ' should not be displayed by Web pages r+sr=roc
3367b9dd7db3cca53de9decf03418176fc841dadMasayuki Nakano — Bug 424663 crashes [@ CalcCharacterPoisitionAtoW][@ imm32.dll@0x3e24] involving Chinese IME r=VYV03354+ere, sr=roc
c110c33e9470c25381ebfd074b7b9415a860d400Masayuki Nakano — Bug 465461 esc key input does not restore IME state r=josh,sr=roc
e2884f6e506d9bc08ebe70c1e360a3432dbd45f3Chris Double — Backout bug 464376 due to test failure
007ab5272b1a3c49695b73d9adcd38b77cce5141Chris Double — Backed out changeset 34f6eb1300f1 due to test failure
2b322c1835c6a765ff16544d198000a7081609f2Chris Double — Backout bug 464376 due to test failure
fee55777d2d01ef8fed55b01c8c391b2cbbb5d89Chris Double — Backed out changeset 3e3feb158fad due to test failure
e2b34f00dce509442b39855e3124500797cf8f95Chris Double — Backout Bug 464376 due to test failure
9d2424ab1ebaac494d41b3198d0e67c3f22a9bb8Chris Double — Backed out changeset 1b5995ee5192 due to test failure
b09d5673573e5bdd548a629da7866a81c304cf09Karl Tomlinson — reftests/font-face/sheet-set-base-1 is random, b=468217
1b5995ee51926d7a4d8f1fd010c97a4a00a63f79Chris Double — Bug 464376 - Missing .wav test file
3e3feb158fadfd0107e1ea3da9a9475a04877aaaChris Double — bug 464376 - Missing test files to fix build bustage
34f6eb1300f1df8e52e7479b67e5b373706424feChris Double — bug 464376 - Fire media progress events as needed - r+sr=roc
86d0e7bb06721598133c844a3a79beabf2dc2cdfKarl Tomlinson — b=462798 fixage: add NS_VISIBILITY_DEFAULT to cairo_ft_font_options_substitute declaration
ad37b3de22b466050037a87db6590eee3b6dbdedKarl Tomlinson — b=462798 don't pass cairo_font_options_t* between system and moz cairo. r=vlad
e6c31f12b8797ee7db50332634ae34c09bde7628Karl Tomlinson — b=458169 @font-face { src: url() } for Linux. r=roc
e8d254e4732219ad92d92d4c76f44e7165f474eeKarl Tomlinson — b=467874 only destroy FT_Faces created by cairo. r=vlad
2edac09540b46612ecfd2898845abc340e2d618eJustin Wood — Bug 467206, Correctly remove the load listener in mochibrowser: browser_bug441778.js
43ed1b0f68eb7440ebad19c83b539acb90f85089Justin Wood — Bug 467050, add to the GLOBAL_DEPS list as well
79c0238573553a6b02743f564a776e61a5765c0cNeil Rashbrook — Bug 468002 Really make windbgdlg a Unicode application r=blassey sr=bsmedberg
4f38214f17c016f99fd9a2bab6e37d78240bc7c9Peter Weilbacher — [OS/2] Bug 460247: move the OS/2 README.txt files out of the locale directories (mozilla-central part), r=ted
a0c0ed9f461fc39635b2e99117fa3c1b85505ecdPatrick McManus — Bug 464838: Tweak DNS prefetch to hopefully fix a tp3 regression. r+sr=bz
3b79023b5d0d3f21fd1ad3295493aa3464cf5ee9Daniel Holbert — Merge after backing out 78d662c2c878
024fa1c26e347b5281a1cb57854f6eff6687dc90Daniel Holbert — Backed out changeset 78d662c2c878 (Bug 335531) on suspicion of causing mochitest failures in test_bug399284.html on linux & windows unittest boxes.
7f80a677ca91f8479ef871abe56614af5b61c3c3Serge Gautherie — Merge for "Backed out changeset: d98cdb0cdd15" for
488ed6c3dd5d1fd7fed48800cfabc114dd4cf331Serge Gautherie — Backed out changeset: d98cdb0cdd15
54986a94714f43e5a0639a1df819efe013b3ef61Daniel Holbert — Merge after backout of changeset 416fbf4fdef3
cd0a03d99535790b5db15bf53c6077b28fb2b8feDaniel Holbert — Backed out changeset 416fbf4fdef3 on suspicion of causing test failures in test_multiple_visits_around_sync.js and head_sync.js on moz2-linux-slave07
7864ddfabf4a91879486d37d17526940443760beSerge Gautherie — Merge for "Backed out changeset: cb9da8789fce"
e8a055de467cbeb1d30c4f459b77abbe2d390dd4Serge Gautherie — Backed out changeset: cb9da8789fce
a689bce8e20ac24016d4e650cc666b0202904322Doug Turner — Bug 454120 - Problems Compiling SECURITY module for WinMobile. r=ted
78d662c2c8785e04d47f04a584c654830ba20993Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 335531 - Correct misuse of "UTF-16BE", "UTF-16LE", "UTF-32BE", and "UTF-32LE" charset labels; r=smontagu sr=dbaron
7636b76498b3c391581214b0d854eb6a51e71c05Doug Turner — merge
bd4d91cec13d0625785be50b11a9e7d7f9b9370dDoug Turner — Backed out changeset 555e338a03ca
d5fc7ddeb0d45586baef4aaa44b00b627c8c90cdAntonio Gomes — Bug 463514 - SNAV: Wrong comparison @_focusNextUsingCmdDispatcher(); r=doug.turner
3437821306fbb2c907f62cb1b1988d5347c7a784Antonio Gomes — Bug 463139 - SNAV: make possible the use of 'event.which' in some situations where event.keyCode is not convinient; r=doug.turner
5b62f3c644cb52694bafad756daae042d4d0ecf0Ben Hearsum — bug 453840: remove MOZ_PKG_PRETTYNAMES special case in browser/locales/ r=tmielczarek
53326bcc01580f16d9dd39d3929602b5a2d1ae24Robert Kaiser — bug 453840: make it possible to create files in the final place for releases - create a MOZ_PKG_NAME for the in-package dir. r=tmielczarek
555e338a03ca69e3ce65e3dea86217801466acd6Doug Turner — Bug 454120 - Problems Compiling SECURITY module for WinMobile. r=ted
8e208933f5103a2d9be9acdf1f3578f752027663Mark Finkle — Bug 465823: Allow XULRunner apps to use Mochitest in 1.9.1, r=ted, NPOTB
ec734c3ad8a86daf8c8c0236e74e06d942f04095Neil Deakin — Bug 393575, change nsIMenuParent to nsMenuParent, r+sr=bz
52f3cd53f69fb0c8b159e3d90f526ee44a196e3bNeil Deakin — Bug 396699, rename popup list variables to be clearer, r=bz
416fbf4fdef378ab7f1fb9e826da60deb3d4631bNeil Deakin — Bug 453649, globalStorage should be static, r+sr=jst
c170d14afd6021e9fd6b694560230a26ae1df7abDoug Turner — Bug 466493 Implement PositionOptions::maximumAge. r/sr=jst
d98cdb0cdd15b0e0a5a4cc592339c0e60c691c8aMike Kaplinskiy — Bug 440614 - text entry field unable to take focus; r=(bzbarsky + jst + peterv) sr=peterv
cb9da8789fcee38f3471863bc87b6c4ac3274ff3Matthew Gregan — Bug 465498 - HTML5 <audio>: setting 'currentTime' throws exception sometimes; r+sr=roc
6a041ed8bf9f3b46e2ee3aadfa75bcb9ba8338a6Marco Bonardo — Bug 441470 - Bookmark lost when dragged within folder shortcuts menus, r=dietrich
bc60bbab6efda338e3b9e87913d550e7c8866f8cMarco Bonardo — ug 466303 - When removing bookmark backups remove also old html ones, r=dietrich
c79c596ea42f25d5a6f51b9d45c40ef567758ddastefanh — Bug 467294 - Images in bottom tabs are stretched. r=dao.
3252f8d4e6bbd8cd221c25723a4f30ef9e25ed16Peter Van der Beken — Partially back out fix for bug 461563 to try to fix Txul regression on Windows.
10b0ac3fde93bb470671dc4b7b0963efecff4bc6Olli Pettay — Bug 467123 - Document.cloneNode() failed in a JS component, r+sr=bz
bc9a0217b022b3ec9d559bcdd0e52eca50d715b0Peter Van der Beken — Partially back out fix for bug 461563 to try to fix Txul regression on Windows.
240bf1b22cd454d49a1a56db4be5af5151b62cf0Peter Weilbacher — Bug 448512: fix crash on quit on Linux (and Solaris) with active Xinerama, r=dbaron, sr=roc
baf8512c2343b03102e1e258135e81eb4ae038d2Jeff Walden — The line endings police make another arrest for the offense of gratuitous CRs in every line, just preceding the terminating LF.
70be0634bd1406186046b3de46e5e033479deeccJeff Walden — Reenable test_CrossSiteXHR_cache.html now that the httpd.js server issues that caused it to be disabled have been fixed (bug 465921). We reenabled one of the disabled tests but forgot this one when the server fix was committed. r=sparky
f5fa6e92cd1398db2a9d3fa2a6fde13ace82e24eMasayuki Nakano — Bug 463209 No sound when message box is opened (alert/confirm) r=roc+neil, sr=roc, ui=jboriss
125f4a227cce6b383b40affaa2ed7db45e51b584Boying Lu — Bug 259945 - Mozilla should not use LD_LIBRARY_PATH on solaris; use instead of; r=wtc sr=neil
55b681f2d821f5499c8b9982b3245549cd485f4bJeff Muizelaar — Bug 461202 - Turn on SSE2 pixman optimizations; on MsVC only; (no review)
002d3e5ba80fd642cecd4da4b59c7b9dd334a85aZack Weinberg — Bug 459148 - use thebes primitives for SVG rounded rects - r=longsonr,vlad sr=roc
01d03b8d40a46ed1b33a70580a1624492d6cbbd3Zack Weinberg — Bug 460217 - handle @font-face block without family name correctly in nsCSSRuleProcessor - r+sr=dbaron
f90c51ed3cd2da317c57210186527113293110c5Boris Zbarsky — Add a workaround for bfcache suckage and reenable these tests. r=sheriff for CLOSED TREE
0eacac1fe6b940b029639bcd34dd2808885ba8e8Serge Gautherie — (Merge for "Backed out changeset: c8eb8a8f42d9")
3ffab81215a09a90dce2e2ca08a8f407751d0dbeSerge Gautherie — Backed out changeset: c8eb8a8f42d9
c764915ebd2ee7587a80d79f5a76ddc67d40627fRobert Longson — Bug 464374 - Crash [@ nsSVGUtils::MaxExpansion] with svg filter, mathml; r+sr=roc
a1547a6dd000b2333e70f9c08339c71c1f3d0797L. David Baron — Merge backout of changeset 7b553bbed53d (bug 302561) due to chrome test crash.
212de1e1a1048edc5d3976b83694d0533a6c9b87L. David Baron — Backed out changeset 7b553bbed53d (bug 302561) due to chrome test crash.
c8eb8a8f42d998161cefcf2e9b379ca84c76042fPaul O'Shannessy — Bug 452899 - Don't explicitly create the statement wrapper - storage does it for us; (retry, after bug 457743 was fixed); r=(dolske + sdwilsh)
9e3d35aea6ee9d2e9c669464a1b6d666413036f8Dão Gottwald — Bug 426714 - Style nsIAlertsService alerts on Linux. r=ventnor, ui-r=faaborg
3dd567dd1322a222dbcaf368512d6167b2343dddSteven Michaud — Crashtest for bug 464589. b=464589 r=josh sr=roc
8b1b316eb0647e282fa7d86cec281a2e9435d4aaPeter Van der Beken — Partially back out fix for bug 461563 to try to fix Txul regression on Windows.
2af723cd16800c607b143fe38fe3316660a26d59L. David Baron — Make FindBestWindow faster when there are a lot of windows (many of which may be Firefox windows). (Bug 467635) r+sr=roc
1fb56a23792d7ca28f4a715b2efddc055b4586b2L. David Baron — Make incremental frame construction set mFixedPosIsAbsPos just like from-the-top frame construction. (Bug 467460) r+sr=roc
436c476d46615d3cd3469cb8d425aab83848cb86L. David Baron — Make 'width', 'height', and 'aspect-ratio' features use the page size when printing. (Bug 466559) r+sr=bzbarsky a=blocking1.9.1+
f8b47378d8eab5e01424c8ad0f5465ef77c6ec5dL. David Baron — Allow PostRebuildAllStyleData to be called with an aExtraHint. (Bug 458878) r+sr=bzbarsky a=blocking1.9.1+
5da43688eee4b90ea0cd00b48249915d030e39a1L. David Baron — Remove some unreachable stub code for en (half an em) and cap (cap-height metric of font) units that we never create. (Bug 458878) r+sr=bzbarsky a=blocking1.9.1+
fb1b3f68b09d2ee2bc6911f4b9231a1bfcaf4eccL. David Baron — Fix slight errors when widths can't be round-tripped through floats. (Bug 467141) r+sr=roc
045908bd6528d9bd6cddff49d4d526acf85d49bdL. David Baron — Avoid discontinuity when options drop to height:0 by using CalcFallbackRowHeight only when GetNumberOfOptions() == 0, thus eliminating the last caller of CalcFallbackRowHeight passing a non-zero option count. (Bug 467084) sr=roc r=bzbarsky a=blocking1.9.1+
f7e51a5e66551303de5042e9a6911c44e0e8bf5aL. David Baron — Pass the user font set through more reliably and make it a required parameter. (Bug 467084) r+sr=roc a=blocking1.9.1+
f3a6077abe537617ae05e6d002f40f260b3ef529L. David Baron — This script depends on bash-isms and doesn't run in dash, so say so. (Bug 466050) r=bsmedberg
c0bf3fd88ffd012e88baa0eec81539393368e2d3L. David Baron — Remove now-unneeded argument from GetWidthInfo. (Bug 466108) r=dholbert sr=roc
7b553bbed53d49d4d4dbe486818866542396a5b3L. David Baron — Make the code to suppress infinite synthesized mouse move loops work again with asynchronous style changes. (Bug 302561) r+sr=bzbarsky,roc
5567bece7eedc542821a5ef8533ebc61723f032cStephen Lau — Bug 354857: Application initiated restarts don't pass -foreground to the new process on OSX. r=mossop
405b440b26d98d775448f1d7ada8b70a5f285ed4Marco Bonardo — Bug 460119 - Convert autocomplete feedback increase to an async query, r=dietrich
9287d4e1dd6f46433118378f807c75c8944c5e4bMarco Bonardo — Bug 433179 - Tag container icon wrong when tag folder is empty, r=mano
d17356aa8f8c241e967c4a4f0af5c18227990f19Marco Bonardo — Bug 423139 - BOOKMARK_REDIRECT_TIME_THRESHOLD is weird, r=dietrich
d9c12c92497080172ebdee1ec92fc97468e626d2Marco Bonardo — Bug 460830 - Tag containers and queries have bogus QUERY_TYPE definition, r=dietrich
28f3878c2614cda3e1c0f5d98a11f2ba802724b9Marco Bonardo — Bug 457441 - Firefox will NOT Export bookmarks html file, r=dietrich
d8759394226c40e59d16d74c82c1279bc80d7d98Arpad Borsos — Bug 462438 - kill MOZ_PROFILESHARING and MOZ_IPCD; build system cleanup + removes, v2; r+sr=benjamin
e6091173285a0bf3fccc275e6532226de98c0e3eArpad Borsos — Bug 462438 - kill MOZ_PROFILESHARING and MOZ_IPCD; libpref cleanup, v3; r+sr=benjamin
dad669d8d557443fc34f6d2df034bad8f30ec666Arpad Borsos — Bug 462438 - kill MOZ_PROFILESHARING and MOZ_IPCD; embedding cleanup, v2; r+sr=benjamin
2f6c27da8df307523d39342694a27a255af0098bArpad Borsos — Bug 462438 - kill MOZ_PROFILESHARING and MOZ_IPCD; profile cleanup; r+sr=benjamin
6d544c7476dd22a76033846c433abda7cf7b8a5fArpad Borsos — Bug 462438 - kill MOZ_PROFILESHARING and MOZ_IPCD; toolkit cleanup; r+sr=benjamin
86cbb4694d74ab846c89e9597ff4aa0d95318b0bMarkus Stange — Bug 456039 - Polish preferences toolbar on OS X, correcting patch
9203f61c2a8be67b67cfaad73a006706c50e1f21Makoto Kato — Bug 447982 - Disable MMX on x86-64 and ARM when using MSVC. r/sr=vladimir
5090a2e23f6b57c93e71a5654375f29ae5beb782Markus Stange — Bug 456214 - Polish toolbar buttons in the Add-ons Manager, Page Info dialog and Error Console, r=dao
ddf06bf7dd0d5ab31468bc78aca4a050339986bfMarkus Stange — Bug 456039 - Polish preferences toolbar on OS X, r=dao
cfc55393803860743252aeac3bf1b2cd87491d55Markus Stange — Bug 463042 - Smooth scrolling isn't working with the scrollbar or the keyboard arrows, r+sr=roc
f7e30552f3a7dad31a710dccd9b1dee18653a22aTheppitak KaroonboonyananTheppitak Karoonboonyanan — Bug 461816 - pressing Ctrl-U in password dialog asserts and then crashes; r+sr=peterv
9396e1f577adb6d1690507c9c018e7a8282c02d5Daniel Holbert — (Undoing whitespace-only change)
6cca8afcbf6c11541b3aef376ecfa73933f836afDaniel Holbert — Note: prev changeset (d5969f0d3fd9) was for Bug 466607 -- I forgot the bug # in the checkin comment. (I'm pushing _this_ whitespace-only changeset as a follow-up to get that bug # in there.)
d5969f0d3fd9806ae4499c7169fcc55632afae61Daniel Holbert — Use QI for type-safety check in StopMediaInstance/StartMediaInstance. r=chris.double sr=roc
95220a88eb9575ecd9f04e18c9eaaf403ff9ceedRobert Longson — Bug 466576 - Null deref [@ nsSVGTransformList::GetValueString] after failed appendItem; r+sr=roc
cdcd973bd50337c9512861b0bbdce4c701554fa7Marco Bonardo — Bug 463863 - Download history not shown in Places history, r=dietrich, ui-r=beltzner
36e81ad3e5f3ac3638097e5c0a84e90447f2f60dBob Clary — bug 466990 - fix incorrect option in js1_5/Regress/regress-322430.js.
6a732748843a0a2f9765386052142a673432f4d8Bob Clary — bug 450833 - JavaScript Test by Andreas Gal.
620a51565ddb0e5d60a5089eb9e18515898010faBob Clary — bug 455973 - JavaScript Test by Jesse Ruderman.
dbf0f00e5b9e4b68e2d7f6a4f73e3ee7aea47bacBob Clary — bug 456470 - JavaScript Test by Andreas Gal.
9f309ed830155207f54283e86a9cb929020e12d1Bob Clary — bug 460870 - JavaScript Test by Jesse Ruderman.
a27cd03a7a006d09bffb8f771c70a44731d3107eBob Clary — bug 461930 - JavaScript Test by Jesse Ruderman.
c7d686d5ec4c7e0163fd455a13b27be9731a7069Bob Clary — bug 461932 - JavaScript Test by Jesse Ruderman.
6d5b8d6012f32f8e43c83777bdc5f4380c42abe1Bob Clary — bug 462879 - JavaScript Test by Jesse Ruderman.
ccb860b3b4a5d85e1aefb3233d8d932c661558b5Bob Clary — bug 463334 - JavaScript Tests by Jesse Ruderman.
f5de446f55ce4407d3646efe7c71475841a86a31Bob Clary — bug 463782 - JavaScript Test by Gavin Sharp.
61dc0838c243a95b256decfa1367c5ac529c683aBob Clary — bug 462470 - JavaScript Test - modify expected results for js1_8_1/decompilation/regress-350991.js due to bug 461233.
00b405fe2511918b3008515ffec7ff05fd674d89Bob Clary — bug 464334 - JavaScript Test by Igor Bukanov.
b6f0e238167309979a5254881b0be44d86a46918Bob Clary — bug 464403 - JavaScript Test by Gary Kwong and Jesse Ruderman.
dce11cfd6a658f24ad9c4e94992da8712a64ef32Bob Clary — bug 464418 - JavaScript Test by Jesse Ruderman.
4a446182cc441dac4309974b2c9e4523eedd8543Bob Clary — bug 464978 - JavaScript Test by Jesse Ruderman.
8cccbdfac6565bc03fd223f04634cd1d54b3b7d2Bob Clary — bug 465013 - JavaScript Test by Brendan Eich.
f9ac75ab30f35af00ebfc5f46df9f37abe3cb01fBob Clary — bug 465135 - JavaScript Test by Jesse Ruderman.
14b667ab591a86d1e0dc4e1f18d19b86f8bc143eBob Clary — bug 465136 - JavaScript Test by Jesse Ruderman.
887f1597048e97fcdd6d7427383109c80137a08cBob Clary — bug 465137 - JavaScript Test by Jesse Ruderman.
9c143f56d8410a2b943921431bb7f3be8ab560b0Bob Clary — bug 465220 - JavaScript Test by Brendan Eich.
9b9749abd24795d4390ac80b09c495c1b2715be5Bob Clary — bug 465234 - JavaScript Test by Jesse Ruderman.
c8ae8e96916283d847723346dd4313fe14bf8101Bob Clary — bug 465239 - JavaScript Test by Jesse Ruderman.
190225e022e076b671cfdf00aa9b96997e29e23eBob Clary — bug 465241 - JavaScript Test by Jesse Ruderman.
164861c1e4716a420702169b6b3a40ade5816308Bob Clary — bug 465249 - JavaScript Test by Jesse Ruderman.
2527f99e10fb3dd1dafe5cb26ce5edea066f255dBob Clary — bug 465262 - JavaScript Test by Jesse Ruderman.
0fc3cfa0b0682eaec7c80d030080208c2138ffd6Bob Clary — bug 465261 - JavaScript Test by Gary Kwong.
dcddc30c29607d02d96b2a59874c411896e36d62Bob Clary — bug 436741 - JavaScript Test by Jesse Ruderman.
3e39da8306095ca54de100c043c5af2ca24912ddBob Clary — imported patch perl-permissions
87094e676939b850c75d1b4ee48328fc96719ae5Bob Clary — update public failures and
80ebf9e836481f9915259ed727b36b576a5a9b80Marco Bonardo — Bug 465933 - "Error: bookmarksFile is undefined" in safe mode when trying to restore default bookmarks, r=dietrich
1c1ff372513939d34d574fb5f8e59d07ebc8b85aMakoto Kato — Bug 447946 - Crash anywhere with optimize on x64 Windows build due to alignment. r/sr=benjamin
171f4a715e425df155a5ecf963fd1ba36475fb08Markus Stange — Bug 93772 - Reverse sort arrow direction in tree header cells on Windows. On OS X this has already been fixed in bug 465402 and on Linux the current behaviour is correct. ui-r=faaborg
169e8eb751a7c96e45c1c248ca35302d13952400Jeff Walden — Bug 397227 - So the first failure is fixed, but now a Windows box is acting up, so let's try an obvious fix. r=redness, whose patience is being severely tested
7b0e6035060f4706821d708d2f0db32d018cf32bJeff Walden — Bug 397227 - Forgot to sync js's config/; it would have been helpful if that were checked at build time rather than 'check' time. r=redness still
01729bf2cbd446829c910093d8c369b634f5d1edJeff Walden — Bug 397227 - Second attempt at fixing bustage on Linux leak test tinderbox, r=redness
f4d05bda478a8225862813e08aa7ddf11248ccb2Jeff Walden — Bug 397227 - Try to fix bustage on Linux leak test tinderbox, r=redness
13614ada59aca20ca2a7ff6ccf9326ff2926049cJeff Walden — Bug 397227 - Reduce the effort needed to write C++ tests. r=ted
adbcca667f9457cf05f73c6b3d55e2c28a6b447aJeff Walden — Bug 463327 - Enable stateful SJS handlers somehow other than through universal insta-XSS. r=honzab
a52ca2776524682c0d1377b322bea5f7f521d7a9Robert O'Callahan — Backing out bug 455826 to try to fix Windows orange.
7669d67841735f0db8320a1a03aead7f23b27da7Robert O'Callahan — Backed out changeset aaeb20c61fca
4508da3b6b6ab90d11c4ddc04bd799d5c19e81edNeil Rashbrook — Bug 464916 Remove non-global rules from global tree stylesheet r=gavin
569ed4936a8c75b5e47b0b8bb7ce8b7f42074758Neil Rashbrook — Bug 467779 IsDebuggerPresent doesn't need to be dynamically loaded any more r=bsmedberg
7ffc57f341c6c279a21d6bf30f0a92d48d1b5ff9Gavin Sharp — merge backout of ce8fbd7d222e for bug 455381
c0e30a87ce6381e10e3948f0877bd07f180e5cafGavin Sharp — backout changeset ce8fbd7d222e from bug 455381 to fix windows unit test bustage
db6ff8e0afb84fedbeea15554f9662b4097abbe5L. David Baron — Merge backout of changeset ba0d099c6eb6 on suspicion of causing make check and mochitest timeouts on Windows related to exthandler tests.
eec0447b4117577256ab3f078dc5faf12f2affccL. David Baron — Backed out changeset ba0d099c6eb6 on suspicion of causing make check and mochitest timeouts on Windows related to exthandler tests.
27d2163fccfd235f3522f97121b91700c4a9cb1cBoris Zbarsky — Disable tests for now to fix orange
4047bed537d67f61567d6fa546da47cdab3dda35Graeme McCutcheon — Bug 215405. Restore scroll position, but not form state, on no-store and SSL no-cache sites. r+sr=bzbarsky
f290559c01d1686789ede6c58feeaa518e79e21aGraeme McCutcheon — Adding tests for bug 112564 and bug 92598
bfd996bd103f211492a8c4580ed9a48f337ce6eaBoris Zbarsky — Adding test
e8a66b1000919241ce19ad0c6599c80a9521f67dBoris Zbarsky — Merging backout
78fb87a8ee4c5f63b013955cfd9edab535c141cdBoris Zbarsky — Backed out changeset d351bde7a804
8d70108278252a5a0fb1161b262dd4c8c8beb8fcBenjamin Smedberg — When operator new is used on a class with no constructor it generates an AGGR_INIT_EXPR, not a CALL_EXPR... with testcase. NPODB, static-checking only.
2f18029ee8adde7e9035cbf433933c22acd4201dBenjamin Smedberg — I switched the stack checker to emit warnings instead of errors. Update the testcases expected results to match.
ef021e974c0429711d969e4f26d52040aa2c79e6Steven Michaud — Crash with bitmap buffer that's too large. b=464589 r=mstange,josh sr=roc
fdb12933052c4b060cce7afcef567d017233e39eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 466084. Fix reframing of plugin documents to reinstantiate the plugin correctly. r+sr=jst
9c8ba21dc1ccf5c337e6142106ce6bf06b5a66c6Boris Zbarsky — Bug 461917. Do a better job of reporting pending exceptions when compiling an event listener. r=mrbkap, sr=jst
d351bde7a804b9347a70a27402fe6ec5dd3bd6bdBoris Zbarsky — Bug 465806. Use the principal that corresponds to our securityInfo in r+sr=jst
87b7df5e3614ccd3b77bf305680e89858e6a7b11Boris Zbarsky — Bug 454821. Better signature for GetChildArray. r+sr=sicking
ebabcc8e40e76c6dc1f18b6264fc9f49efddf8a2Neil Rashbrook — Bug 459372 Move filefield style rules to toolkit r=Mano
20a011760de7f770f71c1187f4760efeda64ff62Brad Lassey — Bug 464088 - Option to build NSS without dbm, non-nss changes r=ted
3ba7d5a29839fb5cc73c2a63c3bc3306a3fdc466Doug Turner — Bug 461860 - windows mobile fixes in gfx r+sr=vlad
988768b8910f130748fc668a812213eea4cce049Doug Turner — Bug 461839 - uniscribe breaker on windows mobile r+sr=roc
cb109c0b73f09ae5c7cbb6706b8e298d1408b478Doug Turner — Bug 461845 - windows mobile minor cleanup of lcms r=pavlov
ba0d099c6eb68ee5ade0e4569e12faaeae92931eBrad Lassey — Bug 464194 - ShellExecuteW and SHParseDisplayName do not exist on wince r=bsmedberg
652cba7f3f1da4c44db65ce82bd4daa621f2dc43Brad Lassey — Bug 461859 - windows mobile minor cleanup of xpcom r=bsmedberg
eae733a929f547ba0e96056898813412649328baBrad Lassey — Bug 461858 - windows mobile minor cleanup of xulrunner r=bsmedberg
c047d4fb2c00ab8219573bcb282a9511b15544b6Brad Lassey — Bug 464166 - wince should use custom dll entry point (like windows desktop) r=bsmedberg
647bcc51b2446ba3bae3ac81571b08c7994459f2Brad Lassey — Bug 464052 - windows compilers don't like variables named far r=crowder
ea2328828506bc52d3283c3b8eb38923791c1431Doug Tuner — Bug 464190 - GetProcAddress Wince Workaround r=ted
8a0308fa57db278c865b7dfaca1e37354935273cBrian Crowder — Bug 462912 - THIS is defined on windows mobile r=jim
70097082a265b6d8311265dec169a374200496d3Brad Lassey — Bug 461856 - No Username on windows mobile r=bsmedberg
bbd7d4a7f52cb0024a7debbb61b5b26dee139673Doug Turner — Bug 461848 - libjar wince cleanup r+sr=dveditz
ce8fbd7d222e0a07dc0d9d9585dfe532732830c3Brad Lassey — Bug 455381 - WinCE XPCOM Explicit Unicode API Calls, Wide Char CheckVersion Function nsCommonProcess changes r=bsmedberg
0f1b8ab7cd8e9568d6dbf71c425102a0f559823dBrad Lassey — Bug 455381 - WinCE XPCOM Explicit Unicode API Calls, Wide Char CheckVersion Function r=bsmedberg
5d12d7b9ddb6af8ac807bbcdec5ea8e69d78c6cbOlli Pettay — Trying to fix random orange, backing out Bug 463289,
2f727f142360bd3d304885314bacd3a7075c11a5Neil Rashbrook — Bug 407725 Toolbar customisation pointlessly removes, clones and adopts nodes r=gavin
e60c2739a1c0e908f9ba8c559e51f0f593a227adNeil Rashbrook — Bug 462683 Better fix for invalid PRUint16* -> PRUnichar* conversion r=ere sr=roc
4861194a5ed603b4624020ab3940cb6e51f662fcRobert O'Callahan — Backing out bug 458898 to try to fix Windows orange
833b6fe6a82f2ba2d97a2fc6dc54e6125afb2dddRobert O'Callahan — Backed out changeset 357d1c01bde3
4bbfac6659f7686a9a2edca185911c01fe0625a9Olli Pettay — Bug 457672 - window blur event is not fired when opening a new tab, r+sr=jst
3de887dc6015020d02182f0d504e785a2ab26d8dOlli Pettay — Bug 430214, patch3, r=enn,sr=neil
d3194d7d248bd70f923080ba01819546e3e344abOlli Pettay — Bug 430214, patch2, r+sr=roc
36a1bd4eedfc815a25e5eab89c915e66266a1406Olli Pettay — Bug 430214, patch1, r+sr=sicking
f0c68338ddf1001804d9914f49abf90961c8088eOlli Pettay — Bug 461053, r=enndeakin, sr=neil
d9aeac7e61e075661a82274ef499ace43a8825ebOlli Pettay — Bug 466326 - #!!! ASSERTION: killing mutation events: 'nsContentUtils::IsSafeToRunScript(), r=enn,sr=sicking
3d318a584ddd6f32bf0a1a3607c5968e6447eba3Olli Pettay — Bug 462517, r=biesi, sr=roc
1e2d620ae9182da71eab85eef2a235fb51598589Olli Pettay — Bug 464009, patch2, r+sr=sicking
cee9bd12306a5a730795798905dbb4821b5da793Olli Pettay — Bug 464009, patch1, r+sr=sicking
935602ff18caccac85de8d7e9a97878ba9b891cbOlli Pettay — Bug 466433 - Crash [@ CallQueryInterface<nsIFrame,nsIScrollableViewProvider>] with MozMousePixelScroll event and removing window, r+sr=roc
d000c016b3233bcd6ac67c6939ba848c668a336cOlli Pettay — Bug 463424 - Make nsImageDocument/nsPluginDocument participate better in cycle collection, r+sr=peterv
8101ede95ea56aa32c7a981dfd60f458f817de86Olli Pettay — Bug 465767 - document.adoptNode() stops working if node was previously adopted in another document, r+sr=bz
ed948f38134ffa90f02da73f7a610044d634e5baOlli Pettay — Bug 465934 - ASSERTION: Trying to re-bind content from native anonymous subtree to non-native anonymous parent, r+sr=sicking
245b7f2f782c2dc938b9bf46b637a38169a2add8Olli Pettay — Bug 448993 - Crash [@ nsRange::CutContents] using deleteContents after extractContents and GC, r+sr=sicking
0d300ab7a8cfbec8739c0ba94e42ce9abc8e5307Olli Pettay — Bug 463410 - Ranges should participate in cycle collection, r+sr=peterv
150dbe7b6fd75a8cecfe3fdac3c466d6520c4fa5Olli Pettay — Bug 465732 - Don't invalidate plugin after scrolling, r=smichaud, sr=roc
f22e05b666d26338789baef41745bd8248c7a5beOlli Pettay — Bug 463958 - Remove nsEventStateManager::ForceViewUpdate, r+sr=roc
121e491cbafef91f543794171df52ff1337071e8Olli Pettay — Bug 467295 - Plugin timer is re-created everytime the page is scrolled, r=josh,sr=roc
ab6b2cedc491551a2e3f8624f9c49a9229ec9044Olli Pettay — Bug 467291 - Reduce Addrefing while creating event target chain, r+sr=jst
32c453ca17eda4ab9dcb8a8f7c496bf0cd1f6904Olli Pettay — Bug 467383 - Reduce QIs and AddRef/Releases caused by nsContentUtils::HasMutationListeners, r+sr=sicking
eee99387e23b8a4a8843ea543bae1591b900ae8eAlexander Surkov — Bug 467057 - xul menulist doesn't fire expand/collapse state change events, r=marcoz, aaronlev
fab5f2a3bcdf7938232a69dc5be58427cd8f7f91Simon Montagu — Bug 424068: Disable Unicode collation on Mac more intelligently. r=jdaggett
b7d98dc8d246e894bd1b1dc5874d5425763274c8Simon Montagu — Update Unicode data files to Unicode version 5.1. Bug 427350, r=jdaggett
e4cc992e5dd4a1136587784c4cf65f3b518a9fb1Alexander Surkov — Bug 462868 - background-color text attribute being exposed as black when it isn't, r=aaronlev, marcoz
e51b963dcc880997438c49e0948d8956e6098c6bAlexander Surkov — Bug 467055 - move name calculated from tooltip code to GetName, r=davidb, marcoz
45104f550b5205e80fa5f57be7c5815b6fe987ddAlexander Surkov — Bug 467139 - NameFromSubtree rule should be based on role, r=aaronlev, marcoz, davidb, sr=neil
2c8799d7166e971a4a97414b239ff2bbeed7e52bSimon Montagu — Reftests for bug 418574
6027c1cd60337ddbd446457052430ba47c1a011bSimon Montagu — Delete all text frame continuations when deleting first letter frame. Bug 466763, r+sr=roc
9335c05bb78b0d1cb99cc9ea30189c135137f071Robert O'Callahan — Bustage fix for bug 463307
2ad0cb394376e343c87558f5f5d042154e2eb501Robert O'Callahan — Followup comment change for bug 465928.
72f035f76b6676f41052c4814e3d9bad2584545aMatthew Gregan — Bug 466598. Clamp seeking in WAV files. r+sr=roc
8a4f6b93e7212dc9285159c18c1ec83a160da8e3Robert Longson — Bug 437704. Always union fill extents with stroke extents instead of just relying on stroke extents, in case they turn out to be empty. r+sr=roc
c0af304f59ea0e40b0a433298f69a666c73edd44Vladimir Vukicevic — Bug 387132. Implement native canvas comparisons to speed up reftest running. r+sr=roc
3f1286ff211853dbbd341a53dde40a61962ccbf6Robert O'Callahan — Bug 463307. Convert to float a bit earlier to avoid integer overflow. r+sr=dbaron
fde1624412138c15045a0ea5796efc18fc8c329fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 465928. Avoid SetInvalidateTextRuns being called by nsBlockFrame::DoRemoveFrame when we're just deleting empty continuation frames. r+sr=dbaron
8e22374a4c8a475cee3dc50a52bb2594321ac3c4Michael Ventnor — Bug 463938. Don't use nearest-neighbour sampling for downscaling; the X bug workaround is only needed for upscaling (we hope). r=vlad
b4d430ba7b2ee3d7c9f50c227c007c30dd011ef3Uri Bernstein — Bug 466568. Don't traverse into scrollable frames if we're not allowed to traverse out of them. r+sr=roc
e300dc199459dde0d77cb9b959f778d66a16a139Michael Ventnor — Bug 453641. Make box-shadow work on tables and table parts --- tests.
ddb79c1c4be77573661c169a35a00774e6eeb579Michael Ventnor — Bug 453641. Make box-shadow work on tables and table parts. r+sr=roc
abf42b0b111338ecb2a07fd763763582a625937eMichael Ventnor — Bug 344023. Clamp offscreen buffer size to avoid crashes on huge windows. r+sr=roc
1a51935c654b7d1332d3a1554e143db104b9607bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 465475. Stop test iterations well in advance of reftest timeout. Test-only change.
a45c7f0db5e5bdd70a04ca4d70aebfdff4323a99Robert O'Callahan — Backed out bug 464158 to fix failure of test_videocontrols.html ... CLOSED TREE
bd6ded5255549b5c936ea2c0ae6959f05306385eRobert O'Callahan — Backed out changeset 3f5a6da199fc
c6b884676c0df52954a3b50180476263a35cc4b1Benjamin Smedberg — Merge backout of bug 466486
b4b8f7a7212b6cf9a1cb5d84cc5f656d7be4970bBenjamin Smedberg — Backed out changeset f71446b6fc7e: bug 466486- directories are getting skipped, causing things like xpcshell not to be built
31e5958cb97a21bb27bff4c9438ea659791b6b9bRobert O'Callahan — Merged
ce72e9a5dca03ddcb5902b74c2e97c528da72eceMichael Ventnor — Bug 458031. Take dirty rect into account to limit box-shadow computation. r+sr=roc
3f5a6da199fcfb3620265f2abfac3ed7f26394eaMatthew Gregan — Bug 464158. Implement media type switching based on the MIME type of the loaded resouce. r=doublec,sr=roc
1d84189da181888ef276b4dc76271b7fa27e6337Robert Longson — Bug 465996. Use Ellipse instead of Arc to draw circles. r+sr=roc
9e1eab6135e20b914cc810af5bdc5f58a3ae7da5Jonathan Kew — Bug 467228. Disable line start/end swashes on Mac since we don't support line-boundary shaping properly yet. r=roc (Tests)
7baaa800925d3e2fb14afd71dadc314706d5d383Jonathan Kew — Bug 467228. Disable line start/end swashes on Mac since we don't support line-boundary shaping properly yet. r=roc
357d1c01bde3a91b3391e0d5143fa9dd49ed9963Robert O'Callahan — Bug 458898. Fix intrinsic sizing of windows by ensuring CanvasFrame converts an NS_UNCONSTRAINEDSIZE desired height to its actual desired height. r+sr=dbaron
992000e45526c4ef3c398585f54d1c8e6896f7b4Robert O'Callahan — Bug 467283. Ignore dirty rect when doing any image resampling --- it will lead to artifacts. r+sr=dbaron,r=vlad
aaeb20c61fca050f4a3c8b9c226e4c19860d1d01Robert O'Callahan — Bug 455826. Don't reconstruct textruns just because we deleted an empty nsContinuingTextFrame. r=smontagu
885dc81bc31b2f4419628f1572008a3684dcd73aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 442633. Detect removal of href attribute on SVG <use> elements. r=longsonr,sr=mats
f603fec24bf7642509006fc26f0c78455d7c993bJosh Aas — fix a drawing order glitch in the mac default plugin. b=467580 sr=jst
49a032846a3aa67ab2ac7a3fad269f512938dfe0Oleg Romashin — Bug 463872 - Cairo-qpainter build is broken after latest cairo update. missing part. r=vladimir.
4b4ee8b2dc54ea7a19d2584f42ee1ad57f135d97Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 467579: --with-static-checking is broken in spidermonkey. There is currently no useful static checking infrastructure for spidermonkey, so disable it for the time being, r=jimb
67f8a5b061561662c14e4e19b45dc237e0294e26Peter Weilbacher — [OS/2] No Bug: add minor change and comment to gfxOS2FontGroup::FontCallback; fix debug output for missing fonts
6156d0a3976339f2ad48e45f91168e3bc05f9a4bPeter Weilbacher — Bug 466956: fix alias check in gfxFontconfigUtils::ResolveFontName for correct return value, r=karlt, sr=roc
f6fde414896b459adf0d478d45e74d082b3f84d0Ted Mielczarek — merge for backout of bug 427750 - Require python >= 2.4 to build Mozilla (and >=2.5 on Windows). Apparently scratchbox only ships with 2.3 by default.
09ec08895dea4dfdd86671846bacc89efd1c1114Ted Mielczarek — Backed out changeset 96956634349c, bug 427750 - Require python >= 2.4 to build Mozilla (and >=2.5 on Windows). Apparently scratchbox only ships with 2.3 by default.
bbf7d0e42c091815123c18b83cbd7b4f526933feArno Renevier — Fix npruntime sample compile problem, npupp.h -> npfunctions.h. b=464481 r=josh sr=jst
b824b5caa452cba8b3c5cdff313717af3561b599Benjamin Smedberg — Merge bug 466492, bug 466486, bug 463289, bug 442012, and bug 463420
52488eb1516811453848c944f4bae861d254daacBenjamin Smedberg — Change the stack-class analysis to a warning instead of an error, at least temporarily: the analysis was buggy when originally landed, and there are some heap-allocated autostrings outstanding through the tree.
211c2be2fa1e02bdb23b5243f75a292f5a322985Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 466492 - test for the existence of in make, rather than in a shell script: this allows us to avoid launching the subshell in the common case where a is not present r=ted
f71446b6fc7e115a4b81d078c1d27f315c48ecdbBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 466486 - Don't launch subshells to build subdirectories if there aren't any subdirectories to build r=ted
3cadaf8dab0cbb3509f850495992f0dd3ace47d5Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 463289 - nsNativeModuleLoader doesn't protect its internal data structures, and is accessed on multiple threads (symptom is RECURSION_LEVEL assertions in pldhash.c). This patch is the simple-but-slow path: proxy all non-main-thread requests to the main thread. This is probably sufficient because asking for modules is a relatively rare activity: the component manager caches the factory objects after a lookup, r=brendan
9f3807b5e936007699408ca2a406bcd212ffdf86Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 442012 - Allocating more than 2GB of memory in mozilla is never a good idea. On 64-bit systems PRSize and size_t are 64-bit and so truncation from PRSize to PRUint32 could cause weird behavior errors. Prevent these huge allocations. r=wtc sr=dveditz
dcd1373d1dff210288e6092a07a85751704c056aBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 463420 - SIMPLE_PROGRAMS leads to bustage with generated.pdb r=ted
09195bdb8ff7290556e042d91d3fcc4046d97e49Justin Dolske — Bug 462116 - Need tests for <video> controls; (no review)
6af9c14f299cc671c96e8975646164f16c4fb143Serge Gautherie — Bug 465573 - Add mochitests for ElementTraversal; bustage fix for changeset a5071bef601d
690ede44ab7215d31300549ade471e1f9c98f7feIgor Bukanov — merge
bf71001d6521aa5afddda5e9c8541a28302df4b9Igor Bukanov — bug 466990 - check for valid option name in js shell. r=crowder
a5071bef601d99db47b2b5df20e485a924d3fa94Joel Maher — Bug 465573 - Add mochitests for ElementTraversal; r+sr=jonas
90f89770b9b69551063c9688d98cec278a2f5da5Serge Gautherie — Bug 458847 - colordepth.html TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL on my Windows 2000: 24<->32 bit colors mismatch; (Av2a) Allow higher values, on all platforms; r=dbaron
0f32649fe11b3c35f7cca4c673a4cd6b7f1ea227Serge Gautherie — Bug 466372 - Add a global result summary to RefTest output; (Av2) Add dynamic summary to reftest.js; r=dbaron
182f85d0c344ddd5b1d8009458942d13e301f123Axel Hecht — bug 463440, 466142, add fa, ms, vi to Firefox builds
10099d01717a71b7dff67732abf862aafd377e4aShawn Wilsher — Bug 464803 - Upgrade to SQLite
97a05adac5ba7ec4cb21c67a1e72705c6d1f5497Shawn Wilsher — Bug 464803 - Upgrade to SQLite
96956634349c34be4469035052ee2dcfe6b1853bTed Mielczarek — bug 427750 - Require python >= 2.4 to build Mozilla (and >=2.5 on Windows). r=bsmedberg
def8ca28ac75c62451916c3ea0332d098f82fcc1Mark Banner — Bug 461051 - "Thunderbird and Sunbird build failure with --enable-official_branding" [r=ted.mielczarek]
5edef3a148a5f91b2b9b4b5bf536fb845f46750bPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 461563 (Allow WrapNative to return a jsval without the wrapper). r/sr=jst.
03b31906e2893f2b5515e50652bb7552c8eb1c7aDão Gottwald — merge
a58b2abd1000e968bf1aff9522d21dfb064126cbDão Gottwald — Re-enable ctrl-tab tests
05bef05a0e2738831ac09aa314a025adb7935f17Dão Gottwald — merge
c8f2a2be4d614c5d65a7cfa6625f9f385b5dfdeaDão Gottwald — Re-enable ctrl-tab previews on trunk in preparation for bug 465076.
501f6484deca54807a1c870a69e4630e16e09973Gavin Sharp — Bug 467209: make browser_customize test more robust on CLOSED TREE, patch by Justin Wood <>, r=me
8170fbbdb42686f5bf32d5995507ef56208dcaa7Dave Townsend — Bug 467438: EM tests are touching the network. r=robstrong, CLOSED TREE
2ad9a0f79e7db69871e8f65a243fb857698d4644Ben Hearsum — Version bump mozilla-central to 3.2a1pre/1.9.2a1pre. CLOSED TREE
43d104612f15b5dc15df22a421a9762a6e43d57bBen Hearsum — This tag indicates the point where and branched off from each other (update to not be on the relbranch). CLOSED TREE
36444021fdbdbcb61156f73c730618cee5467f18Ben Hearsum — This tag indicates the point where and branched off from each other. CLOSED TREE GECKO191b2_20081125_RELBRANCH
0bf8379c0bd0073d0e0d5ed94f618200afcc7a31ffxbld — Updating release tag for 3.1b2 build2 on a CLOSED TREE GECKO191b2_20081125_RELBRANCH
973a5e152730a92338570905311755bc20f161a3ffxbld — Added tag FIREFOX_3_1b2_BUILD2 for changeset 3ed5ca9b8277 GECKO191b2_20081125_RELBRANCH
8df5a90281cd4d75835e4b7696da200555eed15fJesse Ruderman — Add bug 453935 crashtest to CLOSED TREE GECKO_1_9_1_BASE
433f86f5046e9767698906395f8e948d5b51a2e3Jesse Ruderman — Add bug 458637 crashtest
93f71ccba21612f3a6816758d7cb342e86d7b164Jesse Ruderman — Add bug 457375 crashtest using the crashtest.diff created by Mats
0598de3ad573c8e057c4a852e005faf8f767eff5Jesse Ruderman — Add bug 452157 crashtests (using the 'crashtests patch' created by dholbert)
c1619fadfdae6da53c8c1d860abf4f3f6dc33366Jesse Ruderman — Add bug 443528 crashtest (based on the crashtest.diff created by Mats) to CLOSED TREE
55716281938e024bb60854c2272d689741a01004Jesse Ruderman — Add 439206 crashtest to CLOSED TREE
23a1474b1c01682453de8c160cc54d1a71664f5bJesse Ruderman — Add bug 353713 crashtest to CLOSED TREE. This test takes about 2 seconds on my machine as it tests mTooDeepWriteRecursion code, making it the slowest crashtest; hopefully this doesn't cause problems.
f31dd22e5c91b9264670bc226999aae8abf27242Jesse Ruderman — Add bug 345139 crashtest on CLOSED TREE
2ad4efa5222be15fe124bdf0de1039f24be0a4c3Jesse Ruderman — Adding crashtest for bug 338674 on a CLOSED TREE
44cb9f915e4ed8f9256487d5d419625387352f9fJesse Ruderman — Add crashtest for bug 400349. sdwilsh gave me permission to check in crashtests in today's CLOSED TREE.
1648004a4b5748793b48b3b18f43eabf20ba0577Shawn Wilsher — Disabling test that was added with bug 463934. There appear to be rounding issues with part of the test.
a8f64c6df6b89e60d9b6e14f82e1260c52597e46Robert Longson — Bug 463934 - text bounds do not account for position properly
58bae41ad72d648515f069ce5401d3c48dd4ce10Shawn Wilsher — Completely remove the test since marking it as failing doesn't seem to actually help with timeouts :(
60ba92ead6d390821b3901c4c048beb957997a89Shawn Wilsher — bug 464174 followup (comment fix only)
4cfa752afa85bd81a29a5ef0826661bc81ecee5aBlake Kaplan — Bug 464174. r=sicking, sr=sicking, a=beltzner
a2c5f14c8d3339eb5d236f60d5a21b4e4aa0f4fbBlake Kaplan — Bug 454142. r=brendan, r=igor, a=beltzner
120131b3a0861fc7fed70737e0974f4ddd56b5f4Shawn Wilsher — Mark xslt_selflink_empty_href.xslt as failing on linux
fc1c0104ec4dc22c067f48e1e1ceb15fbe4d0f90Bobby Holley — Bug 457215 - Fix LCMS memory leak. r=vlad,a191=beltzner
f8acae5dc56b95e8b08985ccd7a3070620ab14e4Josh Aas — npfunctions should reflect different NP_Initialize signature for Mac OS X. r=smichaud sr=jst a=beltzner
c927c0929dccf092138ca8f5fc896bd9cfaa7dabShawn Wilsher — merge to tip after backout
6dc4b85cd8a70d847b884dd841cccbbea3a25277Shawn Wilsher — Backed out changeset a4495a0cf2ff (bug 458397) to investigate Txul regression (bug 467102)
5f86a34bc7981dd999ad7f9e2aac1471e11bde14Shawn Wilsher — merge to tip after backout
5d192e3eee829d162556c9ba7391222c32967154Shawn Wilsher — Backed out changeset 30adfe786ffa (bug 464362) in an attempt to fix red on tinderbox.
aadde428c8ce836b8c9f8ddaee8f3e53b6548696Josh Aas — don't use method selectors unnecessarily in cursor code. b=464313 r=smichaud sr=roc a=beltzner
b32dc52a37ffc49dcd8a17cbc8e53e2fdcb2570cNeil Rashbrook — Bug 466234: provide audio and video interfaces even when media is diabled, so that content popup menu construction works, r/sr=roc, r=weilbacher, a191=beltzner
30adfe786ffaf746040facfc35f1220f7e221415Josh Aas — remove morefilesx dependency in libreg. b=464362 r=smichaud sr=roc a=beltzner
18ecd1a5fd1d4e03f78934434c1d331fc53d4148Dave Townsend — Bug 465556: Fennec does not create extensions.rdf file. r=robstrong, a1.9.1=beltzner
a07d428bd7073ef8d8da4c4c47197602f115db21Shawn Wilsher — Merge to tip after applying bundle for bug 353364
a80045f6089e670371a58eee935baec1ea346759Martin — Add tests for xml-stylesheet PI (including for Bug 353364). a=tests
96b47ad640e9bd0e6e69c3b0908f1388633dd68cMartin — Bug 353364 - Same-document references in xml-stylesheet PI processed incorrectly. r+sr=peterv, a191=beltzner
356e3865c629263d172eaad3d8b548355301bd74Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 462707 - nsHttpChannel::GetEntityID should respect Accept-Ranges response header; r,sr=biesi a191=beltzner
1551ebc4dbaa3a01459ec7ba6e2b42e7472430c4Vlado Valastiak — Bug 277296 - The print dialogs have no accesskeys; r=gavin, a191=beltzner
b6f450bbbcd83f30067de46017c447eb39375262Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 464918 - Console clearing test for private browsing should not use a timeout; r=mconnor a191=beltzner
f8ba4da42056f46e61079e91dcc5d75d27fe4305Shawn Wilsher — merge to tip after backout
de15a638ac3c89a392ecd313c3562e275e4f3f31Shawn Wilsher — Backed out changeset fdd5e4e34241 (bug 407725) to possibly fix random failures of browser/base/content/test/browser_customize.js
3ed5ca9b82770249e905c8c7a4f56ef7fc0b3883Mike Beltzner — Bug 467124: change window title/installer filename for b2, r=gavin, a=beltzner GECKO191b2_20081125_RELBRANCH FIREFOX_3_1b2_BUILD2 FIREFOX_3_1b2_RELEASE
73d9cfe0174ce9bf41a2aa387dac7fbb68810f06Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 463882 - nsDownloadManager::Init is not safe for multiple calls; r=sdwilsh a191=beltzner
b7fda2af9255124616b9708f6cdbcf034381d593Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 463474 - Make sanitizer's searchbar clearing code a bit cleaner; r=gavin a191=beltzner
169f2cc23290f64465169635768558d01ca6e804Dave Townsend — Bug 454546: Update EM and blocklist service to be initialised on profile-after-change. r=robstrong, a1.9.1=beltzner
c99b74e60a17765f56dc4a25ec4b36e63d8d41b6Dave Townsend — Bug 462739: Send cookies as appropriate with xpinstall requests. r+sr=dveditz, a1.9.1=beltzner
118ca6994ff52e80ae07cad093c125f3b3708b7cGavin Sharp — Bug 462887: document ignoreScrollFrame argument in nsLayoutUtils, rename it to ignoreRootScrollFrame, r=roc, sr=bzbarsky, a=beltzner
51f48ff2b9ac1763e9aa9bf92ad1504aeb991937Shawn Wilsher — Merge to tip since I forgot to update before backing out...
5973301172c24855288b7cf9a217323e33b1a273Shawn Wilsher — merge to tip for backout
a3f9376ede1ea7fd6c56c4cb4e6f192267a97683Shawn Wilsher — Backed out changeset 6d9d920759cb (bug 460520) to investigate a performance regression (bug 467102)
a1db3ea06a84cca0c2ba244c8b2b152fe4db30eaShawn Wilsher — merge to tip for backout
a6d8a0bcac507df8008225e2683664f29145f395Shawn Wilsher — Backed out changeset 0586ee185c87 (bug 460629) to investigate possible performance regression (bug 467102)
b2871b89d0ef9cc6a84cd0d15d0ad167007002fcShawn Wilsher — merge to tip for backout
3957258880e7d6f4a8a3c7b4aff5475666cbd3b1Shawn Wilsher — Backed out changeset 527249758771 (bug 457215) to investigate a performance regression (bug 467102)
49519a2a183e97e5977b4783ccdad5bdc24b4ef4Josh Aas — comment and whitespace cleanup for Mac OS X filesystem code. no bug.
f8ade83cc5fbe0713e1be56b217261ed7e18d7caEhsan Akhgari — Bug 465756 - Ignore browser.helperApps.deleteTempFileOnExit not being set in private browsing; r=bz,sdwilsh sr=bz a=blocking1.9.1+
9bf88e2ecc45293646f6f3972e770193c1e2165bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 463810 - Add ellipsis to "Clear Recent History" button in about:privatebrowsing; r,a191=beltzner
d3d1f6daba838197d26666d9cf6a4796fac0378bShawn Wilsher — Merge to tip for bug 463687
f1761b6ab9a2b07d85578fe073aaf4c7bf3b4895Dave Townsend — Bug 463687 - More info on severity blocklist dialog doesnt do anything. r=rstrong, blocking1.9.1=dtownsend
58c982afe81d65a0a339ad0c488f69bd7a4b4e04Robert Strong — Bug 462940 - check for existing ProgressListener before adding one in updates.xml. r=dtownsend, approval1.9.1=beltzner
95803938905c976d93a8aa74aff4b13ed072782cAlexander Surkov — Bug 459782 - check the name calculation rules for nsHTMLLinkAccessible. r=david.bolter/marco.zehe, a191=beltzner.
c468036cf17f895713b1431c206d6d8934c967ebBlake Kaplan — Bug 465626 - Fix GCC warning about using rv uninitialized. r+sr=jst, a191=beltzner.
b258d282bb9b30e101a4efbd457843372ea239abBlake Kaplan — Bug 464788 - Fix warnings in XPConnect. r/sr=jst, a191=beltzner.
f7dd8981e3bf95151d4f40d78e31c384e10e4546Blake Kaplan — Bug 464498 - Nuke warnings in XSLT. r/sr=sicking, a191=beltzner.
defd28229dd75071c3f82cb827e226598189edc3Blake Kaplan — Bug 456284 - JSExtendedClass requires an equality hook. r=crowder, a191=beltzner.
ff61501bd8881b4a8510e823162d613b874e3be0Alexander Surkov — Bug 459782 - check the name calculation rules for nsHTMLLinkAccessible. r=david.bolter/marco.zehe, a191=beltzner.
52724975877131b7607539dfd73d25c5bf7c5247Bobby Holley — Bug 457215 - Fix LCMS memory leak. r=vlad,a191=beltzner
0586ee185c87bf8e109d390d93ddc5df09ca7100Bobby Holley — Bug 460629 - Bogus ICC profile detection for LCMS.r=vlad,a191=beltzner
6d9d920759cbb115209f7aaf908515683f209e45Glenn Randers-Pehrson — Bug 460520 - LCMS detection code for bogus cHRM chunks. r=bholley,a191=beltzner
8fe729de3d996a3dbf74d20d4d8f4875d812a363Shawn Wilsher — Merge to tip for backout of bug 461566.
1b45760df6eefe25863b23b93cafc5bc73b6a559Shawn Wilsher — Backed out changeset 037f635ced9f (bug 561566)
40c71c199ff7a66e78ab2df40b0a6212feced1f9Michael Ventnor — Bug 136941 - Filters from should should have case insensitive test
f77eb57bf63db0fdc570af078424f63ea760fd5dTom Dyas — Bug 462935 - Magnify (pinch) gesture should match Safari's behavior on MacOS. r=gavin, r=Mardak, ui-r=beltzner, a1.9.1=beltzner
11f15643c4036914dabd8c748b2b5b2bb2e90abcL. David Baron — Use larger values for no-minimum and no-maximum so that we don't cross them. (Bug 466395) r+sr=roc a191=beltzner
78cc43260ab1329e0417082477b4e756fa65831cShawn Wilsher — Merge to tip for peterv's bundle
037f635ced9f8885ca36bf33edca1d436a1041b4Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 461566 (Don't call FindTearoff when not needed and cache XPCNativeInterfaces in quickstubs). r/sr=jst.
a4495a0cf2ffb3f358b0f149b4a11c19bf5eb426Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 461563 (Allow WrapNative to return a jsval without the wrapper). r/sr=jst.
2ba4924ee82ef768e87d8eeebdfc29290cb741edPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 464067 (memory leak while running SVG reftests). r/sr=jst.
b81d78d6d81d21ada4ef13feee2d5d9a4d4031abPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 458397 (Memory leak during TopSite Test on r=bent, sr=jst.
0e1de1e5e5b11d7bc3be3d3854dbcb1474f11a75Justin Wood — Bug 463824, Introduce GLOBAL_DEPS to build system
8a57e7b85b07cf42f4f92448e0c932e3d049fc9eShawn Wilsher — Merge to tip for mstrange's bugs
5be5521bce2ba6d72af95c7f1bf7705da98022bfMarkus Stange — Bug 458297 - Form widgets and scrollbar should not be grayed when clicking on menus or dock stacks. r=smichaud, sr=roc, a191=beltzner
960b97b64485e319ce7557fd53486f39166c7346Markus Stange — Bug 462650 - HUD panels: add half diamond arrow on the top of the panel. ui-r=faaborg, r+a191=beltzner
371fbf5d45e048523d39ad00f1f8aaec8caa3149Markus Stange — Bug 465348 - GrayText color is too dark on 10.5. r=josh, sr=roc, a191=beltzner
7463787cec7697cb56f0e1e8bf23792eccd614f6Markus Stange — Bug 231313 - CSS changes for new-style tabs. r=dao, a191=beltzner
ae7706acc2d20d0d60f18a6bc2aedc068a3786e5Markus Stange — Bug 231313 - Change -moz-appearance: tab on Mac OS X to draw new-style tabs. r=roc, a191=beltzner
2b5ae7db4e991644eb9bfa22d5fa836236fe579cMarkus Stange — Bug 465402 - Tree header cells shouldn't draw borders around them, only between each other. r+sr=roc, a191=beltzner
4ff260cb5feab1570f85f8bed834d9a9931d466dMarkus Stange — Bug 430449 - Notification bar alignment fixes. Also fixes bug 462606. ui-r=faaborg, r=dao, a191=beltzner
367be4e8418664ca249ef4100401a746f6f3e3d5Justin Wood — Bug 463824, Introduce GLOBAL_DEPS to build system
43900a377c77ba10962f1cf7d42374d3983e82a9Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 435474 - Provide a readline function for xpcshell to read a line from stdin. r/sr=mrbkap,a191=beltzner,p=philipp,dbo
a5e50d053bc0f84bfcb89954b619eaa4cb960d5dBernd — bug 458924 - activate the DidResizeColumns mechanism when column widths changes in fixed layout. r/sr=dbaron
7c17efd1d8831945db877c2c0369bbfd604e055ePeter Weilbacher — [OS/2] cairo-os2 build fix that was already applied in upstream cairo
192392e7bb2c8181e897584771265959f09d0679Shawn Wilsher — Merge for backout of bug 453865
ec6ae3ecb8815f3e272e5acf74321173a53ee171Shawn Wilsher — Backed out changeset 17842a2d0c7f (bug 453865) due to test failures
2505e91f4141f00c1c0e04e527a822074b06cdf0Shawn Wilsher — Bustage fix for bug 465141
0336f989855a5aefa8b4371b0bdbdcc2aa53b968Shawn Wilsher — Merge to tip for backout of bug 435474
21d4cb73f6fe401968c9f1f10da7ed1cb72e40dbShawn Wilsher — Backed out changeset 87f6ae0c4324 (bug 435474) for orange.
549e861abd3e264efdaca0e20d4e6cef2736f845Shawn Wilsher — Merge for bent's worker thread bundle.
17842a2d0c7f6b7f4dea7e7eb0119e1a8363f62bBen Turner — Bug 453865 - 'Workers: Allow JSON-able objects to be passed as messages to worker threads.' r+sr+a=jst.
3de772994252a47dcd41a7ffdd1dc5b255831bdaBen Turner — Bug 465006 - 'Workers: Passing no arguments to the worker constructor throws an NS_ERROR_NOT_INITIALIZED error, incorrectly.' r+sr=jst, a=sicking.
d50fb8c0d589999bbc8560223457cb37723cf9e0Ben Turner — Bug 459790 - 'Following Error console link causes uncaught exception ( 0x80004002 (NS_NOINTERFACE) [nsISupports.QueryInterface] ).' Followup fix for JS impls. r+sr=jst, a=blocking1.9.1+
c78bf8d3cb06b1278e6a4f46ee898df9673b82b3Ben Turner — Bug 466257 - 'Workers: Errors in sub workers aren't propagated to top-most parents like they should.' r+sr=sicking, a=blocking1.9.1+.
2f6b84f2e48c6bef1834ffb9b40c0e6bcf0471f6Ben Turner — Bug 466256 - 'Workers: Prevent cross-site workers and properly resolve relative URIs.' r+sr=jst, a=blocking1.9.1+.
b1de3634c30d5d26c47643d4548af0626b8890bfBen Turner — Bug 465447 - 'Workers: Implement terminate() for explicitly killing a worker.' r+sr=sicking, a=blocking1.9.1+.
9d35d79ab1e9a3fa61e2a05f28d2ef6682695e6cBen Turner — Bug 465141 - 'Workers: Implement expression flavor of timeouts, use nsAutoJSValHolder.' r+sr=jst, a=blocking1.9.1+
141a92940ca1c3b09d5e203480af47686fb4a2a0Ben Turner — Bug 465108 - 'Workers: Add navigator object.' r+sr=sicking, a=blocking1.9.1+.
96ad7fe34ce8e1166deabbc274192f49bb50e550Ben Turner — Bug 464983 - 'Workers: Throw exceptions properly from XHR status getters and fake abort events in race conditions.' r+sr=sicking, a=blocking1.9.1+.
5db9c30a41e0f83e203208fb44c2bbb555f07f3cAndrew Sutherland — Bug 462432 - Leak mAsyncExecutionMutex
65174df9c1bb3e29c8ae36287fe0efbd7fe59572L. David Baron — Don't assert when we call GetUserFontSet during frame construction. (Bug 466756) r+sr=bzbarsky a191=beltzner
87f6ae0c4324ce0d1b6133fbe6405e8d3baa6934Justin Wood — Bug 463824, Introduce GLOBAL_DEPS to build system
ef9271b79eab1ba3282d4cf3c9d9b72939041855Kurt Schultz — Bug 395898 - remove class="plain focusring" for the tree in about:config, r=gavin a191=beltzner
c3f3ce1d99a363dfd6a39d18f99532e6ca7a8ab7Shawn Wilsher — Merge to mozilla central for a whole lot of JavaScript tests.
6a3cfce3ab32e1177e927f59a6570916dd19fb85Bob Clary — bug 462470 - JavaScript Tests - deal with changes in decompilation and behavior from bug 461233.
2d667fc508fa00fae90a9397c36465313ec26384Bob Clary — bug 466606 - JavaScript Tests - Do not force language version upon non-Gecko browsers.
5ac97989681b78ed591c1cdb68a38c6d3673b97eBob Clary — bug 466617 - JavaScript Tests - default browser tests to non jit.
f39dfeda6a45c64890692e5634705f87a43cd1caBob Clary — bug 462939 - JavaScript Tests - update slow-n.tests, add branch specific slow-1.8.1.tests, slow-1.9.0.tests, slow-1.9.1.tests.
0f47ddc08a103205c4224342fa27abcae48cc597Jim Blandy — Bug 461180: Fix test case result comparison function.
3d6331e3ab272bcb47d80ed059d165acc0e67137Jim Blandy — bug 466269 - fall out from getTestCase numeric/NaN comparison bug 461180.
8155aba03537c637ed6a5e430a0779edf3389327Bob Clary — No bug - JavaScript Tests - sync js/tests/js1_8_1/trace/trace-test.js and js/src/trace-test.js
39f2f17c31ee0cd52d0e0ac4e5a47708b0cd3288Bob Clary — bug 452786 - JavaScript Test by Joachim Kuebart.
395be2ab5c6bf9c7562a8d65d7dcb4f0456f6139Bob Clary — bug 453915 - JavaScript Test by Chris Evans.
b97ae6c5dca079099016b898b1895d77f0674cc3Bob Clary — bug 462470 - JavaScript Tests - deal with changes in decompilation and behavior from bug 461233.
e77caf5ae827c0a7bd7500fa5d3d0cc5e4cfd0e0Bob Clary — bug 465272 - JavaScript Test by Jesse Ruderman.
7bed07c2b7424602d6d622b458bacaf5fc50d6c6Bob Clary — bug 465276 - JavaScript Test by Jesse Ruderman.
d96e397541b07b299209656d5fab09083aeb6c44Bob Clary — bug 465308 - JavaScript Test by Jesse Ruderman.
39609eee884bdbd2afcac53218e2382a737042dfBob Clary — bug 465337 - JavaScript Test by Jesse Ruderman.
c9f7eaae22ea45a4ddd3ba1c98f8c2126d6bc3beBob Clary — bug 465347 - JavaScript Test by Brendan Eich.
2d36efb72a65ee91b667a12e8f3406f7a32e1aa3Bob Clary — bug 465424 - JavaScript Test by Jesse Ruderman.
3758ef13c6f03a5357ad608529a71a3807b53ffbBob Clary — bug 465453 - JavaScript Test by Jesse Ruderman.
d98fcf0fde875d694b763d4508a7c3436257cf1eBob Clary — bug 465483 - JavaScript Test by Jesse Ruderman.
f972e6edfa5576622372b338c3b494c9c214c964Bob Clary — bug 465688 - JavaScript Test by Jesse Ruderman.
c9ac7dc9e0b4343bd3fb37c6711f2f9c11d9c577Bob Clary — bug 466128 - JavaScript Test by Jesse Ruderman.
c8159a30d7b46cf1b19f33b33b857dd01e1a7c88Bob Clary — bug 466262 - JavaScript Test by Jesse Ruderman.
6fef2c2088a66589f5335560d52b630dd0a227eaBob Clary — bug 466946 - Sisyphus - JavaScript Tests - use autoconf to build Spidermonkey even if Makefile.ref exists.
452243fbb8a50d6c1d21a2a1e39be5f5a68ebec2Bob Clary — bug 466947 - Sisyphus - retry profile creation on failure.
a00fbd5842064c1de66e412b95273076873ab57bBob Clary — bug 466951 - Sisyphus - JavaScript Tests - add option to perform depends builds to
cb35f7ad40367ed09a2165a4a2512d391077e519Bob Clary — bug 460569 - JavaScript Test - fix test so iframe is properly appended to document. Diagnosis by Ben Turner.
09848211f4ad00576e0d93032294748fddc0f45fBob Clary — bug 466952 - Sisyphus - JavaScript Tests - update known failures.
70a0658284a6ca83ef9f8f9be18fbcdb151532a6Robert O'Callahan — Bug 457398. Don't treat empty lines as the first line for text-indent or first-letter/first-line purposes. r+sr=dbaron
9dbabf2ef29f8d3b1d3adfdc1567d65e503aae6cShawn Wilsher — Merge for Bug 464364
efa317f0470dfed286ec64cedf0d9bbaeb1163deRobert Strong — Bug 464364 - Multiple attempts to write permission test file (should cache canUpdate). r=dtownsend, approval1.9.1=beltzner
3a7dbabd80f7ee91d54fa3dd5432deb7847dd6e7Shawn Wilsher — Merge for bug 294688.
3a11a901d758822bc26b97735a3402ee9b33935aMasayuki Nakano — Bug 294688 clicking on applet or flash after context menu opens, does not close context menu r=ere+roc, sr=roc, a=beltzner
28a7fa014b03fcaf424215c2e37d5132ffcba009Marco Bonardo — merge backout
68e1a51bb171f348ffa150ef470cf47746ddd0fdMarco Bonardo — backing out bug 414715 due to possible Ts regression
ad29715677b48829278a916110e4f24b30c22707Axel Hecht — bug 466894: fix MAR generation for locales. r=bhearsum - relbranch landing GECKO191b2_20081125_RELBRANCH
fdd5e4e34241c888c97af7427bd8b15bf6d83446Neil Rashbrook — Bug 407725 Toolbar customisation pointlessly removes, clones and adopts nodes r=gavin a191=beltzner
035f57be79c0d3de87056bb511d6102aefd1f7fdRoy Tam — Bug 453636 Make nanojit build with VC7.1 r=danderson a191=beltzner
26403004f658c10c4813f9129903e0a06596d188Neil Rashbrook — Bug 460466 Clicking on autocompleted <input> disables autocomplete for that window r=Callek NPOTB
ab646b8253b0bdce13be79358f2e2477bae92116Igor Bukanov — bug 466206, r=brendan a191=beltzner
607791c2f9891fa4d1122d19bd51506796773046Robert O'Callahan — Bug 463292. Make text-shadows in XUL nsTextBoxFrames get the correct overflow area and actually paint when only the overflow area is intersected. r+sr=dbaron
6d6a178f9132fbb6aa17b0ad9012b28760bf6b12Robert O'Callahan — Bug 462968. Sanitize block height. r+sr=dbaron
54946665b7c0ca4a2efb5c006ace38d2dd8d2e80Robert O'Callahan — Bug 459968. Fix some integer overflows in the style system and in min/pref width computation for text. r+sr=dbaron
df41ce61d23759f2101bdaa1e8ce9526c7e01f34Robert O'Callahan — Bug 455826. Look into overflow-lists of inlines to find text when we're building textruns. r=smontagu
db3ad9fd7b65bd39769d6b3070ec2e289dea8f67Boris Zbarsky — Bug 465455. Use the charset we'll send in the header to encode with. r+sr=sicking, a=beltzner
e856321a0255d4c44308ce2468800a07e939c255Boris Zbarsky — Bug 466518. Teach content policy utils about resource documents. r+sr=jst, a=beltzner
136ac0be7eda451a07cb5d334e787ac641de3277Alexander Surkov — Bug 441974 - Several tests fail when running in conjunction with other mochitests, succeed when running stand-alone, patch=MarcoZ, r=me, a=beltzner
8dc5392b0c1de8502e06c4b8cee32ea875ed82d1Alexander Surkov — Bug 416872 - Simplify GetState() impl's for defunct objects, r=david.bolter, sr=neil, a=beltzner
32c9710b2398cd38899a5f1d1c095a8a4ac08ff3John Daggett — Follow-on fix for bug 457825. Use sheet principal for agent and user sheets. r=dbaron,bz sr=dbaron
8d644579453df7b9a418a77dbfd09996a23fe4b5Masayuki Nakano — backout the latest landing b=463209
26936f9168d2d77853c627181dbb8c8804c62622Masayuki Nakano — Bug 463209 No sound when message box is opened (alert/confirm/prompt/etc...) r+sr=roc, ui-jboriss, a=beltzner
070e364189c8a622170920c3cc95ceeb8442d4eaDave Townsend — Bug 463819: Blocklisted add-ons with a compatibility update say they are incompatible rather than blocklisted. r=rstrong, a=blocking1.9.1
4c6331befc51e5562e0ac955579cfaabc06df655Igor Bukanov — bug 461158, r=brendan a191=blocker
ec97a4036c9a17af1bf53d705d803ccc17662fd9Johnny Stenback — Fixing bug 405239. Cookie confirmation dialog focuses a newly opened background tab.
2e30d8025fa4f74d1100744707a3a4f1ee28ae44Dietrich Ayala — Bug 414715. Notify the user if places.sqlite is locked. r=pike, r=mak77, ui-review=faaborg, a=blocking-firefox3.1
32213f0701efc3413530d52aee569bc7e493e55fJustin Dolske — Bug 464994. about:license and about:rights potentially contradict each other. r=gerv, a=blocking-firefox3.1
beb23427d11aa1cd175556e8f396c41c047b432cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 462800. Fix test bustage by making sure to test the right thing
0d4693651d3d71f48c4be5751180805e6666023dBoris Zbarsky — Marge backout
b2137ccbb31ae7847430e442cc087bf9c7f74422Boris Zbarsky — Backed out changeset 7bc1ba9f91fe to fix test orange
f953af7bee57ae4fafc959f2e28a12ad3a7c5cfaL. David Baron — Annotate known failures with bug numbers.
e29be5f4f686eca629314c4464ef84635dfa83f3L. David Baron — Bug 451426 fixed all of the randomness in these reftests as well (including bug 465408 and the x86-Mac randomness).
0d837275baca9c4e70f9759fe072b585e19350a1Boris Zbarsky — Merging in bug 453432
7bc1ba9f91fe52978d040519e3d74d4d5d686022Andrei Saprykin — Bug 453432 - Checking for MaybeGC conditions when allocating GC things.
9a8b28bbed23b3b022324cfb1ee4b79a5a155146Boris Zbarsky — Bug 465263. When setting location.hash to empty string, treat that as identical to '#' for compat with IE. r+sr=jst, a=beltzner
525b2f56f1b6e62acdbe56000ee6b00d75e72ed4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 462979. Fix synthesizeMouse to send events to the right place. r=enn, sr=roc, a=beltzner
f36ed9fffc2cbbaee84438ef9f5aa4dbe2292462Boris Zbarsky — Bug 462800. Treat document.domain in a more uniform manner in DOM storage. Also fixes bug 462801. r=dcamp, sr=sicking, a=beltzner.
4ad7e4ee648a3b9da4f66fe64b57cca67cd3a0aeBoris Zbarsky — Bug 462519. Make NSPR logging of document construction/destruction work in opt builds again. r+sr=jonas, a=beltzner
a036f228566072449ade947691f2b7d836db86b3L. David Baron — Bug 451426 seems to have fixed bug 465409, so removing failures from manifest.
5fcc930b0518a8d56000646384645cf63fa80af5Dão Gottwald — Bug 463261 - endcap of the buttons & shadows of buttons on the bookmark toolbar are not properly aligned. r=gavin
10e3f9fb2f0b76991abf313d392f738e0d31f15dPeter Weilbacher — [OS/2] implement (but not yet activate) synthetic oblique using font matrix skewing in gfxOS2Font::CairoScaledFont
f9ff564db145217baeecc2f6b3b8c40a16a03763Peter Weilbacher — [OS/2] de-indent gfxOS2Font::GetMetrics and get a few improvements that were added to gfxFT2Font in the meantime
062df3024e5539406dd39cbe375687c3fe3af21fPeter Weilbacher — [OS/2] remove two unused, already commented, code lines from gfxOS2Platform.cpp
d55b29bfe3bfad7d7fd05c07128c5d2374cf53d2Boris Zbarsky — Fixing comments and assertion text. Bug 466681
bb54a5700bca96d77b76734db5ea4518b024b327Igor Bukanov — bug 457521, r=brendan a191=blocking
090147eafd6c359fb3b540e8ec5e8cdfd2ac90c0L. David Baron — Merge bug 464791 for Rob Strong.
fbac619d52fedfa1e1de33b44b723625ad69b183Robert Strong — Bug 464791 - Add ifdef MOZ_UPDATER for the app update preferences UI and Help menu. r=mconnor, approval1.9.1=mconnor
77825d347650bd4e2d955c813a33b612adb4945bJonathan Kew — fix uninitialized variable causing incorrect fallback font selection (bug 451426) r=roc sr=roc
9eaf91dad68c488d2fb7b18bef7e4cde0213813aBrad Lassey — backing out changesets 026147c91538, fb2326fcfc36, ebf0c7cf17be, 57e6a1e9041e, 1f5d2c249f86 and d7a7824d6990 due to crash on linux talos machines durring tp.
026147c91538ed890cc75fbf9948b008e314e306Brad Lassey — merge
fb2326fcfc360cda7348804c9a178cb4532f24a3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 463292. Make text-shadows in XUL nsTextBoxFrames get the correct overflow area and actually paint when only the overflow area is intersected. r+sr=dbaron
ebf0c7cf17be277d6c7bd86e97cdb2f125713c7fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 462968. Sanitize block height. r+sr=dbaron
57e6a1e9041ee30db8d57ba3ca3f0d17fffe19f1Robert O'Callahan — Bug 459968. Fix some integer overflows in the style system and in min/pref width computation for text. r+sr=dbaron
1f5d2c249f869c879d6afcb35a8acb74f2e88c24Robert O'Callahan — Bug 455826. Look into overflow-lists of inlines to find text when we're building textruns. r=smontagu
d7a7824d69908ae84c2b76724dad5261908a460dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 430332. Lazily rebuild transformed-textruns, deferring rebuild until after the linebreaker has finished analysis. r=smontagu
759831cd5982700f046e25574103c1418a01d415Oleg Romashin — Bug 459780 - X11 event compression isn't handling extension events on maemo. r=roc, a=approval1.9.1+
8dd8b476a102bab71e4da76bfd57e18dbe386886Olli Pettay — Bug 464197, r+sr=roc, a=blocking1.9.1+
106dc288fd5fad56f686fbe2d27827498fca743bL. David Baron — Merge roc-1.bundle to land 5 patches for roc.
b45e6263d385db683f4afd56c1749f2e1c304d8cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 463952. Expand destArea according to CSS background-repeat *before* intersecting with bgClipArea, instead of after. r+sr=dbaron
50eecdcfa91f869e399e992bfcd75ff95c81e2f2Robert O'Callahan — Bug 460012. When recreating frames for a generated content node, reframe the nearest non-generated-content ancestor. r+sr=bzbarsky
feb0232b677168a8aad6cc73f360b765f5d0da45Robert O'Callahan — Bug 454751. Use a fresh nsFrameConstructorState when we construct new frames in ReconstructDocElementHierarchyInternal, so internal state pointing to deleted frames is flushed out. r+sr=bzbarsky
48481020e51760ed772555471019bb1e72973279Robert O'Callahan — Bug 454959. When a document is in a floating view, floating-ness doesn't propagate across view manager boundaries. So use the display-root view as the place to invalidate from. r+sr=bzbarsky
59950d816bf5b11d2d3152e5233cd3794e8ab101Robert O'Callahan — Bug 444375. Take TEXT_HAS_TRAILING_BREAK into account when computing min-width for text which has entirely collapsed away. r=smontagu
840ca0d72bdfab3b0aa46af3743275a42e045a93L. David Baron — Mark sheet-set-switch-1.html as random on Mac.
006236d9a61020c255ef45383760b021f49dfb4dBoris Zbarsky — Fixing test to test the right thing
5d1fbada858917573a87e817f732e7d4cc8559b3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 460425. Do better security checks during redirection. r=sicking,biesi, sr=sicking
328c67561b8bac4e1177ece95431dd26a1da28a2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 437142. Be a little more careful with GetPrimaryFrameFor to work around the mess that <area> elements cause. r+sr=roc
a9c8796253e9ac52495da238a8f0e744c13a9d5dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 466681. Undo the weirdness in the webnavigation flags. r+sr=jst
2529fb8e20d1431d1860cb7dc6d217d61dce0e55L. David Baron — Merge backout of changeset eac2f8f3cd29 due to mochichrome timeout.
33d2527d796b6c14e70b29d71bd38be89054228bL. David Baron — Backed out changeset eac2f8f3cd29 due to mochichrome timeout.
86fcd531d8fab03707cb93870dd7e79d09bd0166L. David Baron — I meant to use Mark2A rather than MarkB in prop-order-over-rule-order* tests (thanks to karlt for pointing out the problem). And, while I'm here, make a second multiple-in-family test variant so we don't lose any test coverage from the correction. a=tests
9bea28954d72dcecacbdbe5688707ea53b555a88L. David Baron — Distribute extra space in fixed-layout tables where all columns have widths proportionally rather than equally, for compatibility. (Bug 445142) r=bernd sr=roc a=blocking1.9.1+
483aaa57f2902b5593e6f63ef408babae19208e0L. David Baron — Handle some additional codepaths for position: fixed elements inside elements with -moz-transform. (Bug 455171) r+sr=bzbarsky a=blocking1.9.1+
0dfccaf1d58dd96e2cbe33914d1656e21316c34cL. David Baron — Introduce two different definitions of the placeholder's containing block in InitAbsoluteConstraints, since we want to use a different one for the hypothetical box and for the direction. (Bug 462844) r+sr=bzbarsky a=blocking1.9.1+
97214dc4dc0ae738b49e063487fc1e5a937765dbL. David Baron — Add tests for dynamic changes to @font-face. (Bug 457821) a=blocking1.9.1+
cf88eac1c192889112767b06d288e4897abb2b64L. David Baron — Check that the user font set matches before returning an entry from the font cache. (Bug 457821) r=jdaggett sr=roc a=blocking1.9.1+
13709ba9ea211e3a2709ec7f7bbe65c813d40469L. David Baron — Remove gfxFontLoaderContext, which seems to be replaced by gfxUserFont::LoaderContext. (Bug 457821) r=jdaggett a=blocking1.9.1+
948149fa2c650be1195170d7b47bb5bf194f5e6eL. David Baron — Rebuild the user font set when style sheets are enabled/disabled/added/removed, rules are modified/added/removed, or media changes change which style sheets apply. (Bug 457821) sr=bzbarsky r=jdaggett,bzbarsky a=blocking1.9.1+
3946e0e1fa546be9bc25dc1786983d7419e5edfbL. David Baron — Fix cascading bugs with @font-face rules (and prepare for handling dynamic changes) by accumulating the @font-face rules across rule processors through the style set. (Bug 457821) sr=bzbarsky r=jdaggett a=blocking1.9.1+
8b943e17629a7f6f1d650b803c9c5a6a9abba43dL. David Baron — Merge backout of 91690545debc0d3537fcb0598ebd6ac7e21f2072 due to mac startup failures.
2c326abe584a60965eb3b62c52420b87d1f88c06L. David Baron — Back out 91690545debc0d3537fcb0598ebd6ac7e21f2072 due to mac startup failures.
3957288748e17cc6d8e3178c62a3ed64a4fe6889L. David Baron — Merge backout of 71032d21e8b1e6955baa996d9555624252700c6e due to mac startup failures.
c965c099599b20957d5282838844682a506a3267L. David Baron — Back out 71032d21e8b1e6955baa996d9555624252700c6e due to mac startup failures.
05ed7ddf001b811dbadb6a75a8a44f1574829146L. David Baron — Merge backout of 5bc893b6bdf23dcd44601727df5baab8a0dd361e due to mac startup failures.
db0e5d413618060de85229f40906ac98a1feae45L. David Baron — Back out 5bc893b6bdf23dcd44601727df5baab8a0dd361e due to mac startup failures.
8bd6113ce27c626df61f5d397e4be81f8ba626aeL. David Baron — Merge backout of 8d2453e98c3fc55ef6b02becf7a8e4d86a066e34 due to mac startup failures.
5bf014d8ab203a9ded9a4a3be359edced7634613L. David Baron — Back out 8d2453e98c3fc55ef6b02becf7a8e4d86a066e34 due to mac startup failures.
6ba942a7efa9df51bacc813104cf39155e8f34b3L. David Baron — Merge backout of 6b99f95a3ee3e077bc85ab8ee36b7685b846faf4 due to mac startup failures.
85a49cd83f4642a64329a8c09b09b0482ea6fbf9L. David Baron — Back out 6b99f95a3ee3e077bc85ab8ee36b7685b846faf4 due to mac startup failures.
acfda488bc5cc536b54b72e146d568777a436a88L. David Baron — Merge backout of 5d6db13efa26534e3904b5afa5e6faf31c0c82f0 due to mac startup failures.
2d0df3bbef22d9ee31c7c6ecd80386cc029ad8b2L. David Baron — Back out 5d6db13efa26534e3904b5afa5e6faf31c0c82f0 due to mac startup failures.
acff8baac5a809a197cc1ea121ae0318c571d2d1L. David Baron — Merge backout of 342b86dd79f48f11583e7b6526a5b78457d29a1c due to mac startup failures.
bf407fc736d71012b8da2b59092d85eb8bca6d9aL. David Baron — Back out 342b86dd79f48f11583e7b6526a5b78457d29a1c due to mac startup failures.
1fb559eeb4ddd034f1193bfb423848c1a4e9849fL. David Baron — Merge backout of 6ce5f62a59455c79b3e12414989d3727f283b7c3 due to mac startup failures.
71003ed39a0c0da2f4527a4ac46c83aa9b8daef5L. David Baron — Back out 6ce5f62a59455c79b3e12414989d3727f283b7c3 due to mac startup failures.
0158a0c9ba21ecb0f07d6a2cea4517bcf652bf10L. David Baron — Back out 48da1d4688225df4aaeb0c56744b7f150d65f5df due to mac startup failures.
48da1d4688225df4aaeb0c56744b7f150d65f5dfL. David Baron — I meant to use Mark2A rather than MarkB in prop-order-over-rule-order* tests (thanks to karlt for pointing out the problem). And, while I'm here, make a second multiple-in-family test variant so we don't lose any test coverage from the correction. a=tests
6ce5f62a59455c79b3e12414989d3727f283b7c3L. David Baron — Distribute extra space in fixed-layout tables where all columns have widths proportionally rather than equally, for compatibility. (Bug 445142) r=bernd sr=roc a=blocking1.9.1+
eac2f8f3cd29ff47fc3d430c072c68c37b7db8fbL. David Baron — Make mochitests not build and search the results table when run inside the harness. (Bug 466104) r=sayrer a=tests
342b86dd79f48f11583e7b6526a5b78457d29a1cL. David Baron — Handle some additional codepaths for position: fixed elements inside elements with -moz-transform. (Bug 455171) r+sr=bzbarsky a=blocking1.9.1+
5d6db13efa26534e3904b5afa5e6faf31c0c82f0L. David Baron — Introduce two different definitions of the placeholder's containing block in InitAbsoluteConstraints, since we want to use a different one for the hypothetical box and for the direction. (Bug 462844) r+sr=bzbarsky a=blocking1.9.1+
6b99f95a3ee3e077bc85ab8ee36b7685b846faf4L. David Baron — Add tests for dynamic changes to @font-face. (Bug 457821) a=blocking1.9.1+
8d2453e98c3fc55ef6b02becf7a8e4d86a066e34L. David Baron — Check that the user font set matches before returning an entry from the font cache. (Bug 457821) r=jdaggett sr=roc a=blocking1.9.1+
5bc893b6bdf23dcd44601727df5baab8a0dd361eL. David Baron — Remove gfxFontLoaderContext, which seems to be replaced by gfxUserFont::LoaderContext. (Bug 457821) r=jdaggett a=blocking1.9.1+
71032d21e8b1e6955baa996d9555624252700c6eL. David Baron — Rebuild the user font set when style sheets are enabled/disabled/added/removed, rules are modified/added/removed, or media changes change which style sheets apply. (Bug 457821) sr=bzbarsky r=jdaggett,bzbarsky a=blocking1.9.1+
91690545debc0d3537fcb0598ebd6ac7e21f2072L. David Baron — Fix cascading bugs with @font-face rules (and prepare for handling dynamic changes) by accumulating the @font-face rules across rule processors through the style set. (Bug 457821) sr=bzbarsky r=jdaggett a=blocking1.9.1+
951de4bb933c13c94a51d327029b0da69eb2bd34L. David Baron — Fix assertion about being too late to set quirks style sheet. (Bug 450191) r+sr=bzbarsky a=blocking1.9.1+
356407d18ef347bdebe33132f13c231698e66fb5L. David Baron — Add test for slow performance in bug 438509, as suggested by dholbert, and based on a testcase he wrote. a=blocking1.9.1+
7a9d1fe1cab5838ebbb6c784e7292c4c2703c24aL. David Baron — Simplify conditions, part 2, since we're really only trying to avoid IsGeometryDirty if we're not going to need any reflow at all. (Bug 438509) r=dholbert sr=roc a=blocking1.9.1+
ede1fa2c79a94191c0a251453641c31523129a36L. David Baron — Simplify condition, part 1, since mVResize already implies IsGeometryDirty thanks to the code immediately above. (Bug 438509) r=dholbert sr=roc a=blocking1.9.1+
3a8d00537a8902d2aaede53ac33e8892b9077bd9L. David Baron — Avoid exponential growth of special height reflows. (Bug 438509) r=dholbert sr=roc a=blocking1.9.1+
1f5aa404ea30a2f9caceb4d9ccb8d1a29ab8c5f5L. David Baron — Remove nsHTMLReflowState::mPercentHeightReflowInitiator, which is write-only. (Bug 438509) r+sr=roc a=blocking1.9.1+
60a4dd420a65f899473fc487c95aaacc31d546cdL. David Baron — Use a host that we proxy to the local server so that the test doesn't require network access. (Bug 466102) r+sr=bzbarsky a=tests
8a4494c6e1535e0a6a6d114e07f6444b8850348cL. David Baron — Make justification test pass more reliably on Mac, which is sensitive to subpixel positioning of text, by replacing <wbr> elements with zero-width spaces. (Bug 466101) r+sr=roc a=tests
57a177c0d8fe9d2c67219a91cf88fa503621b66bL. David Baron — Make zwnj-02.html reftest more tolerant of font anti-aliasing. (Bug 465140) r=smontagu a=tests
d1e1e38fc0cf5ce60425af029c2a5b1349bc0947L. David Baron — Add tests for the format() function in the 'src' descriptor that use a known-unsupported value in addition to an unknown value. a=tests
81cfdc324ffbf9483ea236e60b5907a91742f284L. David Baron — Make layout/reftests/text/444656.html not depend on the size ratio between Hebrew and Western fonts. (Bug 466484) r=smontagu a=tests
c02e8266ed2ad41bba5212cd8362ebc850b813dfBen Hearsum — bug 463036: version/config bumps for Firefox 3.1b2. r=anodelman CLOSED TREE
705b8c67cd98f06fb60a91de21e6e202be5ac414Ben Hearsum — Bump JS milestone.txt file manually (because automation didn't know anything about it). CLOSED TREE GECKO191b2_20081125_RELBRANCH
cf10a03eefe50ad6aa0c84020aeae4ad9595c141ffxbld — Added tag FIREFOX_3_1b2_RELEASE for changeset 29add08d84ae GECKO191b2_20081125_RELBRANCH
dc27ba0dfe4b62820fa7b4dfacb9f2a31c1f4dbaffxbld — Added tag FIREFOX_3_1b2_BUILD1 for changeset 29add08d84ae GECKO191b2_20081125_RELBRANCH
29add08d84aeb88222587815bae2e083c3811734ffxbld — Automated checkin: version bump remove "pre" from version number for firefox 3.1b2 release on GECKO191b2_20081125_RELBRANCH GECKO191b2_20081125_RELBRANCH FIREFOX_3_1b2_BUILD1
951178f392ef2de5d74adda9eb1f281607f523c5Peter Weilbacher — [OS/2] Bug 465691: make sure that we matched a font before using it and rename "Deja Vu" to "DejaVu", r=wuno@lsvw, a191b2=beltzner (CLOSED TREE)
b902fb44692dd93dbe115876b97e9fa0bbc43929Peter Weilbacher — [OS/2] Bug 465691: fix debug output to compile again (CLOSED TREE)
371b210baaa4d26004c6140703a2e8fa1bc2ea15Boris Zbarsky — Drop extra semicolons. Fix build bustage in CLOSED TREE
d584db13034e68e8642418410b10cd490a08932fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 457153. Introduce an nsILoadContext interface so that consumers can get load context information from a channel/loadgroup without having to depend on getInterface of docshell stuff. r=dwitte for cookie part, r=jst for rest, sr=jst, a=beltzner for CLOSED TREE
66aec2d9ab08f4d8bad26fdd6c4cb3c689fa8046Brad Lassey — Bug 460767 - Crash in imgRequest.cpp in OOM conditions r=pavlov r=joedrew a19b2=beltzner. CLOSED TREE
aabb881ffaafb06fca8a65b6833e31e720df96adPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 466284 (Crash in [@ nsAutoCompleteController::RowIndexToSearch]). r=gavin, a19b2=beltzner. CLOSED TREE
2f0fe196aa893ff1ab6285d24e18f158412e4965Neil Rashbrook — Bug 464080 Lock .jar files before opening them r=Pike
51249e968f249def386436609c6f2950197e2061Igor Bukanov — Backed out changeset 700ae4e59496 - bug 453157 caused talos oranges. CLOSED TREE
700ae4e594966339b34ef0467c82997293d32defAndrei Saprykin — bug 453157 - watchdog thread as an alternative to operation counting, r=igor,mrbkap a19b2=beltzner (CLOSED TREE)
f1af606531f5579ff21b14ea3625f4064257611bSerge Gautherie — Bug 466314 - updatingImplicit.html (used by test_offlineMode.html and test_updatingManifest.html) crashes SeaMonkey; (Av1) Disable tests
5d37678a2482d540047a9216ad32a1e6b3efc2b9Igor Bukanov — Backed out changeset 04cecb0ec24c to see if it fixes tinderbox oranges. CLOSED TREE
04cecb0ec24cfd4b65bd74ef6e8c13df5ad57683Andrey Saprykin — bug 453157 - using watchdog thread as an alternative to the operation count. r=igor,mrbkap a19b2=beltzner (CLOSED TREE)
25a79f857a12b49dc3cf819331cb0457fdafa8dbIgor Bukanov — Backed out changeset c54f1957d564 - bug 453157 - build system changes caused mouchi test failures. CLOSED TREE
c54f1957d56426d1c6e06c51d03dac01b1f116e1Andrey Saprykin — bug 453157 - using watchdog thread as an alternative to the operation count. r=igor,mrbkap a1.9.0b2=beltzner (CLOSED TREE)
be7b0050fe5c31d3db34fa604d7f85d0ef6816b9Blake Kaplan — Bug 465705 - There must always be at least one source note. r=brendan a=sayrer
1c0893f3e640df5fb7ebe96d26278bc2a4e0463aBlake Kaplan — Bug 465901 - DVG confused by |let|. r=brendan a=sayrer
cfb281c007d0dee13a2fc888bfec254348dc3b30Boying Lu — Bug 259945 - Mozilla should not use LD_LIBRARY_PATH on solaris; use instead of; r=wtc sr=neil
2fa341c1330ba244db8cce980468c12e498bed4bHonza Bambas — Bug 463804 - Tests missing in; r=dcamp a191b2=beltzner
62d26c7840a4159ee1f7761a691556c50b51bb3eMarco Bonardo — Bug 465693 - Dragging a bookmark from the bookmarks toolbar to tabstrip breaks bookmarks toolbar, r=dietrich a=beltzner, CLOSED TREE
7b73ae8b526d03b6fcf6719f12e49d12077c6fb6Dave Townsend — Patch to fix bug 463387 without bug 463384, from bug 465883. CLOSED TREE. r=vlad
69484c28666ca2ba8778ffb1c2d50dfcba50830eDave Townsend — Backing out bug 463384 as it caused bug 465883
1f6bac1d9ed0bef5a0c9af637b63c5a905004de3Dave Townsend — Backed out changeset 4b5e00c182be from bug 463384 due to it causing bug 465883
75a38b047225e75426cc7ed74b1ab2e45e5ad513Igor Bukanov — Backed out changeset 8329a91db67d - bug 453157, CLOSED TREE
8329a91db67db793cd4b392318ba55ec3a4e2d77Andrei Saprykin — bug 453157 - watchdog thread as an alternative to operation count. r=igor,mrbkap a1.9.0b2=beltzner
36156fbf817d8a0e2d54a271cf0bff94a1c41c13Taras Glek — Bug 464995 - avoid reads of size 1 in jemalloc. r=jasone,sr=stuart
b923f6b41e01fc0eaf2fe7a97b0df8b0b4d639a1Shawn Wilsher — Addressing review nit for bug 464202 that was improperly addressed in changeset 59d84ac24da2
5b81a5dc74859b9820435fd4e93ee4af2b803494Shawn Wilsher — Disable a test causing a test failure as a result of bug 465843.
48ec53300d7655b55cdc95c1f3621d5ef23815cdBen Turner — Bug 353851 - "accumulation of outer chrome windows in mOpener chains (window.opener)". Fix assertion, r=bz, a=sdwilsh (sheriff).
13ebc220fad375ca6df4a9bb9f2739b1174bace5Ben Turner — Bug 459790 - "Following Error console link causes uncaught exception ( 0x80004002 (NS_NOINTERFACE) [nsISupports.QueryInterface] )". r+sr=jst, a=mconnor.
f93edfbd082ee20a099833d199f7cba59cfeb4b0Serge Gautherie — Bug 460548 - Port |Bug 450983 - use leakThreshold for SeaMonkey testers| to Firefox; (Av1) Reduce |browserChrome| to 75000 from Infinity; r=ted.mielczarek
f397d3057e8426935a9e28991cc900b24b9549cdBoris Zbarsky — Fixing typo
028bbc611036d02e71541c7bd967eb136c88bb4fMike Connor — Bug 465843. Remove ctrl-tab preview switching and revert all tabs button to menu, for now. r=dao, a=beltzner
0d95559afc0d17d2be313c7eb29f06a1316d6c09Marco Bonardo — Bug 465685. Fix drag of bookmarks in the bookmarks menu. r=mano, a=beltzner
96d8427ba5a71255e103c25b9e93174cbaccd46bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 465752. Fix Equals() to work right on javascript: URIs. r=dcamp, sr=jst, a=mconnor
19134f7ea8938e466c019e36ed45c11618d05df6timeless — backout per beltzner to fix windows leak tests red and osx talos tests orange
6e03bc678ed95afc79f9dc4b121be8c9f0505659timeless — Backed out changeset 1d817f9d842f per beltzner
896c9219081cf9a07c45263d237384b7d0904b00Dão Gottwald — merge after backout
da2f2a61757bb61a51547ea24181903f60217230Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset 2686d82a880c
1d817f9d842fe74a375c1c4aa000ae0b176d0369Andrei Saprykin — bug 453157 - watchdog thread as an alternative to operation count. r=igor,mrbkap a1.9.0b2=blocker
a5dd4132fd980b33add7f4d54b7c2056b785f4e8Jeff Walden — imported patch nsIFrame.patch
e4f67d2e893a171de519fef5e4b465e214251cc9David Anderson — Fix CALLPROP not guarding that the callee is not NULL (bug 465580, r=gal).
3fd201c89511282c203b66b405288927f0353ddeJesse Ruderman — Remove line breaks from end of assertion messages
3cc42618db52eecca8d0bbc614569ce77dfc163bBoris Zbarsky — Adding test for bug 132255
55208a9745f6b2b492e54afa2d0dae822aa6bb5eBoris Zbarsky — Test for bug 49312
f1a511d5f777fd672eac378890c96b95c40b9eb8Ben Hearsum — Merge commit
a734d6d04d500909e815db4c5361e2f713dfa19eBen Hearsum — Adding GECKO_1_9_1_BASE tag (details in full commit message).
59d84ac24da20917866b1b8c9dd494d64e359439Jeff Walden — Address followup nit for bug 464202.
fc37d4174c023af639e5e6505faddd60ba117081Marco Zehe — Temporarily disable all .xul files in a11y mochitests, see bug 465755
20245c2d97d09edb7bd935b3d59759ee90f44b56Shawn Wilsher — Bug 457743 - Automatic wrapper creates cycles, and thus leaks. r=dcamp, r=asuth, a=beltzner for 1.9.1b2
e8bb734135545ba4b25df85aa7948aedc9d6e830L. David Baron — Bug 379317 no longer affects these tests thanks to bug 464970.
6b901a94228c4dfc93da8b5202bf6bcec7f03b30Ted Mielczarek — merge to land bug 432415, bug 465483, bug 464998, bug 464970. a=beltzner
b26e01b47e373b6454d9df62a5a16fc059b2cbf4Ted Mielczarek — bug 432415 - strip trailing newlines when editor.singleline.pasteNewlines == 2 (Copy pasting a cell from an xls/ods file adds an extra space at the end). r+sr=neil, a=beltzner
829fa2d1e9dca81e4936969958369a3f72568a8fDavid Anderson — Fixed unsafe coercion of JSVAL_VOID to string on trace entry (bug 465483, r=brendan).
79948e2ddec5a11187b5f455119c4de5383518c5Daniel Veditz — bug 464998 - r+sr=bsmedberg, a=beltzner
73bda326879976ca31d6a26aa41892db80136ca6L. David Baron — bug 464970 - nsCSSBorderRenderer::AreBorderSideFinalStylesSame is too pessimistic. r=vlad, a=beltzner
62f1b36e52c5ca4050b7625d736cd70e4d25f07aMarco Zehe — Disabled test_textboxes.xul in a11y test suite temporarily
0cd41f5990807fb6ab52cb59ba3c8e8247281045Justin Dolske — Bug 464146 - about:rights notification sometimes not shown with session restore. r=gavin, ui-r=beltzner, a191b2=beltzner
9a453249ca6cd7e745f099dc2ade994e455f8f25Blake Kaplan — Bug 464754 - nsIContentPolicy.shouldLoad() called without context for scripts. r/sr=bz a=beltzner
964ca72afb554b32da7bc790ec571dd373a55280Shawn Wilsher — Bug 464202 - nsGlobalWindow leak running browser-chrome Mochitests. r=mrbkap a=beltzner
2686d82a880c48c9d68843f62843404003509e2bRyan Flint — Bug 404229 - Make toolbarbuttons aware of toolbar mode. r=gavin a=beltzner
ef058e392023bb529c08f39fd1f216b9d16891d8Robert O'Callahan — Backing out bug 451958 to fix test failures
37ed37d5d6c81d151e8d88d254a5ad2a22eca19fRobert O'Callahan — Backed out changeset ab6c0cda36b2 to fix test failures
acca7d1b9da3449e515bf735e711b70855d58a82Robert O'Callahan — Backing out bug 463339 due to Mac build failure
71a967ce2879c3a07a142b64b40604e2e1eee095Dão Gottwald — Bug 433055 - Text fields in bookmark properties should have the same height. r=dietrich, a=beltzner
e67d4de99d980c6a207116f25cb6931e960c961cBen Turner — Bug 462389. Solaris bustage fix.,sr=jst,a=beltzner
baff98e6d9ec891a62496b9483eeaaf8a3232c04Jim Blandy — Bug 463339. Have js/src use symlinks when installing in dist. r=bsmedberg,a=sayrer
ab6c0cda36b214b0a650141bf33f9a373db4040fChris Pearce — Bug 451958. Implement access checks for media elements. r+sr=roc,a=beltzner
cbd14041ff7d544b2f28525bc26b7cbd623470beDave Camp — Bug 445004 followup: Use parent instead of top for tests. r=roc
297ab67ece451a244a5bc68211e269387345a6ddBoris Zbarsky — Adding test
b2fbc259ee2baeaec49bd9a08a6874438aa8011cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 445004. Make the base and document URI of document.written documents be the base and document URI of the document on whose current context our code is running. r+sr=jst, r=dcamp
e8ed5d4bf5317e402a8b34e1937ab333395dd87fVladimir Vukicevic — Merge mozilla-central into tracemonkey
650f311bec84881cfa6163ffc75e64bdbee199caBrendan Eich — I hate hg.
905234b7b9e4b4b4df92c792b13cd9df19f7d0d2Brendan Eich — Bug 465220 - nested imacro abort not cleanly handled (botches assertions) (r=mrbkap, a=beltzner).
46bf5d5c975c187f17c73e4bb102467a4628f627Brendan Eich — Merge.
446d2248db67a7f2a21e03c7ac0f975b74737ab9Brendan Eich — [mq]: bug
cae26f59e6a0c61d13293617c9bbd890c95119deAndreas Gal — NAMEDEC was incorrectly traced as a pre-decrement operator (465424, r=danderson).
94a601112ceb19b15a0329c82dbd7ba85d90763bAndreas Gal — Check for obj being null in the JSOP_IN builtin used by the tracer (453565, r=danderson).
f7603667f36d96fb2190f1b972154310b5ef9a44Andreas Gal — Fix Mac OS X build failure (no bug).
2d07918e91eb2507a3ecf8624db8b27097637185Andreas Gal — Comparing a string against a boolean does not always produce false (465136, r=danderson).
c9d3e5cf1c990f34b924722d8375b55c2efc030aAndreas Gal — Null converts to 0 for relations but to NaN for equality (465252, r=danderson).
0b34165d7f830fe6b684f6ea4d5f82987c8e20d2Andreas Gal — Merge.
6c70b4fbaf6ec7ea51739b45018d0f36cd075658Andreas Gal — Inspect the actual values before trying to demote an arithmetic operation (465337, r=danderson).
934755934b8f8d742ac5bb6a9db3b7236a332ff1Boris Zbarsky — Adding some tests
04cd4eca1b9005b05b70343d59384d74794d6896David Anderson — Added nanojit comment clarifying register allocation with shift instructions.
b8f6e95832c62c3c68f693066763e4b460d06f26Andreas Gal — Don't attempt to immediately re-record after walking out of a thin loop (465366, r=danderson).
347e14d7975b1a2c6c458a23dce99d32ba9bd66bAndreas Gal — Merge.
d931c1b8d0e71156daa83effea28209813e250dcbrendan — Patch for bug 465241 introduces buggy js_Int32ToId (465347, r=gal).
9caa6acaeee0ff2154f7e3218b7341bed1ddb379Ginn Chen — Bug 452390 Tracemonkey will crash if the compiler doesn't have FASTCALL r=danderson
119cd3f729d59d728593669d901611259c85eae6Andreas Gal — Don't demote multiplication, even if result is demoted and inputs are demotable (465308, r=danderson).
b994ea44775f9e9803a121aa59db2820fe8f06b7Andreas Gal — Make sure to flush the JIT cache after a gc even if we didn't import globals (464418, r=brendan, 2nd attempt to push).
8a185e1cd62c6932bb070deb189b0948a777397aAndreas Gal — Merge.
55e30117eceee8478d996f2868c1f6cd9357b14aAndreas Gal — Don't attempt to do CSE across labels (465276, r=danderson).
54e8d190830beea2b0910a7e8deeab1acd86cb23Brendan Eich — No else after return if you please.
bc9a96b254404674c41ca29b9df506e032e2e3c3David Anderson — Fixed regression from recent constant folding patch (bug 465272, r=gal).
baf7e18e16cf95ab5c1a90874629d7647f49a116Andreas Gal — Inline int32 to id fast path into the builtins (465268, r=danderson).
1dff7b89ea3bac135fa0c989ed80f15863dc2dacAndreas Gal — Merge.
acb5720b8c5127fb44d3fecb68e73dc3756b0fd7Andreas Gal — Fix tracing of JSOP_IN (465241, r=danderson).
8f9dccfb1809f3d96c936bc93fe020427d1f25c6David Anderson — Fixed branch traces being erroneously marked as dependent trees (bug 464979, r=gal).
eaea22eadab3e844d2f2f14534250c1d8688e71aDavid Anderson — Merge.
b3dd1114ec5cb3c25c169cc69cf9a4757a0151d1David Anderson — Fixed edge case in nanojit register allocation for shl/shr (bug 465135, r=gal).
026b61f6087aac0f9e4a9c5d1f9f9aa34f8b8fd0Andreas Gal — Can't bypass ECMADoubleToInt32 in js_StringToInt32 (465239, r=danderson).
e4a67039d5d98f4034d53c8d86eda08e237032faAndreas Gal — Merge.
56aa39e5c07159f020e07b4fcdf99b66e66d16beAndreas Gal — JIT affects truthiness of "" <= null (465234, r=Waldo).
c86e2bafd736fa19f0da344346089ecb817a3367David Anderson — Constant fold additions to avoid erroneous isPromoteInt detection (bug 465249, r=gal).
46ffd04629a1417fc6108e54e292b70f670bcca8Jeff Walden — Bug 465137 - TM: JIT thinks !NaN is false. r=gal
2343008447815e9d97256b7c113b94a322a8e9dbDavid Anderson — Fixed deep abort logic when onTrace is set without a recorder (bug 465192, r=gal).
11121709fab5b8580a26d464ca42eb80f9558714Andreas Gal — Merge.
96b18bab6c8b239ac3e59cd1f8e3429216fed2d1Andreas Gal — Backed out changeset 2601301b793d
f9367f6926ad35d0271f8a52287b902982494b68Andreas Gal — Backed out changeset 523c3f3dc744
523c3f3dc744b7e2f178ef1e2c0cc4297e269b71Andreas Gal — Make linux gcc happy by moving the declaration of RESideExit* exit to the top of the function (no bug).
2601301b793dd7c75b032e2bdd8c75e79660945aAndreas Gal — Use regexp string as key for the regexp fragment cache (464866, r=brendan).
020524eecf4b3045455abc4bf1bdacf372f47e1aAndreas Gal — Merge.
30de088bd25d09d5e667202b0ce2f09fdbe9b48dAndreas Gal — Removed bogus assert when stringifying objects (465209, r=brendan).
ebb3e752cb341278c3eb2f57e944d0e9b0068c98David Anderson — Fixed recorders already deeply aborted being pushed onto the deep abort stack (bug 465145, r=gal).
5b9f7cddadcb83b7c397fbe347c78b8d23814b5bAsaf Romano — merge
4f32d50c10bc78cd0163f3738cfb70e201c95640Asaf Romano — Bug 225680 - Fix regressions from the landing of the detach-tabs feature. r=mconnor.
0c3300f451d6796a9f59f41caa0aec5cf784fadbBoris Zbarsky — Bug 462806. Don't init PSM to deal with random JARs. Save that for signed JARs. r=dveditz, sr=vlad, a=beltzner
8b81d681d1ad804cb8bed2d2591e00564307724fzeniko — Bug 464620 - prevent dataloss from incorrectly restored sessions (r=dietrich, a=beltzner)
813830032772c018ba75be2863264c48376328d3Philip Chee — bug 465073 - duplicate id in navigator.xul: reporterItemsBroadcaster, remove SeaMonkey-specific overlay parts from reporter, NPOTB for Firefox as we both now use unchanged Firefox overlay parts, r=gavin
a730d0337646f09f6ac22390bf945929de5670c5mak77 — Bug 464767 - do not overwrite existing bookmarks if importBookmarksHTML is true but there's no bookmarks.html file (r=dietrich, a=beltzner)
497d9f3960de4091d941323288bb782ad58da098Dave Townsend — Bustage fix from the badly applied patch from bug 463387
fbad4dfa05e5dd4d702ffb6605fcd8254032ff31Dave Townsend — Bug 463387: Add an API for getting web progress notifications for all tabs. r=enndeakin a1.9.1b2=beltzner
ce914ca927cb23b7e851a5e1e3047e603ea493f0Ben Turner — Bug 463573: PRBool misuse. r=sr=sicking, a1.9.1b2=beltzner
4b5e00c182beb9fef71dcc710258ca76bd94a323Dave Townsend — Bug 463384: "Tabbed mode" is an unnecessary complication. r=mconnor
2d4ddc92e47da327b9fc93134bea04d2c8959a07Chris Pearce — Bug 462878. Ensure that nsMediaStream::Close is only called on the main thread, and prevent reentrant Stop calls. r+sr=roc,a=beltzner
8d23524fcbf26f74db046e0e9fa28561ad6066ebMats Palmgren — Bug 463537. Fix --disable-wave. r=kinetik,sr=roc,a=beltzner
947f5cd1f58421f159c28ba04ef4f764cb259fbdDão Gottwald — Bug 462965 - Land disabled plugin and blocked plugin icons. a=beltzner
fe7fadd4d230df1ce7f1078fd01ef0d643b3395fDão Gottwald — Bug 456761 - URL Bar has no "level" attribute indicating secure URLs. r=gavin, a=beltzner
d328fec034c5889ac47dff7c24f9cbfe8e28007eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 464811. Snap the anchor point to pixels using a method that guarantees the source rect and the subimage rect intersect. r+sr=dbaron
c8fb5d5f16e46861229bb4be12625fb88239641cDaniel Holbert — Bug 465475: Shorten reftest 413292-1.html so that it doesn't time out
c8fa9090e82106648d9a684fb8b9731db0766115Masayuki Nakano — Bug 462658 Folder drop down in Bookmarks contextual dialog cannot be closed r=ere, sr=roc, a=beltzner
f88dbbaa636493f66402fe54fa3072ddeaa4f18bBrad Lassey — Bug 427987 - Add support for Hildon (Maemo) tap-n-hold context menu r+sr=jst a=beltzner
93c324047328515ee75b7c36b653edea7ddcab88Justin Dolske — Bug 464947 - Clear Recent History dialog should clear form data by timespan. r=mconnor
411d54be97e64885c6c927cef764cac829eb8bfcRobert O'Callahan — Backed out changeset 0ced86fbf8ed (reftest failures)
0ced86fbf8ed0130aefa71f7352e73c2d9911276Robert O'Callahan — Bug 464811. Tweak the anchor point snapping algorithm again. This time we have a proof that the resulting snapping algorithm guarantees the subimage rectangle intersects the logical source rectangle. r+sr=dbaron
f901ad15838deac86cbf4e7eacc5895b5239a2fcSimon Bünzli — Bug 462774: Drop JSON.jsm. r=gavin, r=sayrer, sr=brendan, a1.9.1b2=beltzner
c287e29aeff12d602a6162839d84d9587f0c5eb1Igor Bukanov — bug 452913 - fixing sprop management, r=brendan, a.9.1b2=sayer
afce0368f8f056684a7187ad670c5ea006be36ddIgor Bukanov — bug 464334 - removal of no longer applicable asserts that sp <= static spdepth. r=brendan a1.9.1b2=beltzner
1040e5f4b33381598c6135e31059996d72e5f143Robert O'Callahan — Merge
708125a4130248743342e153fe2e27f69d12e1beRobert O'Callahan — Backed out changeset bbbcc5a1eb5e
27fd6b156c9a3d6180691e198108c9fe980cea29Robert O'Callahan — Merge
285045127400bbc752c49be4fd8751c446e3c82dRobert O'Callahan — Backed out changeset 73fb44504b62
534d46cc12aa6e65834b4ed38a337946f50e9863Robert O'Callahan — Backed out changeset 30cc5a85b411
30cc5a85b4115e010773f042e08da83579213860Chris Pearce — Bug 462878. Don't leak threads. r+sr=roc
62cb2b005fa79f80537bb34507787572611b3d4bAndreas Gal — Removed bogus assert when stringifying objects (465209, r=brendan, a=mconnor).
73fb44504b62b597e35c826cd8f5fb10e4771d53Chris Pearce — Bug 451958. Implement content-policy and CheckLoadURI checks for video sources. r+sr=roc,a=beltzner
bbbcc5a1eb5e7a325b2de43651b0414335f53a67Chris Pearce — Bug 462878. Make sure nsMediaStream::Close is only called on the main thread. Also prevent reentrant Stop calls. r=doublec,r+sr=roc,a=beltzner
0486e61caa415ac796249f00861f4ffd6afea7c9Brad Lassey — Bug 459677: nsXulWindow doesn't dpi scale css pixels. r+sr=bz, a1.9.1b2=beltzner
99e2083c7a40103be2d227ed7ba568d3baa277ffAsaf Romano — I don't know how did that happen
e2fc91c95e1c82028090e6d1b64840164e857523Asaf Romano — Bug 465179 - Cannot d&d links on the tabbar (typo fix to the detach-tabs patch.
a93dff1f87945162a14ad1fdbd01ff3b042bfa8eVlado Valastiak — Bug 463597 - SanitizeDurationBox not vertically centered. r=gavin, a=beltzner
e6b478f43944aa340dfc71c72f2ccb846c6959dfDão Gottwald — Backed out changeset b98316b61797
b98316b617970cd6bc6e17e60f8795ec926099c9Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 461202 - Turn on SSE2 pixman optimizations
f780c4b81eb4e490d07eeb28e5f07c72c83192d1Robert Strong — Bug 464765: Update wizard back button displayed on Linux when it shouldn't. r=mconnor, a1.9.1b2=beltzner
8b3caddca8f51928841cb329d71ccb4a185ebcbaBrendan Eich — Avoid bogus assertbotch (more work needed to reconstruct imacro stack depth).
e36b9418613b0fc87da2549f27e319feff88c4b2Robert Sayre — Merge m-c to tracemonkey.
0cda5f044adbedb7dabb55976e31c0707dd4e4a5Andreas Gal — Implement ordered comparison for objects (465133, r=brendan).
415a091bf8d9c3a343d44c24fbac8eba68b08d19David Anderson — Deep abort recorders outer recorders if we need to flush the JIT cache early (bug 463829, r=brendan,gal).
67a883651f8696110dbdf4d8f697530b047b668bJeff Walden — Bug 462060 - TM: JIT: Initializing an array to a constant in a loop doesn't work for some constant values. r=brendan
74d95f4b592839efd02e78d77c0d367cb1810dfeBrendan Eich — Fast followup to pick nit in last commit.
9e411a7500b576262a67f3fbef13e73698d12e8cBrendan Eich — Bug 465013 - TM: General Error trying to play video on CNN (r=gal).
473d1ce28a3bc8e849950a5c97214cf8a2eb0851Brendan Eich — Bug 464978 - TM: hang with "[] + null" (r=danderson).
94ac046a433298a0c6d7c15e14abad0ce917f1c6Graydon Hoare — Bug 450000 - Support script timeouts in compiled code, r=gal.
097fedfe7cf008242973aca348faee9d258c4875Jeff Walden — Bug 464986 - Crash trying to compile a trace generated from stdin in debug build. r=danderson
19028cd2bad284fbc216cde8dffd7a74d0907d86Jim Blandy — Bug 464127 - Don't use -Os with Intel C/C++ compilers r=ted.mielczarek
730cb94a5b32e2f4fb1a3f00c943633e1b5a47dbJim Blandy — Bug 464379: remove committed debugging 'echo'. r=bsmedberg
b6bc52a55c897c1ec6e52b63f8e5a092c2b2a5a6Brendan Eich — Fix bogus assertion left in bug 463334.
6b19e8291f1549e9185c6224ab9a9a9f87c201e8Justin Wood — Bug 463772, Make choice of skipping prompt for getTargetFile obvious (comment changes)
6b7faccfd3057c16d8ee1279fb10d87906ecc61dAsaf Romano — Bug 225680 - Ability to detach tabs. r=mconnor, enn. a=beltzner.
7c1c494c76ee0b291f16069a4aaab02694d105e8Steffen Wilberg — Bug 464361: Add support for back and forward mouse buttons to View Source. r=gavin, a=beltzner
85fbe5bd09c84844952fa4639f766991166f6841L. David Baron — Mark yet another test random awaiting the font cache patch in bug 457821.
9efb4e9cfa7537a930381361dc3db6aa2c28655aMyk Melez — merge
f3b3edd87633def4816b9804c0c00eec71c42aadJim Mathies — bug 440911: Add CF_HDROP support back into Windows drag and drop data object (dragging images to some applications, e.g. PhotoShop, fails); r=emaijala, approval1.9.1b2=beltzner
7f556e24b084e6f451f73f2916679f0a53e61b3cL. David Baron — OK, this is random on Windows too.
d501e1093fded6da37f34cfa2ac51fc39cf300b2L. David Baron — Mark test as random on Mac, since it just failed on the tinderobx.
432bd8501fa59cb5ba5e9670af571e3c4c55ccb6Myk Melez — merge
5e1a889aad0ea0e05bed5d8833974b7174722b1fSimon Bünzli — bug 463206: SessionStore does not always correctly restore text data; r=dietrich, a1.9.1b2=beltzner
d6424955982fceffce773bd4115e389eb040bc31L. David Baron — Better approach to some tests to avoid subpixel spacing differences. (Bug 457821)
6e2fda0521f80c2972c43df78b0c925c3728ff66L. David Baron — Adjust expected results based on and add tests for format(). (Bug 457821)
7a2792e830d8b5b2c73f8c384beb7e6045732498L. David Baron — Remove unwanted style attribute that slipped in from vlad's changes.
4bfb610c88f672c03888b868534a29218ed45f90Brendan Eich — Fix bogus assertion left in bug 463334.
5107f51b92aa2c19157e92e3ba8a61a4ac217e22Daniel Holbert — Merge after backing out e4690fcf6f7c.
d0c342436fa89f4d72c4ff14e98115a640f52b4eDaniel Holbert — Backed out changeset e4690fcf6f7c, due to reftest failures on linux (421885-1.xml and 403181-1.xml)
26eff4ebdfbff822b2ef96a565bdc52ffab92775Daniel Holbert — Bug 420697: Add svgGlyphFrame check to GetStrokeDashoffset and GetStrokeDashArray, making them match GetStrokeWidth. r+sr=roc a=beltzner
e4690fcf6f7c741c62bb7793bc36afd0b81b1c9eMichael Ventnor — Bug 463938: Fix smooth downscaling for images on Linux. r=vlad a=beltzner
b7a7180130d53429b82ee2ed09c149e8a65403a4Ben Hearsum — bug 453840: (NPOT en-US Build) make it possible to create l10n files in final place for releases. r=ted,axel
644952f973719ab57b3217b2c67e073bd4504819Andreas Gal — Merge.
e0fc3c3221c7462cbf4f01dba4574df8873ed37cAndreas Gal — Merge.
c7844a510370b33f87c351b5c71a4c190bc08428Andreas Gal — Merge.
f9e244da246da8e422f548206cd036782f2fc3c7Robert Sayre — Turn spec parsing back on.
a0bcfb7f6d6892999f5d048587798ecf7f367e0dAndreas Gal — Compile native code for regexp first and don't shrink bytecode (464867, r=dmandelin).
b42e1a6af7ca0a7395cefac4f672769e762392edDavid Mandelin — Bug 463803: win32 crash in w/ regex compiler, r=gal
52536f3066ffc7c84311ac3bcc99ff512432c103Andreas Gal — Don't flush JIT cache from within the recorder (464403, r=brendan).
5804f5597d3d75fca03c3405b4b7bc702f30c466Brendan Eich — Fix from Ginn Chen <> for bug 464645.
0b1f14dfd9cd947e8adf7ab3898673f850685fc7Brendan Eich — Fast followup to fix for-each-in (imacros bug, r=me).
51afdade0e86e435b9e4bc9c170865c17b7ab403Brendan Eich — Bug 456511 - (imacros) TM: Make conversion work on arbitrary JSObjects (r=gal).
e66634bc7d23d1f4766e5c7a83ceb9cb12f1ef21David Anderson — Fixed recursion in thin loops accidentally trying to close the parent loop (bug 464089, r=gal).
102cd70663de6f483384fae95c8b3a84e38dd984Jesse Ruderman — Remove '\n' from NanoAssertMsgf calls (made redundant by the patch in bug 452674)
ed7f0f5d1a150dfa9077f728e686e9ed5c606d1dDavid Mandelin — Bug 463789: regression suite stack oflow on windows with regex compiler, r=gal
0c1e846c5560db3a95578d52eabac757ce7a87ebDavid Mandelin — [mq]: fix-recur.diff
b17550a6ca01fd8a12610d9f214334877b5707cbAndreas Gal — Backed out changeset a40f2117bcc0
a40f2117bcc01faefe39262bc92c2214cac199dcBrendan — Add imacros to support conversion of arbitrary JSObjects (456511, r=gal).
ec94230e894f5874b8c58610467e0400cea91ef3Igor Bukanov — bug 464442 - various JSOP_APPLY fixes. r=brendan
a04a4c0e11004f0598bbe399a390b4d541847980Robert Sayre — Disable speculative parsing to check regression. bug 464495.
9ec6058cf8d7270ca1db0583837b2254c5e40c4bAndreas Gal — Backed out changeset 313d3d61333d
313d3d61333dd1fcc2f04e06346f3060b9ee0b60Andreas Gal — Make sure to flush the JIT cache after a gc even if we didn't import globals (464418, r=brendan).
34e25c556381cd4934971756762cf088c72df25eAndreas Gal — Merge.
038d7a5a32d8c24cd036f0188acb81cad464c735Andreas Gal — Don't allocate a new lirbuf if we already have a fragment for the regexp (464413, r=brendan).
82900266fd2788520d3bcb096b5eb868268ff23cJeff Walden — Bug 463697 - Need an equivalent to jsopcode.tbl, but for LIR opcodes/instructions, take two. r=gal, r=edwsmith on the first iteration as well
8a3e4bede58318479c3db496189b24fef98d202bDavid Mandelin — Bug 464138: invalid use of regexp addr as unique key, r=gal
7aa86a0d3f801f9d5b2083d21320d1c953426f8bJim Blandy — Bug 462004: Use automatic variables in make rules, to allow VPATH to work. r=ted.mielczarek
cb8087a4d19c541bcff5445dbe5a99068aab6e64Andreas Gal — Merge.
5b4fccb79b7ea81809bdb4fa1a4b1a1e8d57aeeeAndreas Gal — Merge with mozilla-central.
1accfc2d4c83d984b61489ffc0ec27e0aa978b9cBlake Kaplan — Bug 463715 - Be less wasteful when emitting escapes. r=sayrer
729761b2f486bdac0b8cec794b8819ee2dc0c31fAndreas Gal — Merge from mozilla-central.
b47ade8485f064f36ee948f0b72f2e4f600d6817timeless — Bug 464214 warnings in jstracer
9018b956aa5876328ee9e32e6f95c2c52062fb2ctimeless — Bug 464212nanojit/Nativei386.cpp(148) : warning C4309: 'initializing' : truncation of constant value
18bdc30b337032eafd5520004e3904e716cf01d9Andreas Gal — Backed out changeset cb559a14ad77
cb559a14ad77b9d1b1d5295e9333ec2771ce761fJeff Walden — Bug 463697 - Need an equivalent to jsopcode.tbl, but for LIR opcodes/instructions. r=gal, r=edwsmith
a4e3af300e6371fc3d0cfce480b0643c4da078fetimeless — Bug 464099 jit pref isn't honored by regexp code
2f983c98cce43cd564acb28559e32fbdf89ca721Jim Blandy — Bug 462451: Restore js/src/Makefile.ref and supporting files. r=brendan
b9b841236298f9b6b50212bdce0f452f1e441b30Jim Blandy — Bug 462451: Don't find generated SpiderMonkey headers via VPATH. r=bsmedberg
f30cbc0610b7b6ce6b232460b14e0ad847e49fe5Jim Blandy — Bug 462451: Don't be confused by .deps dirs in the source tree. r=bsmedberg
d82a3643ef438e6a3c9d2ea46be45502736f0710Andreas Gal — Backed out changeset dbb2a6559cf5
dbb2a6559cf52cbec4d5d9e8ffb08d5b2194b94bDavid Mandelin — Bug 463545: lazy compilation of regexps to native, r=gal
99df138146de642c992c4aa6a41b094645f06607Vladimir Vukicevic — b=464010, remove bogus #ifdef JS_TRACER in jsregexp.cpp that got rid of regexp.test on non-JS_TRACER builds; r=sayrer
6521a5409bd96d32dfc034942b0cddbfbb062e3aDave Townsend — Merge of backout of bug 462878
e10a0f54b14ea85629a77bf6ec0cb7f0e671efbfDave Townsend — Backed out changeset 72088d2498c3 from bug 462878 as it was causing
acb794ecf4d1e7f9e406b12ac6bb08d65b66e0fbNeil Rashbrook — Bug 463896 Make xterm updates work with PARALLEL_DIRS for those people not on -j19 r=ted
b4fa4f97364241d6ffb84c3249cdd28d4f3a38d1Neil Rashbrook — Bug 463896 Make xterm updates work with PARALLEL_DIRS for those people not on -j19 r=ted
72088d2498c330f87df142efaa9780e179943d12Chris Pearce — Bug 462878 nsMediaStream::Close called on non-main thread r=doublec sr=roc a=beltzner
827edbbc90885ef4742de54252ced8ffbe0b82aaDave Townsend — Backed out changeset ec9a1864d1fb from bug 462774, drop JSON.jsm due to OSX
ec9a1864d1fbb4b2b4aec31f702004b7f588f8b8Simon Bünzli — Bug 462774: drop JSON.jsm. r=gavin, r=sayrer, sr=brendan, a1.9.1b2=beltzner
4db7b751339e5440305f60ba340ff2880d355f7bRobert Strong — Bug 313057: Automatic updater downgrades/overwrites browser version when an older/identical version is in the queue. r=bsmedberg, a1.9.1b2=beltzner
0ec6c4bc82c12cb2dc4e78648278595df674c967Neil Rashbrook — Follow-on fixes for bug 17612 r+sr=mrbkap a=beltzner (grudgingly given that I should have filed a new bug)
301a7a8617e674ad8b0dab0900455a8ee768de59Robert Strong — Bug 454964: |make check|: test_0110_general.js reports leak 1. r=mconnor, a1.9.1b2=beltzner
b2c97f9a09361368b645d4c9a46ee1ce6d498a2fStuart Morgan — Bug 156583: Stray QuickTime, Real, or Java plugin frame can appear after switching to another tab. r=smichaud, sr=roc, a1.9.1b2=beltzner
f49c32a186b866a94216544984bd857e36adf40bShawn Wilsher — Bug 460086: Library context menu for history items should include "Delete all data to <domain>". Tests and correctness fixes. r+a1.9.1b2=mconnor
dc0e07e3d3803e383ce81ff2da6c24ec5ff1f653mak77 — Bug 463471 - temp tables are not correctly synced to disk when the user clear private data on shutdown (r=sdwilsh, r=dietrich)
66dfc926db670c0645269cac967f75dd47021463Justin Dolske — Bug 464858 - intermittent / recurring fail of test_db_update_v1.js. bustagefix.
6fee12207f39f196a3d44895541f40b59b437234Curtis Bartley — Bug 464727. Skip newlines too, instead of skipping tabs twice and newlines not at all. r+sr=mrbkap, a=beltzner
6611e8d0cabb012de6082b4d18aa005ef55b21f8bjarne — Fixing bug 380418. Prevent XMLHttpRequest from reading HTTPOnly cookies., a=b2 blocker
741151e3570ef4e9b46e1c76862c3056e9edbf65David Mandelin — Fixing bug 463803. Fixing crash on Windows with native regexp compiler. r=gal
cb84ae597941feee16d72f355b86ee12f890d2c8David Mandelin — Fixing bug 463789. Native regexp compiler regression sweet crash. r=gal
55f801c977646fd89c65ebd33b3d93be5deabf86Johnny Stenback — Fixing bug 425153. Fix script filenames such that our wrapper automation story is more consistent.,, a=b2 blocker
5c289d7b5f17808a110c5babdf7dd3723751f4d8Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 460609 - Temporary files for helper applications are not deleted when leaving Private Browsing mode; r,sr=bzbarsky a=blocking1.9.1
a0f72d018c4ae03799f0f2e1a5d105d8bebc7147Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 463888 - Do not persist the "Save As" location in private browsing mode; r=gavin, a=blocking-firefox3.1+
488dc9ecb6a3c6b104fb0d81ed153d346412e530Jeff Muizelaar — pixman doesn't support 0x0 images so ensure we don't ever create them.
a1364547a182263c2f8b83742af1a9a2d86113a0Doug Turner — merge to tip
d21ca3cce0ec8a020152f9d36393d09dd987c92aDoug Turner — Bug 460063 - Test case fixes for Geolocation prompt should not appear if there are no providers installed
c9db688f2a424ea4270b69199c38edb3de765744Doug Turner — Bug 463039 - validate values that get passed to clearWatch. jst aWatchId > count. r/sr=jst
996a7b7b025cdb8b7a4ed89b65f86b4931ffa61eDoug Turner — Test case for bug 463039. r/sr=jst
eede2554a9d376ce36bdabc7a755deb8b4a276b7Doug Turner — Bug 463040 - Use Position Error Constants. r/sr=jst
d6a6c0e74335a327ceb63f0e7d820e8c490745c3Doug Turner — Remove dead code in geolocation
4500efb0e922717a62bbddcb5f4d13055a2ce962Doug Turner — Bug 463295 - crash if geolocation timeout < 300ms. r/sr=jst
8a26a5d1a9bda2cf3f1728d02dea5547ed175665Doug Turner — Bug 463312 - Remove geolocation fuzzing implementation. r/sr=jst r=mconnor
1fe78d659cbe4f3f411f5c49e2393199d4064a1bDoug Turner — Bug 463039 - validate values that get passed to clearWatch. r/sr=jst
693bb0463223cbf8126d4837831e251b71a65997Doug Turner — Bug 463038 - Cap the number of watchPostion callbacks and the number of pending callbacks. r/sr = jst
f56d658361cc8d9adc26c38d175be0f0af10cbc3Doug Turner — Bug 460063. Geolocation prompt should not appear if there are no providers installed. r=smaug. sr=bz
1899ea13f9e7f20b4915937b60dd62f00229ecf0Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 461710 - Write an automated test to ensure that visited link coloring is turned off in private browsing mode (further fixes); r=dietrich (NPOTB)
af15e29d47482b74d8221cf6188650f1e931a79aAndreas Gal — Bug 464413 - "Assertion failed: _stats.freePages == _stats.pages". r=brendan
b02a1924b2310d177a5cdfa10bb3a033fe2f1344Justin Dolske — Bug 463154 - Form history should record creation/usage timestamps. r=mconnor, r=sdwilsh
326d60321ec739fae3be846be1f10a168cd798fbPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 457022 (Cache DOM wrappers in the DOM object). r/sr=jst.
8c92737298f60de7a5e5125b790364d3f598f1c1Dietrich Ayala — Fix for bug 445704 (JSON bookmarks backup has localized filename (and can't be easily restored). r=zeniko, a=beltzner.
c299c47ffbc73d8339f12f72ff28bca00944b4e2Josh Aas — Fix for bug 420363 (Scrollbars missing due to <meta http-equiv="MSThemeCompatible" content="no">). r=mstange, sr=bzbarsky, a=beltzner.
b9926411d750d5803770c64290d54844802a6eeaTed Mielczarek — Followup fix for bug 454594 (need a makefile target that can upload files via ssh). r=bsmedberg, NPOB
4abab345610973f1f9e6708b4e87633f0ffef642Dave Townsend — Bug 453545: InstallTrigger Broken when doing multiple signed XPI installs. r=biesi, a1.9.1b2=beltzner
fb294e8e49d047249cd3aa7c5c40b3df4cd23ce0Honza Bambas — Bug 454381: Minefield Nightly brings up Dial-Up Login if a website is unavailable. r=biesi, sr=bsmedberg, a1.9.1b2=beltzner
701ef90e9563c6f295e6ecd4053080747a4e73ecVlado Valastiak — Bug 454979: Text in Library's Search box isn't vertically centered. r=dao, a1.9.1b2=beltzner
f3d9ccfea0a3425a23d5217cb3cd7a6673cc8f83Ted Mielczarek — Bug 454594: need a makefile target that can upload files via ssh. r=bsmedberg, NPOB
7b06b2fc0f3cb110e4e95203f5edcbad9b5d1debPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 464114 (nsAutoCompleteController should participate in cycle collection). r=gavin.
d2c374d7b45cde352ab59284d0f905313fc60d81Jim Blandy — Bug 462272: Record dependency on generated header javascript-trace.h, r=mrbkap, NPOB