hgtemplates: update hg version in `test-template-sync.t` and fix templates (Bug 1721228)
authorConnor Sheehan <sheehan@mozilla.com>
Mon, 30 Aug 2021 15:40:22 -0400
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hgtemplates: update hg version in `test-template-sync.t` and fix templates (Bug 1721228) Add an `__init__.py` file to hgtemplates directories to match upstream.
--- a/hgserver/tests/test-template-sync.t
+++ b/hgserver/tests/test-template-sync.t
@@ -1,37 +1,48 @@
 This test verifies that all our patches to the gitweb template apply cleanly
 and exactly produce the gitweb_mozilla template.
 Create a repo so we can test differences against v-c-t
   $ hg init templates
   $ cd templates
+  $ cat >> .hgignore << EOF
+  > syntax: glob
+  > 
+  > *.pyc
+  > EOF
+  $ hg commit -q -A -m "add .hgignore to avoid pyc files"
 Run script to apply our templates changes.
 Always test against the version of Mercurial we have deployed to hg.mo
   $ HG=`which hg` $TESTDIR/hgtemplates/.patches/mozify-templates.py \
-  >   /app/venv/mercurials/5.5.1/lib/python3.7/site-packages/mercurial/templates \
+  >   /app/venv/mercurials/5.9.1/lib/python3.7/site-packages/mercurial/templates \
   >   $TESTDIR/hgtemplates \
   >   `pwd`/hgtemplates
+  adding __init__.py
+  adding atom/__init__.py
   adding atom/bookmarkentry.tmpl
   adding atom/bookmarks.tmpl
   adding atom/branchentry.tmpl
   adding atom/branches.tmpl
   adding atom/changelog.tmpl
   adding atom/changelogentry.tmpl
   adding atom/error.tmpl
   adding atom/filelog.tmpl
   adding atom/header.tmpl
   adding atom/map
   adding atom/pushlog.tmpl
   adding atom/pushlogentry.tmpl
   adding atom/tagentry.tmpl
   adding atom/tags.tmpl
+  adding gitweb/__init__.py
   adding gitweb/bookmarks.tmpl
   adding gitweb/branches.tmpl
   adding gitweb/changelog.tmpl
   adding gitweb/changelogentry.tmpl
   adding gitweb/changeset.tmpl
   adding gitweb/error.tmpl
   adding gitweb/fileannotate.tmpl
   adding gitweb/filecomparison.tmpl
@@ -47,16 +58,17 @@ Always test against the version of Mercu
   adding gitweb/index.tmpl
   adding gitweb/manifest.tmpl
   adding gitweb/map
   adding gitweb/notfound.tmpl
   adding gitweb/search.tmpl
   adding gitweb/shortlog.tmpl
   adding gitweb/summary.tmpl
   adding gitweb/tags.tmpl
+  adding gitweb_mozilla/__init__.py
   adding gitweb_mozilla/bookmarks.tmpl
   adding gitweb_mozilla/branches.tmpl
   adding gitweb_mozilla/changelog.tmpl
   adding gitweb_mozilla/changelogentry.tmpl
   adding gitweb_mozilla/changeset.tmpl
   adding gitweb_mozilla/error.tmpl
   adding gitweb_mozilla/fileannotate.tmpl
   adding gitweb_mozilla/filecomparison.tmpl
@@ -75,27 +87,29 @@ Always test against the version of Mercu
   adding gitweb_mozilla/map
   adding gitweb_mozilla/notfound.tmpl
   adding gitweb_mozilla/pushlog.tmpl
   adding gitweb_mozilla/repoinfo.tmpl
   adding gitweb_mozilla/search.tmpl
   adding gitweb_mozilla/shortlog.tmpl
   adding gitweb_mozilla/summary.tmpl
   adding gitweb_mozilla/tags.tmpl
+  adding json/__init__.py
   adding json/changelist.tmpl
   adding json/graph.tmpl
   adding json/map
   adding map-cmdline.bisect
   adding map-cmdline.changelog
   adding map-cmdline.compact
   adding map-cmdline.default
   adding map-cmdline.phases
   adding map-cmdline.show
   adding map-cmdline.status
   adding map-cmdline.xml
+  adding paper/__init__.py
   adding paper/bookmarks.tmpl
   adding paper/branches.tmpl
   adding paper/changeset.tmpl
   adding paper/diffstat.tmpl
   adding paper/error.tmpl
   adding paper/fileannotate.tmpl
   adding paper/filecomparison.tmpl
   adding paper/filediff.tmpl
@@ -111,43 +125,46 @@ Always test against the version of Mercu
   adding paper/index.tmpl
   adding paper/manifest.tmpl
   adding paper/map
   adding paper/notfound.tmpl
   adding paper/search.tmpl
   adding paper/shortlog.tmpl
   adding paper/shortlogentry.tmpl
   adding paper/tags.tmpl
+  adding raw/__init__.py
   adding raw/changelog.tmpl
   adding raw/changeset.tmpl
   adding raw/error.tmpl
   adding raw/fileannotate.tmpl
   adding raw/filediff.tmpl
   adding raw/graph.tmpl
   adding raw/graphedge.tmpl
   adding raw/graphnode.tmpl
   adding raw/index.tmpl
   adding raw/logentry.tmpl
   adding raw/manifest.tmpl
   adding raw/map
   adding raw/notfound.tmpl
   adding raw/search.tmpl
+  adding rss/__init__.py
   adding rss/bookmarkentry.tmpl
   adding rss/bookmarks.tmpl
   adding rss/branchentry.tmpl
   adding rss/branches.tmpl
   adding rss/changelog.tmpl
   adding rss/changelogentry.tmpl
   adding rss/error.tmpl
   adding rss/filelog.tmpl
   adding rss/filelogentry.tmpl
   adding rss/header.tmpl
   adding rss/map
   adding rss/tagentry.tmpl
   adding rss/tags.tmpl
+  adding static/__init__.py
   adding static/coal-file.png
   adding static/coal-folder.png
   adding static/feed-icon-14x14.png
   adding static/followlines.js
   adding static/hgicon.png
   adding static/hglogo.png
   adding static/jquery-1.2.6.min.js
   adding static/livemarks16.png
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