docs: remove references to `create-test-environment`
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docs: remove references to `create-test-environment` Replace with references to `create-environment test` instead.
--- a/docker-compose.yml
+++ b/docker-compose.yml
@@ -20,17 +20,17 @@
 #     DOCKER_GID=975
 # The environment may be built by running:
 # `$ docker-compose build`
 # Non-docker tests may be run with:
 # `$ docker-compose run --rm test-runner`
-# The test-runner docker image runs ./create-test-environment
+# The test-runner docker image runs `./create-environment test`
 # with NO_DOCKER=1, since that relys on the host docker daemon.
 # The containers for docker tests can be built by running:
 # `$ docker-compose run --rm test-runner ./d0cker build-all`
 # The full test-suite with docker tests can be run with:
 # `$ docker-compose run --rm test-runner /vct/run-tests`
 version: '3'
--- a/docs/devguide/environment.rst
+++ b/docs/devguide/environment.rst
@@ -65,28 +65,28 @@ as well.
 Creating and Updating Your Environment
 Development and testing requires the creation of a special environment
 containing all the prerequisites necessary to develop and test. This
 is accomplished by running the following command::
-   $ ./create-test-environment
+   $ ./create-environment test
 .. tip::
-   You should periodically run ``create-test-environment`` to ensure
+   You should periodically run ``create-environment test`` to ensure
    everything is up to date. (Yes, the tools should do this
 Activating an Environment
-Once you've executed ``create-test-environment``, you'll need to
+Once you've executed ``create-environment test``, you'll need to
 *activate* it so your current shell has access to all its wonders::
    $ source venv/bin/activate
 If you are running OS X and have boot2docker installed to run Docker