mozext: remove `hg mybookmarks` (Bug 1569734) r=smacleod
authorConnor Sheehan <>
Wed, 31 Jul 2019 21:08:51 +0000
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mozext: remove `hg mybookmarks` (Bug 1569734) r=smacleod Usually the bookmarks in a repo are either the users own, or references to the various tree heads (central, inbound, etc). If the user is using `firefoxtree`, they won't see the fxheads bookmarks in `hg bookmarks` or `hg show bookmarks` output. So this solution is older and can be removed. Differential Revision:
--- a/hgext/mozext/
+++ b/hgext/mozext/
@@ -653,42 +653,16 @@ def buginfo(ui, repo, *bugs, **opts):
     # and easy.
     contexts = sorted([repo[node] for node in nodes], key=methodcaller('rev'))
     for ctx in contexts:
         print_changeset_pushes(ui, repo, ctx.rev(), all=opts['all'])
-@command('mybookmarks', [], _('hg mybookmarks'))
-def mybookmarks(ui, repo):
-    """Show bookmarks that belong to me.
-    A common developer workflow involves creating bookmarks to track
-    feature work. A busy repository may have bookmarks belonging to many
-    people. This command provides a mechanism to easily query for bookmarks
-    belonging to you.
-    A bookmark belonging to you is one whose name begins with your configured
-    IRC nick or has you as the author of the bookmark's changeset.
-    """
-    nick = get_ircnick(ui)
-    prefix = '%s/' % nick
-    me = ui.config('ui', 'username')
-    for bookmark, node in sorted(repo._bookmarks.items()):
-        user = repo[node].user()
-        if user != me and not bookmark.startswith(prefix):
-            continue
-        ui.write('%-50s %d:%s\n' % (
-            bookmark, repo[node].rev(), short(node)))
 def reject_repo_names_hook(ui, repo, namespace=None, key=None, old=None,
         new=None, **kwargs):
     """prepushkey hook that prevents changes to reserved names.
     Names that begin with the name of a repository identifier are rejected.
     if key.lower().startswith(tuple(REPOS.keys())):
         ui.warn('You are not allowed to push tags or bookmarks that share '