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Wed Jul 31 21:22:35 2019 +0000
5e857d4f3091d514c2a104502c816f41d5299dccConnor Sheehan — mozext: miscellaneous fixes (Bug 1569734) r=smacleod
0e60a3fd054184576544c4c15227f9c327e7e7b0Connor Sheehan — mozext: clarify some changes in the docstring (Bug 1569734) r=smacleod
e8bf67866f28265ada769fa62edd61faa9a9e19eConnor Sheehan — mozext: remove `hg moztrees` (Bug 1569734) r=smacleod
3e1c648aeb62d5d9bcb7be870e3fb83a46658687Connor Sheehan — mozext: remove `hg mybookmarks` (Bug 1569734) r=smacleod
28b74bc3450b49158fc18fbc3ef4790cd7387fa2Connor Sheehan — mozext: remove `hg pushlogsync` (Bug 1569734) r=smacleod
4851a84dfe4d05f73d8665b05e8cb902f6126455Connor Sheehan — mozext: unify into a single test and improve coverage (Bug 1569734) r=smacleod
c3b65e6e8bfbc8c35c2a2980a5f7b001a519c209Connor Sheehan — mozext: flatten `extsetup` (Bug 1569734) r=smacleod
4ed18e15bb1006047e35cb31f066e853ee915c48Connor Sheehan — mozext: add `hg oops` command from `qbackout` (Bug 1565933) r=smacleod
790b45463fd4c7c21e9bcc9872d82a62ddc85f39Connor Sheehan — mozext: remove `bz_available` global variable (Bug 1569734) r=smacleod
a8e3d70807b08f54731dbabb91fbd081f1cb148cConnor Sheehan — mozext: use extension wrapper mechanism for `hg._peerorrepo` (Bug 1569734) r=smacleod
39ec9297f7509045a60a08723e7539173e2949adConnor Sheehan — mozext: mark as compatible with Mercurial 5.0 (Bug 1569734) r=smacleod
ae1aa880be83cf609c13a1e4bf32c6535ac31d42Connor Sheehan — mozext: remove template keywords related to `aurora` repository (Bug 1569734) r=smacleod
ed5808efbfc7415e552a3de12732cabc9c305966Connor Sheehan — mozext: remove `hg prunerelbranches` command (Bug 1569734) r=smacleod
68c646986378a92050e314c5936cc2aa58712cdcConnor Sheehan — mozext: remove the `hg cloneunified` command (Bug 1569734) r=smacleod
af0808f68d643700c3f59eb8c8622c934a12c169Connor Sheehan — mozext: use new `templatekeyword` API everywhere (Bug 1528938) r=smacleod