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Mon May 02 21:48:10 2022 +0000
476749e038214d9337e3f508f475cae6250c0bbfConnor Sheehan — mozautomation: add mozilla-esr102 to various repository lists (Bug 1766878)
a614c3d72927fef007147f6b88c93f67bd58ec8fConnor Sheehan — hgwsgi: add mozilla-esr102 to hgwsgi config (Bug 1766878)
9af72de44e8513a57a50e001170acab448c157a9Connor Sheehan — ansible/hg-ssh: add esr102 to mozilla-unified (Bug 1766878)
bfa83a22e019b28d6b3835622b200b661b4a27feConnor Sheehan — ansible/hg-ssh: add `mozilla-esr102` to bundle repos (Bug 1766878)
10afb0fe622294d6f2bb5ccdf56d9b98afc426ecConnor Sheehan — ansible: add `mozilla-esr102` to mirror filters (Bug 1766878)