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Tue Aug 24 16:05:52 2021 +0000
177006efefb39dca50b218119cdb14d69c000085Connor Sheehan — clonebundles: remove `replicatesync` logging message from `test-clonebundles.t` (Bug 1727344) r=zeid
46841c29ca44f651eda9ab2ff77adcbaa6238ff6Connor Sheehan — vcsreplicator: use `phaseroots` integer keys directly instead of implicit enumeration (Bug 1727344) r=zeid
b9a13f98f0cf6d8533e67f63430a6409f673d0c8Connor Sheehan — vcsreplicator: add missing message logging output (Bug 1695029) r=zeid
108acc3026467634ad5ef1d032088181efff4914Connor Sheehan — hgmolib: open file in regular mode when parsing `requires` files (Bug 1727342) r=zeid
af87b4de9db82d9e7f20cd0389e375de5f8f521fConnor Sheehan — testing: remove exclamation mark from test output (Bug 1721228) r=zeid
8f8a4f1301d3e52d05c33871a34a256abc8b2ad6Connor Sheehan — testing: glob out number of bytes sent in Apache logs in tests (Bug 1727339) r=zeid
7de4cb0e90382f4940c5e665c32c3b5d9eace725Connor Sheehan — hghooks: fix encoding errors in `` (Bug 1727337) r=zeid
5cd6a3a054e34335131be9408a937696a6e70298Connor Sheehan — hghooks: update logging output in hooks tests (Bug 1721228) r=zeid
7ba5ce469e076e900780e4fa4f8a5b6ba829922fConnor Sheehan — hghooks: add updated output to merge day hooks test (Bug 1720188) r=zeid
66d24209682b9dc422c13050d7ad568f2d52f480Connor Sheehan — hgext: mark some extensions as compatible with Mercurial 5.9 (Bug 1721228) r=zeid
f999531de5ade8aeefd4f72a8758e139874e76d1Connor Sheehan — ansible/hg-ssh: add `python-ldap` to `requirements-tools.*` explicitly (Bug 1727335) r=zeid
4aa3fd28f0a231f53547495274cb47c0d223b46cConnor Sheehan — configwizard: update `wip` setup text in `test-wip.t` (Bug 1727331) r=zeid
32e480a89b53b8a67e4d1fb9c9a9fd3d12a08f2fConnor Sheehan — hgext: update rebase extension output (Bug 1721228) r=zeid
79637068b49222ef493a649a8057edd882609690Connor Sheehan — firefoxtree: use `utils.urlutil` functions instead of `ui.expandpath` (Bug 1721228) r=zeid
e187103676a0e15a082bf26dee0154121754a35aConnor Sheehan — testing: install Mercurial 5.9 in test environment (Bug 1721228) r=zeid
b02cd181ccab022de0ae54e6380c27e8bafff171Connor Sheehan — testing: install Mercurials by cloning `hg-committed` repository (Bug 1727330) r=zeid