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Fri Feb 14 21:56:09 2014 +0000
dc49c7fd19595c7df89054b54f40a623c5e602f4Gregory Szorc — mozext: Improve performance of bug() revset
Thu Feb 06 18:38:41 2014 +0000
781bd278967db4db19d3a9bc3ebac3db341898f9Steve Fink — No bug. Updated installation instructions.
Thu Feb 06 04:11:42 2014 +0000
c0f27325a2c53a9b0259764f4ce682b19937ce99Gregory Szorc — Move 3rd party Python packages into pylib directory
Thu Feb 06 04:07:33 2014 +0000
35ca0862aca7c8d600ac991640e38630a39844f7Gregory Szorc — Add README
Thu Feb 06 03:51:44 2014 +0000
315c7fa16430a7b43cbcfafcf1e1b8705776f542Gregory Szorc — Move .hgignore to repo root
Thu Feb 06 02:37:46 2014 +0000
0d554a2d74949dbbb547f68ac4c0b2a3c71ee4c2Gregory Szorc — Sync mozautomation
7d5c1bffc9a66dc83ca411ba5ec141a3203a1a56Gregory Szorc — Disable revset and template queries that don't work when database is disabled
376a5f7d9382eb399c279f025ab872a11dbac536Gregory Szorc — Provide an option to disable the SQLite database
8552192de7f2b66025e3921df046b5aa2aa3e4feGregory Szorc — Remove unused import
910370ace5fde68a3fd7166120d2125d4351f5b3Gregory Szorc — Remove unused import
c101c533596544f8f5c53520406d48b303b140acGregory Szorc — Add a module for Bugzilla interaction
bdc4262d5a55108f3b7d982cb9faa1ae463fa440Gregory Szorc — Add a module for obtaining information from Firefox profiles
5fb3dda9a9925996d7d6ff6cfe5a12c0a2677f8bGregory Szorc — Set up a path to be discovered by reviewboard tools
e5cd165dd0cc770284bd9dfd9d8704ca618a2485Gregory Szorc — bug() revset should parse bugs at run-time
c271e98faade5ff31bf10f40c67e984c8b2e54c6Gregory Szorc — Add pushdate() revset
9f3e35f74f41503a2a4b74a2d288799fdd67e9bfGregory Szorc — Don't critique deleted files
b83cd4f9a9a283a29d77779e2e8f9c89a32ec77eGregory Szorc — Add b2g26 as a release tree
8b54641e97b38a4664934a1d8c0f8e4e2be286cfGregory Szorc — Bug 938340 - Don't run critic hook on merges by default
fbe6ce52975c31086bf2a2e272ea8c1c0d12a922Gregory Szorc — Bug 938340 - Don't run critic hook on merges by default
3fe943c0435215c650393806f12682694b2f827bGregory Szorc — Add some repos
8864430d007d7d0df9203bfa5dd305d4939ed9c9Gregory Szorc — Add {pushdates}, {firstpushdates} and {dates()}
5c4756328ca412f17a4542a60ac389f8ab214fd8Gregory Szorc — Add {firstpushdate}
d9b9381b27ecf937ebda553a2185604ebb42c296Gregory Szorc — Don't emit generators from revset queries
f9de32094538f08c41e494a9a7bf37e364977c53Gregory Szorc — API for obtaining releases data
632a14cc6674566f73ad2ffa5d904c89f2e48acfGregory Szorc — Allow hg critic to accept a revset
47738cee2c4d8255c4c06793ec1fdeb62dad7fbdGregory Szorc — Add {trees} and {reltrees} template keywords
c94e1d1235b44301889cf67fc64a17321d17cbd4Gregory Szorc — firstpushdate() revspec
011a4c6760f737844014bedec7a6a526004a6f1eGregory Szorc — reviewed() revset
e1d2895bf496ae479dc87d494c8e7b2e7d951e48Gregory Szorc — revset and template keywords for finding reviewers
7cc282f5eb0c0b9d439e6dfe2f377024b2089d10Gregory Szorc — pushhead() now optionally takes an argument
d66e88637b6d3f124e7c6f6d220c8f343733726dGregory Szorc — Add pushhead() revset; fix bug in push head storage
e3216dab9cbbaa41da4966259e694f7706df8d6cGregory Szorc — Add nobug() revset query
d33f099fdefaafed565cd949736640b47a53790cGregory Szorc — Add {firstpushtbpl}
7a6c03f54044b37795025cd3a7902d469d7558dfGregory Szorc — dontbuild() revset selector
e238b31f9dbbf48618d3e45e9b9723975a1fe2c8Gregory Szorc — Ability to query and select basic push information
d1cf7d4a307a525107aa8ade6f7eca44addec268Gregory Szorc — Add {firstaurora} and {firstnightly} templates
21751eb901895edb1b30f96c92bc61eb2e6025aaGregory Szorc — Add templates to calculate aurora and nightly dates
85652493d0e7f8b6a01ed39f874c20dfd5c05069Gregory Szorc — Add {firstrelease} and {firstbeta} template entries
d8cc6da4927c8d311e6a2349d91fe56bf82292b9Gregory Szorc — Add templates for {bug} and {bugs}
f293b95a32965d0054e3b4704b0c05e23fa435deGregory Szorc — Add me() revset selector
963dd85d32fa8628dde71477237d564db759afe2Gregory Szorc — Implement tree() revision set selector
6edb6f976e2d5c1b84281e53d8d24805f5a82e5eGregory Szorc — bug() revset now properly honors subset
31da70373d7718f9c6dc2bf280b997e6ae097f1dGregory Szorc — Fix style warnings
1247034de1c097327bef67eec9808f6d41c74d24Gregory Szorc — bug() revision set selector
55330ee6c241df5e0f6c891310d82efc228c746fGregory Szorc — Move bug parsing into own module
0fd3da7c6896851263a74016d9a2512db68d2846Gregory Szorc — Make extension require IRC nickname definition; document config options
58b58057df1b4addc2ad9fa53f8995e942c36e09Gregory Szorc — Prune RELBRANCH tags from non-release repos
15e97cdf8c82557fca54d08b171d971c2bf95df0Gregory Szorc — Print newline in prepushkey hook
b02e672d361569595efa89679d5be2bdf0514fd1Gregory Szorc — Use tuples with startswith()
5f44414b34af06540d50c0e0d6451c8107141384Gregory Szorc — Fix hook
817475d77a9bd17e1e611bcbd173ccbaa369fe50Gregory Szorc — Hook to prevent pushes to keys conflicting with repo names
3ced214ab0a181fa3a422b6d436b34d18431cdebGregory Szorc — Add an option to store remote refs as bookmarks
aa117cc5488a5d39db9b2a6c1d955c515fac6605Gregory Szorc — Mark as tested with 2.7.1 and 2.7.2
4bed71d85615a1909725d4b305c8c3e20ec8365eGregory Szorc — Modify release trees; fix typo
e6000eca2138af5a2ed3cc88d13a343f74366240Gregory Szorc — Add some ESR repos
fc1f2e8a34f50cdc115d520ab11eb5034b4fe67eGregory Szorc — API for accessing buildbot job data
aa194e14a03e14af94ffd949db24dd9db0e504a6Gregory Szorc — Move bugsync command into buginfo and provide --sync and --reset modes
a88884bf591e515654a41628bfb53983a77609e1Gregory Szorc — Mark compatibility with 2.7.0
93a7867701089dd17bd0a0624262e5abdfc63de1Gregory Szorc — Add buglink variable to link to Bugzilla for filing bugs
2437fbb5bc49d94459483be2d61ec2b09ef69d89Gregory Szorc — Fix |hg pull|
96c9b91f80492ff87cc4382c4e5348b1e452d186Gregory Szorc — Automatically fetch pushlog info when pulling a tree
0039d4377f523cce4131e3e0dd2ca071fba4bcddGregory Szorc — Add "integration" repository alias
98d04efcab31d16a161426e443f172ca16e2fffcGregory Szorc — Expand aliases during hg pull to allow pulling from multiple repos
b1c121fe663a8b553542b37b74107e3b55297912Gregory Szorc — Extract bug info from commit messages
f2f6c1a64607b003d17bbf3963975c29d648a01eGregory Szorc — Track schemas better
e74d3d57c99943fe121fc5aea977829b9ef59914Gregory Szorc — Calculate initial beta and release versions for changesets
6b7da8b99029b503e159857a4f617dc544374222Gregory Szorc — Print all table headers
31338c0ff4633b2c61e05c07f0f6d15b04b347c7Gregory Szorc — Update pushlog integration
57f0c98dd684316eaa08f954a9d5e13b2c58937fGregory Szorc — Ability to sync pushlogs and query push info for a changeset
1677fd284740a33be35a3e577c7e4f954e34f464Gregory Szorc — Add testedwith
3a7e1f2d39a7d190d573c164554b25060ec0a650Gregory Szorc — Preliminary bugzilla integration via code in bzexport
b3a68d47fe0e1a686935bfe273aca6f6eb6e140dGregory Szorc — Use GPL license because that's what Mercurial extensions require
8d71c4358341f2faa06a8b646a214d67eb1156e8Gregory Szorc — Ignore E128 style errors
63843e4a49797c2004e2bd641cfb4209c9147a78Gregory Szorc — Add help text for critic command
5afd18df88f98efe8b542ca659fc8105d5ee18f1Gregory Szorc — Fix style violations
a78ddad3fd8682798e65ac7c82551590c15ab420Gregory Szorc — Add critic command and automatic change critiques
4af81f75d2ea416d6d0560aa209032c1a30766a4Gregory Szorc — Add mccabe (0.2.1)
d5265e575b20d5d7ea5838c0121082b0533459b0Gregory Szorc — Add flake8 (2.0)
4aa6b0e6c777ba9755f8f9fc0b07bc55f8853b91Gregory Szorc — Add pep8 Python package (1.4.6)
7dd670588435c3710fc98fe4113f57c649cd8efbGregory Szorc — Add pyflakes (0.7.3)
72814e86feed043185fe23be6c2cf20d9ab51cafGregory Szorc — Possibly fix pushtree
eb7525ef75d9cd3dfaff8e627d6e1a412fb201daGregory Szorc — pushtree should resolve to writable URIs
1ba011d952bad338e6ae623e0d3342ca065a07beGregory Szorc — Fix update in cloneunified
115e15546eaa5cd6ade08f0309c239778d1ed79eGregory Szorc — hg tbpl
d5c42afdf5addc587cdac12312e68b2046458642Gregory Szorc — Make treestatus print closed reason
9ceec5447656688a46d6cd5714e679a2a2117af2Gregory Szorc — Learn about some b2g repos
2abc86b2019bab359882f9698ff84a841d32e96aGregory Szorc — Make cloneunified update after pulling, delete on abort.
4e3b8f1643d3da59382cfad519b5b9492d9fc865Gregory Szorc — Automagical tree name resolution
743945b2fd1d54372d2c0dbe59acc830f1524ec7Gregory Szorc — Track remote trees via special remote refs file
e19ac8231af5608045f282b77c0cc7ad5ef9e2c3Gregory Szorc — Add resolve_uri_to_tree to mozautomation
4d1e1850b652e1927fc6a8e6de5add2017dd260cGregory Szorc — Pull all data during cloneunified
d9cfd24ba6d9c4e77e5a77c2393b70439d77914eGregory Szorc — Add cloneunified command; make some commands run without repos
995f77c7ac3bc9f6528c0e5a915a00d38020f482Gregory Szorc — Initial extension implementation
f310c3f4332eef7fc9a21b6bf5cc029afca6e5a6Gregory Szorc — Put mozautomation files in proper location
142388e573b6ceca0d2bfeeabd4b41a9c1c0b1b0Gregory Szorc — Add README
2f0c13471573ef347e9a0d11fc72ac0c991793edGregory Szorc — Add .hgignore
6b7b019d947ec4b0f4cfcefe0e7a640db6fcc667Gregory Szorc — Add mozautomation
Wed Feb 05 21:47:20 2014 +0000
2bd41e3690a9f64c81ce22c41a23437032653778Steve Fink — Bug 966421 - Add --force option and make it only necessary when exporting the topmost patch, r=jdm
3ccfd1987182056e102669510ea2ed9f5faac78fSteve Fink — Bug 966420 - Prefer using :: to separate Product :: Component, r=jdm
731fb4f1f18542e1af4638d4f67c31ce3cbff962Steve Fink — Bug 965114 - Stop using ui.promptchoice, r=ted
51b0f0f32778b039ef535f382e27610fe7564597Steve Fink — Bug 962327 - Update when reusing existing bug, r=ted
e679760c268e78cb2239cc872a27d4b5362444f5Gregory Szorc — Bug 900013 - Record attachment filename in upload; r=sfink
13f854493ba4abbc043eb83f7e58643de2037158Steve Fink — Bug 936133 - Feedback flag passed in incorrectly. r=bustage
4d0e26b6593217449e5c557a6d2b31e6993a18e5Steve Fink — Default to "." instead of "tip", r=edmorley
62191f4cc1fe619bde5155660b265ceda9cd270dSteve Fink — Bug 920231 - Add blocking and dependent bugs, r=edmorley
ec0cd7a10bf50132fae4281f017136a4b8b4bbbeSteve Fink — Bug 920231 - Factor out the command-line options for new bugs, r=edmorley
4d0e5870112b2ec7dcaff3ee5963c5f9978d61c4Steve Fink — Bug 728778 - Implement CC and feedback, also switch reviewers to comma-separated instead of fixed list of 2, r=edmorley
40e7aed8a059f362363356caee00e3b92d3173e9Steve Fink — Bug 920262 - Add a --number option for sequencing multiple patches, r=edmorley
64c7ed139e315937b384281b20cafa1ccba1dcc8Steve Fink — Bug 920229 - Require an initial comment when creating a bug, r=edmorley
e74681ddc20955c85fbfd5a907c182438959b165Steve Fink — Fix the pep8 violations that I agree with, r=woof!
7c7deda7bfd46c6da9fb4037db0d8e56c6ff8975L. David Baron — Bug 829389 - Strip reviewers from *first line* of multiline commit messages. r=sfink
9e8b8b1701d2061f9844cf5e5d289268ceeb41a0Ed Morley — Bug 897442 - Set bug status to ASSIGNED when setting the assignee on new and existing bugs; r=sfink
ab838ac49ae5c4d4d2378a7ee2093880d897a072Ed Morley — Bug 892951 - Remove superfluous forward slash in new bug URL; r=me
a5773b552f14a8fb120e6919c1abab99e8affd0dEd Morley — Bug 892948 - Add timeouts to urllib2.urlopen() calls; r=sfink
33669af5fa609227e472368799b964493aa2269bEd Morley — Bug 892940 - Un-invert the interactive mode confirmation prompt for obsoleting patches; r=sfink
7e49eabaa5caf8d7da7506c0779f2f7695ba7ce9Ed Morley — Bug 798054 - Fix existing pyflakes errors; r=sfink
0b87f568f3fdbef89a5923a26fad3b2f10f08e30Ed Morley — Bug 798054 - Only URL encode the username/password when returned as a URL; r=sfink
9d7350a5949c4010a914c0e77e901b9f3370cfe7Ed Morley — Bug 798054 - Correctly handle exceptions when updating the bug assignee; r=sfink
b68a9893e98e1a2c144a5f6c60c93d9bec6ccc7cTed Mielczarek — Default to adding bug number to patch description when using --new
de4fa6dc395c54b8a1f04353708d07ac11a4fdeeEd Morley — Bug 860241 - Add missing .hgignore entries
3310e0fbf6c6764fa25487e9aa69da6dfa650b0fEd Morley — Bug 858053 - Provide a more useful message for sqlite3 import errors; r=ted
275411d91dd171a95f21b875d22f65bf4d72dc03Steve Fink — Bug 808270 - Only look for bug numbers in the first line of a patch description. r=jdm
6232946370c4742fcaeff145ceb7660918715aecSteve Fink — Bug 806049 - Use the correct flag_type for a specific product/component. r=jdm
8dba0949c0fbe7232c4a13b068ab5a94a1bf628dSteve Fink — Bug 806047 - Report specific errors with a common failure mode when fetching a user's info
ed5e3fe957ddd308067319f2f8666c75ff09f7dfSteve Fink — Bug 806047 - Stop reloading a supposed cache variable
577bcd7a7a22ece04d7aea4db75a0523b639cc1aSteve Fink — Bug 806047 - Fix pyflakes warnings
fca3a17ad8ff0030809a4b13d4c73c5ba60a7e62Steve Fink — Bug 806047 - Handle non-ascii product/component
0f8bf6cc55df36b46308b3bc67be357c902bcc4aSteve Fink — Bug 749906 - Stop showing default of HTTP URLs
69f2c1ad3fd6db36741dc75bdb6deaac5d94f378Steve Fink — Bug 798234 - Avoid debugging printout that causes unicode failure. r=jdm
7c50db589e75f6b14493bd419eb218dcc8c94cdeSteve Fink — Bug 796513 - Allow canceling if user did not make any edits. r=jdm
feb9107e7ee76ac99b5e6341877bc03f0252cbbaSteve Fink — Bug 794191 - Find a bug anywhere in the description to avoid duplication. r=jdm
92060977f84e8530c301b7957fb2d39f4f6ecaa1Steve Fink — Bug 768342 - Followup to fix writing of the savefile. r=ted
1410eb8b2d0a0dba6de18ff16ed409a65769ce66Steve Fink — Bug 768342 - Allow unicode bug comments. r=ted
b4d0aa7bc2c87f0bcd0ce19376d8a96c236eb6beSteve Fink — Bug 764881 - Take (set assignee of) existing bugs when attaching a patch, unless --no-take-bug is given. r=jdm
a99e285253b6fc6cffee77b2a2ea2ecd4d18a369Steve Fink — Bug 786360 - Allow setting the bug title from a simple argument to |hg newbug|. r=jdm
c4f0610496047c99ae378468969f0667fbefcf99Steve Fink — Bug 778369 - Allow loading for backwards compatibility. r=ted
5949ea6c45a068d6a3a1f175473376a844c273b1Steve Fink — Bug 778369 - Break bzexport down into individual files in an initial attempt at making some reusable pieces. r=jdm
74baf71b01bc978cb382e4a3a1a73e67644a461dSteve Fink — Bug 775841 - mercurial really doesn't like unicode (switch filename to ASCII). r=jdm
7bc8ab74c87cc5d530aa6ed5203d308650a8b3c8Steve Fink — No bug. Add --new option to the |hg help -e bzexport| help string and the in-file docs. r=woof!
a310f03ffabf2e18267115ef268e4e83cc5c72bfSteve Fink — Bug 775839 - Handle cleanup on behalf of mq.rename. r=jdm
654db4014e0beb8b10120a6189c078548a6c1cb7Steve Fink — Bug 775835 - Update patch name and description with bug number (if requested) even when attaching to an existing bug. r=jdm
565ed9c33ef72e078858c8e7d275fa4b69902b81Steve Fink — Bug 742180 - reviewer parsing is too loose. r=jdm
d0aac6d3f76d4fe43cab56b50bac4e8fef42ed6eBenoit Girard — Fix bug description when there's no message
706eb82ce6bad24805214896ea87ba1c20aed438Steve Fink — Bug 732221 - Quote reviewers when querying. r=jdm
2ad1d7276204e5e4eeeb9c04e8254540d813fbb7Steve Fink — Bug 732194 - Used wrong class name when checking for errors in check_update. r=jdm
29f16bc01502370b2873140af3724d8772f1fc82Steve Fink — Bug 732193 - Components can legitimately contain the '/' character. Don't interpret --component "foo/bar" as product=foo component=bar if it is an exact match. r=jdm
473c6ebde99daef871af144065cbdae1cd7c9e62Steve Fink — Bug 732192 - Prevent attachment description from being set to <required>.
c9a969d30253b1ee34772d8725696ad75e9d50e6Steve Fink — Bug 732191 - add --no-update option to suppress update-patch, rename-patch options. r=djm
bcd8da26d3a3480ac771d8163c56f8c2dbe89fdaSteve Fink — If attachment filename is updated, use the new name for the attachment so that later obsoletes will work. r=nousersyet
6ad16339f93364b8aa496ff9d6630a6f4c3aeecaSteve Fink — Bug 730203 - Updating the patch with the bug number dumped patch's contents into the working directory
a63c38f6d86a9e6f29e34f46dcc07f914478f477Steve Fink — Bug %s patch
299849fa95ced222997dd88af48360a5c96111ddSteve Fink — Wrong variable used for search_results
fc01aacf95b5f0ef79287fd3202cf0ff3c513d99Steve Fink — If the user is not logged in with the default Firefox profile, prompt for username and/or password. r=jdm
72b110c4fb4406a217b1c5a96da5eac976f18df0Steve Fink — When creating a bug and attaching a patch, assign bug to user. Also add --take-bug and --no-take-bug to change the default behavior. (hg bzexport --new defaults to taking the bug; hg newbug defaults to not taking the bug.) r=jdm
8749dcdde539553f1b39afd8d98a258a6b487770Steve Fink — Bug in patch description update (when using |hg bzexport -u|) -- it would dump out all changes into the working directory and remove them from the patch
b56abf9670d9b54d9c273d0f354092e6f8b0c0f4Steve Fink — patch updating was completely busted. Now tested. Once.
763409f19fdeb0b49ab9037e104cc38f7c9c50acSteve Fink — sort products, components before displaying them. If there's a natural ordering, it doesn't seem like a useful one
847dbca65723c02670890e33f1f80131d7e8c465Steve Fink — minor feedback message tweak
c3d27f1e00a7e849bfd2280077f1ab6ef757de62Steve Fink — work around inability to determine default version of a product
8915624817bb2df6e58991654735ffbf63184bfeSteve Fink — accidentally required --ffprofile option, also allow -P. --profile is still eaten, though.
1960cba3f9de9fdb1430069fdc104205001d091bSteve Fink — slightly better prompt for interactive obsoletes
c7952081941375ff63f3c5b458fa3553a9dafe5bSteve Fink — implement auto patch updating
7cf87b64d64765f40c56f0e227b5d1eae8af2873Steve Fink — clean up the hack a bit
98278ea366d46c35d9b83e5d372bd5ee78d0a1aeSteve Fink — Temporarily hack around promptchoice's need to get a single-character response back
be0f4462c59ea5de46f08d6f51d91237e175b150Steve Fink — Fix the --ffprofile option (its value was ignored)
d3af10a607f016c8b2a7e240f70a193efe08c394Steve Fink — Left in some debugging!
00b975165e9fb116c562ea1db614c01c6db26fe4Steve Fink — better error message when your profile exists but does not have the cookie
d93bdc323390d0a4411f5dee099414ee309606a7Steve Fink — Implement --ffprofile when you want to pull from a non-default profile
9f702dd824c3b536a7afc82e3de5b01e1c2e9b2eSteve Fink — pull bug number from patch name too
ff97cfd35056e36c0fb8f670f82b93463c628adfSteve Fink — reset opts["review"] to default value, not delete, so can still use as key
23357b8ceb5513e61922d53ae81e0cfb3384cb22Steve Fink — minor formatting fix
32ccc55eb7016f690741b931ab2e01cca86762acSteve Fink — expand --interactive to all permanent changes
a0777be94bcb8abe1333e6083dd60daacdfcbbd3Steve Fink — product/component exact matches should override substring match lists
faca505bfcef91ac958ea122e7e40741b675e701Steve Fink — switch all error handling to util.Abort
0bd161ec964e038955c9033ceea71650693f3bb8Steve Fink — I am paranoid about the obsoleting functionality, so add a -i (--interactive) flag for confirming. It should probably be used for other things too.
013274152b9ae41204d3a48ca8c42cd67ad2ba91Steve Fink — fix initial cache load (I miss Perl)
2e668c94f5aceb7529a2aa51e485f8ee068b10afSteve Fink — indexable collection is required
dc4541fcb291d105dafc13e903b32e793bbd9da0Steve Fink — Substring matching on products, components, and fancy inference of product from component and vice versa
0f28b27b9e8dbea1762da2638c339d8b158bc929Steve Fink — Do not parse reviewers out of the patch header, because it's too hard to turn off. Instead, only do that if -r auto is given.
9cd6736f0dab1643b91e5130455956c3c2e9715aSteve Fink — empty list of reviewers should not request review from the wind
10ac1b4f50c0ccc51b9283a6c8679ab7cec891bfSteve Fink — edit_value is no longer used
fead30c4b4b0665d34b7e06b341e91248f6b2142Steve Fink — allow config file defaults to be changed with the form
00119929d430a3cfdecde205be6a944164dbf0c6Steve Fink — report invalid format in saved form
0cf90f04bb008d1cc02f3100ccd24ddcd8fbde49Steve Fink — fix configuration load on initial run, allow exceptions through
0c64ce4903a6eff7055fda7aafd95d6de0a93e99Steve Fink — split out a newbug command
8bc5bdcc2c22134dba1c23edf5f81cc1d20153a8Steve Fink — implement --no-attachment
be9fb38fb81b1aa66e0c7cb5035cfd0ca1868b30Steve Fink — implement --no-attachment
6d6e68a067905a265565397715786da4c4e7034bSteve Fink — add menus for product and component
f7b9b378b1400419900bcbddb987b7b07dd4201dSteve Fink — Use the last version listed in /configuration for a product as the default version
ef2591e9828ee6bac754643ed4554dc20253ebc2Steve Fink — Cache the bugzilla configuration
457861572b0c6024e3a42e706a73565df5160bdcSteve Fink — Removed another now-unnecessary command line option
9b60772524d4433a53b871e21b1aea88a23148eaSteve Fink — Switch over to an editable text form
029132fc9d7bd4f09def24c0569d3a6ec781a7b5Steve Fink — Implement --new and a plethora of related options:
5f1c84d00a18bb1b2e0892a6fd3d503206c4298dSteve Fink — Take cookie paths into consideration when snarfing bugzilla credentials
103421e2747a58b7ed4ea924a1831f1857c2eb7bJosh Matthews — Avoid obsoleting existing non-w patches when exporting a patch with -w.
a868d4d38bf0a2ee466418a17e5bbf0fefd6184eJosh Matthews — Add -w option to mimic hg diff -w
4637b1fb15da31438beac7d9206291c1dbae74c5Ted Mielczarek — hack sqlite db version number so we can read it with older sqlite versions
f315bbdc89b71fdd8d3a57347fc62e8a4b108293Josh Matthews — Cache user search string -> bugzilla name conversions locally to avoid hitting the server.
8bb91a3691c62e54c95cc8bbb01f995332fa8e97Josh Matthews — Use undocumented cached_ok parameter when requesting /configuration to retrieve the remotely-cached JSON.
b69f21be425a30f5fe547cdd7015a37d1a825da4Josh Matthews — Use every review flag possible.
146e122a11356ebed59c0de4edf30d0b222129e6Justin Lebar — Fixing bzexport --review, I hope.
d281645051bc4fb8d54e47117af9728fd84fd9ebJosh Matthews — Ensure we find the correct review flag id.
a7e24b57d75755602b4bf055f3c72c1b6fcfe852Josh Matthews — Present as much information as possible when there's no JSON error object.
7afd839ac9e3bbf24a8064e9b2235542c05c6546Josh Matthews — Ensure msg actually exists before attempting to use it.
34cf01c7946cc726a6e12f67e752d85bbc4fa534Kyle Huey — Tweak reviewer regex to match r?=reviewer properly.
442fead0ab4ff5662c0d0796feb3785a89fc1fdfJustin Lebar — When we fail to get login cookies, print the path to the profile we used.
f9e8cd1784ebdd8f56efd28127790529959d0ddfJosh Matthews — Obsolete old patches only if patch upload is successful. r=ted
ea84e4a8895699e4038af41f14e5051cdf20c4a7Justin Lebar — Use json.load(conn) instead of json.loads(
22784b7dc9f38626e014da805894b4cd05532deeJustin Lebar — Wrap urllib2.urlopen() calls to provide better error reporting.
1c035e9d7b811a8e9753f9720d3655bfdfa8f9a0Justin Lebar — Fix -c/--comment so it works properly, and add -e/--edit-comment. r=ted
36e5c0379a7bbb6fcfcb7ddf18d942cc3baa1d4eJustin Lebar — Call urlencode.quote() on username / password retrieved from hgrc. r=ted
af41ecd66b19bfcf3717da7dc08cf524a9991c3cCameron McCormack — Add a --reviewers command line argument to request review when uploading
406af34d0e146dd60b25c5b20febd3c85dfd8f3fTed Mielczarek — Allow specifying a different amount of patch context in hgrc.
f23907bdec3df594649f6f01f9c2b18eeb29e1aeBoris Zbarsky — Look for the bug number in the changeset description if the attachment description doesn't have it.
9b5d624ea1f5cd8898fc9803de2d86aaee2faf0cJosh Matthews — Expand range of leading separators to be stripped.
a53a5b29ca1016108ec6aab9dda5a462b1cc894bJosh Matthews — Obsolete old patches intelligently.
3c58f8a5db81303b4073a2522f1018929b8391e9Ted Mielczarek — Honor the options in the [diff] section of hgrc like hg export does
68b3e081f41c1bac7093b43163c87df9ccaeac96Josh Matthews — Strip approval annotations from description.
289d98e2960191392b9d9b85ae11a0248ca7cf12Josh Matthews — Call out unrefreshed changes.
0a1a7b590a8dd0c9f87c338298939abfec73d927Josh Matthews — Fix incorrect write_error call.
c00287f1e64205246bcab4916ffaa10cc5284ca6Ehsan Akhgari — Only replace the first instance of the Bug regex in the patch description
74195b3cdf762efb7675ccb7f1df52d5e2100080Ehsan Akhgari — Find the correct profile directory on Mac
60f086496d47d5a75c6a4e738e3654d0d338c7daEhsan Akhgari — Use the latest version of the Bugzilla API instead of a specific version; irc-r=ted
aa087bde8e9d8345f6172689546b9478986eb43fTed Mielczarek — try harder to find cookies, allow leading dots in hostnames
309f6e98da701638b595cc27cb0e35d08bdcc4ddTed Mielczarek — support older Mercurial versions where the export method lived in the patch module.
3f11a9b0ffedb9c735140325743bbd6957bffcd1Ted Mielczarek — add a README
c4de1cdfbd4a50cb3d811452d0d4bf96db240e70Josh Matthews — Add --description and --comment options
ee0f2cda4ad86ee0912076e38697b7bf363f08c6Kyle Huey — Allow providing a username/password combination in hgrc
bca9ccc5f5d37571b03f6eed7ab1b74faa969a49Ted Mielczarek — Fix bzexport to almost work in MozillaBuild hg, but not quite :-(
b90870b54bc47be97137ebf89f591163987eec9fTed Mielczarek — Make arguments optional. Default REV to tip and look for bug numbers in commit messages.
8c6008f9e8d32223d538d1d26c88558edd377408Ted Mielczarek — add a comment block
8277a178b3cb79beb0819c8751f00bd64e54099eTed Mielczarek — initial version, seems to work. lots of TODOs