author Gregory Szorc <gps@mozilla.com>
Tue, 14 Oct 2014 17:56:08 -0700
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hghooks: delete unused prevent_unlabelled_australis_changes hook (bug 1075318); rs=jaws, edmorley The prevent_unlabelled_australis_changes hook was added in bug 943486 to help with the Australis transition. According to comment 42 and after in that bug and bkero's forensics in bug 1075318, this hook is no longer used and is thus being deleted. This patch didn't technically receive a review. But it's deleting a single, untested file. What could go wrong?

#!/usr/bin/env python
# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/.

# This script is used to manage Docker containers in the context of running
# Mercurial tests.

import os
import sys

from vcttesting.docker import Docker

def main(args):
    if 'DOCKER_STATE_FILE' in os.environ:
        state_file = os.environ['DOCKER_STATE_FILE']
    elif 'HGTMP' in os.environ:
        state_file = os.path.join(os.environ['HGTMP'], 'docker-state.json')
        print('Do not know where to put a Docker state file.')
        return 1

    docker_url = os.environ.get('DOCKER_HOST', None)

    d = Docker(state_file, docker_url)

    if not d.is_alive():
        print('Docker is not available!')
        return 1

    action = args[0]

    if action == 'build-bmo':
    elif action == 'start-bmo':
        cluster, http_port = args[1:]
        db_image = os.environ.get('DOCKER_BMO_DB_IMAGE')
        web_image = os.environ.get('DOCKER_BMO_WEB_IMAGE')

        d.start_bmo(cluster=cluster, hostname=None, http_port=http_port,
                db_image=db_image, web_image=web_image)
    elif action == 'stop-bmo':
    elif action == 'prune-images':

if __name__ == '__main__':
    # Unbuffer stdout.
    sys.stdout = os.fdopen(sys.stdout.fileno(), 'w', 0)