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bug 1005170: remove jhopkins and mihai from releng whitelist. r=dustin

#! /usr/bin/python
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#  Hook script used by tamarin team on tamarin-redux and tamarin-central.
# For documentation on hook scripts see:
#   http://hgbook.red-bean.com/read/handling-repository-events-with-hooks.html
#   http://mercurial.selenic.com/wiki/MercurialApi

import sys, re
from mercurial import hg, ui, commands, node

# _quiet function from hghooklib by Johann Duscher
# http://code.google.com/p/hghooklib/
def _quiet(ui, fn):
    oldQuiet = ui.quiet
    ui.quiet = True
    result = fn()
    ui.quiet = oldQuiet
    return result

def master_hook(ui, repo, **kwargs):
    ui.debug('running tamarin master_hook\n')
    ui.debug('kwargs: %s\n' % kwargs)
    # The mercurial hook script expects the equivalent of an exit code back from
    # this call:
    #   False = 0 = No Error : allow push
    #   True = 1 = Error : abort push
    error = False
    error = security_check(ui, repo, **kwargs) or error
    return error

def security_check(ui, repo, **kwargs):
    ui.debug('running security_check\n')
    error = False
    _quiet(ui, lambda: commands.log(ui, repo, rev=['%s:tip' % kwargs['node']],
                                    template='{node}\n', date=None, user=None,
    nodes = ui.popbuffer().split('\n')
    # reenable this code if we need to blacklist a node
    for node in nodes:
        if node.startswith('8555e8551203') or node.startswith('e09bb3ece6c7'):
            ui.warn('blacklisted changeid found: node %s is blacklisted\n' % node)
            error = True   # fail the push
    # Look for blacklisted bugs
    blacklist = [
        # Serrano
        580489, 604354,
        # Wasabi
        # Cyril
        570049, 628834,
    bugs = re.compile('(%s)' % '|'.join([str(bug) for bug in blacklist]))
    _quiet(ui, lambda: commands.log(ui, repo, rev=['%s:tip' % kwargs['node']],
                                    template='{desc}', date=None, user=None,
    descs = ui.popbuffer()
    searchDescs = bugs.search(descs)
    if searchDescs:
        ui.warn('blacklisted bug found: %s\n' % searchDescs.groups()[0])
        error = True
    return error