Port bug 1541527 - Update treeherder test group symbols. rs=bustage-fix
authorRob Lemley <rob@thunderbird.net>
Tue, 16 Apr 2019 00:35:09 -0400
changeset 26357 3f1eb0d82f7c
parent 26356 ffedede7fa10
child 26358 205c80a11ab9
push id15799
push userthunderbird@calypsoblue.org
push dateTue, 16 Apr 2019 05:30:15 +0000
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perfherder[talos] [build metrics] [platform microbench] (compared to previous push)
Port bug 1541527 - Update treeherder test group symbols. rs=bustage-fix Use of e10s is the default for Firefox and test labels have been updated to reflect multiprocess as the default and 1 process as the exception.
--- a/taskcluster/ci/config.yml
+++ b/taskcluster/ci/config.yml
@@ -1,32 +1,29 @@
 trust-domain: comm
 project-repo-param-prefix: comm_
 product-dir: comm/mail
-        'X': 'Xpcshell tests'
-        'Z': 'MozMill tests'
+        'X-1proc': 'Xpcshell tests'
+        'Z-1proc': 'MozMill tests'
         'I': 'Docker Image Builds'
         'TL': 'Toolchain builds for Linux 64-bits'
         'TM': 'Toolchain builds for OSX'
         'TMW': 'Toolchain builds for Windows MinGW'
         'TW32': 'Toolchain builds for Windows 32-bits'
         'TW64': 'Toolchain builds for Windows 64-bits'
         'Deb7': 'Packages for Debian 7'
         'Deb7-32': 'Packages for Debian 7 32-bits'
         'Deb9': 'Packages for Debian 9'
         'Fetch-URL': 'Fetch and store content'
         'L10n': 'Localised Repacks'
         'L10n-Rpk': 'Localized Repackaged Repacks'
-        'M': 'Mochitests'
-        'M-sw': 'Mochitests with serviceworker redesign'
-        'M-e10s': 'Mochitests with e10s'
-        'M-sw-e10s': 'Mochitests with serviceworker redesign and e10s'
+        'M-1proc': 'Mochitests'
         'ms': 'Complete MAR signing'
         'MSI': 'Repack installers into MSIs'
         'MSIs': 'Signing of Repacked installers of MSIs'
         'rs': 'Repackage signing'
         'BM': 'Beetmover'
         'BMR': 'Beetmover repackages'
         'c-Up': 'Balrog submission of complete updates'
         'cs': 'Checksum signing'