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Sat Nov 08 12:10:32 2014 +0000
d4867034dba99eb59a4e3fe3e9d45f522fdba330aleth — Bug 1059290 - CAP END sent twice. r=clokep, a=me
365a742e3a4d4ccd23104d266c85a9c6ac268c29aleth — Bug 1085150 - Don't identify if already authenticated, and improve CAP error reporting. r=clokep
fa75ea17aa0e105d1125c893168bc58d007c8804Suyash Agarwal — Bug 1000775 - For AB Quicksearch / contacts side bar, implement split multiword search pattern. r=mkmelin
f333d6ce03ca6875cf747e5d3f2902abb094f9d9Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1074159 - Freebusy requests fail with Google CalDAV if the first calendar in the realm is disabled. r=mmecca