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Mon Sep 21 19:47:59 2015 +0000
e75d8116b09c3955c1f47d65ea362806cfb381ceMagnus Melin — Bug 1155655 - increase the GIANT width a little so the quick filter bar actually is expanded like the test expects. r=aryx, a=mkmelin
4a0c3b7df040e442c8ba0421a081b0533cd1c1f1Magnus Melin — Bug 114607 - set minimum number allowd to 1 in "donwload max number of headers' dialog. r=aceman
6ef146c0c1b3fc8121975955e9c57458c3bad5a0Magnus Melin — Bug 1192061 - SVG images attachments do not display inline. r=squib
8c5af006b91c04285e2579df3b7abeba41f8c32bEdmund Wong — Bug 1206595 - Port relevant changes from |bug 885982 - Move MozTCPSocket and MozTCPServerSocket to WebIDL| to Thunderbird. r=Fallen
5904e4edfc3daff2a939e69cc0f7d54804d31273alta88 — Bug 1195480 - Enable custom columns for secondary sort, persist and restore all column primary and secondary sort states - fix tests. r=mkmelin
9ea7b1acbf68b28615e198247ef88037bfed9b55alta88 — Bug 323391 - Opens only items from one group when the "group-by"-bar is included in selection. r=mkmelin
3e27b83156b67023e0350d63bde388f535bc946aalta88 — Bug 1203244 - Huge context menu after right click in message [ReferenceError: GetThreadTree is not defined] in mailContextMenus.js. r=mkmelin