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Sat Sep 22 21:56:17 2018 +0000
e1b439708ed09605a6a9331fd4d7263ee41b807baceman — Bug 1371898 - remove mozmill/migration-to-rdf-ui-* tests as they are no longer useful and remove UI levels below 4. r=mkmelin,jorgk
32fc6e969e2775c24a43e412d547f7fdec798b3aaceman — Bug 1387704 - ensure tag label buttons are visible in quick-filter-bar/test-filter-logic.js. r=jorgk
185f455ddd94567fc4df938d48ea91430baa90f9Richard Marti — Bug 1491529 - Use differently positioned header image for the statusbar after the footer image removal in bug 1471305. r=jorgk
eb028fd3dc3e4a84f705d73422842fbe80c11389Richard Marti — Bug 1493386 - Port bug 1493315 to TB: Build config for dedicated profiles and downgrade protection. r=rjl
5bb80260d09b0b3a0ace92e27444f5f9ec7eef11Jorg K — Bug 1493313 - Follow-up: For gData, cater for both old an new locale API. r=MakeMyDay