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Tue Jan 10 08:04:23 2017 +0000
d9c51a68b3730c824393c84539025cd9296ca581Jorg K — Bug 1329455 - Bug 1319409 follow-up: fix JS error. r=aceman a=jorgk
ce82f494b090b9b256122619ce3dc3e069d137dfAman Dwivedi — Bug 1293006 - Replace in-tree consumer of non-standard Iterator() with Object.{values,entries} in mail/ in comm-central. r=mkmelin
f3c3430dddfc3e15ede7d7d98abc1943a0ed1aefJorg K and R Kent James — Bug 1328814 - Don't insist on folder validity when creating an nsIURI object. r=rkent,jorgk