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Mon Jun 16 14:06:44 2014 +0000
e59d2f3f43222197f03f6cd330cebd3a5ac30727Richard Marti — Bug 1025486 - Fix the tab-overflow-arrow logic and add the overflow shadow. r+ui-r=bwinton, a=me
c5b8ccfb0687b3e3f796a2097482233e20489ccaRichard Marti — Bug 1022340 - Port bug 885139 - LWT header image applied to the selected tab isn't updated upon re-cropping. r=josiah
902034901fca4c3d1e9df6d54aead01174c60d22rsx11m — Bug 1019583 - Enable notifications by default again for using offline storage. r=Neil, a=Callek
b7824bdf5b5d6c4e958b768b49e4c3b7af5ea4f8MakeMyDay — Bug 782670 - Allow to save items to calendar, even though they are invitations (override REQUEST with PUBLISH). r=philipp