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Tue Aug 09 10:03:21 2011 +0000
3b67c67a2ab0528db52c476ecddb6887c5fab093Justin Wood — Bug 515734 - Provide More Entries in the Win7 Jumplist Tasks list. [r=mcsmurf]
34d40a7f678b1ca4c261a9632547064e5074a810Blake Winton Bug 675300 - "Can't build Thunderbird on Lion." [r=bwinton]
993e496893bba9bd8098ff59362ed8f81fb29939Blake Winton Bug 675609 - "Port bug 673209 to comm-central" [r=mbanner]
d745126176278c7c04bfcc90b30568f36f45ca92Blake Winton Bug 665303 - "Pimp the message header appearence" [r+ui-r=bwinton]
aa8e3dd28126cbf653c0a7ff26b43fbc5efcb732Jonathan Kamens Bug 675514 - "folder name comparison when deciding whether to include account name should be case-insensitive?" [r=dbienvenu ui-r=jik]