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Mon Feb 13 21:00:12 2012 +0000
96284abe691b56b39f47d9b369c439bcd6534204Richard Marti — Bug 723863 - Standalone Message window toolbar doesn't show personas. r+ui-review=bwinton
22c18ee522cbfc1f90bf0d3640d6544186eb408cHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 722920 - Need a utility function to copy message(s) in file into local inbox. r=bienvenu
1717874b0963808d65d3bffa1a750046c11f8068Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 684452 - Memory leak in nsEmlxHelperUtils::AddEmlxMessageToStream. r=bienvenu
42b7c8b861b47e8cde7f165b94f5c84ddcd3dac3alta88 — Bug 711173 - Fix for UI freeze on feed biff/get new messages; renovate newsblog.js for fun. r=bienvenu
a489b0bb0a7f639408b7e00f76a5150acdf00c47Nguyen Ngoc Trung — Bug 708702 - Use defaultPrevented instead of the deprecated getPreventDefault() in front-end code. r=Standard8