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Tue Aug 09 16:51:12 2011 +0000
71b93e1bf96c235a83de95f9df0479aac4974233Jonathan Protzenko — Bug 676882: Crash in libmime following bug 674488 libmime passes badly encoded char* into JS land as AUTF8Strings landing r=standard8
b1d3493ea46637b8bbb18c7a1f003580f74a1ffdJonathan Protzenko — Bug 655536: MsgHdrToMimeMessage could understand detached attachments and feed enclosures r=asuth
447605dd23677f139d315bde7caeac06ff1507deJonathan Protzenko — Bug 527927: JS Mime Emitter drops parts for inconsistent MIME hierarchies (multipart/encrypted, uuencode) [parentPart is undefined; components/jsmimeemitter.js Line: 311] r=asuth
5441c058d7145561172523c7a945deb70270b9afJonathan Protzenko — Bug 564423: Get rid of "Part 1.2" attachments being displayed unless "Show all message parts" is selected r=asuth