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Sun Apr 14 21:52:15 2019 +0000
4f2702e359aa413a1032a2b5201582446a86f76bRichard Marti — Bug 1410003 - Remove no longer existing or misspelled mousewheel prefs. r=philipp
314ca9490da8d4f85537b18b01e3c1a783569e82Richard Marti — Bug 1544193 - Remove the tabbar fog on Windows Classic. rs=jorgk
3cdb38f6af78eb15777136c9186f8962b0983f2bJorg K — Bug 1529872 - Re-enable test-columns.js::test_column_reordering_persists. r=me
8b4cb5e5adc01a897ac9078087d1a654fb91d872Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1499641 - Show all supported file types for address book import by default. r=aceman
d95e0ca4fedd04f85b5490be29ecaa25fd0eff1aSebastian Hengst — Bug 1544274 - Add missing return statement for the case where address book import's file picker gets canceled. r=aceman
552dd1355efae3044c6008fcea598ff23f459f0bMagnus Melin — Bug 1540522 - make datepicker and timepicker work even if there's no menulist already set up. r=darktrojan