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Thu Aug 06 21:31:49 2015 +0000
4a3dca917204472c1d1bd029a085fe8c745887daPhilipp Kewisch — Bug 1185540 - Support YouCompleteMe vim plugin in comm-central. r=mkmelin a=SM CLOSED TREE
b0a9ac1ed7f0ec7779022b36577f0eb3c1e5b9d1Richard Marti — Bug 1190080 - Update the Jumplist icons for Windows 10. r=squib
eda5c42f3b4cac18b2334b7f4fc86d194f797571rsx11m — Bug 1032302 - 8BITMIME keyword ignored in EHLO greeting, BODY=8BITMIME absent in MAIL request for 8-bit transfers. r=rkent
fb2d949696e85f6fa012c1f932755ecae3b7acc1aleth — Bug 1190092 - Zoom button cut off after startup if facet date view is unhidden. r=paenglab
66e1d27612eae1574cdf1b095e495b78816166e8aceman — Bug 1143812 - Always allow creating new contacts and lists after opening addressbook by using Personal Addressbook when a usable AB is not selected. r=mkmelin, r=IanN
415fa4ec053586f45c9236295aa764c915ad92aeaceman — Bug 843320 - Add number and list of folders chosen in the saved search (virtual folder) creation/edit dialog. ui-r=bwinton, r=rkent
cc47880f2301bb2f56875e53f5a45954df638567R Kent James — Bug 209189 - Don't do transaction on non-existent message. r=rkent
479e2eb5a8cd95a6cecba816e45a98c3dd63190dJorg K — Bug 209189 - Clear undo stack after permanent deletion. r=rkent
8160e3fc67ae54531c66265bc4872c002abfb7e9Javier Rueda — Bug 1187158 - Direct users to the Notification Center settings to disable badge of Dock Icon. r=mkmelin, ui-r=bwinton
fc7acd36923f529c46a0e825415a0a8393cf4fa4alta88 — Bug 1174832 - In Grouped View, by Subject is special cased to lack a root header row, inconsistent with all other categories. r=rkent,ui-r=paenglab
07d2c884705e65747acadac646afc27c1ea6b5cdHugo Bug 1182831 - Typo in autosync.js. r=mconley