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Wed Aug 07 21:58:31 2019 +0000
45b5c5bb3fe6e773da4588e42a93caa4c3cded1aRichard Marti — Bug 1572106 - On Windows show the detached attachment text with the hyperlinktext color. r=alta88
1933f7704fb25212af7d24b318809dede13b2f11Geoff Lankow — Bug 1571336 - Call startBatch and endBatch on calDAV calendar even if it isn't cached. r=pmorris
f5d10ede441048902fe0f3e9978881033121802bGeoff Lankow — Bug 1569539 - Flatten chrome folders in Lightning and GData packages; r=Fallen
22d2296fed5d1394557f7ac762de9aa773bd7fb2Geoff Lankow — Bug 1569539 - Remove the calendar timezones extension; r=Fallen
a6f9ee9aa3cffcc6837ebbc2bd9f2d6e940d51a4Geoff Lankow — Bug 1569539 - Remove outdated build config code for calendar extensions; r=Fallen
730da0161d02046f1b2a9356132a34e950c5bf6bGeoff Lankow — Bug 1561530 - Tests for new calendar list and calendar properties dialog; r=Fallen
4e9163b13c8f6953238bc698c7b4544961be8f0aGeoff Lankow — Bug 1561530 - Change calendar list tree to a list; r=Fallen, ui-r=Paenglab