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Wed Mar 03 10:59:08 2021 +0000
d753b6013e03421b1c816e8bc810dc808e221b2bRichard Marti — Bug 1695950 - Use the Firefox tab-throbber SVG image. r=aleca
d2549cb67cb899e0bf2e6f56af90def2083a2d11Richard Marti — Bug 1695790 - Don't show the add attachment animation when prefers-reduced-motion is set. r=aleca
c07c005869b944433384b9b665b5cc85385a0f23Alessandro Castellani — Bug 1695644 - Expand attachment pane when forwarding a message with multiple attachments. r=mkmelin
2f18973e1e99656fb8c7f7b9e4017743bdab5c49Alessandro Castellani — Bug 1695641 - Fix the ability of attaching emails dragged from the thread pane. r=mkmelin
bebb326ced3f17237d5c184ad4740eabf7f4c96fAlessandro Castellani — Bug 1692764 - Fix right click freezing the folder pane when a Mode Header is selected. r=mkmelin
7ce196669f1c3f7fb900e93cfccc606ccb343546Magnus Melin — Bug 1695590 - openpgp alias: prevent sending if alias file was malformed, don't send unencrypted. r=kaie