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fix reload of cross-folder saved searches after local folder compact, r=asuth, bug 536676, a=dmose

<!--LOCALIZATION NOTE msgCompSecurityInfo.dtd UI for viewing security status when composing a message -->

<!ENTITY title.label "Message Security">
<!ENTITY subject.plaintextWarning "Please note: Subject lines of email messages are never encrypted.">
<!ENTITY status.heading "The contents of your message will be sent as follows:">
<!ENTITY status.signed "Digitally signed:">
<!ENTITY status.encrypted "Encrypted:">
<!ENTITY status.certificates "Certificates:">
<!ENTITY view.label "View">
<!ENTITY view.accesskey "V">
<!ENTITY tree.recipient "Recipient">
<!ENTITY tree.status "Status">
<!ENTITY tree.issuedDate "Issued">
<!ENTITY tree.expiresDate "Expires">