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Bug 1475817 - Part 11: Convert simple <listbox> to <richlistbox> in mailnews/import. r=Paenglab,jorgk

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   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
   - file, You can obtain one at -->

<!ENTITY pref.junk.title "Junk &amp; Suspect Mail">
<!ENTITY junkSettings.caption "Global Junk Mail Settings">
<!ENTITY junkMail.intro "Goto Account Settings to configure account specific junk mail settings.">

<!-- Junk Mail Controls -->
<!ENTITY manualMark.label               "When I mark messages as junk:">
<!ENTITY manualMark.accesskey           "W">
<!ENTITY manualMarkModeMove.label       "Move them to the account's &quot;Junk&quot; folder">
<!ENTITY manualMarkModeMove.accesskey   "M">
<!ENTITY manualMarkModeDelete.label     "Delete them">
<!ENTITY manualMarkModeDelete.accesskey "D">

<!ENTITY markAsRead.intro               "Mark messages as read:">
<!ENTITY autoMarkAsRead.label           "When &brandShortName; determines that they are junk">
<!ENTITY autoMarkAsRead.accesskey       "u">
<!ENTITY manualMarkAsRead.label         "When I manually mark them as junk">
<!ENTITY manualMarkAsRead.accesskey     "k">

<!ENTITY enableJunkLogging.label        "Enable junk filter logging">
<!ENTITY enableJunkLogging.accesskey    "E">
<!ENTITY openJunkLog.label              "Show log">
<!ENTITY openJunkLog.accesskey          "S">
<!ENTITY resetTrainingData.label        "Reset training data">
<!ENTITY resetTrainingData.accesskey    "R">

<!ENTITY pref.suspectMail.caption       "Suspect Mail">

<!-- Phishing Detector -->
<!ENTITY pref.phishing.caption            "E-mail Scams">
<!ENTITY enablePhishingDetector.label     "Tell me if the message I'm reading is a suspected email scam">
<!ENTITY enablePhishingDetector.accesskey "T">

<!-- Anti Virus -->
<!ENTITY pref.antivirus.caption           "Antivirus">
<!ENTITY antiVirus.label                  "Allow antivirus clients to scan incoming messages more easily">
<!ENTITY antiVirus.accesskey              "A">