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Port changes from |Bug 903433, Bug 992894, Bug 1038991, Bug 1021172, Bug 1020440, Bug 1023484, Bug 1020865, Bug 648407, Bug 540380, Bug 913807, Bug 853901| to Instantbird. rs=build-system-port-by-peer a=im-only

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proxies.directConnection=Direct Connection to the Internet (No\u00A0Proxy)
proxies.useEnvironment=Use Environment Settings
proxies.socks4=SOCKS 4
proxies.socks5=SOCKS 5

proxies.alert.invalidInput.title=Invalid input
proxies.alert.invalidInput.message=You need to enter at least a valid hostname and port number to add a new proxy.
proxies.confirm.passwordUpdate.title=Update Proxy Password?
proxies.confirm.passwordUpdate.message=The same proxy already exists with a different password. Update the password?

proxies.username.string=Username: %S
proxies.port.string=Port: %S