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#include "nsILDAPAutoCompFormatter.idl"

 * An interface for formatter LDAP messages to be used as nsAutoCompleteItems
 * for use in RFC 2822 message headers.
[scriptable, uuid(cde8836e-1dd1-11b2-baff-a6d918243e80)]
interface nsIAbLDAPAutoCompFormatter: nsILDAPAutoCompFormatter {

     * All three Format attributes are templates, which work as follows:
     * Required LDAP attributes are delimited by curly braces, and
     * optional LDAP attributes are determined by brackets.  Backslash
     * escapes any character, including itself.  Someday perhaps we'll rev 
     * this interface and change these to a more flexible format; perhaps 
     * something regexp based.
     * If any of these are unset, components implementing this interface 
     * are free to choose reasonable defaults.  As an example, the 
     * implementation currently happens to use the following default
     * strings:
     * nameFormat: "[cn]"
     * addressFormat: "{mail}"
     * commentFormat: ""
     * and generates autocomplete items like this:
     * value: John Doe <>         
     * comment: Foo Organization
     * Note that nsILDAPAutoCompFormatter::getAttributes() is only
     * required to be called by the nsILDAPAutoCompleteSession
     * implementation when the nsILDAPAutoCompleteSession::formatter
     * IDL attribute is set.  So if for some reason the format
     * attributes exposed through this interface get changed (eg a
     * user changes their prefs), it is the changing code's
     * responsibly to re-set the nsILDAPAutoCompleteSession::formatter
     * IDL attribute to the same object to force a new getAttributes()
     * call.

    attribute AString nameFormat;
    attribute AString addressFormat;
    attribute AString commentFormat;