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Bug 461029 Log POP errors to the PR_LOG module. r/sr=bienvenu

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<!DOCTYPE overlay SYSTEM "chrome://communicator/locale/tasksOverlay.dtd">

<overlay id="editorTasksOverlay"

  <script type="application/x-javascript">
    function toEditor()
      if (!CycleWindow("composer:html"))
    function NewEditorWindow()
      // Open editor window with blank page
      window.openDialog( "chrome://editor/content", "_blank", "chrome,all,dialog=no", "about:blank");

  <keyset id="tasksKeys">
    <key id="key_editor" key="&editorCmd.commandkey;" command="Tasks:Editor" modifiers="accel"/>

  <commandset id="tasksCommands">
    <command id="Tasks:Editor" oncommand="toEditor();"/>

  <statusbarpanel id="component-bar">
    <toolbarbutton class="taskbutton" id="mini-comp" command="Tasks:Editor" 
                   tooltiptext="&taskComposer.tooltip;" insertafter="mini-nav"/>
  <menupopup id="windowPopup">
    <menuitem label="&editorCmd.label;" accesskey="&editorCmd.accesskey;" key="key_editor" command="Tasks:Editor" id="tasksMenuEditor" insertafter="IMMenuItem,tasksMenuNavigator" class="menuitem-iconic icon-composer16 menu-iconic"/>