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Bug 752163 - Storage calendar events are not shown in views due to a corrupted event organizer. r=redDragon

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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "nsrootidl.idl"
#include "nsIMimeHeaders.idl"
#include "nsIMsgIdentity.idl"
#include "nsIMsgHdr.idl"

interface nsIURI;

typedef long nsMimeOutputType;

[scriptable, uuid(fdc2956e-d558-43fb-bfdd-fb9511229aa5)]
interface nsMimeOutput
  const long nsMimeMessageSplitDisplay = 0;
  const long nsMimeMessageHeaderDisplay = 1;
  const long nsMimeMessageBodyDisplay = 2;
  const long nsMimeMessageQuoting = 3;
  const long nsMimeMessageBodyQuoting = 4;
  const long nsMimeMessageRaw = 5;
  const long nsMimeMessageDraftOrTemplate = 6;
  const long nsMimeMessageEditorTemplate = 7;
  const long nsMimeMessagePrintOutput = 9;
  const long nsMimeMessageSaveAs = 10;
  const long nsMimeMessageSource = 11;
  const long nsMimeMessageFilterSniffer = 12;
  const long nsMimeMessageDecrypt = 13;
  const long nsMimeMessageAttach = 14;
  const long nsMimeUnknown = 15;

[scriptable, uuid(FA81CAA0-6261-11d3-8311-00805F2A0107)]
interface nsIMimeStreamConverterListener : nsISupports{
      void onHeadersReady(in nsIMimeHeaders headers);

 * This interface contains mailnews mime specific information for stream
 * converters. Most of the code is just stuff that has been moved out
 * of nsIStreamConverter.idl to make it more generic.
[scriptable, uuid(d894c833-29c5-495b-880c-9a9f847bfdc9)]
interface nsIMimeStreamConverter : nsISupports {

   * Set the desired mime output type on the converer.
  void SetMimeOutputType(in nsMimeOutputType aType);

  void GetMimeOutputType(out nsMimeOutputType aOutFormat);

   * This is needed by libmime for MHTML link processing...the url is the URL
   * string associated with this input stream.
  void SetStreamURI(in nsIURI aURI);

   * Used to extract headers while parsing a message.
  void SetMimeHeadersListener(in nsIMimeStreamConverterListener listener, in nsMimeOutputType aType);

   * This is used for forward inline, both as a filter action, and from the UI.
  attribute boolean forwardInline;

   * This is used for a forward inline filter action. When streaming is done,
   * we won't open a compose window with the editor contents.
  attribute boolean forwardInlineFilter;

   * Address for the forward inline filter to forward the message to.
  attribute AString forwardToAddress;
   * Use the opposite compose format, used for forward inline.
  attribute boolean overrideComposeFormat;

   * This is used for OpenDraft, OpenEditorTemplate and Forward inline (which use OpenDraft)
  attribute nsIMsgIdentity identity;
  attribute string originalMsgURI;
  attribute nsIMsgDBHdr origMsgHdr;