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Bug 1176399 - Multiple requests for master password when GMail OAuth2 is enabled. r=mkmelin

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIMsgAsyncPromptListener;

 * The nsIMsgAsyncPrompter is intended to provide a way to make asynchoronous
 * message prompts into synchronous ones - so that the user is only prompted
 * with one at a time.
[scriptable, uuid(15f67d0f-947a-4a1e-8f72-6ab7162b4b9c)]
interface nsIMsgAsyncPrompter : nsISupports {
   * Queues an async prompt request. If there are none queued then this will be
   * actioned straight away, otherwise the prompt will be queued for action
   * once previous prompt(s) have been cleared.
   * Queued prompts using the same aKey may be amalgamated into one prompt to
   * save repeated prompts to the user.
   * @param aKey    A key to determine whether or not the queued prompts can
   *                be combined.
   * @param aPromptImmediately If the user is retrying a failed password, we
   *                           need to prompt right away, even if there is a
   *                           prompt up, or prompts queued up. Note that
   *                           immediately may not be synchronously, on OS/X.
   * @param aCaller An nsIMsgAsyncPromptListener to call back to when the prompt
   *                is ready to be made.
  void queueAsyncAuthPrompt(in ACString aKey, in boolean aPromptImmediately,
                            in nsIMsgAsyncPromptListener aCaller);

[scriptable, function, uuid(acca94c9-378e-46e3-9a91-6655bf9c91a3)]
interface nsIMsgAsyncPromptCallback : nsISupports {
   * Called when an auth result is available. Can be passed as a function.
   * @param aResult   True if there is auth information available following the
   *                    prompt, false otherwise.
  void onAuthResult(in boolean aResult);

 * This is used in combination with nsIMsgAsyncPrompter.
[scriptable, uuid(fb5307a3-39d0-462e-92c8-c5c288a2612f)]
interface nsIMsgAsyncPromptListener : nsISupports {
   * This method has been deprecated, please use onPromptStartAsync instead.
  boolean onPromptStart();

   * Called when the listener should do its prompt. This can happen
   * synchronously or asynchronously, but in any case when done the callback
   * method should be called.
   * @param aCallback   The callback to execute when auth prompt has completed.
  void onPromptStartAsync(in nsIMsgAsyncPromptCallback aCallback);

   * Called in the case that the queued prompt was combined with another and
   * there is now authentication information available.
  void onPromptAuthAvailable();

   * Called in the case that the queued prompt was combined with another but
   * the prompt was canceled.
  void onPromptCanceled();