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Bug 728897 - 'Search All Messages' should be just 'Search'. r+ui-review=bwinton

<!ENTITY titledefault.label    "&brandFullName;">
<!ENTITY titleSeparator.label " - ">

<!-- File Menu -->
<!ENTITY newFolderCmd.label "Folder…">
<!ENTITY newFolderCmd.accesskey "F">
<!ENTITY closeTabCmd2.label "Close Tab">
<!ENTITY closeTabCmd2.accesskey "C">
<!ENTITY closeOtherTabsCmd2.label "Close Other Tabs">
<!ENTITY closeOtherTabsCmd2.accesskey "o">
<!ENTITY recentlyClosedTabsCmd.label "Recently Closed Tabs">
<!ENTITY recentlyClosedTabsCmd.accesskey "R">

<!ENTITY undoCloseTabCmd.commandkey "T">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (moveToNewWindow.label):
     Menu option to cause the current tab to be migrated to a new Thunderbird
<!ENTITY moveToNewWindow.label "Move to New Window">
<!ENTITY moveToNewWindow.accesskey "W">
<!ENTITY newVirtualFolderCmd.label "Saved Search…">
<!ENTITY newVirtualFolderCmd.accesskey "S">
<!ENTITY newOtherAccountsCmd.label "Other Accounts…">
<!ENTITY newOtherAccountsCmd.accesskey "O">
<!ENTITY newCreateEmailAccountCmd.label "Get a New Mail Account…">
<!ENTITY newCreateEmailAccountCmd.accesskey "G">
<!ENTITY newExistingEmailAccountCmd.label "Existing Mail Account…">
<!ENTITY newExistingEmailAccountCmd.accesskey "E">
<!ENTITY openMessageFileCmd.label "Open Saved Message…">
<!ENTITY openMessageFileCmd.accesskey "O">
<!ENTITY openAttachmentCmd.label "Attachments">
<!ENTITY openAttachmentCmd.accesskey "A">
<!ENTITY saveAsMenu.label "Save As">
<!ENTITY saveAsMenu.accesskey "S">
<!ENTITY saveAsFileCmd.label "File">
<!ENTITY saveAsFileCmd.accesskey "F">
<!ENTITY saveAsFileCmd.key "s">
<!ENTITY saveAsTemplateCmd.label "Template">
<!ENTITY saveAsTemplateCmd.accesskey "T">
<!ENTITY getNewMsgForCmd.label "Get New Messages for">
<!ENTITY getNewMsgForCmd.accesskey "w">
<!ENTITY getAllNewMsgCmdPopupMenu.label "All Accounts">
<!ENTITY getAllNewMsgCmdPopupMenu.accesskey "A">
<!ENTITY getNewMsgCurrentAccountCmdPopupMenu.label "Current Account">
<!ENTITY getNewMsgCurrentAccountCmdPopupMenu.accesskey "C">
<!ENTITY getNextNMsgCmd.label "Get Next 500 News Messages">
<!ENTITY getNextNMsgCmd.accesskey "t">
<!ENTITY sendUnsentCmd.label "Send Unsent Messages">
<!ENTITY sendUnsentCmd.accesskey "d">
<!ENTITY subscribeCmd.label "Subscribe…">
<!ENTITY subscribeCmd.accesskey "b">
<!ENTITY deleteFolder.label "Delete Folder">
<!ENTITY deleteFolder.accesskey "e">
<!ENTITY renameFolder.label "Rename Folder…">
<!ENTITY renameFolder.accesskey "R">
<!ENTITY renameFolder.key "VK_F2">
<!ENTITY compactFolders.label "Compact Folders">
<!ENTITY compactFolders.accesskey    "F">
<!ENTITY emptyTrashCmd.label "Empty Trash">
<!ENTITY emptyTrashCmd.accesskey    "y">
<!ENTITY offlineMenu.label "Offline">
<!ENTITY offlineMenu.accesskey "l">
<!ENTITY offlineGoOfflineCmd.label "Work Offline">
<!ENTITY offlineGoOfflineCmd.accesskey "w">
<!ENTITY synchronizeOfflineCmd.label "Download/Sync Now…">
<!ENTITY synchronizeOfflineCmd.accesskey "S">
<!ENTITY settingsOfflineCmd.label "Offline Settings…">
<!ENTITY settingsOfflineCmd.accesskey "e">
<!ENTITY downloadSelectedCmd.label "Get Selected Messages">
<!ENTITY downloadSelectedCmd.accesskey "l">
<!ENTITY downloadStarredCmd.label "Get Starred Messages">
<!ENTITY downloadStarredCmd.accesskey "a">
<!ENTITY printCmd.label "Print…">
<!ENTITY printCmd.accesskey "P">
<!ENTITY printCmd.key "p">
<!ENTITY printPreviewCmd.label "Print Preview">
<!ENTITY printPreviewCmd.accesskey "v">
<!ENTITY printSetupCmd.label "Page Setup…">
<!ENTITY printSetupCmd.accesskey "u">

<!-- Edit Menu -->
<!ENTITY deleteMsgCmd.label "Delete Message">
<!ENTITY deleteMsgCmd.accesskey "D">
<!ENTITY undeleteMsgCmd.label "Undelete Message">
<!ENTITY undeleteMsgCmd.accesskey "d">
<!ENTITY deleteMsgsCmd.label "Delete Selected Messages">
<!ENTITY deleteMsgsCmd.accesskey "D">
<!ENTITY undeleteMsgsCmd.label "Undelete Selected Messages">
<!ENTITY undeleteMsgsCmd.accesskey "d">
<!ENTITY deleteFolderCmd.label "Delete Folder">
<!ENTITY deleteFolderCmd.accesskey "D">
<!ENTITY unsubscribeNewsgroupCmd.label "Unsubscribe">
<!ENTITY unsubscribeNewsgroupCmd.accesskey "b">
<!ENTITY selectMenu.label "Select">
<!ENTITY selectMenu.accesskey "S">
<!ENTITY all.label "All">
<!ENTITY all.accesskey "A">
<!ENTITY selectThreadCmd.label "Thread">
<!ENTITY selectThreadCmd.accesskey "T">
<!ENTITY selectThreadCmd.key "a">
<!ENTITY selectFlaggedCmd.label "Starred Messages">
<!ENTITY selectFlaggedCmd.accesskey "S">
<!ENTITY menuFavoriteFolder.label "Favorite Folder">
<!ENTITY menuFavoriteFolder.accesskey "v">
<!ENTITY folderPropsCmd.label "Properties…">
<!ENTITY folderPropsFolderCmd.label "Folder Properties…">
<!ENTITY folderPropsNewsgroupCmd.label "Newsgroup Properties…">
<!ENTITY folderPropsCmd.accesskey "o">
<!ENTITY undoDeleteMsgCmd.label "Undo Delete Message">
<!ENTITY redoDeleteMsgCmd.label "Redo Delete Message">
<!ENTITY undoMoveMsgCmd.label "Undo Move Message">
<!ENTITY redoMoveMsgCmd.label "Redo Move Message">
<!ENTITY undoCopyMsgCmd.label "Undo Copy Message">
<!ENTITY redoCopyMsgCmd.label "Redo Copy Message">
<!ENTITY undoMarkAllCmd.label "Undo Mark All Read">
<!ENTITY redoMarkAllCmd.label "Redo Mark All Read">
<!ENTITY undoDefaultCmd.label "Undo">
<!ENTITY undoDefaultCmd.accesskey "U">
<!ENTITY redoDefaultCmd.label "Redo">
<!ENTITY redoDefaultCmd.accesskey "R">

<!-- View Menu -->
<!ENTITY menubarCmd.label "Menu Bar">
<!ENTITY menubarCmd.accesskey "M">
<!ENTITY showMessengerToolbarCmd.label "Mail Toolbar">
<!ENTITY showMessengerToolbarCmd.accesskey "o">
<!ENTITY customizeToolbar.label "Customize…">
<!ENTITY customizeToolbar.accesskey "C">

<!ENTITY messagePaneLayoutStyle.label "Layout">
<!ENTITY messagePaneLayoutStyle.accesskey "L">
<!ENTITY messagePaneClassic.label "Classic View">
<!ENTITY messagePaneClassic.accesskey "C">
<!ENTITY messagePaneWide.label "Wide View">
<!ENTITY messagePaneWide.accesskey "W">
<!ENTITY messagePaneVertical.label "Vertical View">
<!ENTITY messagePaneVertical.accesskey "V">
<!ENTITY showFolderPaneCmd.label "Folder Pane">
<!ENTITY showFolderPaneCmd.accesskey "F">
<!ENTITY showMessageCmd.label "Message Pane">
<!ENTITY showMessageCmd.accesskey "M">

<!ENTITY folderView.label "Folders">
<!ENTITY folderView.accesskey "F">
<!ENTITY unifiedFolders.label "Unified">
<!ENTITY unifiedFolders.accesskey "n">
<!ENTITY allFolders.label "All">
<!ENTITY allFolders.accesskey "A">
<!ENTITY unreadFolders.label "Unread">
<!ENTITY unreadFolders.accesskey "U">
<!ENTITY favoriteFolders.label "Favorite">
<!ENTITY favoriteFolders.accesskey "F">
<!ENTITY recentFolders.label "Recent">
<!ENTITY recentFolders.accesskey "R">

<!-- Sort Menu -->
<!ENTITY sortMenu.label "Sort by">
<!ENTITY sortMenu.accesskey "S">
<!ENTITY sortByDateCmd.label "Date">
<!ENTITY sortByDateCmd.accesskey "e">
<!ENTITY sortByReceivedCmd.label "Received">
<!ENTITY sortByReceivedCmd.accesskey "v">
<!ENTITY sortByStarCmd.label "Star">
<!ENTITY sortByStarCmd.accesskey "S">
<!ENTITY sortByAttachmentsCmd.label "Attachments">
<!ENTITY sortByAttachmentsCmd.accesskey "A">
<!ENTITY sortByPriorityCmd.label "Priority">
<!ENTITY sortByPriorityCmd.accesskey "P">
<!ENTITY sortBySizeCmd.label "Size">
<!ENTITY sortBySizeCmd.accesskey "z">
<!ENTITY sortByStatusCmd.label "Status">
<!ENTITY sortByStatusCmd.accesskey "u">
<!ENTITY sortByTagsCmd.label "Tags">
<!ENTITY sortByTagsCmd.accesskey "g">
<!ENTITY sortByJunkStatusCmd.label "Junk Status">
<!ENTITY sortByJunkStatusCmd.accesskey "J">
<!ENTITY sortBySubjectCmd.label "Subject">
<!ENTITY sortBySubjectCmd.accesskey "b">
<!ENTITY sortByFromCmd.label "From">
<!ENTITY sortByFromCmd.accesskey "F">
<!ENTITY sortByRecipientCmd.label "Recipient">
<!ENTITY sortByRecipientCmd.accesskey "c">
<!ENTITY sortByUnreadCmd.label "Read">
<!ENTITY sortByUnreadCmd.accesskey "R">
<!ENTITY sortByOrderReceivedCmd.label "Order Received">
<!ENTITY sortByOrderReceivedCmd.accesskey "O">
<!ENTITY sortAscending.label "Ascending">
<!ENTITY sortAscending.accesskey "A">
<!ENTITY sortDescending.label "Descending">
<!ENTITY sortDescending.accesskey "D">
<!ENTITY sortThreaded.label "Threaded">
<!ENTITY sortThreaded.accesskey "T">
<!ENTITY sortUnthreaded.label "Unthreaded">
<!ENTITY sortUnthreaded.accesskey "h">
<!ENTITY groupBySort.label "Grouped By Sort">
<!ENTITY groupBySort.accesskey "G">
<!ENTITY msgsMenu.label "Messages">
<!ENTITY msgsMenu.accesskey "M">
<!ENTITY threads.label "Threads">
<!ENTITY threads.accesskey "e">
<!ENTITY allMsgsCmd.label "All">
<!ENTITY allMsgsCmd.accesskey "A">
<!ENTITY expandAllThreadsCmd.label "Expand All Threads">
<!ENTITY expandAllThreadsCmd.accesskey "E">
<!ENTITY expandAllThreadsCmd.key "*">
<!ENTITY collapseAllThreadsCmd.label "Collapse All Threads">
<!ENTITY collapseAllThreadsCmd.accesskey "C">
<!ENTITY collapseAllThreadsCmd.key "\">
<!ENTITY unreadMsgsCmd.label "Unread">
<!ENTITY unreadMsgsCmd.accesskey "U">
<!ENTITY threadsWithUnreadCmd.label "Threads with Unread">
<!ENTITY threadsWithUnreadCmd.accesskey "T">
<!ENTITY watchedThreadsWithUnreadCmd.label "Watched Threads with Unread">
<!ENTITY watchedThreadsWithUnreadCmd.accesskey "W">
<!ENTITY ignoredThreadsCmd.label "Ignored Threads">
<!ENTITY ignoredThreadsCmd.accesskey "i">

<!ENTITY headersMenu.label "Headers">
<!ENTITY headersMenu.accesskey "H">
<!ENTITY headersAllCmd.label "All">
<!ENTITY headersAllCmd.accesskey "A">
<!ENTITY headersNormalCmd.label "Normal">
<!ENTITY headersNormalCmd.accesskey "N">
<!ENTITY bodyMenu.label "Message Body As">
<!ENTITY bodyMenu.accesskey "B">
<!ENTITY bodyAllowHTML.label "Original HTML">
<!ENTITY bodyAllowHTML.accesskey "H">
<!ENTITY bodySanitized.label "Simple HTML">
<!ENTITY bodySanitized.accesskey "S">
<!ENTITY bodyAsPlaintext.label "Plain Text">
<!ENTITY bodyAsPlaintext.accesskey "P">
<!ENTITY bodyAllParts.label "All Body Parts">
<!ENTITY bodyAllParts.accesskey "A">

<!ENTITY bodyMenuFeed.label "Feed Message Body As">
<!ENTITY bodyMenuFeed.accesskey "B">
<!ENTITY viewFeedWebPage.label "Web Page">
<!ENTITY viewFeedWebPage.accesskey "W">
<!ENTITY viewFeedSummary.label "Summary">
<!ENTITY viewFeedSummary.accesskey "m">
<!ENTITY viewFeedSummaryFeedPropsPref.label "Default Format">
<!ENTITY viewFeedSummaryFeedPropsPref.accesskey "D">

<!ENTITY viewAttachmentsInlineCmd.label "Display Attachments Inline">
<!ENTITY viewAttachmentsInlineCmd.accesskey "A">

fullZoomEnlargeCmd.commandkey3, fullZoomReduceCmd.commandkey2 and
fullZoomResetCmd.commandkey2 are alternative acceleration keys for zoom.
If shift key is needed with your locale popular keyboard for them,
you can use these alternative items. Otherwise, their values should be empty.  -->

<!ENTITY fullZoomEnlargeCmd.label       "Zoom In">
<!ENTITY fullZoomEnlargeCmd.accesskey   "I">
<!ENTITY fullZoomEnlargeCmd.commandkey  "+">
<!ENTITY fullZoomEnlargeCmd.commandkey2 "="> <!-- + is above this key on many keyboards -->
<!ENTITY fullZoomEnlargeCmd.commandkey3 "">

<!ENTITY fullZoomReduceCmd.label        "Zoom Out">
<!ENTITY fullZoomReduceCmd.accesskey    "O">
<!ENTITY fullZoomReduceCmd.commandkey   "-">
<!ENTITY fullZoomReduceCmd.commandkey2  "">

<!ENTITY fullZoomResetCmd.label         "Reset">
<!ENTITY fullZoomResetCmd.accesskey     "R">
<!ENTITY fullZoomResetCmd.commandkey    "0">
<!ENTITY fullZoomResetCmd.commandkey2   "">

<!ENTITY fullZoomToggleCmd.label        "Zoom Text Only">
<!ENTITY fullZoomToggleCmd.accesskey    "T">
<!ENTITY fullZoom.label                 "Zoom">
<!ENTITY fullZoom.accesskey             "Z">

<!ENTITY pageSourceCmd.label "Message Source">
<!ENTITY pageSourceCmd.accesskey "o">
<!ENTITY pageSourceCmd.key "u">
<!ENTITY getNewMessagesCmd.key "y">
<!ENTITY getAllNewMessagesCmd.key "Y">

<!-- Search Menu -->
<!ENTITY findMenu.label "Find">
<!ENTITY findMenu.accesskey "F">
<!ENTITY findCmd.label "Find in This Message…">
<!ENTITY findCmd.accesskey "F">
<!ENTITY findCmd.key "f">
<!ENTITY findAgainCmd.label "Find Again">
<!ENTITY findAgainCmd.accesskey "g">
<!ENTITY findAgainCmd.key "g">
<!ENTITY findAgainCmd.key2 "VK_F3">
<!ENTITY findPrevCmd.key "g">
<!ENTITY findPrevCmd.key2 "VK_F3">
<!ENTITY searchMailCmd.label "Search Messages…">
<!ENTITY searchMailCmd.accesskey "M">
<!ENTITY searchMailCmd.key "f">
<!ENTITY searchAddressesCmd.label "Search Addresses…">
<!ENTITY searchAddressesCmd.accesskey "S">

<!-- Go Menu -->
<!ENTITY goMenu.label "Go">
<!ENTITY goMenu.accesskey "G">
<!ENTITY nextMenu.label "Next">
<!ENTITY nextMenu.accesskey "N">
<!ENTITY nextMsgCmd.label "Message">
<!ENTITY nextMsgCmd.accesskey "M">
<!ENTITY nextMsgCmd.key "f">
<!ENTITY nextUnreadMsgCmd.label "Unread Message">
<!ENTITY nextUnreadMsgCmd.accesskey "U">
<!ENTITY nextUnreadMsgCmd.key "n">
<!ENTITY nextStarredMsgCmd.label "Starred Message">
<!ENTITY nextStarredMsgCmd.accesskey "S">
<!ENTITY nextUnreadThread.label "Unread Thread">
<!ENTITY nextUnreadThread.accesskey "T">
<!ENTITY nextUnreadThread.key "t">
<!ENTITY prevMenu.label "Previous">
<!ENTITY prevMenu.accesskey "P">
<!ENTITY prevMsgCmd.label "Message">
<!ENTITY prevMsgCmd.accesskey "M">
<!ENTITY prevMsgCmd.key "b">
<!ENTITY prevUnreadMsgCmd.label "Unread Message">
<!ENTITY prevUnreadMsgCmd.accesskey "U">
<!ENTITY prevUnreadMsgCmd.key "p">
<!ENTITY goForwardCmd.label "Forward">
<!ENTITY goForwardCmd.accesskey "F">
<!ENTITY goForwardCmd.commandKey "]">
<!ENTITY goBackCmd.label "Back">
<!ENTITY goBackCmd.accesskey "B">
<!ENTITY goBackCmd.commandKey "[">
<!ENTITY prevStarredMsgCmd.label "Starred Message">
<!ENTITY prevStarredMsgCmd.accesskey "S">
<!ENTITY folderMenu.label "Folder">
<!ENTITY folderMenu.accesskey "O">
<!ENTITY thisFolder.label "This Folder">
<!ENTITY thisFolder.accesskey "F">
<!ENTITY goRecentlyClosedTabs.label "Recently Closed Tabs">
<!ENTITY goRecentlyClosedTabs.accesskey "R">
<!ENTITY startPageCmd.label "Mail Start Page">
<!ENTITY startPageCmd.accesskey "S">

<!-- Message Menu -->
<!ENTITY msgMenu.label "Message">
<!ENTITY msgMenu.accesskey "M">
<!ENTITY newMsgCmd.label "New Message">
<!ENTITY newMsgCmd.accesskey "N">
<!ENTITY newNewMsgCmd.label "Message">
<!ENTITY newNewMsgCmd.accesskey "M">
<!ENTITY archiveMsgCmd.label "Archive">
<!ENTITY archiveMsgCmd.accesskey "A">
<!ENTITY archiveMsgCmd.key  "a">
<!ENTITY cancelNewsMsgCmd.label "Cancel Message">
<!ENTITY cancelNewsMsgCmd.accesskey "C">
<!ENTITY replyMsgCmd.label "Reply">
<!ENTITY replyMsgCmd.accesskey "R">
<!ENTITY replyMsgCmd.key  "r">
<!ENTITY replySenderCmd.label "Reply to Sender Only">
<!ENTITY replySenderCmd.accesskey "R">
<!ENTITY replyNewsgroupCmd.label "Reply to Newsgroup">
<!ENTITY replyNewsgroupCmd.accesskey  "y">
<!ENTITY replyToAllMsgCmd.label "Reply to All">
<!ENTITY replyToAllMsgCmd.accesskey  "p">
<!ENTITY replyToAllMsgCmd.key  "r">
<!ENTITY replyToListMsgCmd.label "Reply to List">
<!ENTITY replyToListMsgCmd.accesskey  "L">
<!ENTITY replyToListMsgCmd.key  "l">
<!ENTITY forwardMsgCmd.label "Forward">
<!ENTITY forwardMsgCmd.accesskey "F">
<!ENTITY forwardMsgCmd.key  "l">
<!ENTITY forwardAsMenu.label "Forward As">
<!ENTITY forwardAsMenu.accesskey "w">
<!ENTITY forwardAsInline.label "Inline">
<!ENTITY forwardAsInline.accesskey "I">
<!ENTITY forwardAsAttachmentCmd.label "Attachment">
<!ENTITY forwardAsAttachmentCmd.accesskey "A">
<!ENTITY editMsgAsNewCmd.label "Edit Message As New">
<!ENTITY editMsgAsNewCmd.accesskey "E">
<!ENTITY editMsgAsNewCmd.key "e">
<!ENTITY createFilter.label "Create Filter From Message…">
<!ENTITY createFilter.accesskey "a">
<!ENTITY moveMsgToMenu.label "Move To">
<!ENTITY moveMsgToMenu.accesskey "M">
<!ENTITY moveCopyMsgRecentMenu.label "Recent">
<!ENTITY moveCopyMsgRecentMenu.accesskey "R">
<!ENTITY copyMessageLocation.label "Copy Message Location">
<!ENTITY copyMessageLocation.accesskey "M">
<!ENTITY copyMsgToMenu.label "Copy To">
<!ENTITY copyMsgToMenu.accesskey "C">
<!ENTITY moveToFolderAgain.label "Move Again">
<!ENTITY moveToFolderAgain.accesskey "i">
<!ENTITY moveToFolderAgainCmd.key "m">
<!ENTITY killThreadMenu.label "Ignore Thread">
<!ENTITY killThreadMenu.accesskey "I">
<!ENTITY killThreadMenu.key "k">
<!ENTITY killSubthreadMenu.label "Ignore Subthread">
<!ENTITY killSubthreadMenu.accesskey "S">
<!ENTITY killSubthreadMenu.key "k">
<!ENTITY watchThreadMenu.label "Watch Thread">
<!ENTITY watchThreadMenu.accesskey "W">
<!ENTITY watchThreadMenu.key "w">
<!ENTITY fileHereMenu.label "File Here">
<!ENTITY fileHereMenu.accesskey "F">
<!ENTITY copyHereMenu.label "Copy Here">
<!ENTITY copyHereMenu.accesskey "C">
<!ENTITY tagMenu.label "Tag">
<!ENTITY tagMenu.accesskey "g">
<!ENTITY tagCmd0.key "0">
<!ENTITY tagCmd1.key "1">
<!ENTITY tagCmd2.key "2">
<!ENTITY tagCmd3.key "3">
<!ENTITY tagCmd4.key "4">
<!ENTITY tagCmd5.key "5">
<!ENTITY tagCmd6.key "6">
<!ENTITY tagCmd7.key "7">
<!ENTITY tagCmd8.key "8">
<!ENTITY tagCmd9.key "9">
<!ENTITY markMenu.label "Mark">
<!ENTITY markMenu.accesskey "k">
<!ENTITY toggleReadCmd.key "m">
<!ENTITY markAsReadCmd.label "As Read">
<!ENTITY markAsReadCmd.accesskey "R">
<!ENTITY markAsUnreadCmd.label "As Unread">
<!ENTITY markAsUnreadCmd.accesskey "U">
<!ENTITY markThreadAsReadCmd.label "Thread As Read">
<!ENTITY markThreadAsReadCmd.accesskey "T">
<!ENTITY markThreadAsReadCmd.key "r">
<!ENTITY markReadByDateCmd.label "As Read by Date…">
<!ENTITY markReadByDateCmd.accesskey "D">
<!ENTITY markReadByDateCmd.key "c">
<!ENTITY markAllReadCmd.label "All Read">
<!ENTITY markAllReadCmd.accesskey "A">
<!ENTITY markAllReadCmd.key "c">
<!ENTITY markStarredCmd.label "Add Star">
<!ENTITY markStarredCmd.accesskey "S">
<!ENTITY markStarredCmd.key "S">
<!ENTITY markAsJunkCmd.label "As Junk">
<!ENTITY markAsJunkCmd.accesskey "J">
<!ENTITY markAsJunkCmd.key "j">
<!ENTITY markAsNotJunkCmd.label "As Not Junk">
<!ENTITY markAsNotJunkCmd.accesskey "N">
<!ENTITY markAsNotJunkCmd.key "j">
<!ENTITY recalculateJunkScoreCmd.label "Run Junk Mail Controls">
<!ENTITY recalculateJunkScoreCmd.accesskey "C">
<!ENTITY openMessageWindowCmd.label "Open Message">
<!ENTITY openMessageWindowCmd.accesskey "O">
<!ENTITY openMessageWindowCmd.key "o">
<!ENTITY openConversationCmd.label "Open in Conversation">
<!ENTITY openConversationCmd.accesskey "s">
<!ENTITY openConversationCmd.key "o">
<!ENTITY openFeedMessage.label "Open Feed Message">
<!ENTITY openFeedMessage.accesskey "O">
<!ENTITY openFeedWebPageInWindow.label "Web Page in New Window">
<!ENTITY openFeedWebPageInWindow.accesskey "W">
<!ENTITY openFeedSummaryInWindow.label "Summary in New Window">
<!ENTITY openFeedSummaryInWindow.accesskey "S">
<!ENTITY openFeedWebPageInMP.label "Toggle Web Page and Summary in Message Pane">
<!ENTITY openFeedWebPageInMP.accesskey "T">

<!-- Windows Menu -->
<!ENTITY windowMenu.label "Window">

<!-- Tools Menu -->
<!ENTITY tasksMenu.label "Tools">
<!ENTITY tasksMenu.accesskey "T">
<!ENTITY messengerCmd.label "Mail &amp; Newsgroups">
<!ENTITY messengerCmd.accesskey "N">
<!ENTITY addressBookCmd.label "Address Book">
<!ENTITY addressBookCmd.accesskey "B">
<!ENTITY addressBookCmd.key "B">
<!ENTITY addons.label "Add-ons">
<!ENTITY addons.accesskey "A">
<!ENTITY activitymanager.label "Activity Manager">
<!ENTITY activitymanager.accesskey "v">
<!ENTITY savedFiles.label "Saved Files">
<!ENTITY savedFiles.accesskey "l">
<!ENTITY savedFiles.key "j">
<!ENTITY filtersCmd.label "Message Filters…">
<!ENTITY filtersCmd.accesskey "F">
<!ENTITY filtersApply.label "Run Filters on Folder">
<!ENTITY filtersApply.accesskey "R">
<!ENTITY filtersApplyToSelection.label "Run Filters on Selected Messages">
<!ENTITY filtersApplyToSelection.accesskey "u">
<!ENTITY filtersApplyToMessage.label "Run Filters on Message">
<!ENTITY filtersApplyToMessage.accesskey "u">
<!ENTITY runJunkControls.label "Run Junk Mail Controls on Folder">
<!ENTITY runJunkControls.accesskey "C">
<!ENTITY deleteJunk.label "Delete Mail Marked as Junk in Folder">
<!ENTITY deleteJunk.accesskey "D">
<!ENTITY importCmd.label "Import…">
<!ENTITY importCmd.accesskey "m">
<!ENTITY errorConsoleCmd.label "Error Console">
<!ENTITY errorConsoleCmd.accesskey "E">
<!ENTITY accountManagerCmd.label "Account Settings…">
<!ENTITY accountManagerCmd.accesskey "S">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (accountManagerCmdUnix.accesskey): belongs to accountManagerCmd.label,
        which is placed under the Edit menu on Unix systems -->
<!ENTITY accountManagerCmdUnix.accesskey "A">

<!-- Mail Toolbar -->
<!ENTITY getMsgButton.label "Get Mail">
<!ENTITY newMsgButton.label "Write">
<!ENTITY replyButton.label "Reply">
<!ENTITY replyAllButton.label "Reply All">
<!ENTITY replyListButton.label "Reply to List">
<!ENTITY forwardButton.label "Forward">
<!ENTITY fileButton.label "File">
<!ENTITY archiveButton.label "Archive">
<!ENTITY nextButton.label "Next">
<!ENTITY nextButtonToolbarItem.label "Next Unread">
<!ENTITY nextMsgButton.label "Next">
<!ENTITY previousButton.label "Previous">
<!ENTITY previousButtonToolbarItem.label "Previous Unread">
<!ENTITY previousMsgButton.label "Previous">
<!ENTITY backButton1.label "Back">
<!ENTITY goForwardButton1.label "Forward">
<!ENTITY deleteItem.title "Delete">
<!ENTITY deleteButton.label "Delete">
<!ENTITY undeleteButton.label "Undelete">
<!ENTITY markButton.label "Mark">
<!ENTITY printButton.label "Print">
<!ENTITY stopButton.label "Stop">
<!ENTITY throbberItem.title "Activity Indicator">
<!ENTITY junkItem.title "Junk">
<!ENTITY junkButton.label "Junk">
<!ENTITY notJunkButton.label "Not Junk">
<!ENTITY addressBookButton.label "Address Book">
<!ENTITY glodaSearch.title "Global Search">
<!ENTITY searchItem.title "Quick Search">
<!ENTITY mailViewsToolbarItem.title "Mail Views">
<!ENTITY folderLocationToolbarItem.title "Folder Location">
<!ENTITY tagButton.label "Tag">
<!ENTITY compactButton.label "Compact">

<!-- Mail Toolbar Tooltips-->
<!ENTITY advancedButton.tooltip "Advanced message search">
<!ENTITY getMsgButton.tooltip "Get new messages">
<!ENTITY getAllNewMsgCmd.label "Get All New Messages">
<!ENTITY getAllNewMsgCmd.accesskey "G">
<!ENTITY newMsgButton.tooltip "Create a new message">
<!ENTITY replyButton.tooltip "Reply to the message">
<!ENTITY replyAllButton.tooltip "Reply to sender and all recipients">
<!ENTITY replyListButton.tooltip "Reply to mailing list">
<!ENTITY forwardButton.tooltip "Forward selected message">
<!ENTITY fileButton.tooltip "File selected message">
<!ENTITY archiveButton.tooltip "Archive selected messages">
<!ENTITY nextButton.tooltip "Move to the next unread message">
<!ENTITY nextMsgButton.tooltip "Move to the next message">
<!ENTITY previousButton.tooltip "Move to the previous unread message">
<!ENTITY previousMsgButton.tooltip "Move to the previous message">
<!ENTITY goForwardButton.tooltip "Go forward one message">
<!ENTITY goBackButton.tooltip "Go back one message">
<!ENTITY deleteButton.tooltip "Delete selected message or folder">
<!ENTITY undeleteButton.tooltip "Undelete selected message">
<!ENTITY markButton.tooltip "Mark messages">
<!ENTITY printButton.tooltip "Print this message">
<!ENTITY stopButton.tooltip "Stop the current transfer">
<!ENTITY junkButton.tooltip "Mark the selected messages as junk">
<!ENTITY notJunkButton.tooltip "Mark the selected messages as not junk">
<!ENTITY addressBookButton.tooltip "Go to the address book">
<!ENTITY tagButton.tooltip "Tag messages">
<!ENTITY compactButton.tooltip "Remove deleted messages from selected folder">

<!-- Tags Menu Popup -->
<!ENTITY addNewTag.label "New Tag…">
<!ENTITY addNewTag.accesskey "N">

<!-- Folder Pane -->
<!ENTITY folderColumn.label "Name">
<!ENTITY folderSizeColumn.label "Size">

<!-- Folder Pane Context Menu -->
<!ENTITY folderContextGetMessages.label "Get Messages">
<!ENTITY folderContextGetMessages.accesskey "G">
<!ENTITY folderContextOpenNewWindow.label "Open">
<!ENTITY folderContextOpenNewWindow.accesskey "O">
<!ENTITY folderContextOpenNewTab.label "Open in New Tab">
<!ENTITY folderContextOpenNewTab.accesskey "T">
<!ENTITY folderContextNew.label "New Subfolder…">
<!ENTITY folderContextNew.accesskey "N">
<!ENTITY folderContextRename.label "Rename">
<!ENTITY folderContextRename.accesskey "R">
<!ENTITY folderContextRemove.label "Delete">
<!ENTITY folderContextRemove.accesskey "D">
<!ENTITY folderContextCompact.label "Compact">
<!ENTITY folderContextCompact.accesskey "C">
<!ENTITY folderContextEmptyTrash.label "Empty Trash">
<!ENTITY folderContextEmptyTrash.accesskey "y">
<!ENTITY folderContextEmptyJunk.label "Empty Junk">
<!ENTITY folderContextEmptyJunk.accesskey "J">
<!ENTITY folderContextSendUnsentMessages.label "Send Unsent Messages">
<!ENTITY folderContextSendUnsentMessages.accesskey "d">
<!ENTITY folderContextUnsubscribe.label "Unsubscribe">
<!ENTITY folderContextUnsubscribe.accesskey "U">
<!ENTITY folderContextMarkNewsgroupRead.label "Mark Newsgroup Read">
<!ENTITY folderContextMarkNewsgroupRead.accesskey "k">
<!ENTITY folderContextMarkMailFolderRead.label "Mark Folder Read">
<!ENTITY folderContextMarkMailFolderRead.accesskey "k">
<!ENTITY folderContextSubscribe.label "Subscribe…">
<!ENTITY folderContextSubscribe.accesskey "b">
<!ENTITY folderContextSearchForMessages.label "Search Messages…">
<!ENTITY folderContextSearchForMessages.accesskey "S">
<!ENTITY folderContextProperties.label "Properties…">
<!ENTITY folderContextProperties.accesskey "P">
<!ENTITY folderContextFavoriteFolder.label "Favorite Folder">
<!ENTITY folderContextFavoriteFolder.accesskey "a">
<!ENTITY folderContextSettings.label "Settings…">
<!ENTITY folderContextSettings.accesskey "e">

<!-- Search Bar -->
<!ENTITY SearchNameOrEmail.label "Name or Email contains:">
<!ENTITY SearchNameOrEmail.accesskey "N">

<!-- Gloda Search Bar -->
<!ENTITY glodaSearchBar.placeholder "Search messages…">

<!-- Quick Search Menu Bar -->
<!ENTITY searchSubjectMenu.label "Subject">
<!ENTITY searchFromMenu.label "From">
<!ENTITY searchSubjectOrFromMenu.label "Subject or From">
<!ENTITY searchRecipient.label "To or Cc">
<!ENTITY searchSubjectOrRecipientMenu.label "Subject, To or Cc">
<!ENTITY searchMessageBody.label "Entire Message">
<!ENTITY saveAsVirtualFolderMenu.label "Save Search as a Folder…">

<!-- Thread Pane -->
<!ENTITY threadColumn.label "Thread">
<!ENTITY fromColumn.label "From">
<!ENTITY recipientColumn.label "Recipient">
<!ENTITY subjectColumn.label "Subject">
<!ENTITY dateColumn.label "Date">
<!ENTITY priorityColumn.label "Priority">
<!ENTITY tagsColumn.label "Tag">
<!ENTITY accountColumn.label "Account">
<!ENTITY statusColumn.label "Status">
<!ENTITY sizeColumn.label "Size">
<!ENTITY junkStatusColumn.label "Junk Status">
<!ENTITY unreadColumn.label "Unread">
<!ENTITY totalColumn.label "Total">
<!ENTITY readColumn.label "Read">
<!ENTITY receivedColumn.label "Received">
<!ENTITY starredColumn.label "Starred">
<!ENTITY locationColumn.label "Location">
<!ENTITY idColumn.label "Order Received">
<!ENTITY attachmentColumn.label "Attachments">

<!-- Thread Pane Tooltips -->
<!ENTITY columnChooser.tooltip "Click to select columns to display">
<!ENTITY threadColumn.tooltip "Click to display message threads">
<!ENTITY fromColumn.tooltip "Click to sort by from">
<!ENTITY recipientColumn.tooltip "Click to sort by recipient">
<!ENTITY subjectColumn.tooltip "Click to sort by subject">
<!ENTITY dateColumn.tooltip "Click to sort by date">
<!ENTITY priorityColumn.tooltip "Click to sort by priority">
<!ENTITY tagsColumn.tooltip "Click to sort by tags">
<!ENTITY accountColumn.tooltip "Click to sort by account">
<!ENTITY statusColumn.tooltip "Click to sort by status">
<!ENTITY sizeColumn.tooltip "Click to sort by size">
<!ENTITY junkStatusColumn.tooltip "Click to sort by junk status">
<!ENTITY unreadColumn.tooltip "Number of unread messages in thread">
<!ENTITY totalColumn.tooltip "Total number of messages in thread">
<!ENTITY readColumn.tooltip "Click to sort by read">
<!ENTITY receivedColumn.tooltip "Click to sort by date received">
<!ENTITY starredColumn.tooltip "Click to sort by star">
<!ENTITY locationColumn.tooltip "Click to sort by location">
<!ENTITY idColumn.tooltip "Click to sort by order received">
<!ENTITY attachmentColumn.tooltip "Click to sort by attachments">

<!-- Thread Pane Context Menu -->
<!ENTITY contextOpenNewWindow.label "Open Message in New Window">
<!ENTITY contextOpenNewWindow.accesskey "W">
<!-- The key potentially conflicts with cutCmd.accessKey which is defined in
     textcontext.dtd from toolkit. Right now, both menu items can't be visible
     at the same time, but should someone enable copy/paste of message, this key
     would probably need to be changed. -->
<!ENTITY contextOpenNewTab.label "Open Message in New Tab">
<!ENTITY contextOpenNewTab.accesskey "T">
<!ENTITY contextOpenConversation.label "Open Message in Conversation">
<!ENTITY contextOpenConversation.accesskey "n">
<!ENTITY contextEditAsNew.label "Edit As New…">
<!ENTITY contextEditAsNew.accesskey "E">
<!ENTITY contextArchive.label "Archive">
<!ENTITY contextArchive.accesskey "h">
<!ENTITY contextReplySender.label "Reply to Sender Only">
<!ENTITY contextReplySender.accesskey "R">
<!ENTITY contextReplyNewsgroup.label "Reply to Newsgroup">
<!ENTITY contextReplyNewsgroup.accesskey "y">
<!ENTITY contextReplyAll.label "Reply to All">
<!ENTITY contextReplyAll.accesskey "A">
<!ENTITY contextReplyList.label "Reply to List">
<!ENTITY contextReplyList.accesskey "L">
<!ENTITY contextForward.label "Forward">
<!ENTITY contextForward.accesskey "F">
<!ENTITY contextForwardAsAttachment.label "Forward as Attachments">
<!ENTITY contextForwardAsAttachment.accesskey "o">
<!ENTITY contextMoveMsgMenu.label "Move To">
<!ENTITY contextMoveMsgMenu.accesskey "M">
<!ENTITY contextMoveCopyMsgRecentMenu.label "Recent">
<!ENTITY contextMoveCopyMsgRecentMenu.accesskey "R">
<!ENTITY contextCopyMsgMenu.label "Copy To">
<!ENTITY contextCopyMsgMenu.accesskey "C">
<!ENTITY contextSaveAs.label "Save As…">
<!ENTITY contextSaveAs.accesskey "S">
<!ENTITY contextPrint.label "Print…">
<!ENTITY contextPrint.accesskey "P">
<!ENTITY contextPrintPreview.label "Print Preview">
<!ENTITY contextPrintPreview.accesskey "v">

<!-- Thread Pane Column Picker -->
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (columnPicker.resetToInbox.label):
   This option in the thread pane column picker causes us to reset the
   customizations for the thread pane columns in this folder to their default.
<!ENTITY columnPicker.resetToInbox.label "Reset columns to default">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (columnPicker.applyTo.label):
   This option in the thread pane column picker pops up a sub-menu containing
   the "columnPicker.applyToFolder.label" and
   "columnPicker.applyToFolderAndChildren.label" options.  This item indicates
   a desire to apply the currently displayed set of columns to some other
   folder(s).  The sub-menu items indicate whether we want to apply it to just
   a folder or also its children.
<!ENTITY columnPicker.applyTo.label "Apply columns to…">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (columnPicker.applyToFolder.label):
   This option in the thread pane column picker is found on a sub-menu beneath
   the "columnPicker.applyTo.label" alongside
   "columnPicker.applyToFolderAndChildren.label".  It indicates a desire to
   apply the currently display thread pane column settings to a single folder
   that the user selects using the same widget as the move to/copy to
   mechanism (via a series of popups).
<!ENTITY columnPicker.applyToFolder.label "Folder…">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (columnPicker.applyToFolderAndChildren.label):
   This option in the thread pane column picker is found on a sub-menu beneath
   the "columnPicker.applyTo.label" alongside
   "columnPicker.applyToFolder.label".  It indicates a desire to
   apply the currently display thread pane column settings to a folder and all
   of its descendents.  The user selects the folder using the same widget as the
   move to/copy to mechanism (via a series of popups).
<!ENTITY columnPicker.applyToFolderAndChildren.label "Folder and its children…">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (columnPicker.thisFolder.label):
   This is used in the folder selection widget for the
   "columnPicker.applyToFolder.label" and
   "columnPicker.applyToFolderAndChildren.label" menu options.  Whenever
   a folder has children, it results in a menu popup; the first menu item
   in that popup is given this label to indicate that that folder should be
   selected.  For example, if folder "A" has two children, "B" and "C", then
   when the user hovers over "A", a new popup menu will be displayed whose
   items are "This folder", "B", and "C".  This is the equivalent of the
   "File here" option for the move to/copy to widge.t
<!ENTITY columnPicker.thisFolder.label "This folder">

<!-- Media (video/audio) controls -->
<!ENTITY contextPlay.label "Play">
<!ENTITY contextPlay.accesskey "P">
<!ENTITY contextPause.label "Pause">
<!ENTITY contextPause.accesskey "P">
<!ENTITY contextMute.label "Mute">
<!ENTITY contextMute.accesskey "M">
<!ENTITY contextUnmute.label "Unmute">
<!ENTITY contextUnmute.accesskey "m">

<!-- Junk Bar -->
<!ENTITY junkBarMessage1.label "Junk Mail">
<!ENTITY junkBarButton1.label "Not Junk">
<!ENTITY junkInfoButton.label "?">

<!-- Remote Content Bar -->
<!ENTITY remoteContentMessage2.label "To protect your privacy, &brandShortName; has blocked remote content in this message.">
<!ENTITY loadRemoteContentButton3.label "Show Remote Content">

<!-- Phishing Bar -->
<!ENTITY phishingBarMessage2.label "This message may be a scam.">
<!ENTITY removePhishingBarButton1.label "Ignore Warning">
<!ENTITY disablePhishingWarning1.label "Disable scam detection for all messages">
<!ENTITY reportPhishingError1.label "This message doesn't appear to be a scam.">

<!-- MDN Bar -->
<!ENTITY mdnBarIgnoreButton2.label "Ignore">
<!ENTITY mdnBarIgnoreButton2.accesskey "I">
<!ENTITY mdnBarSendButton2.label "Send Return Receipt">
<!ENTITY mdnBarSendButton2.accesskey "S">

<!-- Quick Search Bar -->
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (quickSearchCmd.key):
     This is actually the key used for the global message search box; we have
     not changed 
<!ENTITY quickSearchCmd.key "k">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (search.label.base):
     This is the base of the empty text for the global search box.  We replace
     #1 with the contents of the appropriate search.keyLabel.* value for the
     The goal is to convey to the user that typing in the box will allow them
     to search for messages globally and that there is a hotkey they can press
     to get to the box faster.  If the global indexer is disabled, the search
     box will be collapsed and the user will never see this message.
<!ENTITY search.label.base "Search… #1">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (search.keyLabel.nonmac):
     The description of the key-binding to get into the global search box on
     windows and linux (which use the control key).  We use the key defined in
     the quickSearchCmd.key entity defined above, the letter should match it.
<!ENTITY search.keyLabel.nonmac "&lt;Ctrl+K&gt;">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (search.keyLabel.mac):
     The description of the key-binding to get into the global search box on mac
     systems.  We use the key defined in the quickSearchCmd.key entity defined
     above, the letter should match it.
<!ENTITY search.keyLabel.mac "&lt;&#x2318;K&gt;">

<!-- Message Header Context Menu -->
<!ENTITY AddToAddressBook.label "Add to Address Book…">
<!ENTITY AddToAddressBook.accesskey "B">
<!ENTITY AddDirectlyToAddressBook.label "Add to Address Book">
<!ENTITY AddDirectlyToAddressBook.accesskey "B">
<!ENTITY EditContact.label "Edit Contact…">
<!ENTITY EditContact.accesskey "E">
<!ENTITY ViewContact.label "View Contact">
<!ENTITY ViewContact.accesskey "V">
<!ENTITY SubscribeToNewsgroup.label "Subscribe to Newsgroup">
<!ENTITY SubscribeToNewsgroup.accesskey "N">
<!ENTITY SendMessageTo.label "Compose Message To">
<!ENTITY SendMessageTo.accesskey "s">
<!ENTITY CopyEmailAddress.label "Copy Email Address">
<!ENTITY CopyEmailAddress.accesskey "C">
<!ENTITY CopyNewsgroupName.label "Copy Newsgroup Name">
<!ENTITY CopyNewsgroupName.accesskey "C">
<!ENTITY CopyNewsgroupURL.label "Copy Newsgroup URL">
<!ENTITY CopyNewsgroupURL.accesskey "U">
<!ENTITY CreateFilterFrom.label "Create Filter From…">
<!ENTITY CreateFilterFrom.accesskey "F">
<!ENTITY reportPhishingURL.label "Report Email Scam">
<!ENTITY reportPhishingURL.accesskey "o">

<!-- Spell checker context menu items -->
<!ENTITY spellAddDictionaries.label "Add Dictionaries…">
<!ENTITY spellAddDictionaries.accesskey "A">

<!-- Content Pane Context Menu -->
<!ENTITY saveLinkAsCmd.label "Save Link As…">
<!ENTITY saveLinkAsCmd.accesskey "k">
<!ENTITY saveImageAsCmd.label "Save Image As…">
<!ENTITY saveImageAsCmd.accesskey "v">
<!ENTITY copyLinkCmd.label "Copy Link Location">
<!ENTITY copyLinkCmd.accesskey "C">
<!ENTITY copyImageAllCmd.label "Copy Image">
<!ENTITY copyImageAllCmd.accesskey "I">
<!ENTITY copyEmailCmd.label "Copy Email Address">
<!ENTITY copyEmailCmd.accesskey "E">
<!ENTITY stopCmd.label "Stop">
<!ENTITY stopCmd.accesskey "S">
<!ENTITY reloadCmd.label "Reload">
<!ENTITY reloadCmd.accesskey "R">
<!ENTITY openInBrowser.label "Open In Browser">
<!ENTITY openInBrowser.accesskey "O">
<!ENTITY openLinkInBrowser.label "Open Link In Browser">
<!ENTITY openLinkInBrowser.accesskey "O">

<!-- Statusbar -->
<!ENTITY statusText.label "Done">

<!--  Mac OS X Window Menu -->
<!ENTITY minimizeWindow.label "Minimize">
<!ENTITY minimizeWindow.key "m">
<!ENTITY bringAllToFront.label "Bring All to Front">
<!ENTITY zoomWindow.label "Zoom">

<!-- Mac OS X Application Menu (Cocoa widgets) -->
<!ENTITY preferencesCmdMac.label        "Preferences…">
<!ENTITY preferencesCmdMac.commandkey   ",">
<!ENTITY preferencesCmdMac.modifiers    "accel">
<!ENTITY servicesMenuMac.label          "Services">
<!ENTITY hideThisAppCmdMac.label        "Hide &brandShortName;">
<!ENTITY hideThisAppCmdMac.commandkey   "H">
<!ENTITY hideThisAppCmdMac.modifiers    "accel">
<!ENTITY hideOtherAppsCmdMac.label      "Hide Others">
<!ENTITY hideOtherAppsCmdMac.commandkey "H">
<!ENTITY hideOtherAppsCmdMac.modifiers  "accel,alt">
<!ENTITY showAllAppsCmdMac.label        "Show All">