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# This is the template for the task definition for hg push hooks.  Its job is
# to run a decision task for the given revision of the given repository.
# This is rendered with JSON-e to create a JSON-e task template in a hook,
# meaning that the content of this file is rendered *twice* with JSON-e.  The
# context values for the first rendering are;
#  - level -- SCM level
#  - trust_domain -- project's trust domain
#  - hookGroupId / hookId -- hook identifiers
#  - project_repo -- repository URL
#  - project_repo_path -- path portion of the repository URL
#  - alias -- project alias
# Uses of `$${..}` and `$$..: ..` are intended to occur in the second rendering.
# The context for the second rendering is that provided by the hooks service in response
# to a Pulse message from exchange/hgpushes/v2 or a triggerHook call with the same payload

provisionerId: infra
workerType: build-decision
schedulerId: ${trust_domain}-level-${level}

# The "$fromNow" options here are escaped so that they are processed by the hooks service's
# JSON-e rendering when the hook is fired.
deadline: {$$fromNow: '30 minutes'}
expires: {$$fromNow: '3 days'}
    - assume:${project_role_prefix}:branch:*
    - index.hg-push.v1.${alias}.revision.$${payload.payload.data.heads[0]}
    - index.hg-push.v1.${alias}.pushlog-id.$${payload.payload.data.pushlog_pushes[0].pushid}
    # built by pushes to the ci-configuration repository
       # pass along the hook payload, which is the Pulse message from hg (v2)
       # https://mozilla-version-control-tools.readthedocs.io/en/latest/hgmo/notifications.html#pulse-notifications
       PULSE_MESSAGE: {$$json: {$$eval: 'payload'}}
            - "hg-push"
            # hard-coded values that can't be changed by the hook payload
            - "--repo-url"
            - "${project_repo}"
            - "--project"
            - "${alias}"
            - "--level"
            - "${level}"
            - "--trust-domain"
            - "${trust_domain}"
            - "--repository-type"
            - "hg"
            - $if: 'taskcluster_yml_repo'
                  - "--taskcluster-yml-repo"
                  - "${taskcluster_yml_repo}"
        taskclusterProxy: true

    # If this task does not succeed immediately, something is probably wrong.  We want to avoid a storm of
    # decision tasks when that problem is resolved, so we are conservative with the time it can possibly retry
    maxRunTime: 600
            $$if: 'firedBy == "triggerHook"'
            then: 'Fired by triggerHook call from $${clientId}'
            else: 'Fired by $${firedBy}'
        owner: 'mozilla-taskcluster-maintenance@mozilla.com'
        source: https://firefox-ci-tc.services.mozilla.com/hooks/${hookGroupId}/${hookId}
        description: "$${description}"
        name: On-Push task for ${project_repo}
priority: 'highest'
retries: 5
tags: {}
extra: {}