Bug 977214 - force the Desktop interface upon login. r=catlee
authorJohn Hopkins <jhopkins@mozilla.com>
Fri, 21 Mar 2014 16:04:39 -0400
changeset 371 328237bb9aaaf91d9b062d89d77547489117bd4c
parent 370 11bc531b7f154a42dc918f6515876b766ab85859
child 372 e27d12cf54eac93de3a2b16a98ea41ac8ba300cf
push id370
push userjhopkins@mozilla.com
push dateFri, 21 Mar 2014 20:12:41 +0000
Bug 977214 - force the Desktop interface upon login. r=catlee
--- a/ami_configs/tst-win64.user_data
+++ b/ami_configs/tst-win64.user_data
@@ -183,16 +183,24 @@ Log "Grabbed runslave.py"
 Log "Enabling cleartype on login"
 schtasks /create /tn cleartype /tr "powershell -noexit C:\cleartype.ps1" /sc ONLOGON /ru cltbld
 Log "Done"
 Log "Creating scheduled task to run buildbot on boot"
 schtasks /create /tn runslave /tr "C:\runslave.bat" /sc ONLOGON /ru cltbld
 Log "Done"
+Log "Creating registry entry to run Explorer on login to force the Desktop interface"
+reg add HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run /v desktopmode /d C:\Windows\explorer.exe
+Log "Done"
+#Log "Creating scheduled task to run tests on login"
+#schtasks /create /tn runtests /tr "C:\runtests.bat" /sc ONLOGON /ru cltbld
+#Log "Done"
 Log "Creating scheduled task to login to localhost via RDP on boot"
 # From http://www.donkz.nl/
 # Does cmdline rdp sessions
 # Run "rdp.exe /encrypt" to generate encrypted forms of passwords
 GetFromS3 rdp.exe
 GetFromS3 start-rdp.bat
 GetFromS3 cleartype.ps1