Merge bug 923155 to production. production-0.8 FENNEC_25_0b10_BUILD1 FENNEC_25_0b10_RELEASE
authorBen Hearsum <>
Mon, 21 Oct 2013 09:25:09 -0400
changeset 880 2446cca0d4236d3b788df068813f6a855ab44019
parent 878 ba70b1f0dc8ef4c761b0bad93869648d13d8dfb3 (current diff)
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push id647
push dateMon, 21 Oct 2013 13:27:07 +0000
Merge bug 923155 to production.
--- a/master/buildbot/process/
+++ b/master/buildbot/process/
@@ -115,17 +115,17 @@ class AbstractSlaveBuilder(pb.Referencea
         def setIdle(res):
             self.state = IDLE
             return self
         return d
     def prepare(self, builder_status):
-        if not self.slave.acquireLocks():
+        if not self.slave or not self.slave.acquireLocks():
             return defer.succeed(False)
         return defer.succeed(True)
     def ping(self, status=None):
         """Ping the slave to make sure it is still there. Returns a Deferred
         that fires with True if it is.
         @param status: if you point this at a BuilderStatus, a 'pinging'