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Tue Jan 27 19:34:08 2009 +0000
874dc573bf98eb76e5624aa3ea64c14df67b0b37Ben Hearsum — Add missed section for Build Prioritization tests.
a07396f37e4238ded6a5b88adbf740ed328904a1Ben Hearsum — bug 433756: mozilla-central build-on-landing builds are all clobbers - fix buildbot Mercurial Source class to checkout properly with revisions. r=robcee
d517514fe3799d306e605a4c181781fb213b8be9Ben Hearsum — bug 422103: slave-side command to find buildid/appVersion/ & package/installer/mar information. r=rhelmer,rcampbell
f1fda48634d674e29e102f57b8b38c4cbe5b800dBen Hearsum — TinderboxMailNotifier modifications not-yet-upstreamed.
cfbd868afae1e26b8108ae435be535872f4ffedbChris AtLee — Bug 472931 - per-slave status on buildbot waterfalls r=bhearsum.
e1ad2416dacf2fba5604ad9e9a44b82a8942c418Chris AtLee — Bug 473240 - alwaysRun support for buildbot. r=bhearsum
807fa5ca0833ccf5ed2d100c8b13d31e5f0f940fBen Hearsum — bug 458911: buildbot/process/ breaks ReleaseTaggingBuilder. r=ccooper
e3dac6afaef5bd24c53295f9952c5f81013404ddChris AtLee — Upstream ticket 334: Prioritize build requests based on the time they were submitted.
8a4c35ada8f2c311d5125402968a93258b60d5b2Ben Hearsum — Added tag BUILDBOT_0_7_9 for changeset 9e5c462732f9
9e5c462732f9cfe3c0228845e81065c3c2d94e00Ben Hearsum — Import of Buildbot 0.7.9 tarball. BUILDBOT_0_7_9